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  1. Not doubting you but do you have a link? Would surely be a great get for PS.
  2. They already have a Barcelona date and they are signed up to Mad Cool. Also they are less well known in europe.
  3. Great spot. I think Wet Leg almost certainly (trying to break through and dates work), Andy Shauf very unlikely (tour ends too early and not on original poster).
  4. I think what’s being missed here is that there’s been a trend for headline acts at festivals to play ever shorter sets and now a short set is the norm. The 2 Strokes sets I saw in 2019 were in fact longer than more than half the Primavera headliners the same year. And that despite their songs being short ones. So yeah, the Strokes play short sets but they’re in no way exceptional here.
  5. He’s playing Sonar minimum two weeks later. Maybe he just couldn’t get his band together in that fortnight period, someone getting married etc or need to be in different part of the world.
  6. Don’t think they’ll play and they are only down for a few festivals in the summer (plus primavera is in spring!)
  7. They has additional songs on their printed setlists for Outside Lands to make for a longer set but came on stage late so weren’t able to play them. Primavera does a good job of incentivising bands to start on time.
  8. I’ve seen them in two European festivals recently and both were longer than 65 mins.
  9. This is a bit silly. These are three music festivals which they are headlining and even in the age of short attention spans, you can't headline with a 45 minute set. They'll probably play a short set of 1h15 to 1h30 max but that's the norm for most headline acts these days.
  10. Father John Misty is back. Please get him to the Forum - it will have been 4 years. And where are Deerhunter for that matter? Despite Covid, this is still the 20th anniversary edition. They can't not be there.
  11. VIP exclusive areas at the front are shit and APE is no exception.
  12. No chance of either Fontaines DC or CP bumping Beck or Jorja Smith from their prime Mordor slot. But they could still play Mordor or more likely have a decent spot at the still big Primavera or Rayban stages (probably the former more likely). With 4 big stages, it's not a snub not to end up on Mordor (and the crowds are better). And I don't think they'll blow up in Europe in time. Fontaines DC are quite low down the bill of the just announced Nos Alive for example.
  13. Yeah, you're right, was only speculation that changing their mind on BKS meant they had changed their mind about touring Europe then and hopefully they'll still play. That said, today they've postponed their UK 2021 tour so will have to fit that in next year.
  14. Black Country New Road not re-announced for Best Kept Secret. Suggests they might pull out of Primavera.
  15. It's misspell, not mispell 😉
  16. Soulwax, Deus and Kikagaku Moyo are all touring around the time of PS. Soulwax are long overdue.
  17. Yep, I went back and checked and I paid €150 in the first release.
  18. In terms of value, for my money it's: European festivals>Glastonbury>Other Uk festivals>>>>US festivals I know European festivals don't have all the other brilliant things Glastonbury has but I paid £125 for a Primavera Sound ticket for as recently as 2019 and the musical lineup was to my mind comparable. Ticket had good live music on for 5 days (+) too.
  19. Porto is an incredible place, one of the best cities in Europe. It's a big city and could easily spend a week there and not see everything.
  20. I'll leave the detail to Daniel but just to say I went about 10 years ago and enjoyed every moment. Couldn't find anything to fault and didn't run out of things to do. Having the small village (with big supermarket and few bars/restauarants) just around the corner was a big plus.
  21. That’s not true. Plenty of acts have principles they stand up for (and at the top end, don’t need the money). https://djmag.com/news/massive-attack-cancel-liverpool-gig-protest-weapons-fair-venue
  22. Massive Attack also in the 'never to return' category...
  23. I'd echo that. Used to live in the 5th many years ago and it's the perfect spot.
  24. Cassandra Jenkins, Perfume Genius, Low and Lucy Dacus have all released albums that the music press have adored in recent years, in particular Low whose penultimate album last album Double Negative was some critics' album of the year. But they're all very different styles. Depends what you're into really. CJ is folky with pop and jazz elements. Dacus is gentle indie rock. Low indefinable, need to listen. PG is chamber pop of sorts.
  25. Nick Cave's Ghosteen and Michael Kiwanuka's self-titled effort are two of the best albums of the last decade let alone the year they came out (2019). To have them play one after the other to close out that last day is pretty special...
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