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  1. "avoid touching dead or dying birds" Sexist, outdated use of language and typical of our chauvinistic society to have tried to pin the blame on women.
  2. Yeah, you're both right in fact, the costs and effort will only come later. If they announce, though, they must think there's a chance and I'm pretty sure they will announce.
  3. Obviously the situation is bad but they don't need to make the decision on September 'today'. It would be pointless to plan for September if there is no chance, given there will be cost and admin implications. They'll do it only if they think it's possible.
  4. Why are Primavera going to the enormous headache of booking hotels and presumably re-signing all the bands with all that that entails if there is no chance of 50k ppl events in 8 months time? They're not masochists.
  5. @BristOliver I mean, France have done 388,730 *in total* and we did 322,951 *yesterday*, but in their defence it's not easy when you've got to take a two hour break for lunch with a bottle of red wine and everyone keeps going on strike. Lazy, tired stereotype. France and the UK have exactly the same size economy, in which case isn't it strange how they are doing so remarkably well for such a work-shy country.
  6. Helpful, thanks. I stand corrected. Yes 3.3m people who have received their first dose and more who have received their second too.
  7. 3.3m, 2.7m people have now been vaccinated in the UK received their first dose of the vaccine in the UK. Words matter.
  8. Numbers were boosted as it brought all the liberal snowflakes out.
  9. Has Dixons Head Office approved this? He's been missing his regional sales targets recently so the last thing he needs is another distraction.
  10. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/the-governments-failure-over-covid-6897992 The government could have recognised and addressed this problem by now if it was alive to its own failings. It is not. Downing Street is an echo chamber. It does not listen to criticism. Indeed, Johnson purged the party of any moderate Conservatives early on in his tenure as prime minister. All criticism from outside the party is treated as evidence that someone is a political enemy. This is why you see them making the same mistakes over and over again. The recent delay around shutting schools and
  11. Spot on x2. The government's job is to protect its citizens and protect the economy. To this point, they've done an absolutely godawful job of both and all through a smokescreen of lies and looking after their chums.
  12. I'm certain we will be able to travel to at least Europe by the Summer but also pretty certain will mean extra faff like tests, forms etc. I'd be booking a holiday now when they're cheap albeit still makes sense to get the hotel on a fully refundable basis.
  13. Old Etonian, who claimed warnings about food, fuel and medicine shortages from Brexit was "scaremongering", in response to the government report that warned of food, fuel and medicine shortages from Brexit.
  14. Mustn't forget the issue that devastate so many ordinary Brits' livelihoods, thank God, dear Boris brought to our attention to save us all...namely, that kippers exported to the EU are obliged to be packed in ice* (*which, er, turned out, um, to be a lie).
  15. Nice analogy. And the people voting for them are in an abusive relationship. "You don't understand. Sure, he does have a temper on him and there was that incident with the bottle last week, oh, and the three times I ended in A&E but he has a good nature deep down and I just know I can change him."
  16. The lies have a shelf life currently of 2 weeks.
  17. 1,248 deaths today. Far too many, RIP.
  18. Spot on. I said early it was human rights they were going after. Looks like they'll start with eroding workers' rights and start to work on removing human rights later. The UK has right royally fucked itself.
  19. Is that an FBI helicopter outside your house?
  20. https://echoboomer.pt/primavera-sound-de-barcelona-e-porto-devem-ser-adiados-para-setembro/ Move over Reuters, you're breaking the international news these days @Ohjesus.
  21. Austria's getting banned too. And Grant Shapps wants to extend the ban to Australia to be on the safe side.
  22. "Leader Boris Johnson" is an oxymoron too (plus he's an oxfordymoron).
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