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  1. I dunno. I’d deliberately stay out late so that you can get on ‘Primavera time’. : )
  2. Wow. Only 2 of the top 11 most popular acts have emerged in the the last decade (and even then lana d r was 2011) and most have been around since the 90s or before. Striking...
  3. Not a single big name on weds eve this year, so no sense that it willl be tough to get in.
  4. Not more. Both have 5 under your system.
  5. For those in the know, who’s good from the small font names?
  6. Think the Caretaker is missing from yours @Orens
  7. Similar times for these shows every year so I'm afraid you just won't be able to make it : (
  8. Totally agree it's a nice place. But in Sunday's choice between recovering from many days of wrecking my body and dragging myself into town to see such mighty bands as 3rd Line Butterfly, In The Endless Zanhyang We Are, the Vibrowaves and Dope Calypso, well it's not going to be much of a choice by the time it comes around...
  9. Yes. Extremely small bands that 99%+ of people who follow music have never heard of.
  10. Good spot. Mind you, last year they had three 'Pro' bands on the Sunday - DTSQ , Kirara and Tin Robots. Not sure if that would tempt me more than recovering in bed, then slowly strolling into town for a late lunch...
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if they have some Primavera Pro gigs at the CCCB but very low key for new band showcases. Or more likely, they have nothing...
  12. Can you publish it then once done with the 'fake' tag please. Thanks!
  13. Brilliant work on the clashfinder btw. As good as possible to get at this stage.
  14. In the past with other album sets they've played some greatest hits - about half a dozen songs - and then played the album in full and in order.
  15. Think there's a big chance of a secret set on the Wednesday late afternoon as a way to launch the main fest with a bang.
  16. I'd replace Desire with Pile on Saturday as assume that's when they are most likely to play.
  17. Don't see why you won't make both Squid and Metronomy. Transport in Barcelona is good!
  18. In hindsight, getting Roundhouse membership was the way to go on this!
  19. Wow, you did really well. Drew a complete blank.
  20. If it works for the bands' schedule I'd have thought Squid -> Metronomy -> JAMC on the main stage.
  21. Heh, yeah I saw that but I'd much rather see them play a sweaty, indoor gig (Fucked Up was immense last year) plus seeing a band outside the 3 days means one clash fewer!
  22. Yeah I saw this coming. The rise of the DJ...
  23. Disappointments; -saturday pm indie gigs cancelled after a decade+ -les savy fav on Tuesday, had hoped for wednesday
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