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  1. Now to Mogwai dates - 4.5 months From Mogwai dates to Primavera - 3.5 months Almost twice as far away in time! Am increasingly convinced a combination of cheap & quick-result mass testing, the controlled nature of who can enter, the outdoors aspect, favourable weather, and a reasonable level of vaccine implementation by June will allow the event to go ahead. Plenty of US bands to cancel admittedly amid some travel restrictions/difficulties/fear of touring losses but event to still be full of enthusiastic Europeans gagging for festival good times by then.
  2. I see this as a positive that they're so pessimistic. A good rule of thumb is that the exact opposite of what the UK government says usually comes to pass.
  3. Agree with @dentaIpIan. Also see Oasis' debut album.
  4. I can't speak for elsewhere I'm afraid but East London is really bad. 50% masks in shops. Contrast that with near 100% masks on the continent - and that's in the streets too.
  5. I've just returned to the UK from Italy and Spain and it's pretty strange with barely any masks and not having to be pacman in the shops.
  6. "Dogs are very good at detecting coronavirus. We come close to 100% sensitivity.” The dogs’ efficiency has not yet been proven in comparative scientific studies so passengers who volunteer to be tested and are suspected as carrying the virus are instructed to also take a swab to confirm the result. In the canine test, a passenger swipes their neck with a gauze, places it in a can which is then handed over to another room for a dog to sniff and to deliver an immediate result. Looks promising for speeding up testing. Primavera Hound 2021?
  7. ... Yeah RATM won't play APE. They're not even doing Rock En Seine in the end.
  8. Can we do a Scrabble powermove and replace all our tiles?
  9. I don't think it's too complicated really. Don't let it get wet (think Rihanna) or if it does, replace it! You can get masks for 20p...
  10. Yeah makes a lot of sense and I agree with all that.
  11. Agree with you wholeheartedly. Also that it might not work but we have to do something to change the very low level of compliance with mask wearing. In Italy and Spain EVERYONE wears a mask and you wouldn't dare not wear one for fear of being singled out by the masses. In the UK people feel safety in numbers with others not wearing them. Ironically they are anything but safe...
  12. It's not an either/or. Masks should be worn on the street and in restaurants/pubs. The more mask wearing, the better. It's a minor convenience and reduces infection numbers.
  13. That's a straw man argument. I didn't write that Primavera would lose €15k in total because of Covid. I wrote that based on current numbers they would 'lose' less than €15k in Covid-refunds-on-the-doors and that fewer than 70 people out of 65,000 are likely to turn up on the first day 'infected' and be turned away.
  14. Jenny Beth, Kano, Georgia, Fatoumata Diawara, Little Simz, Mavis Staples, Slowthai?
  15. If you use UK as a proxy and assumed that the festival happening now (this feels very conservative as by June things should be better with vaccine, level of immunity in population and better weather), based on the figures from the scientists as to infection rates: - c.67 people would test positive on arrival - This would 'cost' the festival about €15k in refunded tickets - The budget for the festival is about €15,000,000 So would be 0.10% (a tenth of one percent) of the budget
  16. We will just have to to disagree on this. It’s a tiny percentage of people who will happen to have coronavirus the exact same week as primavera. And if they are smart they can always oversell the tickets the way the airlines do to account for this. Primavera 2021 has already sold out under the existing ts and cs. You can’t change a contract unilaterally and retrospectively. That’s the whole point of a contract. Your first argument is a different one which speaks to the timing of refunds. I agree and imagine there will be forms to fill in and perhaps a long wait - but on the ot
  17. Possible but I think more likely to do the O2 later on. Unclear as to whether they will do Rock En Seine now.
  18. Refunding fewer than 1% of attendees that test positive the week of the festival is a drop in the ocean compared the total budget for the festival. Of course they’ll give a refund. To compare it to punching someone is silly.
  19. Sorry for sounding confrontational. What we do know is that avoiding infection is in our control to a large extent. I imagine if you are very careful with social distancing, washing hands and wearing a mask in the week or two before you get tested, you will be fine. Self quarantine is probably too extreme a measure for the extra benefit. I’ve been on 10 flights this summer and haven’t felt it’s as risky as other activities, as everyone wears a mask. There’s also the possibility that the R rate is very low next June.
  20. The answer is simple. If you test positive, you won’t be allowed in and will be refunded. There are always risks that you might not be able to attend at the last minute (illness, injury etc). This is just an extra one.
  21. They’ll have social distanced and be wearing masks in the queue plus it’s outdoors. There’s loads of space outside the Forum. Could also stagger entry times or incentivise some people to come early.
  22. I don’t think that’s a difficult one to answer, is it? No amount of having travelled to a festival should override a desire not to give contagious and deadly and contagious disease to your fellow human surely? Miss a festival or avoid being responsible for the death of someone’s mum...
  23. The speed at which testing is developing it looks as though at some point next year for mass events you’ll be able to have a quick test on a arrival, wait between 20 mins and 90 mins (depending on the success of the different testing models being developed) and then be free to enter. At primavera it’s a two step/gate entry process (security, then ticket)anyway. Dont see why they cant combine security and test for the first step, and then hold people in the massive open area near the auditori until their test results are ready.
  24. Agree with all of that. One big hope for me is looking to football. Football is big business with lots of lobbying power and politicians know that people like it. So if they can find a way to get people into stadiums maskless within 8 months, thanks to better testing schemes, then that in turn opens the floodgates for allowing people to come to a music festival, at least at a local level.
  25. "Testing is not the best way cuz you can develop the symptoms DURING the festival." That is however the model currently being used in the aviation industry and lots of governments have supported it. Testing plus some level of vaccination may be enough. We don't need "guaranteed no-infection perfection" to re-open layers of society, as the last 3 months have shown.
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