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  1. If he’s been double vaccinated, he’ll probably just feel like he has a minor cold for a day or so. Unlikely to be too ill to play, especially in 6 days time.
  2. Yeah, good point - what are the rules in the US? And is it just a 'trust' system, right? There are no certainly checks at the airport or on arrival in Spain...
  3. I think this is completely possible. The individual is probably not even ill either, which shouldn’t be a factor in the decision but probably is a factor in the decision.
  4. Well a bit misleading as that’s based on vinyl sales (and not many of them).
  5. Boiler Room lineup is out (apologies if posted already): Kenny Beats confirming his status as the most inspired producer in contemporary rap, a five-hour session by Optimo celebrating 25 years of sonic exploration, the dancehall experiments of Equiknoxx, the reunion of Pastis & Buenri to write a new chapter in their makinera legend, the German Mechatok, the mysterious Two Shell, two prodigies from the inimitable N.A.A.F.I. universe such Tayhana from Argentina and Tygapaw from Jamaica, DJ Playero and DJ Blass united in a b2b for the history of reggaeton, the live performance of the Carioca funk whirlwind MC Carol, the Colombian Rosa Pistola firing extreme perreo.
  6. Most people on this forum would not have known that they would be getting the very high quality Ciutat gigs (and 5 days of them!) when they booked and expected to see Massive Attack. I'd infinitely rather have all the Ciutat gigs than have an MA replacement that I probably wouldn't even like (replacements in recent years have been Miley Cyrus, Jamie XX, Skepta and St Etienne) or would only clash with someone. We are still up on the deal...
  7. Makes perfect sense. (though convinced as ever we're still getting a decent sized surprise act!)
  8. ‘illusion’ as a translation is a complete red herring. Quimera must be a trap act as key players from trap scene are clearly all in on the charade. The chances of them all being close mates with The XX or Harry Styles are zero.
  9. The weather’s been surprisingly a bit ropey in Barcelona this week, which means it will be amazing next week.
  10. Hopefully both Massive Attack and Portishead next year - the trip hop dream.
  11. If they added Slowdive to W1 I’m pretty confident there would have been almost exactly the same amount of complaining. Maybe even increased with people saying it was an insulting replacement for MA. You can put your question to the festival organiser on tuesday!
  12. That's a strawman argument. No one is saying “it’s the best festival in the world who cares”. Just that the criticism needs to be balanced - there's so much over the top criticism with people getting enraged about everything. They haven't replaced 1 headliner out of 9 on W1, which they say is the result of no one being available, Charli XCX would be a headliner anyway at most events and it wouldn't be fair on here to introduce a smaller act to play ahead of here. And we don't know yet whether they have a big surprise waiting for us. It's not impossible given their 20th anniversary. I also very confident that there will be far fewer complaints after the festival than beforehand. But we shall see. That said, I must admit I do expect some teething problems on weekend 1!
  13. Which is why I'm saying to check on here occasionally during the festival and that way don't need to rely on mobile reception onsite! Haim made it incredibly obvious they were playing later that day and pretty sure anyone on here knew in the morning. If I remember they posted a picture of the sagrada familia and wrote 'we've got something to tell you' or similar.
  14. I take that to mean she's taken medical advice and is likely to be able to play. She's in her 20s, an age where you shake things off quickly.
  15. Don't think that's right. If I recall they were announced in the morning perhaps with exception of Mogwai which was still a few hours before (and if you'd been on here you'd have known since the morning). Only Arcade Fire was <1 hour.
  16. Only once as far as I know has a band played with no warning. And only once I think has a set been announced <1 hour before. A few times, they've been announced that morning. So generally checking on here, say, the lunchtime of festival days and you'll be good. It might be they don't do any secret shows this year but I'd be surprised.
  17. Previously when Gabi did his 'ask me anything sessions', it was lots of people passionate about live music trying to learn more about the festival and hear the inside secrets. Can't think of many other festivals where such openness is possible. Now based on twitter responses, it's just going to be a bunch of overly critical people complaining about the festival - before they even experience it. He won't do it again and we will be all the poorer for it.
  18. An amazing 68% of attendees this year from outside of Spain. Not that long ago, it was overwhelmingly Spanish.
  19. She might both be better in time for the show and yet cancel for logistical reasons. If she does, that Friday truly is cursed. Someone wrap Stephen Malkmus in cotton wool.
  20. If it’s tonsilitis, which is the most common throat problem by far, just needs a few days’ (less than a week) rest and is no big deal.
  21. Totally agree with you but I think Koleoso is there as he is part of Gorillaz's tour.
  22. I think Soho House is for Primavera Pro people too. Not sure about how many people you are allowed to take in.
  23. True, although the later you turn up in my experience, the later you are then able to stay out! It's so, so hard doing 12 hours+ on site (unless you're in your 20s (or just hardcore)!
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