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  1. Wondering whether to refund VIP Barca ticket and grab Porto VIP. Big misses for me would be the Strokes, shame and idles but then I'm thinking cheaper accom and shorter flights. What's others thoughts, any of you fine folk go Porto VIP before?
  2. I'm such a dope, i went on Spotify to find food hall
  3. Sampha the great is back for best kept secret next year. I know she was one of my people to watch in 2020 Prima.
  4. killing me with these clashes. At least i've a year to get used to the fact i'm going to be happy and sad at the same time. Thanks for the clashfinder.
  5. lost weyes blood but still happy with how this looks.
  6. My list... hoping for the return of Weyes Blood and Sampha the Great. In no order 1. Tame Impala 2. The Strokes 3.Tyler the Creator 4. IDLES 5. SHAME 6. Little Simz 7. Fontaines DC 8. Caroline Polachek 9. Black Midi 10. FKA Twigs
  7. hope sampha the great and weyes make a return. Great new finds for me. Chuffed little simz is still there.
  8. agreed as it is, it's fantastic, Forgot that Tyler and Massive were on the bill. This will be a great celebration of return to fests for me! Wonder what the clashfinder will look like, may be a stacked Wednesday to cope will all the top line acts
  9. Very pleased with this lineup. Strokes, Caribou, Jamie XX, Tame Impala, Gorrilaz, Idles, Shame, Fontaines, C Polacheck etc etc etc It's gonna be a great party. Notable miss for me is Weyes Blood. But as it stands i'm super chuffed.
  10. I'd object too. I had assumed he was as old as my parents. Happy 60th Mum! My mistake Bill
  11. Anybody fragile or elderly, i wonder how many bands or band members will drop touring in fear of their health. There's generally a young demographic in most of the bands which is good. Bauhaus, Iggy, Bill Callaghan, Kim Gordon, Mavis Staples, Maria Del Mar Bonet are some of the top tier acts that are questionable imo. Iggy has committed to a date in 2021. He eats Covid and spits it regularly.
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/ppe-suit-partying-coronavirus-lets-you-drink-and-vape-2020-5?utm_source=reddit.com&r=US&IR=T#while-many-are-experimenting-with-virtual-concerts-the-micrashell-might-be-a-promising-way-allow-people-to-gather-in-person-before-a-vaccine-is-developed-16 next gen fest PPE, the future is Neon... and mental
  13. The grass will be in great condition by 2022. The cows will be wondering what is going on with their annual moo-ve being cancelled.
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