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  1. All points east Instagram say young fathers are a 'worldwide exclusive performance'
  2. I'm glad the first time I'm seeing them they're going to hopefully have YF and other guests join.
  3. I knew someone was going to say this. Throw them up against The National. I offer this sacrifice to the clash gods! As long as I get to see Massive attack, Pavement, black midi, Sampa and maybe AEAEA I'll be content for the Thursday.
  4. They're tour buds, Primavera unexpected? The Thursday of Prima could certainly do with adding Young Fathers.
  5. Love me some young fathers, where did you see this excellent news?
  6. How is Little simz not bigger. Big Simz Great find.
  7. Best kept secret have the Avalanches. Also go over to the BKS topic for more lineup info.
  8. I just came here to say M83 in A38 was magic. That is all....
  9. Just worried for the Caroline Polachek gig. In general worried about clashes.. I don't need this sound worry too 😉
  10. Some obs so far from the bands I hadn't listened to before. Little Simz and Sampa The Great got flow. Big Freedia sounds like a great party (former collab with Lizzo) Otoboke Beaver sounds like an awesome Japanese Pop Punk party Since Nine Inch Nails isn't here i'll take Agoraphobia (who after first listen are pretty good imo) Beck is not as bad as I thought (I had americana like from Loser era in my head but now he's super funky) Kacey Musgraves is a delight. King Gizz is a party Caribou is a god (ok i listened to him before) OM is interesting for those who like slowed down stoner rock. Crudo Pimento is one I would like to see how they replicate their sound live. I've gone through the lineup, it's been an interesting run. It def feels more on the female side. There's a lot of filler bands (of both sexes), some bad female solo pop artists. Noticed there was fair bit for the shoegazers out there (if you're willing to delve into spanish bands. I reckon out of the headliners i'm most excited to hear IGOR in almost full from Tyler. Caught Strokes at EP last year and based on that will be happy to see again. Happy hunting and enjoy the aural journey x Edit: Way way too much Reggaeton.
  11. That's a nice thought out response. I was really expecting people release the kraken with my take on events. Personally I won't be front row, (maybe for the Strokes) i'll be sitting in the stands when available. Thanks
  12. If I went the VIP route, I would like to see acts as established as Nick Cave, Strokes, Janelle Monae, Lorde, Solange on stage. I wouldn't want to pay for the privilege to be front row/stand for King Princess, Brittany Howard, King Krule. That's my take.
  13. No Frank and no young fathers 😑 Fontaines and Shame though. 😉
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