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  1. Portishead vibe? It's a big stretch as it could be anything or nothing.
  2. I like some songs, have never seen live though.
  3. Blink 182? Edit: didn't see the hardcore part. Def not blink
  4. Thing is one of the dressner Bros are out of play until they're finished in May with big people Machine playing as support for Bon Ivers euro tour.
  5. Yeah? Is there any article to read? Maybe after 3 times seeing them live I'll finally hear About today. 3rd time lucky as they say.
  6. Thing is the clue says 'he never stopped evolving' I don't think anyone could credit Liam with any sort of evolution.
  7. Oasis, Beady Eye and Liam G. I was also thinking Paul McCartney, Beatles, Wings and P McC
  8. i reckon my chemical romance will be announced for the 10th, hobo, Billie and chemical seem that they could share similar fans. Then caribou is such a weird act to have on that day. So mismatched.
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