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  1. Has someone crafted a playlist with the hints I gave? Thanks This one is also good.
  2. Next announcement for Daily dose.. Anderson paak. One final act tomorrow.
  3. Keep dancing next up.. Bicep Live
  4. My apologies, it seems I drank too much. Here we go, one now and one later to catch up on lost time. Jamie XX
  5. tonight the cure and robyn were amazing. cure opened with plainsong. wow. just wow.
  6. Who said they didn't play popular songs?
  7. It's not an obtuse point of view, there's a difference between a festival appearance and one of your solo shows.
  8. So thoughts for the day. The National had a pretty naff setlist. Mainly made up of the new album with the worst picks of popular songs bar fake empire. Didnt even play not in kansas which is by far the best song on the album. And no i didn't get to hear about today. Seems they didn't even know they were ending the set. I think they ran over time and were told that's it. No goodbye or this is our last song. Smashing Pumpkins were great although the setlist wasn't as amazing as some in previous weeks. Went home after that as tomorrow is going to be the last big push.
  9. Next up, flight facilities live One of the smaller names, still have some nice ones to announce.
  10. They were the best of today imo. Caught them twice in the past couple of weeks, they played horchata. The song I wanted to hear that they never played the last time. Now If the national play 'about today' tomorrow I'll be even more over the moon. Saw one of the dressener Bros face to face while watching Bon Iver, but I didn't know which one they were to say hello. Being identical twins and all.
  11. Bon Iver was pretty poor imo. Caught him at the start of 22 a million album and he was awesome. Not today though. Vampire weekend will save today.
  12. 1st water point near entrance has no water. Keep walking
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