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  1. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Nirvana hologram confirmed
  2. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    I guess trnsmts announcement means Florence for Nos and Mad cool. Sad Cool festival
  3. Rico_Pliskin

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    By proxy, through me* *pick someone else, i'd rather go to Madrid than Glasgow.
  4. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Band members??
  5. Rico_Pliskin

    Lowlands 2019

    Only 5grams, jeez. those poor hungry forgetful people.
  6. Rico_Pliskin

    Ryan Adams

    So anyway 'F*ck the rain' was pretty bad... am i right? John Mayer's solo couldn't save that poor song. 'Flowers for brains Permanent sunshine Fuck the rain All that pain Don't Everything is fine Can you stop? Can I be alive?'
  7. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    I reckon Euro fests as he's such a divisive issue at the moment in the states between his MAGA and others statements. We in Europe aren't really bought into the whole American social politics thing, there would be no protests etc outside his shows etc. If I was his manager i would start by having great performances in Europe and then on the back of this book a tour in the States. To be fair, his shows would sell out in USA regardless, but as his manager i'd try to dilute all the bad press he's gotten with some great concert reviews.
  8. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    I trust the logic. I reckon NOS, OPENER, MAD COOL are waiting for Kanye to let them know what's going on. His erratic nature could be why we haven't had our new headline announcements yet.
  9. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    I got mines off Festicket. I'd hold off buying right now, perhaps there may be some promotion for valentines or easter, may get 10% off or something.
  10. Rico_Pliskin

    Pukkelpop 2019

    She's pretty talented, songs are good too. Better than your average pop starlet. Like a dark Sigrid. Polar opposites.
  11. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Hbn1 is the prophet. Speak the good word!
  12. Rico_Pliskin

    Open'er 2019

    Idles are the saving grace of this announcement. Although Rosalia is supposed to be the next big thing.
  13. Rico_Pliskin

    Open'er 2019

    Wow, Pretty bad. Smelly almost.
  14. Rico_Pliskin

    Open'er 2019

    Guess they're sharing with sziget who I believe are also announcing tomorrow
  15. Rico_Pliskin

    Pukkelpop 2019

    Bon Iver?