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  1. may be wrong but i believe they said they were processing these in July? anyone clarify
  2. Muse playing Mallorca live around 23-25 Jun
  3. Wouldn't mind John Mayer to be fair. Or for Jesus to make a comeback
  4. Is J that popular of a choice, or do you think it's orchestrated by Mad Cool bots. Is there a huge act beginning with J? A lot of James and Jane's addiction fans in mad cool?
  5. W1 Day 1: Tame Impala, Massive Attack, Dinosaur Jr Day 2: Little Simz, Weyes Blood, The Strokes Day 3: Tyler the Creator, Caroline Polacheck, Idles
  6. I chose weekend 1 with redtkt, they said they would come back in July to facilitate weekend choice or both weekends. Also said that our tickets will migrate to Dice platform.
  7. I was just counting acts by days and comparing to week 1, think there's only 15 headline/mid tier acts announced for one of the days in 2nd week. There's 20 - 21 of these headline/mid tier acts by day for week 1.
  8. Seems like the bulk of unannounced acts will be for week 2.
  9. That's great thanks for letting me know. Converted them to week 1 tickets last night. Feels good to commit!!
  10. So i have two tickets, going to convert to Weekend 1 tickets, although partner can't go. Don't seem to be able to convert one and get a refund the other as it converts as a package. You reckon once i convert it over i'll then be able to process the refund on one ticket once the refund process opens up on June 1st? Not covered in FAQs
  11. You are correct, I imagined her on the bill
  12. Original 2020 poster had 070 shake, little simz and Sampa the great all on the one day. Now split up between weeks and missing 070 since the 2021 lineup release. Its my only gripe. Very small.
  13. Have a wee listen to CMAT and her song I don't really care for you, she's on second weekend. Tounge in cheek country from Ireland. Very good. I'm going week one but will be sad not to see her first big stage spanish festival outing.
  14. The National Irish dates 6/7 June 2022, Cork/Belfast
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