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  1. Rico_Pliskin

    Exit 2019

    edit: double post
  2. Rico_Pliskin

    Exit 2019

    Ah yes the famous Alt rocker Pink. hopefully smashing pumpkins. Really hoping they come over for the Euro summer festival tour
  3. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Yeah I see your point.. I guess i'm just thinking Nine Inch Nails level on the Mad Cool Lineup. Huge Band that wasn't headlining.
  4. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    2nd line subs is more likely if they do play there. I don't see it happening as a) theres a Lisbon date and they usually share with NOS/Rock Werchter and b) The Iberian dates are too close before the festival season. 29th April is only like 2 an a half months before Mad Cool. c) Rock Werchter had them 2018 (see point A) I don't see them playing NOS or Mad Cool this year; perhaps next year. But would be pleasantly surprised if they were a 2nd tier act.
  5. Rico_Pliskin

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    same thing when Radiohead was touring. Doing festivals and stadiums and then this one 3arena gig. Guess Malahide got prebooked.
  6. Rico_Pliskin

    Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival 2018

    Are The Cure a strong rumor for headliner?
  7. Rico_Pliskin

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    anybody want two codes for cheap tickets PM me discount code to buy your 3-day ticket for 85€ (currently 95€) or your 3-day ticket + camping for 100€ (currently 110€) valid till 25th September
  8. Rico_Pliskin

    Sziget 2019

    Had any big band mentioned a September tour announcement?
  9. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Hey just wondering, do we all think Metallica will play? Would it not make more sense for them to play Download Madrid fest at the end of June?
  10. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Yeah I know he doesn’t tour with Frankenstein beach boys. I though it was the case from the Glastonbury thread that the royal Albert hall gigs were going to be a supergroup of Brian’s and mike loves respective bands? maybe not
  11. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Yeah why not?; more the merrier, last time they played Bilbao so mad cool could be likely although I’m leaning more towards Doctor Music for them.
  12. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    all possible except Green day. Played 2017 edition. re: Coldplay; it's just a rumor from irish mirror for Slane Castle gig. Brian Wilson w/Beach Boys, I just think that they'll not be limited to the London gigs, if they go to Spain Bilbao BBK had him last time so hopefully Mad Cool this time.
  13. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Also Coldplay.. rumored to be playing slane castle so they'll be back on the scene.
  14. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    So Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney for the Depeche Mode slot or is Metallica legacy enough? Who out of all the rumours for Glastonbury do you think will make an attendance. Kinda hoping smashing pumpkins don't come, hope Kanye/Kids see ghosts are onboard, MUSE with that soundsystem/screens would be epic, Liam Gallagher since i haven't seen him yet since Oasis. Janelle Monet would be great. John Mayer as a left field signing, Brian Wilson w/beach boys since they're rumored for a goodbye gig at glasto. The National (if they're still touring) or Big Red Machine/Bon Iver if they're not. I imagine Travis will be the Snow Patrol Slot, Who have you got for your wishlists?
  15. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Wow those cheap ones must have gone fast. Ended up with Senator Barajas.