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  1. Rico_Pliskin

    Sziget 2019

  2. Rico_Pliskin

    Electric Picnic 2018

    forgive me my keyboard got awful excited about the announcement
  3. Rico_Pliskin

    Electric Picnic 2018

    About time... jeez
  4. Rico_Pliskin

    Electric Picnic 2018

    About time... jeez
  5. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2018

    Really? Was thinking of heading next year. Would love to hear if you have additional issues apart from what others were saying previous. where would have been your fav fest sound/lineup wise? thanks
  6. Rico_Pliskin

    Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    location was beautiful, Arena was nice and spread out so didn't feel congested at any point. Free buses to and from the arena were a nice touch. Was queueing for 45min to get the on day 1. Got taxis to location for the other days (7-9euro) Pros: shiny happy people Childish Gambino, David Byrne, Noel Gallagher Payment system awesome. 2nd stage had good sound Got my early bird for 80euro and registered my wristband with cash early to to get a cool trucker hat. Smaller stages for new acts were real nice (firestone/thunder bitch) and had good sound. Cons: XX were late and out of tune/time and their stage show was broken. Food stands on tops of hills Alcohol Prices compared to NOS Alive, 4euro vrs 8euro Main Stage had very poor sound overall from different vantage points. Tent Stage had poor sound (was standing beside mixing desk) Bilbao is a not a pretty city (although the Guggenheim is amazing apart from the Chinese expo) Would I go again? If bilbao was nicer and the sound system was similar to NOS main stage/Mad Cool then yes. San sebastian is an amazing beach resort an hour away by bus. would recommend. Transport in Bilbao is good. Got gin drunk quite a lot for value for money. Overall 7/10
  7. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2019

    Pretty keen to start this thread off as it's either this or Primavera for me for the first time next year. Went Bilbao BBK this year and Nos Alive back in 2017 with each fest having their own pros and cons. So I reckon with Muse having an album release in early November that'll tie into the first announcement of Mad Cool/NOS/RW etc. I have a feeling from reading the 2018 threads pre and post festival we will hopefully have less issues to worry about in 2019. Gonna throw out a couple names: Muse/System Of Down Kanye/Kanye Collab (Cudi/Nas/Pusha T) Paul McCartney/Liam Gallagher Thoughts/worries/speculations? lets have it.
  8. Rico_Pliskin

    Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the BBK plastic cups, i've got like 12 of them (picked up from the ground) Are they returned for money?
  9. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Well no; I could appreciate the point you make if I hadn’t heard the same story at two different RTJ concerts. They said guys ‘have a hands off approach’ which we can all agree shouldn’t even have to be said. It was only directed at the fellas. Killer mike said while supporting emenim he’d body slam the guys doing this. Fair enough. Side note josh asked the guys to sing ‘make it with you’ without sounding rapey. Which ‘quote’ is hard cause it always sounds rapey with guys.
  10. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Anybody from Brisbane who had a big round black hat and was a girl who also was rolling spliffs for your two blonde guy friends without short hitler youth haircuts. you and your group are just so oblivious to how annoying you are in a 10metre radius. Christ the amount of time I moved somewhere else and hey there you all were again. london rail put on a freebie train. Kudos to them.
  11. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Really enjoy the hives, such a funny guy though I knew the whole crowd wasn’t gonna kneel down for Pele. Had me in stitches. Weakest part wasn’t prob second half of Iggys set. Lovely chap and so much love and humility in him. Happy to have finally seen him.
  12. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    No I appear missing or villians of circumstances. It wasn’t always gonna be a ‘best of’ gig; but was happy to have in the fade and sick sick sick. lot of shit talking Aussies chirping like kookaburra.
  13. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Sound was crisp and clear for Queens, why does iggy not like playing his post pop songs? im also getting tired of being put down simply because I’m a guy. Looking at you RTJ and Josh
  14. Rico_Pliskin

    Liam Gallagher finsbury park

    Looking at photos was there a pit area left and right of stage? if so; were there special wristbands handed out on the day? Just heading to Queens tonight and definitely want to be able to hear them and iggy thanks
  15. Rico_Pliskin

    Queens Of The Stone Age @ Finsbury Park

    Thanks everyone, From Ireland so it may be a couple days behind.