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  1. I hope loads drop out. So i can be excited about the new additions. Something about knowing who is coming for so many months has made me lose the flavour. Don't get me wrong, In W1 there's still the must sees for me that I don't see popping up in other festivals like Weyes blood, Caroline Polacheck, Little Simz who will surprise me. But people i've seen plenty before, National/Gorrilaz i'd like to see them cancel and for something new and exciting to pop in. Controversial but hey. Love to see Kanye and Pusha T drop in to save the day, maybe David Byrne, LCD (I know BBK Exclusive) or Laura Marling. And CMAT for W1!
  2. Yeah I have thanks, I'm going to Primavera so my indie/alt side is going to get his fill of good music. I understand what you mean about their announcement strategy being irritating. They recently advertised Badbadnotgood and Destroyer on instagram. But this is old news.
  3. https://opener.pl/en/news/221/dua-lipa-headlines-opener-festival-2022/ Yeah i guess she was confirmed as the headliner for that day, so no chance of Muse anymore. Gotta take Queens if i can get them. May try our Tauron to catch Moderat. I'm unsure what to do, I have to travel to Poland so trying to fit a festival in. I'm guessing you live in Poland or holiday in Poland. What's your plan?
  4. Looking at previous years it 2 headliners, one at nine and one at 11 and then something like a dance act/mid level rapper as a closer. I think it's entirely possible. What's your thoughts on possible announcements. Seems a long time to leave things till February. It's not like they've announced alot already. could we see Kanye on any of the days?
  5. Jeez, does anyone think we might get an announcement with more than one band tomorrow. Been too quiet. Hoping for Yeezy Yeezy! Really hoping for Muse though, their tour and distance may not allow them though. But it is possible for the Friday?
  6. The booster being offered in my and many other European countries is Pfizer which as from reading on news articles isn't effective at preventing symptoms of this prevalent strain. I've had two shots, I genuinely couldn't be arsed getting a third or fourth for the sake of it for it to do nothing and I find it annoying seeing initial vaccines being marketed to kids 5-12 in my country who have little/no risk. It's voluntary but I imagine it'll eventually become mandatory for them to have it when eating indoors or other social events. I imagine soon I won't be able to eat out or attend a concert once my 9 months on my cert run out. Wolf Alice cancelled their gig in my country and Broadway tickets I bought as a present for others are now cancelled. I have a good lot in life to be thankful for, If I feel down right now about trivial things I'd hate to be the person that has real issues and then the complications of a covid world on top of it.
  7. When do we think we will get news? Next week?
  8. Moderat are back. So far only one gig in Berlin announced Sept 2022.
  9. Sounds like a good Wednesday. I hope it's as you predict. I only meant Royal blood as a co headline. Understand my sentence could be read incorrectly. But yeah seems Killers are set to play. Big Opener space in their tour
  10. No Muse, no Chilli's, no Coldplay. Any other possible heads apart from QOTSA? Going off dates I reckon Royal blood will be a co headline The war on drugs is another possibility and also wolf Alice
  11. Super weak, if I bought tickets based on last year's lineup I'd be pretty upset.
  12. I think there's a gap early in their tour around their Budapest dates. Wouldn't say no to Qotsa or the killers. I caught Cure recently. Coldplay would be fun. I'm sure they've got something up their sleeve. Think Coldplay announcement next Friday.
  13. Muse, Radiohead, Queens of the stone Age. A trifecta of amaze
  14. did anyone do the artist poll recently? Anybody interesting on it? it's closed now so can't access the list.
  15. So who are the rumours or big contenders? Muse could do one of the first two days based on their announced dates, Coldplay hasn't announced. Red Hot Chilli Peppers are doing euro dates through June. What's announced already is pretty weak headliner wise, i'm guessing they're waiting to bring out the big guns. Anytime i see Imagine Dragons on a lineup it makes a chill run up my spine, and not in a good way.
  16. may be wrong but i believe they said they were processing these in July? anyone clarify
  17. Muse playing Mallorca live around 23-25 Jun
  18. Wouldn't mind John Mayer to be fair. Or for Jesus to make a comeback
  19. Is J that popular of a choice, or do you think it's orchestrated by Mad Cool bots. Is there a huge act beginning with J? A lot of James and Jane's addiction fans in mad cool?
  20. W1 Day 1: Tame Impala, Massive Attack, Dinosaur Jr Day 2: Little Simz, Weyes Blood, The Strokes Day 3: Tyler the Creator, Caroline Polacheck, Idles
  21. I chose weekend 1 with redtkt, they said they would come back in July to facilitate weekend choice or both weekends. Also said that our tickets will migrate to Dice platform.
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