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  1. I think next year there will be so many more big names more comfortable touring. That said, this year the days with pop/rap names had pretty good indie in the tents/others stages. Like if you don't like Taylor etc I'm sure they'll have a really big act in the tent to disperse the crowd. I caught Charlie xcx at Prima and while it's not my thing I rathered enjoyed it. That said I wouldn't like to see Travis Scott or Post Malone but Im hopeful they wont be back so soon.
  2. And Moderat, I really hope they continue to tour next year. I've already paid for accommodation and will get the fan tix early bird. Fully committed.
  3. 28/06/ - 01/07/2023 Accommodation booked. Hopeful for Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Nine Inch Nails and Kendrick.
  4. Yikes, similar happened to a french fest i believe. Poor Open'er. Hope all camping are doing ok
  5. so early bird VIP has moved from 250 to 400. Don't think i'll be going to Primavera next year. Just hope Mad Cool doesn't have a dramatic rise either.
  6. Oh of course. And sampha the great.
  7. From primavera I heard jehnny Beth and Jessie ware are must sees
  8. I didn't experience many issues that others faced with Prima as had the VIP pass. For the money I believe that I had a better time with a regular Mad Cool ticket than I had with a VIP Prima ticket.
  9. Primavera may as well not have had any covid. Covid policies didn't change my time there or do with any of the points I made. The points I favour to Mad Cool aren't implicated by how covid may have altered Prima. Yeah sure it was a bummer that some acts cancelled but it's not a big issue as there's other bands to watch. To put simply imo, Mad cool is a more comfortable fest that also... like Prima has a very good lineup.
  10. Nah, but I know the screens you're talking about. They had them for Electric Picnic. Crazy big. Watched the Strokes and their visuals on that screen. Julian was so small. But they are amazing screens. Was one of the things I was looking forward to in 2019 Mad Cool but sadly it wasn't to be. hope they make a comeback
  11. Dude you're literally asking a person to check a crystal ball. I'm giving an opinion based on my visits to fests in Spain/Portugal. Mad Cool normal ticket was better than my Prima VIP from personal experience. In addition to the points I made I reckon the lower cost is another reason why Mad cool was a better choice based on my previous experience. Also how am I not comparing like for like?
  12. Sound was great, screens are massive too, never queued too long for anything. People were nice but there was plenty of space for all. Lineup throughout the day is crazy good for all tastes. Having done VIP at prima and normal ticket at Mad cool I think Mad cool is a way better package. The fake grass everywhere is great to sit on when you're tired. Beers are a decent size too. But you'll get the die hards saying Prima is god. It's not. In comparison Bilbao BBK is also good. NOS alive is good but cramped for space and its lineup clashing quite a lot between main and second stages.
  13. I'm going to Mad cool next year. Having been to both I much rathered Mad Cool. Music is great in both but Mad cool was more comfortable for a regular ticket holder. Mad cool 2019 was a better experience than VIP primavera 2022.
  14. from reddit: This will be a complete disaster. They celebrated Rock In Rio in 2012…a shambles. The nearest hotel is 8kms…There is a metro at 8kms in Arganda del Rey…they will obviously put on shuttles…Omg, my head hurts just thinking about getting to and from the festival. This is just not the site to put on a festival for 60/80,000 people. Primavera Sound is turning into “corporation mode” where numbers are more important than people. I imagine they will have 2 or 3 great headliners and hope that people who live in Madrid will attend. And this just 4 weeks before Mad Cool…with the financial climate getting worse people just won’t be able to fork out for 500 euros in one month, then the cost of beer! PS should have just concentrated on keeping PS Barcelona great instead of all this corporate expansion. PS Los Angeles is far from sold out and have you seen the ticket prices? I will get my early bird for PS Barcelona, but no way would I go to PS Madrid and I live just 3 hours from Madrid…no way.
  15. There is hardly any accommodation close by. Was checking. And the good stuff will be booked for acts. Its going to be a long bus ride back to central Madrid.
  16. Lovely fest. Everything is super chill and very one with nature
  17. Is the fest in the same location as last time?
  18. 2019 didn't queue long for anything. Was very good and crowds well spread out. Was a great fest imo
  19. Tell me more? Is it front of stage. Would be funny if Porto gained one while Barca lost theirs.
  20. Is VIP a thing here, if so what does it do? Thinking of alternatives to Barca next year. Thanks
  21. was just looking at previous lineups. For all the complaining about it 2019 was amazing
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