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  1. Ready for the funniest roller coaster ever?
  2. Search for Idles dogs t-shirts and we could drink tons of beer together guys. Have you seen the naked guy during Vampire Weekend? it was epic.
  3. I drank white/red sangria and it was a little meh...also a shot of I don't know what mix of anice, herbs and?? It was pretty ok for 1€
  5. Thanks Thanks Thanks Probably I'll sell them at something like 2x1...I found a guy interested. I saw the resell prices are really low since it's not sold out. I'll fly tomorrow morning from Bergamo, see you in Lisbon
  6. Do you know what time is the check-in/out for the campsite? Cheers
  8. Will barbecuing as well from Thursday in the bungalows area. I've been all the day in Slovenia in your honor. I hope to meet you at Nos sharing civapcici or some pivo
  9. I was also thinking of doing this but reading the reviews of Lux Fragil it seems that if you're not Portuguese they ask you about 300€ for the ticket. Any local can confirm that?
  10. Guys 2 friends can't come anymore, I'm selling two combi tickets, price negotiable I'll be in Lisbon from Wednesday, if someone is interested let me know we can meet wherever you want.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/events/2158809910883637/?ti=cl
  12. Wow, basically we will do the festival together
  13. This could be my personal schedule, green=must see, blue maybe. But after few beers everything will change, I'm sure I'll going to see IDLES, The Cure, Vampire Weekend, Weezer, Johnny Marr, The Smashing Pumpkins.
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