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  1. My bet is World Stage headliner. Their new album is the album of the month of almost every magazines. They are way more popular now.
  2. Really good lineup to me, very well balanced.
  3. I heard about the earthquake this morning in Zagreb. Locals are you safe?
  4. We should better look at the artists that are going to cancel their summer tour.
  5. Main problem is not the festival itself but the bands that could cancel the tour...
  6. Glasto is bigger and the actual reason to postpone 3 months before could be this one.
  7. Please don't understimate my friend. Even in Italy the situation was ok 15 days ago. Italy-Croatia is about 30mins if I were you I wouldn't be too calm.
  8. Sure if all of us will be responsible and respectful of the rules
  9. Most important thing now is to follow the Government guidelines.
  10. Hi all, I'm starting a new thread probably off topic. I'm Italian and now as you know the situation here is not good. I'm fine, I have no panic and no fear but as probably you know the whole Italy is now in quarantine and the situation is getting more serious every day. If you want to stop this epidemic (pandemic?) before it becomes serious also in your countries STAY AT HOME before your government will force you. I'm not an alarmist or whatever but I see how the situation is evolving if the citizens don't follow the government guidelines. So please stay at home i
  11. The beginning of the end is Napoli's football players queuing at markets https://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Serie-A/Napoli/10-03-2020/coronavirus-a-napoli-anche-callejon-ospina-llorente-coda-la-spesa-3601598731703.shtml
  12. + The Murder Capital best lineup of 2020
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