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  1. Karlos12345


    Perfect! A Saturday! EDIT: Announcement for Antwerps Sportpalais tomorrow at 2 pm CET. Tool?
  2. Karlos12345


    I think a full EU tour in April with more than a handful dates has to be announced this side of christmas.
  3. Hopefully it includes Faith No More and a few more EU dates for them.
  4. Damn. Inside info from bookers? Not even one-offs like All Points East? Share deal with Coachella because of Goldenvoice?
  5. Karlos12345


    Damn, I hoped they‘d add Europe as well.
  6. I think the schedule is: Birthday party 11 June. Watch the Cubs in London 13 14 June. Rehearsel at Ziggo 16 17 June. Showdate 18 June.
  7. Karlos12345


    AU/NZ will be February for sure. Already confirmed by the promoter. How do you know there‘s an announcement for US dates on Monday? Must be January. Shatters my theory that we would get everything on Thursday. Damn, I need those EU dates.
  8. Karlos12345


    There‘s a countdown for a tour announcement down under ending very early in the morning (3 am in Perth for example). Weird timing. I wonder if this might be a joint announcement with EU and maybe even more US dates. https://www.frontiertouring.com/followtheevidence
  9. Yeah, but no doubles this time. Why would they only play one show?
  10. With the big delay causing band?
  11. That‘s basically the reason, why people assume they‘ll play Pinkpop. No way they would skip Amsterdam, but one show is unlikely unless a festival contract demands it.
  12. Does anybody know how fast PIT / FOS tickets sold out for last year‘s edition?
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