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  1. That headline would be in line with what @endswithMJ said two times. Might be a good shout.
  2. Regarding Limp Bizkit: They are in Portugal on the 26th. Which would make this 3 shows in 3 days. A first for this tour. And that is in different countries. And they couldn‘t play the RATM day as RATM don‘t play consecutive dates on their tour (yet). Leaves a question mark for Limp Bizkit in my book.
  3. Maybe Dan‘s headliners are true and the undercard gets updated til Wednesday. Same as in 2020. I‘ll stick to KoL being fake. Hoping for RATM but losing faith a bit.
  4. If RATM is true - and I really hope it is - then I expect them to announce their whole tour at once. (Might be the reason R+L had to wait with the announcement in the first place.) But if they announce all their dates, why isn‘t Electric Picnic teasing an announcement? I‘d expect them to be there too. FR festival and part of the original 2020 leg.
  5. Oh, you‘re right. Must have gotten that wrong.
  6. People weren‘t sure if he was being ironic in the first place, when he „confirmed“ Springsteen for Mad Cool. He‘s got some beef with the fest for being unprofessional.
  7. On the other hand: 65€ for a full day with Springsteen at the top? Fishy.
  8. True. Question is, what happened with Springsteen? Disagreements with Mad Cool or did he pull the plug on the whole tour?
  9. The Sunday definitely does look like someone‘s missing. Especially as they added that extra day later.
  10. Btw: The original 2020 run for RATM was announced on a Monday as well. Full tour Monday night at 8 pm. Just cause Dan said Monday…
  11. Putting a question mark where you know belongs an exclamation mark? 😉 Political, royal, soft, loud…
  12. It is. I have no idea where we are in Dan‘s bullshit sandwich deluxe and if RATM are right, but KoL makes zero sense. Not only Boardmasters, also multiple dates in Leeds and London in June. An expensive headliner with zero exclusivity?
  13. Just wanted to point out, this poster also has the mistake at the bottom: „MORE TO BE ANMNOUNCED“ If someone needed proof, that the guy is not reliable.
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