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  1. According to Ticketmaster Poland RATM are postponing their September 2020 headine shows to „fall 2021“. Dates tba. Makes them unlikely for this.
  2. They did the same for Highway to Hell last year. Nothing happend.
  3. First I thought darlings must be Pearl Jam but „small band that started in the tents“ doesn‘t quite fit. 😄
  4. Do you know when? In a few days, weeks or months?
  5. Doubt that is a reliable source. You have a link?
  6. Day tickets available. I‘d really like to get to know the one person that buys a day ticket without any idea of who‘s playing. 😆
  7. They wouldn't tell you today, even if they plan to annouce day splits tomorrow.
  8. Why would you start selling day tickets then?
  9. Pretty safe. The festival moved 4 weeks just for SOAD. Obviously they are not available on the RW weekend.
  10. If we get new names before ticket sales it has to be tomorrow hasn‘t it? Unless they announce names simultaneously with tickets going on sale.
  11. Thanks Ken! Too bad more than half of their EU tour was supposed to be indoors.
  12. Thanks! I don‘t understand what keeps them from announcing the tour if everybody knows they‘ll be back and the Lollas already announced them. Hope it‘s not hesitation because of the pandemic situation cause this might not change for some time. But scheduling can‘t take 3 months can it?
  13. I think the bands that disappeared first, will not be announced and probably not return in 2021.
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