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  1. „Now“? Looking at their schedule it‘s seems even more unlikely than before.
  2. Just a thought: Why would TBK force MC and NOS to hold back an annoucement, if they even announced their headline tour before Woodstock. I can‘t see a reason in exclusivity.
  3. Unfortunate change of plans. What‘s the best place to sell tickets for APE? AXS mentions their own platform, but can‘t find a button in my account.
  4. Got two questions guys: Did anybody receive their tickets for The Strokes yet? Read that tickets for BMTH have been send out already. When can we expect stage splits for The Strokes? Thanks 🙂
  5. If they have a full EU tour to announce, why would they for tomorrow. Makey no sense. A few festival announcements? Maybe!
  6. That‘s an extensive tour for a band that hates touring. Hopefully Europe before the US tour. Otherwise I wouldn‘t count on much enthusiasm on stage.
  7. Why would you announce a tour without dates? 😂 EDIT: Nevermind. Found them.
  8. Last week 2 pm CET. Maybe there‘s a pattern.
  9. People on reddit heard radio announcements for TBK in Vancouver and Philadelphia yesterday. If they announce everything at once and given the US is still sound asleep, we might get something later tonight.
  10. I want to believe, but without another hint, it would come a bit out of the blue.
  11. I lost track. We have info that TBK are supposed to announce something this week? But there are no teasers from NOS, Mad Cool or Woodstock about smth happening today / tomorrow right? What went wrong this time?
  12. I see why TBK make sense, but I don‘t think The Raconteurs will play. 3 weeks tops per leg and there‘s rumored shows at the west coast in July.
  13. Hope you‘re right! Any rumored day for next week? Mad Cool hinted at smth over a week ago...
  14. Is there another source for next week‘s announcement than the Festive Owl on twitter? Are other stops in Europe included? Headline shows maybe?
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