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  1. Moby‘s profits go 100% to animal rights organizations. So maybe this makes you feel less guilty while spending an extra quid?
  2. He‘s talking about 6 dates in his Reel, so either London or Paris are meant to have a second date. Doubt they hold back an unknown city.
  3. I am absolutely sure they challenged themselves to create a lineup as bad as possible. And they did a fantastic job.
  4. But they were really good last year.
  5. European detour might tba? Doubt they‘ll explore the UK on a week off.
  6. Had to read that twice. Do they really think they can sell the Co-op with less than two months ahead?
  7. Anybody received a presale code or link for this?
  8. You are late to the party.
  9. Dave wouldn‘t mind only a few days off between continents. What really speaks against FF is, that they could have been announced months ago.
  10. Well @YunT predicted Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. 2 announced, 2 still missing.
  11. They aren‘t playing 4 days in a row so the only day they could play is 12 August. Would they play the same day as Fred?
  12. Well he knows, so not no one knows.
  13. I think QOTSA could still be in question here. They are in France 15 August and at Lowlands. They are also rumored for Electric Picnic in Ireland the same weekend. I doubt they do 4 gigs in a row.
  14. What exactly did he say regarding QOTSA in 2025?
  15. Yep: Instagram (3rd picture I-DAYS has a * indicating it‘s a „non-album show“.
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