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  1. Thing is, a lot of 2020s bands WANT to play. A lot of them have new material. Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, etc. And they have contracts. I think we‘ll see a lot of the same bands on 2022s bills.
  2. Can you rely on a US band to be able and willing to come Europe in September? What‘s the plan anyways? August or September?
  3. You think PJ and RHCP will move with them to 2022? Have tickets to several concerts for both bands and fear they might cancel instead of postponing to 2022.
  4. What about the bands? I doubt that PJ, RHCP, ... will move to late summer. Especially if some festivals will move to late summer and others to 2022. Messes up the itinerary.
  5. Strong indicator, that the whole festival will move, I guess.
  6. Thanks for the insight @Ken19. I still don‘t see how Werchter will go ahead, if others don‘t. I doubt bands would play only a handful of shows spread over weeks and all across Europe. So is there a common approach?
  7. That‘s the point and that‘s the reason it won‘t happen in 2021.
  8. I think a lot of festivals will follow soon. Werchter too. Can‘t see it happen. Not only because of uncertainty of the reached level of herd immunity til summer, but also because of international bands bailing out and tour itineraries falling apart.
  9. I‘m a bit confused how that rumor about Pearl Jam and Ken19‘s optimism go together. Can‘t imagine Werchter coming back with half the lineup and second class headliners.
  10. None, but I understood the posts above that Werchter might happen even if others don‘t.
  11. Werchter can‘t happen if no other festivals / shows happen imho. If part of the band‘s routing and schedule fall apart, I‘m pretty sure a lot will scrap the whole tour. There can‘t be no USP as the only happening festival.
  12. With a guarantee, that they reschedule again, I‘d be fine with it. But it looks like I‘ll be biting nails again over the next weeks.
  13. The guy was reffering to the US tour, but still, PJ doesn‘t seem to be very optimistic about their European summer tour: http://tidal.com/magazine/article/qa-stone-gossard/1-75912?curator=MusicREDEF „Pearl Jam are set to tour Europe next summer, including two big concerts in London’s Hyde Park. How confident are you that those gigs will happen? We’re not being unduly optimistic. We’re looking at dates and, as we get closer, we’ll make decisions based on the best information we have at the time. We’re in the worst part of the pandemic now, but we’ve seen the numbers go up and d
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