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  1. I don‘t really get the idea. For sure governments around Europe will lift travel bans and border closures BEFORE allowing public gatherings again. Reducing the crowd? Get it. Excluding non-Belgians? Don‘t get it.
  2. And why ASAP? Cancellation of travel and accommodation might be a lot easier closer to the dates, cause they might have special rules in place during lock down phases.
  3. Same boat. Haven‘t given up hope that they push the gig to September.
  4. Lollapalooza Berlin posted teasers especially for RATM 6 hours ago. If they pulled out and your source knows, Lolla would know as well. Would be pretty cruel to still post ads, wouldn‘t it?
  5. Why would a festival taking place in SIX months comment on the situation? People’s hysteria, panic and constant asking will turn cancellations into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. Thanks @YunT, I knew there‘s truth to what you said. The last 20 pages were entertaining but unnecessary. 😅
  7. Isn‘t Eminem too big for Frequency Festival?
  8. That show fit their schedule. Mad Cool doesn‘t at all.
  9. Just a quick remark: Nobody knows the fatality rate yet. There are a lot of people without symptoms or light symptoms that won‘t be tested and are not part of the statistics. The fatality rate might be A LOT lower. The severity of the virus is not yet assessible. Imagine there‘d be news over the ticker for every tested patient during the seasonal flu.
  10. YunT. He knew things before if I‘m not mistaken.
  11. We have a reliable insider stating Mumford & Sons / Royal Blood. Why are we still throwing names?
  12. Karlos12345


    I think the recent announcement clearly answers your question! 😅 There‘s been rumors the EU leg has been pushed back to early 2021.
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