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  1. It‘s all speculation right now. Their last show was a week ago. Nobody knows when the person got the positive test in the first place. Could have been days ago and they were just hoping to make Boston possible. Maybe even NIN’ double duty was a plan B for a few days already. So maybe the person is over the worst and just is still positive. Julian says on Instagram „we all wanna play but would just be unethical“. So it‘s rather the positive test and not somebody feeling unwell, that keeps them from playing.
  2. https://www.utilitaarenabham.co.uk/whats-on/arcade-fire/
  3. A german ad campaign has been started (early?): So 4 pm could indeed be the announcement of their tour including Andalucia BIG.
  4. Think that‘s the case. Cross promotion. Maybe they have something big up their sleeve for Andalucia Big and want to shift tickets. RATM maybe?
  5. Is it such a big problem? Wave will be over in the summer and as the provlem is sick leave of the crew this should be a very temporary problem shouldn’t it? I have a few gigs where I fly in gig day…don‘t make me nervous.
  6. Unless RATM changed things (again) RTJ makes them very likely actually. There‘s been multiple leaks for September dates and with their meticulously schedule with exactly one day off between shows, RTJ would need to play 3 shows in a row in 3 different places if they use their off day to play the festival while supporting RATM on their tour.
  7. Run The Jewels… 🤔 RATM third headliner on the Friday?
  8. Totally different thing. The man was ill and 80.
  9. I can‘t see this. If (big if) there is a risk of WW3 it doesn‘t matter in which part of the world you are. A few kilometers from the Ukranian border or at the US west coast. Cancelling tours because of the proximity to the war doesn‘t make sense. What can affect tours is the humanitarian situation in certain countries due to refugees.
  10. Solve it for us! 😄 Tame Impala, Stromae?
  11. Yeah I think only highly lucrative tours and sold out tours will happen. With inflation and exceptional demand for gear and crew a lot of smaller tours will struggle with their business cases.
  12. Nobody to play it. Stones out, The Boss out, Macca unlikely due to Glastonbury the night before.
  13. Looks like both: https://www.festicket.com/eventgenius/british-summer-time/2021/shop/24237/
  14. In case anybody had hope QOTSA might stay on the bill: They dropped out of Musilac and Les Deferlantes. The whole tour is off. Bugs me that Mad Cool doesn‘t give a sh*t to tell ticket holders.
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