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  1. Glad the line up is finally on its way, its been great seeing all the chat in here this year with all types of speculation even though some of it has been ridiculous. However can we just take a moment to discuss the fact someone last night on this thread tried to convince us of a line up by saying his friend was 'getting his end away' with someone from FR that has to be up there with one of the best things ive seen on here.
  2. If it weren't for Dan then this place would still be trying to convince each other as to whether M*R are likely to play or not, the line up clearly ain't coming for a little while still so may as well have a bit of fun with it.
  3. apparently its the roundhouse, someone in glasto thread has said
  4. Could you imagine if at this point LG hadn't been announced, the suggestions in here would've been even more bizarre
  5. The 27th of January was literally 4 days ago
  6. The effect Posty had on headlining last year....
  7. Surely at this point half the posts in here are just for a wind up?
  8. 19liam75

    The 1975 2020

    tickets to the tour in the coming weeks were around £55 so if it is true that the concert in July is that cost then yes it is an extremely fair price
  9. Can’t be 11th July, they have a show in Norway that day. Could have curated at a day at BST
  10. where was the second date confirmed? Can only make the Sunday as have Kasabian Saturday
  11. There is a green ladder towards the back of this photo which could aloud to travis?
  12. You should defo call the cover band MCR - Men Chatting Rubbish
  13. Is it just me or is everything being said on this thread just recycled rubbish from the last 2 months?!?!
  14. MK seems dead cert on the 20th June, has been for a while. If they are teasing something for the 10th June then maybe a Brixton warm up show? O2 Academy were tweeting quite a lot about them when they announced the return. Doubt it is though.
  15. Been wondering for a while now what the 1975's plans are for Summer 2020 as they are going to be in Europe with no UK dates. Even if they were to do Glasto Other stage it would be odd for them not to do another UK fest considering the new album is due to arrive next month, maybe after tour in Feb they will announce something, but would APE leave it till the end of Feb to announce a headline show from them? Community weekend when kings of leon are supposedly playing does seem logical
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