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  1. Twin Atlantic have just rescheduled their tour to next year with a a gap between 25-30th August, assume they will be coming back
  2. How would people have felt if this years festival had happened and then the next set of headliners for 2021 were QOTSA, Disclosure and posty? Don’t think it’d be too bad considering with post most likely to have a new album out by then and also Queens
  3. Jamie T? Supposed to be coming back with new material shortly.
  4. Course blink have headlined I was there, dumb moment 😂
  5. Blink haven’t been mentioned yet I don’t think...
  6. Really hope they have booked at least one female act to headline as personally think there are quite a few they could choose from and would be better than some of the suggestions being put on here as male headliners. Feel like if not there will be quite a bit uproar and rightfully so.
  7. was going to give next year a miss, guarantee will end up being there after watching these highlights on today
  8. Liam G Dua Courteeners BMTH Dave Catfish
  9. Love 30STM and always tried to see past the dodgy stuff with Leto, but this link to their merch website is shocking showing the amount of crap they are making money off, look at the cost of the facemasks 😆 https://store.thirtysecondstomars.com/
  10. thanks mate, managed to get a car of 5 at MK bowl for the streets, £33 each aint too bad
  11. anyone know rough prices for this? cant seem to find anything for the streets
  12. for anyone listening to new 1975 today, the first half feels a bit slow but definitely does pick up around half way through and there are some great tracks on there.
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