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  1. There are still two slots to fill based on the timetable: Thursday, Alter Stage and Saturday, Tent Stage.
  2. They announced a headliner for their other August festival today, so it's possible we will get some news today or tomorrow (Thursday is a bank holiday here in Poland).
  3. If I am correct, there are 36 international aritsts now (excluding Beat Stage) and there were 40 in 2019 (in 2015 the number was even higher). This year, they announced that Alter Stage will have the highest number of acts in the history, that's what I based on my estimation of 6-8 still missing. Obviously, I may be wrong and they will fill remaining slots with some Polish acts.
  4. There's still place for around 6-8 international artists, including a co-headliner spot on Wednesday. In the past years, they announced some big acts late May / June, e.g. Kylie Minogue and Interpol in 2019, Noel Gallagher, Post Malone and Mount Kimbie in 2018, Lorde in 2017 or Faith No More in 2014, so there's still hope! To be fair, Orange Warsaw line-up was better IMO than e.g. in 2019.
  5. Hi guys, I'm still trying to sell two Weekend 2 tickets. The price is only €150 each now (paid €175 for them back in 2020). Transfer via Dice app. DM me if you're interested!
  6. Sorry for spamming here again but I am pretty desperate to sell my tickets as I can no longer go 😞 I'm selling two Weekend 2 tickets, €155 each (paid €175 for them back in 2020). Transfer via Dice app. DM me if you're interested!
  7. Hi guys! It turned out that I won't be able to attend Primavera this year, so I'm selling two Weekend 2 tickets, €165 each (paid €175). Transfer via Dice app. DM me if you're interested!
  8. Plus FKA Twigs and Banks on Tent Stage. Would be easily the best day in the history of this festival.
  9. The Killers are the final headliner for Open'er. Fun fact: they were supposed to be a sub-headliner in 2020.
  10. Hi guys! I'm selling two Weekend 2 tickets, €175 each. Transfer via Dice app. DM me if you're interested!
  11. There will be more Main Stage acts for Wednsday, but it's possible they will fill these empty slots with some Polish artists.
  12. Yeah, you know that's not what I meant 😉
  13. That is all for today and it's a massive disappointment for me. We had to wait for over 3 months and got zero acts for Main Stage. Don't get it at all.
  14. yeah, I know they're not that big here in Poland, but still, too big for Tent Stage in my opinion.
  15. Tent Stage for them is quite surprising I guess... It will be packed for sure.
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