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  1. Just let me know what festivals you're going to attend next year. I'll choose some others
  2. This was my 9th edition and it was the worst weather, so yeah, I guess you're unlucky My best gigs: Kamasi, VW, The Strokes, Jungle, Anna Calvi.
  3. +2manydjs, Seth Troxler, George FitzGerald and some others for Beat Stage. Very happy for 2manydjs!
  4. They officially confirmed that the line-up for 3 main stages is closed. It means that the number of artists is the smallest in the recent history of the festival: only 50 names as compared to around 60-65 each year (since 2015, when they introduced the division to Main Stage, Tent Stage, and Alter Stage).
  5. I follow the Nos Alive thread here and I know what you all going through, but trust me, Open'er is worse. Only this year, they announced twice that they are going to give new names on some day and then do nothing on this day. And it happened in previous years as well.
  6. That's so pathetic. They announced that they'll close three main stages (Orange, Tent, Alter) and after revealing only 6 names, now they're announcing Firestone Stage. They're social media communication is one of the worst (if not the worst).
  7. Yeah, if you look at the previous announcements, the pattern was always like: biggest name -> medium names -> small names and Polish names, so I guess that's all for bigger/medium names.
  8. No way, there are still 10+ acts missing on three main stages, including Polish names. On the other hand, I'd not be surprised if that's all, they are masters in disappointing. Every year, there are around 15-16 acts on three main stages each day. Plus, they announced that today is 'a day full of announcements', so ending with 6 acts would be ridiculous.
  9. Kylie Minogue for 5 July as a co-headliner (next to Smashing Pumpkins)
  10. Looks like it's all for this year. Very weak, unbalanced line-up. Headliners for Thursday and Friday are a complete mistake. Also, Ostrava was always known for strong second line and this year? Names like Krystof, Etienne de Crecy, Nicola Cruz or Mariza are definitely not enough to be in the second line for such a festival.
  11. + there's only a space for one co-headliner
  12. Don't draw any conclusions based on Open'er as they are always very slow and late (announcing headliners in May is standard, they even did that with such a big name as Prince).
  13. There is still one co-headliner missing for Friday. They should add some medium size names (5-6) for this day and others as well. I also think that Wednesday is missing at least one bigger name for Main Stage.
  14. She played in Poland in 2017 the last time, so it's not that bad, but yeah, you're right, nothing extraordinary. I'd say it's a very safe choice.
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