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  1. Don't draw any conclusions based on the picture, that's their usual design. I guess The Killers or Kendrick, if it's gonna be a headliner.
  2. + The Hatters. I can't see the point in seperate announcements of such small bands.
  3. MEUTE added to the line-up. Pretty nice addition. Plus more to follow today or this week.
  4. Nice summary, thanks! Yeah, camping at Open'er is a real pain in the ass. Long queues to showers, both cold and hot ones, lack of mats between tent zones, to name just a few. A lot of to improve.
  5. Can you name any examples? Asking just out of curiosity, never been to RW nor Roskilde.
  6. Yeah, and they are also responsible for two other quite big festivals.
  7. This lack of professionalism can also be seen on their social media and communication with fans. Announcements of announcements that then don't happen, unclear rules regarding named tickets, unclear headliner indications when at first a band is called as a co-headliner or not headliner at all and then out of a sudden its status changes to a headliner, banning users who criticise them. It's quite strange that such an experienced promoter has the same problems each year.
  8. That's interesting. But Kendrick played Open'er in 2013 and then he played in Krakow on a festival organised by Alter Art, so maybe there weren't any problems in that particular case.
  9. But probably Open'er wants him very badly too and his schedule fits better with Open'er than Roskilde. But as I said earlier, I'm not that sure anymore.
  10. Yeah, you're probably right. It's just I'm being super-cautious after last year's disappointment with The Cure.
  11. So, you think Roskilde will give up on him completely? I just can't believe it. As for the Saturday headliner, it should be some rock/alternative name. The Killers, RHCP, Kings of Leon? Somebody without any tour dates yet?
  12. He's playing Latitude Festival on Friday and Rock Werchter on Saturday, so he's only possible for Open'er on Wednesday. And there's also Roskilde... I'm not so sure anymore.
  13. Yeah, if we can't get any new announcement, let's at least be happy with something we won't get. Although, I'd prefer Tyler over ASAP for Open'er.
  14. + BROCKHAMPTON and 5 Seconds of Summer. All can be ruled out from Open'er.
  15. Pearl Jam are playing in Krakow, Faith No More are rumoured not to play in Poland in 2020, Stormzy played this year and has a separate date in March in Poland, and Post Malone played in 2018 which may be a little bit too early. Sorry, but you've missed. As for now, it looks like the last two headliners will be Kendrick Lamar and The Killers.
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