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  1. And we have to remember there's rescheduled EURO 2020 taking place in 2021. Knowing how much UEFA loves money, it's hard to imagine they will easily give up on having full capacities. There's also 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
  2. So they know already but they are still willing to spend money on marketing etc.? Also, does it refer only to Belgium or also to other countries? If the latter, I'm afraid of who your source may be!
  3. BadBadNotGood, Destroyer, Porridge Radio, and Flohio added to the line-up.
  4. Another example of how much is 8 weeks, this time from Poland: In mid April, our government decided to ban people even from entering forests (even with masks on). Basically, we were only allowed to go for essential shopping (with limitations) and work (those who were allowed to). Two and a half month later, it was allowed to have 50% of stadium capacity filled during sports events which didn't lead to any increase in positive cases. All this was during the first wave. Now, we know more about this virus and I guess we will know much more in April next year. Not saying summer fe
  5. Yeah, with Frusciante I would take them as well. Also, their 2016 show at Open'er interfered with Poland - Portugal at the EURO 2016 which made it hard to fully focus on the show.
  6. The only proper (regarding similar fanbase) and possible replacement I can think of now is Billie Eilish.
  7. It seems that they will be able to do it! Neither Chemical Brothers nor The Killers were announced as headliners, so we're still missing one big name. If not The Cure, maybe RHCP? That's the only name coming to my mind now. I was certain about Foals, but it's pretty strange they still have not been confirmed. They already have so many other dates announced for 2021...
  8. The Killers re-confirmed for Saturday. Not as a headliner, so we can expect one more big name for that day. The Cure?
  9. Can you explain how is the second wave more serious than the first one? Haven't seen any intensive care units overcrowded as it was in March/April.
  10. Kendrick Lamar re-confirmed for 2021!
  11. Is this in any way relevant? Faith No More and Caribou are also listed for Friday there, whereas they are playing Saturday in 2021. And there's also Anderson .Paak who still has not been confirmed.
  12. The Strokes for Friday probably? Wondering who can be a Sunday headliner... RHCP seem to be quite probable. What about Bille Eilish? A (co-)headlining slot on RW instead of a seperate show?
  13. Nice, thanks! Heard some rumours they're waiting with the announcement until Billie Eilish sets up her whole 2021 tour.
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