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  1. That's correct. However, it sounds like this plan B is becoming more and more probable. All depends on the rate of vaccination. Also, they cooperate with other European festivals - fits what Ken wrote earlier today in RW thread.
  2. Did he say that based on these meetings with authorities you were mentioning back in January? Also, anything about when they need to make a decision?
  3. It looks like RW is considering moving to September (providing my Google Translator works well): https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2021/02/09/organisator-herman-schueremans-wil-dit-jaar-een-volwaardig-rock/
  4. I think it was scheduled for 6 July 2020, and they failed to provide a new date for 2021, despite FNM having some dates for this year.
  5. According to their press release from November, we know exactly how many names are missing: "We will soon announce the remaining 2 headliners for Thursday & Friday as well as 5 more bands plus the 6 winners of the Mad Cool Talent competition. 13 names in total that will finalize the line-up for this long-awaited edition".
  6. They're teasing something on their social media: Sunday announcement? Have they ever done that before?
  7. So we already know that PJ are probably out. Any other names made such a decision as well ?
  8. The only difference, but quite a big one. It gives us some hope regarding the upcoming months. Something we didn't have 9 months ago... Yeah, but that's now. The vaccination process has just started. We will hopefully be in a completely different situation in 6 months time due to the vaccines, number of people that got the virus, and weather. Will it be enough to have our festivals back? I don't know. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't evaluate the chances of having it back based on what's happening now... Hope you are well now and didn't have any serious symptom
  9. 6 months and outdoors, that makes a difference. A situation where we have the vaccine that is going to free us from the virus soon is quite different from a situation 9 monts ago when no one even dreamt about having a vaccine in 2021. Saying 'apart from the vaccine' sounds like dismissing the value of this tool!
  10. EU officials have some quite optimistic plans for this summer: https://www.iq-mag.net/2021/01/live-aid-post-covid-concerts-proposed-eu/#.YAXMLxjTlkx
  11. Not the kind of information we were waiting for...
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