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  1. Sure, I can understand they had to go with one smaller headliner and they chose her because she's locally popular. The real problem is this terrible, unambitious undercard. Just look at any ranking with the best album of 2019 and you won't find a single name that is on Colours' line up (e.g. Thom Yorke, Big Thief, FKA Twigs, Foals, Brittany Howard, Angel Olsen, Kiwanuka, Vampire Weekend, Fontaines D.C. or Chemical Brothers). You'd expect more from the festival famous for their great undercard.
  2. The funny thing is that all days will have the same price. I wouldn't even mind LP as a headliner as long as this day had some decent undercard.
  3. They've just confirmed on Facebook that these are all big names for this year.
  4. Yeah, you're definietly right, but as a result the line-up looks really pathetic. And this festival was always famous for the smaller names.
  5. They've just released the first poster with day splits and it looks just terrible. LP as a headliner? Dubioza Kolektiv, Meduza or Tones and I as a second line? And they start selling day tickets very early this year. Does it mean the sale is not going very well?
  6. Just to back up your theory - Open'er is still mising a Saturday (co-)headliner.
  7. Do you know if there were any other acts about to be announced that day but their agents didn't give Open'er approval to do so?
  8. Saturday looks incredible as for now.
  9. +The Chemical Brothers! Saturday, Main Stage - final slot.
  10. they always inform about the day of announcement, unless it is the same day as announcement of announcement (yeah, it's complicated). So it should be today, but who knows? They're unpredictable...
  11. You know if Tame Impala will be in Europe this summer at all?
  12. That's a good question I keep asking myself each year when following Open'er's announcements 😛
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