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  1. Very similar to what was held last year. I am personally happy with this and hoping to snatch a few tickets because I've been missing shows very much. Obviously not as big as some (including myself) might have hoped, but also less likely to get cancelled, which makes me even more excited. As always, good and realistic decisions made by RW.
  2. Well at least this gives them plenty of time to record a new album 😅 !
  3. Well the postponment announcement is here. Fully expected but still sad ! Also no mention of any "smaller festival in september". Are they still thinking about it and planning for a later announcement or is this over too ? Edit : nevermind, the IG post was really short hence no mention of it, but the facebook post actually mentions possible summer events which I'm not gonna lie bring me great hope and joy !
  4. I am a clear newcomer to Werchter (first edition was 2017), but indeed that 2020 lineup was my fav looking one yet, my only problem with it was that I was scared on the inevitable clashes that were going to appear. Anyway, I can't wait to be back in this beautiful place at some point, (be it in a few months or more than year) surrounded by friends, music and enjoying a nice Jup !
  5. I'd take QOTSA, there show in 2018 was a huge highlight of my festival, the energy was great + can't forget Spiderman !
  6. Looking at Prima and Roskilde, these names really shine out for Werchter : Gorillaz (Prima/Werchter) : already shared so likely (I guess) Thom Yorke (Roskilde/Werchter): also already shared so likely (I guess) The Strokes (Prima & Roskilde) (makes some sense given they were supposed to play last year Tyler The Creator (Prima/Roskilde) : I'd like it, but as Headliner at Werchter? Seems like a high spot for him. Kendrick (Roskilde): if Werchter makes this happen I'll be so happy, really was sad when not announced this year. Faith No More (Roskilde) : given tha
  7. Loyle at Dour. Another exciting Hip-hop name of 2020 gone. Still hoping for an announcement this week though...
  8. Not sure about bringing the Killers again, that'd be a repeat of 3 headliners of 2018 which is a lot, and even though there show back then was fun, I think there is much more exciting stuff out there (Tame Impala ofc haha)
  9. If the friday band turns out to be a big rock/metal band, I hope that Werchter thinks of putting Alt-J in the Barn (or any outdoor alternative stage they might come with bc of Covid), so as not to face the same issues of Alt-J pre FF in 2017. I remember that half the crowd was basically waiting for the Foo and talking a lot, which made the show not as great as I would have hoped for.
  10. Oh mybad, clearly missed these announcements !
  11. That sounds like a potential SOAD - replacement act. Plus the idea that the headliner wants to announce all at same time makes me think it's a really big fish. Guns n Roses or Metallica would be my guess (with a preference for the latter). Other possibilities would be big rock act à la Foo Fighters maybe ?
  12. Well as happy as I am to see him coming once again in my hometown, the rest of the Lineup of this festival is dreadful for my tastes, even if I have to go there for a day, so unless the ticket per day is like 40-50€, the wait to finally see K. Dot. continues... 😥
  13. Also it's been a long time since this forum has been active and it's been great for the moral, thanks everyone for this.
  14. Don't get me wrong I do like Slipknot, but I feel like they'd be a weird act for RW. SOAD is heavy too, but they have more mainstream hits. As for Rammstein, I think they are less heavy and bring a show that could fit any rock festival in the world, plus they WILL bring a fanbase, where as Slipknot, unless matched with another big metal band on the same day is much more risky for RW. If Slipknot is back on tour in 2021 and If festivals can take place (that's a lot of ifs I know haha), I think Graspop is the perfect fit, as always for them.
  15. Werchter gave them Closing Headliner for the 2020 edition before it was cancelled, that's the highest position there is 😅
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