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  1. For 2 seconds I thought she was at Werchter and had a near panic attack ! Dodged a huge bullet there !
  2. polnico

    2019 New Music

    Two new great french rock band songs today : This (prog rock?) beauty from Last Train https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16yyEsRhZTg&fbclid=IwAR20vRkGci63_gFBpWDQvMAa7rdWkEclVg5JXVCBGiowSZc2jqQH-mQuADE And this (math rock) banger by Lysistrata (supposed to be available today according to their facebook, but still can't find it on Apple Music so far, so here's this great version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCkrg4fFtQA
  3. I feel like Lana Del Rey is way too big for 3rd down on main stage, either she Headlines main (which might be weird at werchter not sure about this) or the Barn (probably is too big for this too though so really hard to tell). For Pearl Jam, I think it's too early for them to come back, but who knows.
  4. In Luxembourg, a ticket is 72€ + 5€ charges which is a lot but expected sadly...
  5. For once, I hope you're wrong (even though I doubt it haha...) ! Thanks for the explanation then !
  6. So you're saying no chance of Slipknot at Werchter ? 😥
  7. That would be so so weak for Werchter, but nevertheless I am hoping for all the 'bands' you mentioned to appear in the lineup.
  8. Just saw pictures of Oscar & The Wolf's show yesterday at Lokerse Feesten, had kind of forgotten about him, but I fear he is a big contender after having missed out in 2018 and 2019... Just hoping they don't put him as a c- headliner or dance closer on the main...
  9. I really hope that The XX are a contender. Wasn't able to catch them on the I See You tour, but I am hoping that an album comes next year, and that they'll come to Werchter !
  10. Just made my yearly clashfinder prediction/wishlist, let me know what you think about it ! https://clashfinder.com/s/rw2020/
  11. Can we see Metallica as one of those "must have" bands ? They're selling out so many huge venues, I don't see how Werchter wouldn't want them, but I am not sure they will still be doing festivals when I see the success their solo gigs have...
  12. Great edition once again, personal favorites were Tool, Kylie (only half though), Florence, The Blaze, Paul Kalkbrenner, Parkway Drive and Mac DeMarco ! Only problem was the heat (nothing we can do about this...) and the fact that they did only allow "hard plastic" bottles. I think that allowing empty regular plastic bottles like last year would have been a nice gesture since the heat but whatever. Also, was quite gutted when I realized that the Proximus stand from other years where you could just give your charger and they would charge your phone for free was gone... Hovewer, amazing edition once again, bring on next year !
  13. Quick question, how is arriving on the Hive on thursday morning ? Is there still room to have 2 tents next to each other or it'll be impossible and we'll have to be separated ?
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