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  1. I am still hoping for something else even though a lot of evidence seems to be pointing at them... Perhaps the Strokes finally getting it together and being announced for this, Nos Alive and Open'er ?
  2. I love having the 2 insiders here, but I feel like we're starting to ask a lot from them. Let's be patient, we'll see soon anyway.
  3. There's a one month gap from mid-tune to mid-july in Tame Impala's US tour. Praying right now, but not sure at all it makes them likely, especially since they're in EU before the tour. Maybe a big arena show in early may then ?
  4. With SOAD confirmed and Gojira looking more than likely, do we think we're basically done with metal bands ? I am hoping for Architects to fill the Parkway Drive spot of last year, bust haven't seen anything about them touring next summer yet. Any other ideas for Hard Rock/Metal bands ?
  5. Any chances of Bombay Bicycle Club for this ? Gotta say I enjoyed their last 2 singles and I am excited for the album. They would fit perfectly for 4-5pm slot in the Barn of the Klub C.
  6. I hope this doesn't mean the end of announcements for this week ! 😥
  7. This announcement was super strange, I am so used to seeing everything published exactly on time, here the website had pearl jam in the lineup section more than 30 minutes ago and the announcement wasn't made at exactly 11 am haha! Anyway great name, but they didn't seem as perfectly organized as they usually do.
  8. if we get Pearl Jam, Kendrick and RHCP I am already extremely happy, add Tame Impala Foals and SOAD to this and it will just be ridiculously good and exceed all my expectations. I am praying rn haha
  9. Pretty sure that the Weeknd can also be considered a headliner by now !
  10. Foals sold out the AB in minutes, and I am pretty sure they played a smaller venue on purpose. However it is true they struggled to sell in Forest a few years ago.
  11. With the various line-ups starting to form in Europe, I am starting to hope at the following headliners. If it happens I am for sure going back to the RW grounds haha ! Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, Pearl Jam, SOAD, London Grammar, Foals (maybe more of a sub actually), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Royal Blood (sub too?), Twenty One Pilots and another female headliner (Dua Lipa would be fine but praying for Lana even though unlikely) .
  12. Bon Inver seems less and less likely with the tour ending in Australia only a few days before Werchter, I am still hoping but I guess they seem more likely for Pkp...
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