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  1. Glasto cancelled, really wondering what impact it will have on other summer fests, but logical and good decision from the glasto crew.
  2. If anyone had any hope left for the Foos, they announced a big gig in the USA on July 4th so I think we can definitely rule them out.
  3. Some friends saw him at Les Ardentes last year and said that he was a really fun act, so I'd take any thing in the same vein. (I'd love salut c'est cool but I have no idea how'd they fit though here haha !)
  4. Any chance for Dave ? Just was he was announced for the 4th on Roskilde. He'd be absolutely perfect in a tent the afternoon.
  5. King Gizz at Dour, kinda makes sense to see them there. Same for Black Midi, which I hoped to see as one of the remaining tent names. Also saw the first full poster on facebook earlier (thanks to Cigarettes After Sex), and you can't deny how good it looks, especially knowing the fact that there is an act to be added next to the Strokes.
  6. With a nice co-head construction, he clearly is a sub. I mean, Noel was a few years ago (2018) and no one discussed that. I personally think that Liam's status is at least as big as Noel's, so that sub spot is nice.
  7. And Two Door moved to the saturday !
  8. Got my tickets for Gojira in AB ! Anyone else from this forum going ?
  9. I was thinking the same earlier. We'll see how it develops in the coming weeks, but if it keeps growing at this pace, I feel like this year's festival might be in jeopardy (and festivals all around the world...)
  10. There are food stands in the camping, but if you mean actual groceries, you'd need to go to Leuven (to the Colruyt for example). There are free shuttles running all day long so it's quite easy to get there.
  11. Sam Fender just announced for DTRH. Really thought he'd be at Pkp, but his presend at DTRH means he's really to Wercher that w-e. He just played a sold-out AB yesterday, and I think he'd be a great afternoon name for the main on friday (The "indie" day).
  12. @Ken19 or @Jazebel , any chance that whatever is about to be announced for MC will also appear on Werchter's friday ? I feel like Posty is looking more & more likely, in which case I pray for a clash with Bicep so I don't have to choose between them and The Strokes haha!
  13. Well this explains why they followed the whole of Pink Floyd on twitter, well spotted @Steve.
  14. Best of belgians was for the common head between Cactus and Lokerse feesten I think !
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