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  1. Great news ! Hopefully they can both come at RW next year.
  2. If SOAD can't stay in EU until RW, any chance they'll end up at Graspop ? Unless they just wait to come back to werchter in 2022.
  3. Also, we have the day splits ! Gorillaz to replace Kendrick was expected. Alt-J/Jamie XX barn heads for friday/saturday also seems good to me, but I am surpised to see Royal Blood on the sunday. If Volbeat comes back that sunday, is there any room for another name on that day ? I really hope so...
  4. With the daily cases starting to rise again, I doubt that announcing artists for a festival seems like a good idea indeed. I think we'll have to wait for quite a few weeks.
  5. Jesus that'd be something.
  6. Any chance for The National in 2021 ? I still regret not going to Pkp for seeing them in the tent, and it'd be absolutely awesome to see them in the Barn at RW.
  7. Tame Impala seems like a nice guess, but i'd take Foals too if there's any chance !
  8. It also looks like they'll have a problem later that week...
  9. Totally forgot to post this, but here is the top 20 of acts people wanted to see according to the stats of Clashfinder. Was quite pleasantly surprised to see how many people actually wanted to see Kendrick, clearly shows that those facebook comments don't always tell the whole story (this clashfinder doesn't either ofc).
  10. I meant festivals that are close to each other in terms of position. Ofc Primavera and BKS will share some act, but I think it'd be even more surprising for RW and Pkp to share international acts next summer. For Belgian acts, might be another story.
  11. Foals at SummerSonic ? I don't recall that at all, but I'd be more than happy to see them at RW that's for sure.
  12. Well that was a pretty good shout !
  13. Werchter still be organizing a festival no matter what this summer haha! Really wonder how many tickets they'll actually be able to sell for it, because I'd be down to go see Selah Sue.
  14. My intuition would be the total opposite. If concerts & festivals are a possibility next year (I pray it'll be the case), I guess they'll be more opportunities to sign artists than usually (bc a lot will have missed out on this year + the one that had planned 2021 anyway). So I feel like festivals that are close to each other won't share big (even small) parts of their lineups. That's just my intuition though.
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