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  1. Yes they're headlining for sure. They also don't mention on their website that Pearl Jam are headlining and I am pretty sure it's the case...
  2. This is weird, in the french version, they say that Thursday is full and Sunday not. While they say the opposite for both english and dutch.
  3. Wow. Inhaler and Bombay Bicycle Club are huge for me. Apparat is nice too, especially if he plays early in the Barn as it looks like it'll be the case.
  4. Posty isn't my fav act either and I wouldn't be the happiest if he ends up as Friday co-head. But he clearly headlines everywhere he goes in the world and sells out arenas in minutes. And I am not talking about the "streaming" numbers because streaming doesn't make someone a head. He shifts tickets, and a lot of them. I think that even if it's not the act i'd like to see, he is co-head worthy.
  5. Didn't @Jazebel recently said that it wasn't the case recently (not sure though) ?
  6. The thing is that every year we look at old line-up and are amazed by seeing how low some acts that would clearly headline today are placed : Post Malone early barn 2018, same for Kendrick in 2013. I am taking obvious examples here but there are plenty of others. We must remember that these acts grow with time, and they will get placed higher as years go by.
  7. I just listened to Billie's new bond song and was pleasantly surprised of how good it was. I know that the chances of this happening are close to 0, but with the fact that her Boutique show was cancelled and the Sportpaleis is now sold out, but I think it'd be an amazing coup of werchter to sign her for the last 'empty headliner spot' on friday.
  8. I perfectly agree with the 2 first sentences of this post, but I see Kendrick as a great headliner, probably the best one possible in the entire hip/hop world (according to me at least). It has also been said that his new album might be "rock-oriented" which makes me even more excited. I really hope he brings a full live band on stage, like he did during his 2015 tour.
  9. I think I'd place this as my top 1 clash of all time then.
  10. @Ken19 & @Jazebel it makes me super happy to heard that their potentially is a co-head for the saturday, I have one question though. Is their any hope left for Gojira ? I thought they were nearly confirmed when that website (I don't remember the name) said in 2019 that they would come at Werchter, but right now I am starting to feel like it won't be the case. A lot of the main stage slots are filled, and even though it'd be insane for them to be in the Barn I don't know if Werchter would do that. Any hope for this amazing band ?
  11. So main is now (probably) full for Thursday and Sunday. Clearly 2-3 more names for Friday, and not sure about Saturday. Starting to really wonder if we'll have Gojira and Idles still hopeful though. So happy about Loyle and Fontaines however. There's gonna be so many clashes though.
  12. Angèle again ? 3 years in a row would be a lot. I'd take any of the others mentionned though. Edit : actually she's been announced as an exclusivity for Dour so dodged that bullet.
  13. Seeing them playing Flying Whales (or The Art of Dying (one can dream)) in a packed barn is one of the most beautiful thing I can imagine.
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