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  1. please! Set My Heart on Fire immediately has to be one of the best records released this year
  2. would love to see Moses Sumney, serpentwithfeet, Purity Ring and Grimes (if she's already planning shows) added
  3. This. They were already planned to play LA in 2020 and Barcelona in 2021. It makes sense for them the delay their schedule one year while also sticking to it. I guess we'll have them in LA next year and at PS Barcelona in two years.
  4. i honestly can see The National playing on Wednesday and Disclosure not being headliners anymore - maybe taking Robyn's late night spot at Mordor
  5. Gabi also said Massive Attack aren't playing on Thursday
  6. You didn't haha they aren't on the poster but they were confirmed on the PS radio show and newsletter
  7. Massive Attack are still on btw, I think Tame and Gorillaz really are both covering up Lana's spot
  8. that Lana shaped hole was "covered" by Gorillaz and Tame Impala. I don't think Frank is on for 2021 but that'd be a dream
  9. is Sunday going to be a full day now instead of being just the brunch thing? 3-day tickets not being an option is kinda weird
  10. they shouldn't have booked TI back in 2019 tbh, having them in 2021 w/ The Slow Rush already released feels way more right than their 2019 performance which was very similar to 2016.
  11. weird - they're nowhere to be seen in most of the lineups posted (?)
  12. oh wait - Massive Attack aren't in ANY of the lineups they posted but they were announced via the PS radio show. This just proves that we're still getting names that were supposed to play this year for the final poster.
  13. i can't see Weyes Blood not being there, i bet she'll be on the final poster
  14. this poster has 89 names and Primavera Sound's recent lineups had 220 - 240 artists
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