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  1. For the announcement to be at 5pm, it'll be a worldwide tour and not just an European one. That being said, I believe the announcement will be The Strokes since their only date is Primavera.
  2. Exactly! But the "new date" that has been floating around is the same as the one in the poster, so I assume it's the same source.
  3. This poster, I think. https://twitter.com/hobi__chubs/status/1219382935545176066?s=19
  4. They're already playing Madrid, unfortunately.
  5. Maybe they can do something like Arcade Fire did with Everything Now set + main stage set. I know they didn't do both sets on the same day but expect the unexpected, I guess.
  6. Why are we assuming that two sets need to be played on two different days?
  7. I think BROCKHAMPTON might be a fair shout.
  8. The "booking only primavera could pull off" is Pavement. Maybe they should've been announced with the rest of the lineup for the shocking factor.
  9. Personal opinion: I don't think the lineup is weak BUT the big 8-10 names per day seem a bit weak for a lineup that's been teased as "the greatest of all time".
  10. The Strokes must ask for nearly the same amount as Frank does.
  11. The worst part is that I'm expecting a second announcement with acts such as Frank, Pulp or Thom Yorke. There's so many things pointing to a second announcement, honestly. The lack of a press release or day splits, then posting the lineup video with the caption "it's coming...", the lineup being a bit smaller than last year's, etc.
  12. Playing a secret DJ set at BITS, I hope!
  13. We're still waiting for a headliner. Rumour has it will be Tame Impala.
  14. Weird thing: last years lineup (without the Hidden Stage and SEAT Village addictions) had 67-70 acts per day while this year's has 58-61. Why would they low the number of acts playing daily? Specially during such a big 20th anniversary celebration.
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