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  1. Any idea on full festival tickets prices for next year?
  2. How long does it take to walk from the Primavera Stage to the Ray Ban Stage?
  3. Probably the Madonna tour announcement. She's announcing at 2pm GMT today too.
  4. The Voidz are playing BBK on the 11th.
  5. I wouldn't expect too much. They probably didn't update the website because their team is a total mess.
  6. You can leave and come back. Just ask a security guard how.
  7. The Black Keys and Tame Impala could headline Friday.
  8. It's a joke. They're saying 400 bathrooms will be headlining Mad Cool (if my Spanish is working).
  9. Oh yeah, totally forgot about that.
  10. Now I'm going to be so mad if NOS Alive doesn't book Aphex.
  11. A french festival announced Sting for the 17th of July. Is he a NOS Alive type of act?
  12. Not really. If they end up on the lineup, it'll be announced shortly after those gigs.
  13. Carminho (portuguese singer) is going to be in the radio who teased an announcement for today I really hope they didn't tease us for a portuguese artist solo concert...
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