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  1. Sure, I was clearly joking. I don't know if you guys know about the Italian project Liberato. No one knows who he is but everyone knows that big names of the Italian music establishment are involved in it and he makes some kind of urban, latin, electronic, autotuned pop. Quimera looks like a similar project to me.
  2. For me he's Bradford Cox from Deerhunter, he must be somewhere in Barcelona.
  3. Ok, now I see: they're all cover bands with named very similar to the original bands! 😅
  4. @DDave I know it's in June but Best Kept Secret just replaced Soulwax with 2manydjs. Hopefully this doesn't mean Soulwax no more touring in 2022.
  5. adding one more show of a band announced for one weekend only wouldn't be a bad option to me (e.g. one between Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Smile or Interpol added also to day 1 to replace Massive Attack)
  6. Sure, really helpful and I already totally love it. I'm checking everything and I'll probably book it later today with my bestfriend. Coming with my tent, flying to Dusseldorf and then moving to Amsterdam to spend a couple of days there after the festival thanks to cheap flights to Rome. I already checked that Haldern station is linked with Duisburg and Arnhem with direct trains and both are quick rides. See you there for a pint! Regarding the good names, I'm not surprised: a lot of good festivals take place in the middle of nowhere, especially in Central Europe or UK. And this one is in a strategic position to intercept most of the small-medium sized artists touring Europe in August. I'm more surprised about the really good tastes of the organizers 😉
  7. Lovely lineup! Can you give me some more infos about this? How easy is to reach this place by train/bus from the closest airport cities (including Eindhoven/Amsterdam)? Is it close to the town? And is it only reachable on foot or are there some shuttle buses to/from the town? Is it a typical festival to go to with a tent or are there some hotels/airbnbs nearby from where the festival is easily reachable? How about food, drinks, stalls, etc? Thank you so much
  8. "e muito mais" with more international acts than usual already announced makes me think about a longer day timing than usual on the 2 stages or one more stage somewhere... They used to have 9 acts performing per day during the last editions and we already have 57 announced acts. Nice. Still hoping for Soulwax
  9. Don't know if this can help you but, strangely, from/to Napoli and Roma fares are still good.
  10. + La Femme, John Talabot, Kelly Lee Owens and some smaller ones. Already good for my tastes but I'm still expecting something between Soulwax, BCNR and Explosions In The Sky from 2020 lineup and I thing only one last announcement left with a few names only. Fingers crossed
  11. I think I've been at 5 Interpol concerts in my life, as they're one of my favourite bands. 2 times they've been great. The other 3 times they've been quite shitty for different reasons. I don't know how this should be possible but that's what I felt...
  12. It looks nice! So there's still room for a dozen of international acts but the program it's already very very good.
  13. Cool! I already love 10000 Russos, Linda Martini, You Can't Win Charlie Brown and Paraguaii and I know a bit Mao Morta. Will check the other ones!
  14. Quite happy with the Portuguese artists announcement... I like some of them. But I'm not sure I understood well, maybe @Daniel Ferreira can help me: will all the 20 artists perform the same day? In case, it will be more then I expected... So there will maybe be some kind of extra stage somewhere?
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