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  1. Same here. They will be 11 long long months :D
  2. Me too... But I was not sitting at safety distance from each other sitting in the crowd. Let's see what happens. Anyway: some bands will be touring next August, these are the news.
  3. Normally this thread would have been a totally uninteresting one, but I wanted to create it because, in these crazy times, the last thing I was expecting to happen... Is happening! Many announcements of concerts scheduled for 2020 August in Italy are surprisingly coming during these days and, in particular, Locus Festival (that's more a concert series than a festival) announced, together with a lot of italian bands, The Comet Is Coming and two guys from Snarky Puppy. No one knows how will this happen but I hope I can tell you soon.
  4. Hello everybody! I just bought my ticket using a discount code, if someone needs help. If any of you has got a discount code with no one to give it to, I'm looking for another couple of codes. Thanks. See ya in a year
  5. It's really hard to predict when it could sell out, these are uncertain times. Gabi moved well, announcing a solid poster before any other and making offers to convince who already took a ticket to not ask for a refund and who didn't to buy it now that it's cheaper, also playing on our big desire for concerts... I predict they are selling a lot of tickets next week but not selling out. PS: I'm thinking about buying it with a friend 15% discount, but at the moment there are still no flights from south of Italy to BCN for June '21... And that's it
  6. Thom Yorke confirmed for Pohoda 2021, so he'll be touring and not Radiohead.
  7. I don't remember if you said something about Bon Iver, they had to be touring Europe in August.
  8. I understand you, but maybe to put some more djs and a laser show costs less and attracts more people than having a stage full of punk bands for 3 days. Another consideration I can do is that a relevant part of the crowd who goes there mainly for contemporary indie/alternative rock bands (which is one of the biggest slices of the PKP crowd) is today more attracted by electro/experimental/alt-pop sets rather than by old guitar bands, which still costs ways more (I imagine) and maybe won't sell more tickets. As I said, I hope that PKP invest every year more on quality and variety rather than massive pop names, but I also perfectly understand their latest years choices.
  9. Looking at the whole situation from Italy, where we don't have big festivals, I always feel strange when I read about crowd from a Nation that also have Graspop, Werchter and a lot of other smaller festivals, complaining for not having at Pukkelpop the names they can have at the other festivals. Ok, I know that people will always want more but, hey, if you like the other festivals more than this one, simply go to those ones. I've been at some concerts at the Shelter in 2015 and honestly I remember it quite full, but not packed, with some bands in the evening and totally empty with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan at 6 pm on Saturday. I don't remember those thousands of punks or metalheads around the festival area (yes they were surely more than last year, but I think 5k people buying the festival pass only for Shelter is very optimistic). Rise Against at the Marquee in 2017 is the only massive exception I remember, but I also remember the tent being almost empty with At The Drive In who played right before them, at 8.45 pm. I sincerly understand if they are putting in the mix some more dance, electronic, indie, pop, rap, or alternative-pop acts despite of some punk, metal and experimental-jazz ones (that you can still find even if less than a few years ago).
  10. Based on my experience on festival life, I love the variety and the choice possibilities that PKP's lineup always offers and I'd love if they'd use more and more, in the future, the "200+ quality shows for various tastes" scheme as a distinctive feature, trying to stimulate crowd curiosity more than with supermassive names. I know it can be risky having 80k tickets to sell, but it could also be their winning strategy.
  11. I just realized that it's the first time that I'm happy to have no festivals here in Italy: every Govern's statement only covers the next 2 weeks + they allowed event organizers to give "refunds" by vouchers. I have 2 tickets for a concert in Milan scheduled for May 19th and it's still not canceled (even if anyone knows that it will never take place). When it will happen, the only thing I can do will be to ask for a voucher to buy something else on the ticket seller website. And luckily we're not talking about hundreds euros
  12. Their liveset is still really good but also expensive and for Main Stage only... And they don't sell out a day by theirselves. So they're a perfect Main Stage closer after another big act. Isn't this too expensive for PKP?
  13. They only have the last weekend of August + September for Europe... Like the announcement originally made for this year.
  14. Surely they're considering all the best options in case of any decision by Hungarian Government, but we all know it's not just a Hungary-related question or even Eastern Europe one: most of the artists, promoters, sponsors, crowd don't come from Eastern Europe and, even if Hungary removes any restriction before August (and I doubt it will) it will be impossible to imagine a big festival happening.
  15. I hate to say this but there's a lot of reasons why this Summer there will be no big festivals: - A gradual re-opening is starting soon in most of Europe but it won't surely include mass gatherings during next months. - Some Countries (including Belgium, Germany and Denmark) already denied public events until the end of summer and some others will do the same soon. - A lot of important bands/artists already postponed their tour or are working to postpone them. - It's hardly difficult to imagine that everyone will be freely traveling through Europe in the next few months. There will still surely be some restrictions and safety measures. - Even if all the travel and mass events restrictions were removed (and they won't) a lot of people would be scaried to travel to a mass event so soon (and buy tickets, food, drinks and so on). It's only a matter of when, but every festival that had to happen this Spring/Summer is canceled.
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