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  1. The Strokes are already at Lollapalooza Paris. They will not be there.
  2. It's odd that they are waiting to announce other bands but for The Black Keys I think it's not odd. They are rumored to headline Woodstock 50 as well which might be the reason they waited until March to announce their tour.
  3. Tame Impala did that just for Mad Cool and Citadel last year. They flew to the U.S. for Pitchfork festival in Chicago a week later. Also, Opener is waiting for a headliner as well
  4. They will probably be doing a summer tour like Vampire Weekend which they reserve several weeks for European festivals.
  5. The Festive Owl twitter account which confirmed their return before tweeted the Black Keys will announce their U.S. Tour next week
  6. I don' have a preference really. Their El Camino tour was more energetic compared to Turn Blue tour because of the genre of the last album which is more towards blues. They need a full band to perform most of the songs from Turn Blue but they will probably turn back to performing as a two piece and performing less songs from that album
  7. I have seen The Black Keys 3 times before and I don't think they are boring. I think they are returning back to performing without a backup band after Richard Swift, who performed with them last tour, passed away in July. They posted a live recording of their new sing Hi/Lo on March Madness commercial where only both of them are performing the song.
  8. They are on the same weekend with Glastonbury. Glastonbury will announce their lineup this month, so they wanted to sell as many tickets as they can before them
  9. Still in 2019, it is a very hard book them and keep 175 Euros ticket price
  10. There is no way they will afford to book The Rolling Stones. New Orleans Jazz Festival have them and they are selling their own day for $125 separate from other days. Even Coachella was not able to book them back in 2013.
  11. Wow didn’t know about that. I don’t know any other festival this year that have them as a sub except Boston Calling in the U.S. It feels like a plan b or even plan c for Rock Werchter
  12. Gvf will be on the same slot with Bastille which is before Muse and someone else TBA. It’s still quite suprising they are on the main stage and after Balthazar though.
  13. Do you guys have hope though? We have already seen the full lineup of Lollapalooza Paris, Berlin and Stockholm and none of them announced an artist that has not been announced before. It’s not like there are 10 big artists that have contract obligations or waiting for March-April to announce their whole tour
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