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  1. First live performances of Tame Impala since October 2019
  2. 8 hours ago they posted a video with Fontaines D.C.- Boys in a Better Land but they have not been announced this year. Are they going to be a late addition?
  3. It’s very week compared to first two editions. It looks like they used most of their budget for Pearl Jam and Billie Eilish. Vald was placed 11th in 2018. It’s weird how they placed him 3rd this year
  4. They headlined in 2017. I don’t think they will have a repeat since this is only their 4th year
  5. New headliner announcement at 6 pm Paris Time
  6. It looks like Brockhampton is the third headliner which is kind of weird https://www.superbocksuperrock.pt/en/
  7. 10 minutes left for the next announcement (or the next clue)
  8. they are both headlining lollapalooza berlin in september. Miley Cyrus also fits with the taylor swift, billie eilish combo so it's possible but I just checked RATM has a concert in the U.S. in July 11th so they are out
  9. Miley Cyrus / Rage Against the Machine 😃
  10. It's not announced yet but Run The Jewels is also confirmed as well. RATM and RTJ are touring together
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