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  1. No, there were always 4 acts / day on the Main Stage in the last years...
  2. Compared to Sziget, Exit has way cheaper headliners. In 2018 they had Grace Jones, David Guetta, Migos, Martin Garrix, French Montana and Ziggy Marley, meanwhile Sziget had Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Mumfords as exclusives, Gorillaz, Lana del Rey, Shawn Mendes / Kygo, Dua Lipa / Liam Gallagher. I guess that's why Exit is usually somewhat stronger on the lower card and afforded to have Nina Kraviz & the likes as DJs.
  3. I'm sharing the current poster of Electric Castle Festival (Transylvania, Romania), as they announced some new names today. More acts still to come. What do you think?
  4. Oh... and I forgot about The Strokes... I think they're also possible.
  5. Some American acts that could be possible, if they are waiting for the US time: Ariana Grande Cardi B Childish Gambino Bob Dylan RHCP Eminem Lady Gaga The Black Keys What's interesting is that they didn't do it for Foo Fighters, for example.
  6. Looks like you were right, really weird!
  7. It's at 11:00 AM GMT this time, they announced it on Facebook
  8. I would love Bob Dylan, I don't care if he's "boring" or "too old", he's a legend, so it would be too cool to have him! Also, last year we had a Pulitzer prize winner, so this year would be interesting to have a Nobel prize winner.
  9. Martin Solveig and Lost Frequencies had gigs in Europe in August, but the others didn't have and maybe most of them won't even tour that month.
  10. I agree with Muse being better live than the current RHCP (however RHCP have more great albums & songs, I love their '90s era the most and I enjoy their 2000s era as well) and I agree about Foos being more rock and even better live than any of Muse, RHCP, Coldplay or The Killers. If they would want something even more harder than Foo Fighters they would have to book Tool, Rammstein or something like that... I would love to see this, but don't really think it's possible for the current Sziget standards. Maybe Green Day would fit the line-up too, but as far as I read elsewhere, they won't tour this year. I think that Foos were the best hard rock band that we could get because they're also mainstream, so they're "good for business".
  11. Since when Foo Fighters are an indie act and not a proper rock band? I think that they're the most "hard rock" Sziget can get in its current format... definitely the hardest rock band in the last few years at this festival and a better live act than Muse or (the current) RHCP in my opinion.
  12. Foo Fighters => Arctic MonkeysEd Sheeran => Dua Lipa (?)Florence + the Machine => Lana Del ReyPost Malone => Kendrick LamarThe 1975/Richard Ashcroft => Mumford & Sons?Martin Garrix => Kygo? => Gorillaz? I think that we'll get something like Gorillaz or Mumford & Sons. I'm also unsure on the Dua Lipa part. Not sure if it's gonna be a female headliner, because in the festileaks interview Tamas Kadar said that he would choose a quality act (regardless if it's a male/female one) over gender equality. Now that we have Post Malone, I don't think that we'll get another rap headliner, so Cardi B is unlikely. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they see Ed Sheeran as a Mumford & Sons replacement and The 1975/Richard Ashcroft as a replacement for Gorillaz. In this case something like Ariana Grande / Billie Eilish would be likely. Best case scenario would be something like The Killers / RHCP as Gorillaz replacement, I think.
  13. I surfed the acts list and I think that Protoje & The Indiggnation and Hucci are interesting! Franz Ferdinand are also cool of course, so if they won't clash with something more interesting I'll attend their gig once again. The rest are meh to me.
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