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  1. 5 years of "coincidences" for Liverpool
  2. Funny penalty given for Arsenal. PL refs are a bunch of clowns.
  3. Wrong. "Liverpool had the third highest wage bill in the Premier League last year at £373m, a rise of £165m from where it was in 2017, behind Chelsea’s £404m and Manchester City’s £423m." So, small clubs will be able to spend as much as they can afford. The main club that is going to be impacted is Man City because they won't be able to spend much more on wages.
  4. Man City, Man United and Villa voted against the EPL salary cap. Chelsea decided to abstain from voting. From these 4 clubs only Villa is a "surprise". We all know that the other 3 would have good chances to go downhill (or even more downhill) with a rule like this. Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham would be the winners if the wage gap between them and City will get reduced.
  5. "The head of Premier League referees, Howard Webb, has said he is exploring the possibility that referees might be allowed to explain some of their decisions to the crowd inside a stadium for the first time." To be honest, he should be exploring the possibility of resigning from PGMOL and be an honorary Manchester citizen instead.
  6. Except Mourinho (especially at Porto), none of those proved that they are able to manage a club with limited budgets.
  7. So now I guess you know why Klopp is considered to be one of the best football managers ever.
  8. Aye, those were the times when with some luck you could play against small clubs and reach at least a European semifinal. Dundee played against the mighty Lens, Craiova, Split and only then Barcelona and Monchengladbach to lose the final against the Goteborg GIANTS. 😂 Looks like that people already forgot that Klopp won 2 titles with Dortmund, a club that was nearly bankrupt when he took over. Also played a CL final with BVB in modern football times.
  9. Aye, it's well known that English clubs really care about European Mickey Mouse cups (with some exceptions) We already know Liverpool's next manager, time for a meme:
  10. Sure mate, I can clearly see Wolves winning the title without ref mistakes. Why don't you compare the points lost by Liverpool due to ref decisions with the number of points lost or won by the teams that realistically fight at the top? At top level, any bad decisions can cost you the title. Should I remind you that Klopp was only 1 point away from winning another title against Guardiola? The same applies to the fact that bad decisions can cost a team staying up in the league. That reminds me of the recent Forest drama. In these cases any points lost like that count much more than points lost by teams that aren't fighting realistically for anything (Wolves in your example).
  11. The fraudsters have 2 games in their hands, one of them started now, meanwhile Arsenal have a huge reputation of unsuccess. But yeah, I'll be rooting for Arsenal to win it and the fraudsters to get points deduction and get their relegation. No one should be allowed to be above the rules. Man City are a disgrace to football, just like PSG. True. But can you please show how the EPL table would have looked with some correct refereeing, despite the poor form?
  12. Kylie is a big name but I'm disappointed they weren't able to bring a big band to headline one of the 6 days. It feels like this year Sziget is 6 big (actually "biggish") concerts with some special guests during each day.
  13. I can blame PGMOL for costing Liverpool around 10-12 points with VAR. And of course I can blame City for the 114 frauds, that's the main reason why they're the best in the league.
  14. So, as I said before, yet another title goes to the 114 fraudsters
  15. You're right but it's mandatory for 18 months and in theory they will finish around exactly this summer.
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