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  1. FM4 Frequency Festival officially announced that they postponed their "Line-up Phase 2" announcement for the end of January because some international acts decided to announce their shows (including Frequency) in 2020. However they will announce some hip hop acts on Wednesday, but I guess those will be only filler acts on their line-up. I think we should also expect the Sziget acts for January.
  2. + AnnenMayKantereit | Fettes Brot | SDP | Kummer | Flogging Molly | Fever 333 | Leoniden | While She Sleeps | BHZ | Clutch | Blond The above acts are also around at the festivals where Biffy Clyro will also play.
  3. They are playing in Budapest in February, so it's unlikely to play Sziget as well.
  4. Looks like they postponed the announcement, but they promised to come back with a "bombastic video". Interesting!
  5. Sziget won the "Best Overseas Festival" award last night at the UK Festival Awards! The festival might also win other prizes at the European Festival Awards, event that will take place on the 15th of January 2020!
  6. Yeah, I've read about that too. But the ones who should create the infrastructure outside are the authorities mainly because the roads belong to the Romanian state. As far as I know there was big traffic only on the Florence + the Machine day. Despite the fact that the organizers expected this & they announced on all social media + mobile notifications that people should go as early as they can, people still decided to go to Florence's concert only 2-3 hours before the gig. So I think it also was people's mistake because they didn't go to the festival early enough... everyone could be there in time if they would have gone earlier from the city.
  7. First announcement today: "Artists Delivery for EC8. Music: twenty one pilots | Foals | The Neighbourhood | Follow The Fish | ZHU | Floating Points Live | REZZ | Tycho | Amon Tobin | Alec Benjamin | PurpleDiscoMachine| Camo & Krooked | High Contrast | Urbandawn | Dynamite MC | MEUTE New Media: Studio Robert Henke | James Clar | Claire Hentschker" The festival will take place between the 15th and the 19th of July, at the Bánffy Castle from Bonțida, Cluj county (Romania).
  8. I would have loved Faith No More to return to Sziget, but them being around in Europe in June makes me think that they won't be here in August.
  9. Harry Styles will play on the 31st of May at Budapest Arena, so we can count him out.
  10. Blink-182 will also tour Europe next summer, according to their answers at Radio X's Most Googled Questions, so they might return to Sziget too. They played last time in 2014.
  11. I think that RHCP are now unlikely for Sziget because they will play Firenze Rocks in June... usually bands from other continents that are playing in Europe in June don't stay around until August.
  12. I'm kind of surprised that MCR are not regarded as that big in the rest of Europe... I thought that they could be big enough to headline Sziget because they have almost 11M likes on Facebook, 4M more than Arctic Monkeys who headlined Sziget 2 years ago. However, they have less Twitter followers than AM (1.24M vs. 1.7M). Furthermore, I think that both bands have a similar average age in their "fan base" and AM basically also did a kind of a comeback tour (despite they were only on a hiatus) when they played Sziget 2 years ago. Now let's see what happens. Can't wait for the first names (and also for more tour announcements from other acts)! Edit: Well, it looks like Rage Against The Machine are reuniting too!
  13. They will also play in Budapest in February, so I don't think they will also do Sziget.
  14. My Chemical Romance for the 'rock' headliners anyone? They just announced their reunion and their first gig in years!
  15. System of a Down already have a gig in Budapest, in June, so they won't play Sziget.
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