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  1. The subheadliners are those in light blue / purple on the poster, so yeah, we should expect one more subheadliner. The other days all have 1.
  2. I think that those acts from August 16 might play during the night between the 15th and the 16th... which is the 16th of August more exactly.
  3. This is the final line-up: Daily schedule is also available on their website.
  4. I think some of these names could still join the Sziget lineup
  5. Stereophonics would be nice for an A38 headliner spot.
  6. I think the burgers you're talking about are those from Zing Burger. Yes, their burgers are very tasty and they also have lots of locations inside the town. I hope they're going to be at Sziget this year as well!
  7. At least you got Slipknot. It could have been worse, it could have been Kings of Leon.
  8. I hope we're going to get King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Selah Sue, George Ezra, Frank Carter and Shame from the Pukkelpop lineup.
  9. Yes, the festival should happen. They're active on social media (Facebook and Instagram), but they keep remaining silent regarding the future lineup announcements. I think they're going to announce 1 more headliner + lots of smaller names. Usually the first day has smaller acts, so that's why I expect only 1 headliner to be announced. However the past edition had some interesting names on the very first day as well (Grandmaster Flash for example), but not as big in terms of popularity as the headliners.
  10. New names announced for Flow Festival in Helsinki: "NEW wave of acts announced! ⚠️ Jamie xx and former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker with his band JARV IS… are performing at Flow Festival 2022! Boosting the lineup are also Aldous Harding, Freddie Gibbs, ACID ARAB, Antti Autio + Jouset, M A L L A, Louie Blue and Ege Zulu. 🎉 But we’re not done yet. More announcements will be dropped throughout the spring! ✨"
  11. I saw that Placebo have empty spots during Sziget. It would be awesome if they're going to be the subheadliners on the Dua Lipa day.
  12. Ah yes, my bad, somehow I forgot that the festival takes only 6 days this year. 😅
  13. So purple basically means "big names from other stages" (mainly A38, Colosseum and Party Arena), meanwhile light blue seems to be the subheadliners list. Damn, the chances for a Tame Impala - Sigrid clash are getting higher... Looks like 2 more subheadliners 1 more subheadliners are is going to be announced + a bunch of well known acts for the other stages too.
  14. Ah man, I really hope we won't have Arctic Monkeys clashing with Clutch and Tame Impala with Sigrid.
  15. It's a pity they didn't specify the stages in order to be able to estimate how many acts are left to be announced for each stage, especially the main ones.
  16. Where did you find this year's stages? Edit: nevermind, I think it's the Urban Stage from the Camping Map what you were talking about... yes, I think we didn't have this stage in 2019.
  17. Great! I hope that we will also know how many empty spots will remain for Main Stage, A38 and the other stages in order to know what to expect from their future announcements.
  18. I don't expect more surprises, but I hope for them. 😋 But honestly I wouldn't even be surprised if we get one more headliner considering the previous editions.
  19. Daft Punk just updated their profile picture on Facebook exactly 1 year after announcing their disband, but now people believe they're coming back. I remember @Sziget2022_Leaks telling us few months ago that we're going to have at least 6 headliners (in the past editions there were more than 7 headliners on the poster - Shawn Mendes and 21P for example). I wonder if it's possible to get one more headliner for this Sziget edition.
  20. Summer Well festival from Romania announced some new acts today:
  21. The "Love Yourself" pic also represents "body positivity" if you search on Google by image. There are lots of artists that have songs about body positivity, so I guess there is a slight chance the clue is not Bieber.
  22. Yeah, but just saw on his schedule that he's going to be in the US on August 13. Meanwhile Sziget already have Dua Lipa and KoL for Aug 10 and Aug 11... I don't think Jack White is doable. Or he might be, if and only if we have both Jack White and Dua Lipa on the same day maybe, as we had 21 pilots and Foo Fighters!
  23. More "elephants": 1. The White Stripes album with 'Seven Nation Army' on it is called 'Elephant' 2. Damien Rice also has a song named 'Elephant' 3. While She Sleeps too. They're also in Europe around Sziget.
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