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  1. Reports were going around a week ago he brought a flat in Milan near to Inter's city centre offices. Didn't even know that Inter would have that kind of money. The only game of the post-lockdown Champions League I've watched in full was Barcelona v Bayern and blimey nora. In the opening stages, it was merely shaping up to be an exciting game but then Barcelona's defence collapsed like a house of cards in a light breeze. It was just staggering. In terms of the debate earlier up, I don't think Guardiola is failure - he managed 2 incredible title wins with a ton of points and the first
  2. Have BT Sport as my part of my mobile phone contract but hadn't watched any of the lockdown Champions League, or indeed much of Barcelona or Bayern this year. I mean I knew Barcelona had problems but holy fuck.
  3. Persuaded by a friend to book Haim next June... I'd like to think it will all be fine.
  4. Seems to be the way that all the big clubs have a moment of thinking they have their own Guardiola moment. Guessing nobody in summer 2008 expected that a year later, he'd have won everything. Sarri is a weird one but Juventus seem like a team where winning the league just can't be enough given they're so far ahead of everyone else. Oh I can imagine that. In the same way I presume German neutrals have no time for Bayern Munich, even if they're capable of brisk enough football to, say, put 4 past Chelsea.
  5. Interesting I thought Watford would be in a worse position because they'd have to rebuild their entire playing squad, find a new manager for the next 4 1/2 months and have to resolve some of the general malaise from an entirely preventable demotion. Howe and Bournemouth did feel like they'd reached the end of the road together. Their defensive dysfunction has been a problem since promotion, and its just this year where the attack ran out of puff. Equally, buying Ibe and Solanke will just have to be written off as truly terrible ideas. Though if spending ludicrous sums on poor attackers is
  6. I'm still not sure if I should feel confident enough yet to book these things. I would be interested - Haim's Ally Pally shows were great, even if I'm not so familiar with the new album.
  7. I honestly thought their net worth meant they could run the thing all by themselves without necessarily the need for Saudi support, though possibly not by enough to get to the levels that kind of funding would get to. Unless I misread something I saw when profiling them.
  8. I started a FM20 save as Wednesday and having largely not been aware of their real life trajectory, thought I'd do curious research... man alive they are a mess. As if winning only 4 games after Christmas wasn't bad enough (if bizarrely one of those was away over Leeds), there is a lot there that is crazy. However, on top of that, it just makes even more nonsensical stuff from the EFL, which just seems to get more incoherent by the week. As for the Newcastle takeover, I'm just disappointed. Its clear Ashley doesn't want the club anymore, but this is the first time anyone's really shown hi
  9. Yeah - Can remember 2015/16 when Middlesbrough and Brighton had a crazy close battle for automatic promotion settled on goal difference by a meeting between the pair of them on the final day, and in the play-offs, a Brighton team that missed out looked shot in the play-offs. I guess Leeds getting back to the Prem was bound to happen eventually. It was super weird to remember seeing them in League One a decade or so ago plus it'll be cool to see how Bielsa manages in the PL. Much as its super weird they've got back up at this moment when fans in games is still not a thing. Whe
  10. What a disappointment. Not also impressed by the reason as well - surely if any localised lockdowns were ordered, you'd cancel places that were locked down and/or tickets from people from those areas. But it is what it is I guess.
  11. Absolutely - if somebody wants to be a bellend at a gig, they have the freedom to do so because they wanted to do something bellend-y rather than it being inherent from where they are. But that does sound like a uniquely weird vibe. Strangely hostile as well, which can't help the ease of trying to get into the spirit of the night. My experience of my only previous Manchester gig (Bloc Party at Castlefield Bowl last summer) was on the whole very good. Hopefully the delayed Killers gig up there I've got tix for will be worth it too... well and also at least it will happen.
  12. Certainly I'm happy for them to come back in a proper form, rather than the weirdness drive-ins will be. But yeah I agree wait & see might well be the best approach.
  13. Were there mixed reviews for the Spiderman PS4 game? I thought it was wicked. As far as the debate, I think developers will be happy to push the boat out for original titles, but whether they will for pre-existing ones is a debate. I'm happy they took a risk and I did enjoy the chapters where you didn't play as Ellie, but I know the reaction is toxic.
  14. Finished Last of Us Part 2 yesterday. Arguably better suited to TV or film than a video game, but I found it entertainingly solid enough and hung together logically imo. Much as I'm aware there is a big chorus of internet types who don't exactly share that viewpoint.
  15. I'm genuinely in two minds as to whether its too soon to book 2021 gigs with any certainty tbh. Hopefully it'll all be good.
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