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  1. charlierc

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Blimey. I know there's a general quality reduction for festivals this year due to who's touring but that's a hell of a downgrade from last year's.
  2. charlierc

    Lollapalooza Berlin 2019

    I'm guessing it might be FATM but because they're playing Berlin next month, its embargoed until after then. In saying that, however, that show is sold out, so... don't know. Especially given they have other things announced. Though it might well be that its somebody else entirely. Can't say its the most enticing bill though. But then very few in 2019 are.
  3. charlierc

    Victorious 2019

    They have done out-of-tour festival headline shows before - Hard Rock Calling between in the off-year between Velocirpator and 48:13 being one I remember. Whether or not Victorious is their level is another matter, although given they've already done all the big ones, I imagine the variety could be of interest. Presumably this would be over the same weekend as Community, like Liam Gallagher/QOTSA last year were, right? Hopefully its better organised than those three were.
  4. charlierc

    Lollapalooza Paris 2019

    Loved Metric at the London Forum last July so hoping this and the festival they're already announced for over the same weekend in Romania is a sign they're going to return to the UK around the same time. But its like Lolla Berlin last year - a few bands I would see are scattered around but not enough to make me want to go. Certainly not like the superb bill they put up for Paris 18.
  5. charlierc

    Lollapalooza Paris 2019

    Is Ellie Goulding that big in France?
  6. charlierc

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Is there any inclination yet when this is coming out?
  7. charlierc

    Sziget 2019

    Can't get more direct than that.
  8. charlierc

    Lollapalooza Berlin 2019

    I would imagine crossover given it was the same last year, although Milano Rocks appears to be one week earlier this year. Also, I would ask if FATM playing their own Berlin date affects things.
  9. charlierc

    YNOT 2019

    Tbf I'd still consider this if I couldn't get into Truck.
  10. charlierc

    Rock Werchter 2019

    I'll be honest and admit I'd forgotten about such tragic and sad news. But as the second post says, it seems like their respective solo endeavours look to have been their main focus. Even so, I'm surprised there's no whisper of a comeback anytime soon, if not quite like Greta van Fleet sneering about them being out of the spotlight.
  11. charlierc

    Rock Werchter 2019

    I'm surprised how dormant they've been, not least given tis about 6 years since Turn Blue came out.
  12. charlierc

    TRUCK 2019

    Well now... this is very much of interest. But given it sells out very quickly and I've not got commitment from my friends yet, I already get the feeling I might be missing out.
  13. charlierc

    2019 festival

    This looks much better than last year's. Shame all the bands I'd want to see are too spread out though. Reading feels more like a day trip place for me than a full weekender.
  14. charlierc

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Link for Strokes pre-sale turned in my inbox without me realising... That'll do nicely. Probably less of a faff to organise than the original plan of seeing Interpol in Brighton on a Wednesday night as well.
  15. charlierc

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    Good to see confirmation Biffy Clyro are back on the scene but I'm going to wait for their own shows or see if they get put on a European festival I like the looksie of.