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  1. What is the one way system? I have a hotel booked in Abingdon as neither me or my fellow attendee were interested in camping. Just wondering if it may end up being practical to leave the car there (parking is paid for) and get the bus there/back.
  2. Yesterday was a curious one. North Stage is where I spent most of my time but it felt inconsistent. Best sound was when I was there for Anna Calvi, and that includes Dream Wife, when I was in the front row. Interpol was hit and miss, although the tunes held it up well enough. Enthusiasm of a crowd that had circle pits for them helped. West Arena sound for Jarvis was curious - nothing but bass for the opening track but everything that followed was nice and crisp, even if he had a distorted mic. Strokes was better sound than my other 2 forays to the big stage, though oddly sounded better when I went further back from my main position by the left-side delay tower. Crowd and performance were good at least. The sheer amount of queues for food was absurd - tried to find a bite between Courtney Barnett and Interpol and nearly everywhere had such long queues.
  3. Flicking through the app, I found reference to "wallet" with credits. So do I need to be aware that this is an event using mobile-based payments for everything or would my contactless suffice?
  4. I do recall the Unsustainable Tour concerts being longer than usual but I do wonder if more recent comments during both the Drones and ST campaigns indicate they're preferring now to cap it at 2hours. Or indeed if they break the rule for the upcoming London Stadium show.
  5. Pretty sure the guys in Muse themselves have previously said they don't like playing longer than 2 hours. So I was presuming 1hr45-2hr, or about the same length as the current Simulation Theory Tour show, which I think is longer than the 1hr40 Drones Tour.
  6. Always surprises me Editors have previously gone to Belgium as festival/arena headliners when in the UK their popularity seems to have gone backwards since In This Light and On This Evening.
  7. The organisers dispute this and say its still going ahead. I suspect this is going to run for a bit.
  8. I stand corrected. Fair play. Still not sure I've heard any of his songs, mind.
  9. Lewis Capaldi is playing arenas now?
  10. Cool. I'll just have to wait and see what's going on. Hopefully I'll have a greater indication when the stage times are released, whenever that'll be.
  11. What time is last entry? I have tickets to Strokes day but I might be required to be elsewhere during part of the day so may not be in before 6 or 7. Would this be too late?
  12. I think she's high up the bill but the Instagram post confirming she's on the bill isn't saying she's a headliner. I didn't know who Marteria and Casper were until Googling them but the sound that they are two big names in German hip-hop trying something like a Watch the Throne is a bit much. Yeah. Not least given, as said above, Muse play their own Berlin Mercedes Arena concert 2 days after the festival, even if it looks like they're prioritising their own productions. Though tbf they're doing Oslo/Copenhagen shows over the weekend of this. Royal Blood doesn't seem to be doing that much touring in all fairness. Maybe its just a few prep festivals ahead of a full campaign for the new album.
  13. Marteria and Caspar appears to have been the "TBA" headliner. Can't say I've heard of either, although both appear to be huge stars by themselves judging by the Wikipedia entries. Few other acts on the bill have been added but can't say I feel anymore enticed. Stockholm's Foo Fighters day looks the strongest of this year's European Lollapaloozas.
  14. Don't think they can help it tbf - the festival circuit in general is looking weaker than its 2018 equivalent, even if a few have decent bills scattered around. This looks quite decent in fairness, but not the same level as last year's high quality ensemble.
  15. Rather easy enough. My brother and I used Porte Dauphine on Metro Line 2, which had regular shuttle buses before and after. Station was easiest for us to get back to a hotel we were staying at near Gare de l'Est station. Big queues after but that's fairly natural and no worse than usual. Other metro stations with buses between site and station are also available on Metro Lines 1 and 10.
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