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  1. Its possibly between this and APE if their plan is to return with a big London show. On paper the fact they did R&L and TRNSMT on the Ellipsis Tour and did the Isle of Wight Festival last year on the effective Balance Not Symmetry Tour means they should still be a decent draw. However, I'm aware being a bill topper at IoW isn't quite the big deal anymore.
  2. Only experience I've had was on arrival at Reading 2011. I'd never been to a festival before and I think that introduction kinda put me off returning for a while afterwards.
  3. How the hell has Sergio Ramos managed to get 26 red cards in his time playing for Real Madrid? Even moreso given that there's been 3/4 times when he's gone over a year without a red in that interim as well.
  4. I thought this was 6pm today rather than 6pm tomorrow. Wonder who's about?
  5. I went to see a taping of The Last Leg about 15 months ago and they were guests on it. The two guys who appeared for the show on the couch with the other comedians were actually pretty funny and were surprisingly decent value, but the song they played at the end of the show nearly sent me to sleep.
  6. I mean... they were.
  7. To think Yorkshire Tea were worried about their PR due to messages with political figures.
  8. The Reading thread whenever the words "My Chemical Romance" were mentioned says hi.
  9. I've not been in school for over 10 years but clearly I forgot that "Italian ski holidays for schoolkids" are a thing anyway, nevermind seemingly the scale of how many schools have gone that have lead to an increasingly long list of school facilities closed down due to returning travellers having to self-isolate. But the scale is pretty mad, not to mention the spread of either Italians or visitors to Italy recording positive tests in neighbouring countries. Maybe its easy to get easy feelings of being terrified given some of these line up with what you see in pandemic/contagion novels, video games and movies. I want to believe we're closer to this thing easing up, anyway, but it feels like its going to get worse before it gets better. The way its escalated in northern Italy is pretty mental, to say nothing of the fact its still not entirely sure what the fuck's gone on.
  10. Clearly Arsenal missing out on the Champions League hasn't dampened Bayern Munich's enthusiasm for playing in London.
  11. Current 2 bookings are Frank Turner in Aylesbury next month and The Killers in Manchester in May. Editors were considered but I'm not available now. I did want to go see a combo of Green Day and Foo Fighters in Milan in June, but current events have left me holding my horses. I also want a second hand ticket to MCR in Milton Keynes if I can land one and I'm also up for Beck at Brixton O2. As for other stuff, just gotta see who's about.
  12. Saw of one festival in Thailand that Foals were meant to be playing, although the band are still going ahead with shows in Singapore and Japan from this weekend. Spain having relatively fewer cases mean its in an OK place for now, but I'm aware the arrival of a large cluster in Italy is easy to cause a bit of anxiety about the whole thing. But I'd leave it a few months yet before the question has to be asked in earnest.
  13. Still four months until Glastonbury. I think I'd be more wary about the suggestion of pulling the plug on this if this is still a big story in April/May, which isn't out of the question, depending on where this story progresses. Until the weekend, I thought it had been beginning to dial back a little, until the news of a rise in cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea pretty much in synchronicity. Definite concern that this happened in 3 separate nations in different areas pretty much at once. I'd already felt a little wary simply by virtue of one of these repatriated Brits quarantines getting put in a hotel very close to my office in Milton Keynes, even if I know they've all since been let out after testing negative 3 times for the infection.
  14. He's fallen quite a bit down the festival bills since subbing AM at Reading in 2014. Doubt he's got quite the same lustre now.
  15. Yeah I found the journey out of the festival site each night a bit messy with pedestrians heading out to hotels. I stayed in a cheap hotel/BnB hybrid in Abingdon, so drove out each night. Friday was probably the worst given the rain fell down really heavily, which made it particularly difficult. At the very least, joining the main road was easier in the night time runs than I get the feeling I would've found out in the day time. I did hear from my cousin getting out of the festival site about the issues, but I think she was near the back and not having the further issues with resting pedestrians. With any luck it'll be sorted out for this year.
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