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  1. Well, they got a heavy pasting tonight, which I can imagine went down well, and there are Tweets and reports it was the cue for dissatisfaction to be voiced at the higher ups, which usually ends in the manager being thrown out in the hope of keeping that dissatisfaction quiet. It's peculiar how quickly it seems to have unravelled. At first, Everton seemed to be doing pretty well despite the injuries, the low budget and whatnot, yet October and November have just seen them collapse and tumble down the table.
  2. I remember that from reading a book about the history of Match of the Day and football on television. Be genuinely crazy if similar happened now, if different.
  3. I was a little surprised tbf as The Killers didn't have a new album to plug in 2019 and I'd assumed it'd be their year out. Yet there they were pulling in what might be one of their best UK live shows, which... not bad.
  4. I knew very little about AM when watching that 2009 Reading set on TV (only knew about 3/4 songs) and thought it was rather good, but knowing more now, it is a huge dissonance from what I think people were hoping for, and I certainly agree playing nearly the entirety of Humbug in week of release was a bit of a bold move that wasn't really festival right. That and I'm aware they were quite negatively reviewed for a lot of other 2009 festival sets.
  5. I saw them at Truck 2019 and liked what they had to offer. Good to know the intensity remains.
  6. Johnny Rotten in Public Enemy would be something tbf. If probably not an amazing combination.
  7. One off the post but got there in the end.
  8. Historical data is on your side tbf - we need to do something not achieved in the PL era before to stay up from here. I mean, our horrible December fixture list was likely going to bury us anyway but it would've been nice to at least have the vague hope something might work out.
  9. I haven't seen anything indicating Isle of Wight is Muse's UK exclusive show but I'd be surprised if any other shows on these shores for Muse in 2022 ends up being R&L.
  10. Try them again elsewhere. Best of my times seeing them was Brixton Academy 2016 (first time) - they blew the roof off the place. Truck Festival was also very good, if my presence was cut short as I also wanted to watch the (also excellent) Public Service Broadcasting. Conversely I remember seeing them at Lollapalooza Paris in 2018 where a broken stage cut their set in half and the crowd was really sparse in baking heat. Performance was alright despite that.
  11. They do tend to post random live photos from their archive quite a lot, so I'm not sure how much I'd read into it.
  12. Hmmmm... Norwich was must win and we didn't win, but a point is half decent given Ciaran Clark's dreadful decision making left us a man light for almost the whole game. Burnley is surely must-must win if we have any hope of getting any potential miracles started.
  13. I mean, if the tour tickets were gonna be going on sale this Friday, it's being left a bit tight for it to be declared. I have seen Foo Fighters announce details of a big US tour throughout summer 2022, so I'm not 100% sure Omicron is a big barrier as of yet. See what happens when we find out what's going on with that.
  14. I've only ever been there for comedy - I saw some American stand-ups there back in 2015. First time for music, so hopefully I'll have a similarly glowing review.
  15. They played last year and have been announced for Truck Festival today - not necessarily a barrier but would've thought Reading and Truck were a bit on the close together side.
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