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  1. charlierc

    2020 headliners

    Is it still the case nothing is expected before Christmas?
  2. I didn't see Travis Scott at Lollapalooza Paris but I'm pretty sure he finished there early, given that I spent part of when he would've been on stage getting some food and drink, and when I got back to take a spot for Depeche Mode a fair wedge of time before DM started, they were clearing his set - different given for most of the weekend, the sets were effectively running back-to-back. But then if people think he's big enough, he's big enough. I'm still puzzled why R&L really insist on these co-headliner deals.
  3. I can still remember a load of drunk Scottish guys on the long-arse walk from the site to the metro station going "Fuck Massive Attack, bunch of w*nkers" after they bailed. It did sound overall like a pretty shit go of things.
  4. I see. Maybe it just looked a bit weird as, at that point, I hadn't followed an act who booked the venue. But yeah, looking at the roll call, they've booked some impressive acts there in the last few years.
  5. I presume the fact the Killers played TRNSMT in 2018 may be part of why they're not returning so soon. But considering they drew a big looking crowd to that and I presume they would as well in any Edinburgh/Glasgow stadium, Falkirk is a very peculiar looking choice. But yeah I presume that rules them out for this.
  6. I imagine some will sell quicker than others. Though there is certainly the gap for a second gig at the Emirates. Incidentally, when looking at the ticket price, I'm honestly puzzled as to how its £10 more expensive than the rest of the entire tour... I figured when that happened with Muse it was just because the London Stadium is still being paid off but it seems a little odd. But I would be very surprised if they do a full 9 date UK stadium tour in all corners and still have people wanting to do a festival run. Maybe they'll do a one-off arena gig as part of a European tour. Have they played R&L since having to pull out of the 2008 edition at the last minute?
  7. I'd be intrigued to know what they would produce if they did a by request gig but did it properly and excluded the big hits. Don't get me wrong - songs like All My Life, Pretender, Times Like These, Best of You, Everlong etc is some superb material to call on. But I still enjoy remember hearing stuff at the MK Bowl 2011 gig that I doubt is coming back any time soon, and think it would be cool to have more variety. Equally, however, I'm used to bands getting reliant on a core of hits. Its an impressive call U2 dropped the entire Joshua Tree album on the E&I Tour, for one, but its pretty rare a band is willing to do that anymore. And in the same week I wondered if they were a shout for this. Take it they're not any more. Still, one from London, Coventry or Manchester would work. Although I will say Falkirk for a Scottish date looks really random.
  8. While I could swear that the Wembley Arena shows and others last year topped 2 hours, a greatest hits show would be pretty cool. I could see it being something like The National last year, where its an APE Presents event with plenty of acts chosen by the headliners or picked for relevance as a support bill. Though could well end up having some of the same acts as well.
  9. This decade, the only times they've not played UK shows are 2010, 2013 and 2016. So they've certainly had their fill of UK dates. I've only been to the 2 runs in Milton Keynes and I have enjoyed both of them, but I do think they need a bit more variety to their live shows.
  10. Well, they certainly did sound like a very tough act to follow that evening.
  11. Is there any word on whether Arcade Fire are meant to be returning to the live scene next year with some new material? I think they'd be cool. I saw them at Wembley Arena last year with Boy George & Florence Welch popping up, and thought they were great.
  12. charlierc

    2020 headliners

    Was there any indication who was the late drop out that led to The Killers being brought in as a late replacement? Or alternatively some of the names it could've been? RHCP would be a strange pick. I know Metallica and Foos have opened the doors to older rock acts getting the gig, but I'm not sure they'd go down as well as some of the others. But it is true they are in the Glasto window. Either that or they've all been to the football and shazammed the goal music that doesn't seem to have changed at some places since 2007.
  13. I watched Arctic Monkeys' 2009 performance at Reading on TV and thought it was rather good, and I stand by that from watching them on YouTube more recently. But then Humbug is one of my favourite AM albums, and it may equally have been the wrong place to play a set leaning heavily on a brand new album that is a total style change and only out for less than a week at that point. Oddly, King of Leon's 2009 performance was looking like it was going pretty well until Caleb spat his dummy out. Their 2018 one did look a bit half-arsed, but then I've not seen much beyond a few odd songs. I did actually want to go for a day trip to the RHCP in 2016 but it clashed with other things so I didn't attend. They do strike me as a band that can do better live than they ever seem to do, especially for the price they charge and for putting together big budget productions.
  14. Clearly I missed the news of the tour extension. Depends if they have a new album out. Has to be a possibility though given they haven't done a Hyde Park show in years.
  15. 17-year-old superstar. Though I doubt she's doing this given she's playing arenas in July, including 2 nights at the O2. Can't lie - I don't recall hearing any of her music. But I know there's a fair bit of crossover. I did enjoy reading an interview with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day the two did for Rolling Stone. Though I bet it must make BJA feel old that he's been worshipped by a top 10-selling star who was 3 when American Idiot came out. Once, it was plausible for somebody to do both. Think Springsteen, Blur and a few others have. Swift strikes me as the kind of act big enough to do so.
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