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  1. Wouldn't be a surprise tbf. There were a lot of tickets available when I went to book mine, and judging by a cursory glance on Ticketmaster just now, still are.
  2. Oh I forgot about that total mess being a potential factor.
  3. Apparently ticket prices to Pearl Jam at the Tottenham Stadium have been halved, leading to a lot of people wondering why the hell they were insisting on Taylor Swift-level pricing to begin with and on a weekend where many people will already have plans. Seems like a bit of a mess ngl.
  4. Dua Lipa 105 (-10) The National 130 Justice 230 Fontaines D.C 221
  5. Impressive how the choice was to make up some of the deficit straight away.
  6. I think the nature of the beast is that they were happy with much of what he's done domestically. But clearly the data is struggling to translate, kind of like John Major here in 1997 where the UK was in a better economic place but a lot of people were still narked about the recession in 1992/93. That, and I can't quite recall if there were many people who felt now was the time to go for it or if they considered themselves as better place to try to challenge for the nomination in 2028.
  7. Premier League fixtures were released earlier. West Ham having no games outside London until November is a genuinely impressive quirk, as tbf is that Ipswich's first PL game since 2002 is the same opponent as the last time they were in the top flight (namely Liverpool, who in that 01/02 season beat Ipswich 6-0 and 5-0 so... probably not the best first opponent). Newcastle v Southampton is an interesting first test, given it pits us straight away against the team that most like to pass the ball all day.
  8. So what you're saying is that if I wanted to maintain my price policy of not spending more than £90 on a ticket that this isn't the show for me.
  9. Also announced today... Crowded House’s ‘Gravity Stairs’ 2024 tour dates OCTOBER 8 – Manchester, Co-Op Live 9 – Glasgow, OVO Hydro 11 – London, The O2 12 – Brighton, Brighton Centre 14 – Dublin, 3Arena 16 – Bournemouth, International Center 17 – Birmingham, Utilita Arena 19 – Brussels, Cirque Royal 21 – Cologne, Carlswerk Victoria 22 – Tilburg, 013 25 – Barcelona, Sant Jordi Club 27 – Madrid, Palacio Vistalegre
  10. Dua Lipa 126 (-5) The National 166 (+5) Justice 225 Fontaines D.C 221
  11. I heard Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan went along and sung a song with Bleed from Within. Which... bit of a curio to read about.
  12. Getting it in early before someone else does right?
  13. I mean, this is going to be the day after seeing Kings of Leon in Leeds, likely having a pootle around the National Football Museum as I likely will have time after coming in from Yorkshire and then the full experience of 5 hours or so of standing around in Old Trafford. I sincerely doubt I'm going to be in the mood to do a full hour plus walk back to the city centre unless I really really really have to. ... sod's law that I probably will end up having to.
  14. charlierc

    2025 Headliners

    I thought there was talk she wasn't going to tour at all in 2025 and go make movies instead.
  15. charlierc

    2025 Headliners

    Interesting. I would be more likely to back Pulp for Other Headliner.
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