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  1. I mean, Red Bull knew Perez would have stop a third time given the tyres weren't durable enough to do a 2 stop, which is kinda nuts to think given this was a borderline 1-stop last year. Could've just pulled him in when Verstappen had solidified his gain on Russell tbh. Russell did very well tbf. It did help Verstappen's DRS was oddly temperamental where it seemed to only work on alternating laps, but it was working, Russell did very well to hold him off. Hamilton did really well to recover too - I didn't think he'd get points after the opening snafu with Magnussen, yet being close to P4 and still getting P5 is good. Does mean the high contrast of the slowly-slow Monaco then the speedier Baku and Montreal will be very interesting indeed. It's getting close between Mercedes and Ferrari. Can't imagine Lando Norris had a fun afternoon. Was diagnosed with tonsillitis after a post-race meeting with the doctors and felt very ill while on a baking hot day under all those layers of fireproof clothing.
  2. Reading profiles of the virus means I'm not necessarily as worried as I was when I first heard about this spread. But maybe in retrospect it's worth pondering if the rush to re-open post covid might lead to something peculiar like this, given this is one of the first major outbreaks of it outside Africa.
  3. Well... that's how it briefly looked I guess.
  4. I kinda feel bad for relegating Burnley, given I'm aware for Newcastle's drops in 2009 and 2016 how miserable relegation is, and that I'm aware their Glazer-style leveraged buyout could make next season very difficult. But it is what it is alas. 11th from being 20th in December and being the last team to win in the Premier League this season is a pretty phenomenal turnaround. Having seen the highlights, meanwhile, I wonder if there's any scenario where Norwich would've beaten Spurs to deny them a Champions League spot given how badly their defence collapsed.
  5. Good race that. Plenty of stuff to keep us guessing, fair few drivers in the mix, some mistakes, the variable of Verstappen's DRS being inconsistently on or off, and some good action. I've seen worse races.
  6. As it stands, the title race isn't exactly being decided by the final day with both Liverpool and Man City failing to win... interesting.
  7. I'm not sure - imo Lewandowski and Benzema are too similar to play together. Ironically, a player like Martial who can be an inside forward from the flank sounds better, although not Martial given that I gather he's not done well at Sevilla. Saying that Real Madrid are letting Isco and Bale go. So that would presumably free up wage space.
  8. When I saw #nipplegate trending on Twitter, which is what this has been pre-emptively dubbed, I thought it was about some accidental TV flashing like Janet Jackson famously had. This is a really unpleasant sounding allegation.
  9. To think we've gone in the blink of an eye from them trying to sign both Haaland and Mbappe to now missing out on both. Wonder who else is around.
  10. It's kinda strange really. I'm aware the symptoms report of it manifesting in a different way and a no doubt uncomfortable one with all the blistering, but that the condition itself is harder to contract and is not likely to be as similarly massive a problem as covid, or indeed smallpox was pre-vaccine. But I guess two years on from taking too long to recognise covid in its first iteration was as big a problem as it was, it's not hard to read it and be just a little uneasy. I guess all we can do is wait & see for the next week or so. Probably have more of an idea after that.
  11. Went on Thursday after finding a cut-price ticket on Twickets. Was pretty good. Sound was inconsistent where I was for MCR themselves, with some songs sounding better than others, but they and Placebo were good.
  12. Barcelona can be an up and down circuit tbf. Last year's was pretty good. 2020's was abysmal. Though I'm aware one of the most exciting visits there was 2016 when the Mercedes took one another out.
  13. This isn't a new phenomenon tbf. In 2007, complaints over the third party registration of Carlos Tevez at West Ham only really magnified when he started to help them win games and keep them up, leading to Sheffield United's lawsuit. Clearly, clubs will do this, and it's not exactly been a secret that Everton have been spending a huge quantity of money to go backwards.
  14. I don't know about the monkeypox thing if I should not at all worried or extremely worried. It really doesn't help that we've still got the barely processed mental after-effects of 2 years in lockdown that another disease spreading quick really does make one's eyes twitch.
  15. Depends on the band. Ones I'm hardcore into where I know everything, I want to play more varied setlists. Others I think I'd just wanna know what to expect. Good for hardcore fans tbf there's a degree of unpredictability.
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