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  1. I honestly think right now is too soon to know for sure. Maybe by December the signs will be clearer.
  2. It seems to have calmed down out there tbf - there were a few people that came out as positive cases and I guess it lead to fear it was about to go in a terrible direction, but it seems to have calmed down since, and attention for UK media on the global outbreak has focused on other trouble spots (hello the USA). So I got it wrong. My bad. I guess the easy fear is because other places are having either second waves, deferred first waves or didn't bother with ending their first wave that every little report lends itself to this sum of anxiety and fears. Even though I'm aware NZ has had a better grip on it than a lot of other places, such as, for one, this dysfunctional corner of the world.
  3. Was interested by Kaiser Chiefs at the MK Bowl but it sold out... might go sit in a nearby park and see what notes waft out. Seems to be the usual tradition for gigs there
  4. Might well be down to the limitation of what crowd noise MP4's they have available, clearly. I have heard terrible things about the Everton-Liverpool game. Didn't watch it live and think that might have been the right decision. I think I may end up limiting what I watch to Newcastle games and the brief highlight clips Sky put on YouTube after each game.
  5. Playing politics seems to be as much a key part of the game now as much as actually doing things tbf. A lot of our winner takes all system seems to mean people are persuaded through a "Back my party if you hate this other party" strategy. I don't think anyone in the world has a handle on this, but equally, if its something that takes 2 weeks to turn up and is spread by asymptomatic carriers, I wonder if there's a limit to how much anywhere can control it. Germany, South Korea and New Zealand had all objectively dealt well with their first waves, but all 3 now seem to be in reverse, which makes me wonder if the profile of the disease itself makes containment significantly more difficult than comparable infections.
  6. What a fun time Euro 2016 was. Though I thought most of the bother was actually in Marseille when England played Russia in the opener. Yeah. I'm tempted to book a holiday for 2021, having seen people on my Instagram do it, but it feels premature. The studies I've seen suggest the virus is much easier to contract indoors than outdoors, which means a long plane ride and queue in an airport feels like a likelier breeding ground. Which is a shame as I'm annoyed I didn't do more travel last year, having had that as a key plan, but it is what it is.
  7. See I'm not sure about this. I'd assume that if the Tory MPs decide they've had enough of Johnson, a lot more of them will have less time for Cummings, given his lockdown breaking was the starting point for the government's poll collapse, many have complained Number 10 is trying to shut out back-benchers and Cummings himself has voiced disdain for both party and its MPs in the past. So I'd assume they might want a different direction with different advisors.
  8. It is weird watching the games with the dubbed-in audio. I do like the fact there's a mix of chants I heard at actual Newcastle games in the past, but it feels like watching a video of a gig where the video and audio aren't synced up.
  9. I live near MK and was hoping they could be able to use the Bowl for more gigs, but this isn't quite what I had in mind. Still, needs must and I guess its something.
  10. I guess the issue is what happens if you start letting fans back in but a further wave of the virus means it has to go back behind closed doors or off altogether. But we're in uncharted territory in general and it has felt like a lot of situation's resolution has been just to make shit up. You could argue the play-offs in general are a bit random this time, but tbf with the Euros off, at least Wembley is available as a neutral venue with the Premier League and Championship stadiums out of action. Though I'm aware there's a different argument behind had if you support Peterborough United, given I've seen people connected with them already talking up the idea of next year being a "vengeance mission".
  11. So we're now gambling on getting a Brexit deal done by October, with this coming after the government seemed to ignore Wales, NI and Scotland's leaders and business people asking for a transition extension and with polls suggesting a majority would have favoured one. What can go wrong? Also Michael Gove said in 2016 more than once that the plan was always to keep the UK in the single market... that aged well. I think the problem is a lot of people deal in absolutes - some people seem to think everything he did was brilliant and some seem to think he is irredeemable. I used to think it was a minority to get involved in such an aggressive argument cycle but increasingly not. The conversation on Churchill's merits has been had before, as I seem to recall there was a big shouting match over a Churchill Café a few years ago, and the statue getting defaced isn't new either - its been defaced 2/3 times before during different protest cycles. But I guess as things are somehow more polarised than ever, maybe its not a surprise its been sucked in to a general conversation again.
  12. I thought I'd be used to it - for my sins, I've attended Checkatrade Trophy games with only 1 stand full of people and thought I would be used to it. But I've tried watching Bundesliga and Portuguese league matches, and not really gelled with either. Not sure yet if I'll feel any different when the PL belatedly gets back into action. Though it'll certainly be strange to watch things like the FA Cup Final with all its ceremony take place with nobody there.
  13. Yeah in combination it does induce discomfort. I wear mine now as default for indoor shops and it isn't easy. One of my issues with returning to work at my usual office is that I feel like I would have to change the mask every few hours to make sure its still effective.
  14. Not gonna lie I'd forgotten about their UEFA hearing and was thinking "But football's not coming back until next week"
  15. Well, that "slightly awkward but quite endearing" approach is what I seem to remember as a description for Ed Miliband. Didn't prove to be an election winner though. Who else would there be a possibility post-Boris? Because as much as I can see the Tories replacing him before the next election, I'm less sure who could be a replacement.
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