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  1. Made a trip to see Jurassic World: Dominion last night. Just reminded me of half a dozen films I rather would've been watching, with a lot of boring bits and unintentionally hilarious ones. One or two scenes were very well done and it looked nice, but felt like a downgrade on the last Jurassic World movie.
  2. I saw this when browsing Vice yesterday. Seemed relevant to this discussion: All The Things We Overheard at Glastonbury 2022 (vice.com) Some of these were pretty spectacular.
  3. I think you could but that it would be tight and you'd probably have to be at the back for both of them.
  4. I was up for going to Manchester to see Foals with Wet Leg but didn't arrange it. Probably would've annoyed me if I'd found out while on the train going up there tbh.
  5. I didn't go but I do know of 3 people at least who tested positive after coming back.
  6. I thought Amyl and The Sniffers felt like more of an indoor band when I saw them on Friday night at the Hella Mega show at London Stadium. There's some good melodies there but being first up with an inconsistent stadium sound system did them few favours. Seems like a recurring thing. Other time I've seen them was before The Strokes at APE 2019 at that one with infamously shit sound.
  7. It took nearly a whole day for Foals and St Vincent to go up. I wouldn't be too worried just yet.
  8. Both sets are up now.
  9. I'd been at the Hella Mega show at London Stadium last night so didn't watch live. Can't seem to see Foals or St Vincent yet though, which is a shame as that's two I wanted to watch. Wolf Alice's set was decent but I thought I'd give Phoebe Bridgers a go and it was really fucking good.
  10. Given the close-run thing Wolf Alice had with making it back to Glastonbury after a show in Los Angeles 3 days earlier, they really wanna chance it?
  11. Oh I bet that was pretty infuriating. I thought I was being clever by sacking off Stratford for Hackney Wick, only to arrive there just as a train was leaving (as happened when I tried that for Muse in 2019) and then during the 10 minute wait for the next one the platform just got rammed. Until then the main grievance (imo sound could've been better but did improve the more each act played) was twice getting pelted by lobbed pints during Green Day. Not a part of the stadium rock show experience I missed.
  12. If I'm honest, the trains weren't as bad as I was expecting for my trip to the Hella Mega Tour show at London Stadium. The train I had from Milton Keynes to London got cancelled but I could get an alternative, and the one back wasn't as overcrowded as some really bad services. The Overground between Stratford and Highbury & Islington, however... yeesh.
  13. One thing I found odd about booking Biffy Clyro tickets earlier was that the London O2 date was £12 per ticket more than the Birmingham RWA show. Which caught me a little by surprise. I know London shows are generally pricier and that tickets are more expensive following a VAT increase than if this show had been announced last year, but that kind of price gap is nuts.
  14. charlierc

    Wolf Alice

    Not a good sign that.
  15. I saw them on Strokes day at APE 2019 and wasn't that fussed. Saying that, the sound system that day was abysmal and I've heard people talk them up from performances since, so if I can get there in time, I'll absolutely check it out rather than going to the refreshment stand for an overpriced Coke. (I assume it's still as expensive as it was when I went to the London Stadium for Muse in 2019, anyway)
  16. I mean, I was in London on Monday for a day trip and I saw tons of Harry Styles t-shirts still from the Wembley gigs the preceding weekend. I'm perfectly aware there are a lot of people who will pay big dollar to see him live. I'm aware of how much the thing has changed in comparison between 2011, when I went for a day trip and it was pretty much all rock (main stage trio was an emo day with MCR headlining, an indie day with Strokes/Pulp as co-heads that I really regret not doing, and a day with Muse headlining with more of a mix of the two underneath). But it is what it is. Certainly, I think there's a degree of credibility with this more pop-rock hybrid crowd given Harry Styles has Wolf Alice as support for his upcoming European tour.
  17. Slightly off topic, but Razorlight headlining above Kings of Leon in 2007 is something that has aged very strangely. I also spotted them as opening for Muse at a charity gig at Hammersmith Apollo in early May. Which surprised me as I didn't realise Razorlight were still a thing.
  18. Green Day with Fall Out Boy and Weezer at London Stadium tomorrow. I've actually not seen the last two before. Just not sure how smooth it'll go with the trains given the potential for any residual issues from today's strike.
  19. charlierc

    Wolf Alice

    I haven't seen any such update yet either. Looked like it was very tight - played LA Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, so one of those things where one thing can knock the plan off its axis. But yeah it would be nice to see them make it.
  20. Tickets for Birmingham are booked. Hopefully it'll be fun on the bun.
  21. charlierc

    Wolf Alice

    I just noticed them Tweet and put up an IG story overnight UK time that they needed help getting from Los Angeles to Glastonbury as their plane has been cancelled... might be a bit tight for time that.
  22. I'm a little rusty as this was 4 years ago but I recall there was an on-site tent to exchange Euros for tokens. They were a plastic line where the tokens being used were snapped off. I vaguely recall that I had 10 Euro of tokens but kept roughly 2 as I didn't spend all of it.
  23. My assumption was the biggest names for that day are already confirmed. Seeing as I failed to book plans to see them with Muse tonight at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, this was the likeliest option but I'm kinda meh on the supports already announced. 2018's version (which I couldn't do) had some more names of interest to me tbh.
  24. I'm surprised by that given I thought the experience of whenever it was they cut the sound for his set would've been off-putting to return to that part of London. Unless there's still residual joy from the time he filmed a gig there.
  25. Checked to see what the BBC coverage will be and asked people who are going who they're most stoked for
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