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  1. Last time Arctic Monkeys played Reading and Leeds in 2014, they also did 2 sold-out shows to 60k+ a pop at Finsbury Park. Which is a stadium size crowd and I think at that time they could've sold out the needed extra tickets as well, though this is with the caveat that it was when they toured AM and were probably right at the top of the hype wave from that album. Would've preferred Wembley to FP tbf. Sound at FP isn't the greatest, if probably slightly better than Hyde Park.
  2. I know Florence and the Machine are confirmed for Mad Cool Festival in July but are they down for anything else?
  3. Technological innovation working wonders again then. But sounds like it was worth it in the end. Least we can now lose the stat that Newcastle have won as many games against PL teams this season as Cambridge.
  4. I guess the over-arching issues to Derby, or indeed Reading and their own problems that have come from spending 200% of turnover on player wages, or indeed most of the Championship, is how do you stop it being like such a casino. Such is the ludicrously high prize money gap between the PL and Championship, the effective financial arms race to get there when 2/3rds of the division sees itself as a Premier League team in waiting and the distortion that is parachute payments for the relegated, you're going to get a situation where teams are going to throw money at promotion. FFP clearly hasn't worked as well as intended, but how do you control such a thing when clubs are willing to risk things that way? Even then, I thought after all the outpouring of anger after Bury were allowed to collapse in September 2019 and strong criticism of the EFL's handling of that shitshow that more might be done to stop it happening again. Yet not even 3 years later, here we are again with an even bigger example. I'm aware an AFC Derby would have a lot of goodwill from County fans who would want to help a new club rise quickly like AFC Wimbledon did, and I'm aware Derby County's previous owners pushed things too far, but something still doesn't seem right that it might come to it imo.
  5. My bad I'd seen an older version where the day splits had not been confirmed.
  6. Avanti is the new name for it after the company operating changed hands in 2019. But atm a Google says a London-Manchester train today is planning 2hr15-20. Must be engineering works on the travel dates selected, which is a usual hazard on UK rail lines - I was looking at going to Newcastle next month for a football match but engineering works means no trains arriving up there before the game starts.
  7. Interesting. Fair enough. Tbf if I lived in LA I'd be up for the 2022 edition more than this one. I also did not know Peter Bjorn and John were still going. I like the notepad aesthetic to the last poster. But maybe this is just more of a thing in America, given in the UK and Europe things seem a bit more genre-fluid where acts from different areas of music are all on the same bill.
  8. It can add up. As I noted in the Reading/Leeds 2022 thread, I was very tempted to book for Boston Calling 2020 when that had Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine as headliners but I found a $400 ticket price on top of the cost of US flights/hotels to be excessive. Though I imagine for some people it'll be totally fucking worth it, and given Live Nation is backing it, might be more legit than people expected. I do agree though that the clashes and scheduling already sounds like a proper ballache. 60+ acts in one day across three stages sounds like a lot to put together, or a situation where you have acts playing for only 20 minutes.
  9. I remember Boston Calling in 2020 was originally planning a Foo Fighters-RATM-RHCP headline trio, which I did briefly consider booking before deciding $400 on top of the cost of flying to the US was probably too much (probably a good thing given I ducked having to deal with travel agency refunds in the first lockdown, given how much of a pain in the arse it was to get one hotel unsuccessfully refunded). Tbf a Foos-Strokes-Metallica 1-2-3, which they're now going for, is still pretty respectable. Not quite the proper 90s alt-rock nostalgia you'd have had with Foos-RATM-Chilis, but should still sell.
  10. I'd forgotten they hadn't announced the missing headliner at this tbf.
  11. In the last few days I've seen this being advertised as Muse's UK festival exclusive show. Which, having seen the line-up below, made me think "... meh". Though I did notice a lot of acts confirmed as there without the day split configuration released. When might that be announced?
  12. I know a lot has been made about the Live Nation in Vegas thing being loaded of pop-punk nostalgia but this is so close to being a proper nostalgic thing for 2000's indie. Needs Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the least.
  13. I like the fact this came on the same day they were announced as opening for Harry Styles on his European arena tour. Very much appealing to different audiences there.
  14. Is this the case of the acts being split across multiple days or is everyone just playing both days?
  15. There's penalties and penalties imo. I'm not pretending Derby overstepped the mark of what was and wasn't allowed in the Mel Morris days, and they have been handed legal penalties for it in the form of fines and having to redo their accounts as well as the 21 point penalty and multiple transfer embargoes, but liquidation feels like a properly extreme penalty and kinda too far. It's a weird situation with the Championship in general anyway. That division felt financially unsustainable even before covid and the major financial loss that came with having to play a year with no fans in stadiums. Reading having a wages-to-turnover ratio over 200% in the season covid interrupted was just ridiculous, but even clubs that look to have been less expensively run seem to be running at whopping losses.
  16. I don't think it would be a good look for football in general if a club as big as Derby County is allowed to fold tbf. The demise of Bury and near-collapse of Bolton Wanderers were bad enough. I get that Derby overspent in their ambition to reach the Premier League, but liquidation seems like far too much of an extreme potential penalty. As for one of the other things relating to this case, I get why Wycombe are unhappy and prepared to rope in lawyers given Derby stayed up at their expense by one point when any deduction applied last season would've sent Derby County down. But I don't get what Middlesbrough are getting involved with their own legal action for, especially as its just on missing out on the play-offs.
  17. Years ago I remember a spell when Newcastle had something like 13 first team players injured but we ended up limping on with wingers as defenders and strikers losing all the games. I think there's a balancing act. There are cases when injuries exacerbate covid issues, or indeed players could be theoretically more susceptible to injury immediately after getting covid, so I get how they can combine to put teams out of action. However, there's a degree. The line in the sand is going to be fuzzy when dealing with this, but it has to be definitive. I am genuinely surprised the PL were OK with Arsenal's request to postpone the Spurs game last weekend as I thought they had enough available to go along with it. I didn't think they had problems any worse than Leeds, who have been happy just to carry on. It's a contrast in many ways, given the Bundesliga and La Liga have called off no games despite some clubs have covid outbreaks and losing players long-term due to covid issues (Bayern Munich have lost a few players because covid created further health issues) while Serie A has had to reform its rules after a few ridiculous moments. I guess its a balancing act as some teams will genuinely have to call games off and some will just be seen as opportunists, fairly or otherwise.
  18. I like the "get a band that can do both" view with the prospect of Wolf Alice playing before QOTSA and Harry Styles in the same weekend.
  19. charlierc

    BBC Glastonbury

    I seem to recall that under the new BBC-Eurosport shared terms deal that this is how they broadcast the Olympics this year, and I heard a lot of negative comments about the Eurosport side of what was being offered. I'm aware such a thing could be successful but you've got to get it done just right to make it worth paying the extra fees for something that used to be free.
  20. I must've missed the link between Putin and Everton. Even in an age where football's links with murky geopolitical strangeness is getting even more strange, this may have passed me by.
  21. I'm not sure. I know that Staveley was keen to keep him around when she first tried to take over the joint 5 years ago and had other links around the time of the original takeover attempt during lockdown one. Benítez's lot seems to have gone downward since leaving the Toon. It didn't go well at all in China and this Everton spell really went wrong very quickly. Injuries in October didn't help but even as the injured came back they never seemed to get out of their tailspin and by that point it looked like he'd just fallen out with everyone. Something is wrong with Everton in general anyway, and I know they were kinda bounced into the move after Real Madrid's surprise choice to bring back Ancelotti, but Benitez at Goodison felt like a move that could only have justified itself with an incredible run of form or else everything would just go wrong very fast. And so it has.
  22. I am up for going tbf. Would've been happy with a trio of Killers/Muse/KoL days but I'm leaning more towards the Muse day and one other rather than all 3 after missing out on the 3 day passes. But it still feels too early to fully commit, even though this is a cheap time to book things with travel booking sites. Hell I found some hotels and flights still at fairly reasonable rates on Expedia when doing some window shopping earlier (compare that to being offered hotels at £200 a night minimum for Manchester when I'm meant to be seeing The Killers there). I don't know if it's just specific to this festival though, even if they have that pre-disclosed poor comms issue. I want to believe this year is better, and the fact the Spanish government apparently want covid downgraded indicates there's a willingness there to try to put things on. But it is what it is. I don't think we'll truly know for a few months yet.
  23. It says the ticket price is due to go up tomorrow when I looked on this event's Twitter. Does this possibly mean it may coincide with a few extra names?
  24. Yeah if Norwich beat Watford next weekend, they could genuinely be survival favourites, which would be quite extraordinary given how hopeless they looked under Daniel Farke and that their win over Everton on Saturday came on the back of 6 straight defeats, all without scoring. Lots of Newcastle players seem to have gone backwards even just on last season, but Lascelles has to be up there with the worst. Club captain, once touted as potential to be an England international or linked with a big move, and has previously been seeing trying to rouse the team in difficult moments. But yesterday, he was an accident waiting to happen and not for the first time of late either.
  25. I saw one fairly obscure journalist rumouring they might try and prize Esteban Ocon out of Alpine if Hamilton turns around and says no for 2022, which could work for Alpine in one respect given they weren't able to find a home for their driver academy affiliated F2 champion Oscar Piastri, whose facing a year in reserve driver status. That feels like quite a way off though. I still would be very surprised if we see no Hamilton in 2022, even despite all the chaotic antics in Abu Dhabi. After all, it does seem to have caught the popular animation as officiating misjudgement, which in some respects is an achievement to see this happen in a sport other than football on such a large scale.
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