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  1. Bizarre, have read quite of quite a few people that for more than one per Reg number. All good with East Quiet though. And on that note does anybody know where on the map East quiet actually is? It doesn’t seem to be specifically marked?
  2. Weird one this as one of our group got in and put registration number in only to be told a ticket had already been purchased for that number...
  3. Thanks, it seemed the loophole was closed last night and people were only able to buy one ticket per registration.
  4. Can anybody remember the format for the CV sale. Are you able to buy multiple passes for different Reg numbers or is it just one Reg number per sale?
  5. Didn’t Kylie play last year?
  6. Lauren Laverne just retweeted it too. Imagine we may get an announcement today...
  7. Can’t imagine it will take them long to change the odds.
  8. MilkyJoe


    I take it the base of Pangea is staying where it is then? Rather aptly looking like some sort of Lunar module.?
  9. So glad somebody off here was at Cut Capers too. I can’t remember where I was off to but I was passing Avalon just as they started and stayed for the whole set. Absolutely amazing and easily made my top 5 of the weekend. A perfect festival set. Fantastic stuff.
  10. Yeyy! Never to early to start the NFR thread!??
  11. MilkyJoe

    Is It Too Hot?

    I burned my head quite badly on the Friday and have spent much of this week looking like deadpool but that was my own fault and I can categorically say that it absofuckinglutely was not too hot. Although a spot of shade was always welcome, I found that 2010 was worse. The weather this year was glorious.?
  12. Got to be Elton surely seeing he’s on his latest farewell tour? Failing that, Billy Joel would be a great shout.
  13. MilkyJoe

    Post festival flu

    I thought I had hay fever despite having never suffered from it in my life. This thread explains everything. Except maybe the diarrhoea...
  14. I thought it was great. Not somewhere you’d spend a significant amount of time at but it was worth the trip up for its sheer madness. And I thought the cctv pole dancer was genius.
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