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  1. I have always found the Greenfields a nice chilled out area of the festival and I love that Michael Eavis has always allowed people to come to the festival even when he personally might disagree with them on many issues. When you get over a quarter of a million people together there are bound to be people who have many different opinions and healthy debate is good about beliefs etc. Unless they are peddling and forcing dangerous misinformation on people then I don't see why we all have to feel the same way about everything. Michael Eavis has clearly led by example by allowing there to be
  2. gigpusher


    I've ordered some recipe boxes to save going to Supermarkets over the last year and some of those recipes are pretty good and once you have them you can remake them yourself.
  3. Yep fingers crossed for 2022. I've already been thinking that you could change tonight I'm going to party like it's 1999 to 2022 quite easily. Hopefully 2021 can just be known as 2020 the revenge. I can get all my shit things out of the way this year and get tickets to 2022 and celebrate like never before.
  4. I don't currently have a ticket so if it goes ahead in 2022 I would be relying on resale or general sale for 2023. Not that cryptic really!!
  5. So we have our answer. It was inevitable but can't believe it could be 2023 before I am back on the farm. Bit of a heartbreaker to think it could be that long.
  6. gigpusher

    Club Covid

    Ah yes I classify picking up my dogs shits as my daily COVID test 😄
  7. Lol! I always remember Panti Bliss speech about homophobia and apply it to racism, sexism etc and that is we all are these things how could we not be after centuries of it being THE narrative but some of us are trying hard not to be and it will take time and we need to call it out each and every time.
  8. Excellent. Snapes is really good at doing her best to dismantle the masculine toxicity at the heart of the music industry.
  9. Thanks!! I'm liking the new Beach Bunny one as well and the artwork is great. I want to order it on vinyl but I have spent so much on vinyl recently!! I'm on a self imposed spending ban until February at least!!
  10. Sorry my bad I did the quote got interrupted by a work conversation and didn't notice that a new one had been added.
  11. Feeling bad I didn't put Chic Good Times as well now.
  12. 1) Elbow - One day like this 2) Coldplay - 3) Fatboy Slim - 4) Beans on Toast - This Side Of The Fence 5) Florence and the Machine - 6) Mik Artistik - Plastic Fox 7) Blur - Tender 8 ) The Killers - Mr Brightside 9) Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers 10) Radiohead - Karma Police 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20)
  13. Ah that's the one I just saw loads of Talented but flawed Doctor Harold Shipman dies or Talented but flawed Lorry driver Peter Sutcliffe dies.
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