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  1. gigpusher

    2020 New Music

    Glad I ordered the signed Dream Wife vinyl that went down a treat. I've just put on a queue of a few recent releases today as busy at work still and have to say the Jessie Ware album has also been a pleasant surprise, next up Sault which I have heard great things about so I'm excited to hear that one. If I like it might buy it via Bandcamp today as they are waiving their fees again.
  2. I don't know Twickets have done a pretty good job with some events that have been sold out but there would be admin related tasks that the cost of would probably be too great for Glastonbury to absorb. You'd need a Twickets entrance for a start and you'd probably need them on every gate, they'd need to be able to print new photo tickets etc but you could possibly do it if you had at least a slightly longer deadline so rather than Mid-May give people the chance to change them up to Mid June but only through Twickets. Even f you told a friend exactly when you were adding them to Twickets there'd be no way to guarantee they would get them.
  3. gigpusher

    2020 New Music

    I watched Glastonbury footage all last week so playing catch up with these. The Haim one is quite different to normal and I am liking it. I've got Dream Wife and Nadine Shah queued next. Think I need a week of catching up on new stuff now. Expecting quite a few vinyl deliveries in the next few weeks as well!
  4. Even if they are later there's no guarantee that the subjects she is doing will be on the days of the festival so keep fingers crossed for now and hopefully you can make an informed decision nearer the time. There's always the option of just going for the weekend but that may depend on where you live etc as to whether that's practical.
  5. Wow bet many would have killed for them. I do think it's a shame that they can't do an official resale on something like Twickets for genuine cases like this but I understand it's probably hard to administer.
  6. I assume it's because they know that a number of these people exist that they can increase the capacity on the Sunday but it's still a sickener when you know how sought after the tickets are that some go to such undeserving people.
  7. gigpusher

    How do you feel?

    Yep that should do the job but if it doesn't do the job just cough loudly I have noticed those who don't respect the social distancing care more about themselves than others so if they think you are a threat to them they are more likely to keep away!!
  8. gigpusher

    How do you feel?

    You can do this. Maybe buy yourself a t-shirt that says I have COVID keep away!! and then in really small letters it could say (well I might)
  9. I love those ones it's the ones who manage to get them and then complain that it's too busy, too big, too hot, too wet, too muddy, the toilets are horrible etc etc that drive me mad. I have a friend who knows someone who often goes but if it starts raining he always leaves. I mean what a waste of a ticket!!
  10. Yes good luck. Hope you don't come across any knobheads!!
  11. When I was a kid I thought the Lyric to Revolution by Tracy Chapman said Cinderella waiting for a promotion but it's actually just Sitting around waiting for a promotion. I think my version was more poetic!! Although my funniest misheard lyric story is my husband's cousins friend thought the lyrics to Dragging me Down By Inspiral Carpets was William Shakespeare behind the curtain even though you've come as a Martian It's actually I'm seeing shapes behind the curtain You're looking older but you can't be certain Anyway my husband's cousin told Clint Boon this one night when he was dj'ing in South. The next time we saw them live Stephen Holt only bloody sang the misheard lyric in full which must have confused everyone else but we were all doubled over laughing!
  12. Yes to be fair I always loved my music and art etc so I was fully invested in going for the first time. I just wasn't certain that I'd be able to cope with the whole experience toilets/drunkenness/crowds etc. Some of the people I have seen asking about it genuinely don't seem to have much interest in music apart from lots of very middle of the road stuff. I can't imagine they'd go beyond the Pyramid Stage. Some of them I suspect would be chair dwellers as well!!
  13. Yes but I assume that See Tickets charge for the service of putting on a sale if there is a chance that they will have to refund all the money then it would end up costing them even more they might be better off just delaying it until they have a better indication of whether they can provide the service. Until September anyone who gives up their ticket gets the full £50 refunded whereas if you leave it until after that they get to keep £15 I think admin fee.
  14. Yes I reckon they might be reluctant to do a sale in October if there is still a lot of uncertainty. Maybe they might wait until they know it can go ahead themselves and do the resale etc all in one in April??
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