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  1. gigpusher


    I am here for that!!!
  2. Yes not every person who leaves will be the beeb's choice but they will always be trying to move on the people who fall outside of the demographic. I remember around the time Chris Moyles left they actually stated that getting the right demographics for the station was more important than getting larger audience figures.
  3. gigpusher

    First Gig Back

    Although they were replaced by Cut Capers who I know aren't as big but a decent replacement at such short notice.
  4. Guess it depends on when it was booked. Next year she'll be getting the rep she deserves. So excited to be seeing her in December in the Albert Hall (Manchester) because I don't think she'll be playing that sized venue for much longer.
  5. Yes is probably the answer. Radio 1 is more about demographics than popularity. 6 Music should be your next home. You'll wonder why you didn't leave sooner.
  6. I'm sure I've listened to that and I don't remember if from the first one although I often have music on in the background whilst working so sometimes things do pass me by 😄
  7. Yes sounded good on first listen. The credits at the end amused me as well.
  8. My reads for this month. Some very interesting ones. The John Cooper Clarke one is impossible to read without hearing his voice. I liked The Road a lot. Lady in Waiting was actually very interesting and along with The Kennedy Curse has helped me formulate some thoughts on why families like this tend to have more than their fair share of tragedy. Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton is just an inspiration. Really interesting book on decision making. A good months reading.
  9. Yes I actually had all the other Amy programmes from the BBC iPlayer on this afternoon. The one about Back to Black was interesting. It's still a perfect album in my eyes. It'll never stop being a sad story regardless and I have to say I think the hounding by the media is probably a big factor as well.
  10. gigpusher

    First Gig Back

    Added The Beths to my upcoming gigs because of @Quark I considered Red Rum Club as well and I am still pondering but I think I have quite a lot of gigs in November and wondering how I'll cope with that many late nights and early mornings.
  11. Oh believe me it has been challenged this last year 🙂 but my big mantra is spend your time and money on the things you love.
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