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  1. It's something I've sadly seen a bit too much of on Facebook this year. I saw someone had posted photos from what I assume was Lost Horizons and thought how awful. There could be someone who had plucked up the courage to go there, to do something outside of their comfort zone because they were in what they believed to be a safe place only for the photo to end up on a group that could be frequented by friends or colleagues that they would not be comfortable seeing them naked.
  2. gigpusher


    Thanks that information has proved very useful.
  3. Interesting as if I was doing an all time list mine would probably still be closer to the 50/50 despite the historical dominance of men. If I have the time I might have to do one.
  4. At the moment I genuinely think the best and most exciting music is being made by women I could name about 10 acts that I was amazed weren't playing this year so I don't think it should be that hard. I appreciate at headliner level it might be trickier unless you go into the pop arena as there aren't as many female fronted rock bands but this year you could easily have added Ex:re, Gwenno, Stealing Sheep, Jane Weaver, Hinds, The Staves, Sleeper, Garbage and The Orielles.
  5. If it was personal preference I'd put all my real favourites on the smaller stages as then you'd get a more intimate gig and bearing in mind a few years ago The Pixies were about 3 down on The Other Stage headlining The Park would probably be more likely. I don't think Emily would ever ok your list it falls so far short of 50/50 gender split.
  6. So sorry for your loss. Whenever anyone leaves us too soon I always think of these Frank Turner lyrics. We live to dance another day It's just now we have to dance for one more of us I'm out tonight and I promise to dance for Helen.
  7. gigpusher

    2020 headliners

    I honestly think some of the tribute acts would do a better job than a reformed Oasis or The Smiths (I'm not sure Morrissey could ever redeem himself now and the others wouldn't go near that for fear of damaging their own legacies anyway) LIam Gallagher already seems like a shit Oasis tribute act.
  8. My favourite from the last few months is Dave - Psychodrama. Kate Tempest, Mattiel and Cut Capers are also fab.
  9. gigpusher

    First and last

    That's a dark take on things unless by tragic fates you mean getting obsessed with watching Love Island and no longer being interested in music which does seem to happen to a lot of people.
  10. I was going to suggest them for the legend slot but I'd take them on West Holts instead. Hugely entertaining live.
  11. gigpusher


    That's usually my level of finger on the pulse but I went to see Chvrches in November 2014 and Lizzo was supporting. I knew Batches and Cookies but nothing else and I was blown away. I nearly bought a t-shirt (I rarely buy merch at a gig because I can't be bothered carrying it around) and after the gig we talked about Lizzo more than Chvrches. It's not often the support is more memorable than the main act. Saw her in May and thought wow she's really grown musically and still has that same amazing personality that can shrink large venues and make you feel like you've been part of something special and intimate. There are not many who can do that. She is a special character. What she has is that x factor that not many have.
  12. gigpusher

    Worried Sick

    Great news. I'm sure it's a relief it's all over. My mother in law had a similar story with a breast lump the fact that you're mind and every internet search jumps to cancer really doesn't help but at least it was resolved quickly.
  13. gigpusher


    Both do decent food as well so if you are ever going to a gig there and arrive early they are worth trying for food as well.
  14. gigpusher


    Deaf Institute and Band On The Wall are also good ones.
  15. gigpusher


    I would like it to be told that I totally foresaw this and in fact had a discussion in the JJ thread about how it was lucky they were on at the same time or otherwise Lizzo would be ridiculously overcrowded and people thought I was crazy. They're not saying I'm crazy now!! 🧠 I was just lucky enough to have seen her live twice and knew what she was capable of. The craziest bit is that the ticket prices are double what they were in May, at a worse venue and it's still sold out.
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