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  1. The question is whether there is a more peaceful way to end these situations. It seems if the person is white there is. I've seen photos of police officers reaching out and just talking to a white man holding a gun. KIlling anyone no matter what they are doing should be an absolute final resort. You could taser a person to disarm them, you could just shoot in the arm or leg.
  2. I think it's only Pilton for full tickets. I've had a Right Move alert set up for years but you might get Sunday tickets there. Aw that's gutting. Our first house we offered asking price within 10 minutes of seeing it back in 2001 our 2nd house was £7k under asking price after a nervy wait of about a month where they wanted to wait to see if they could get a better offer. House buying is a shit process. Could seriously do with a massive overhaul. Hope you find something soon.
  3. I frequently do. It's what gets me through the monotony of working life. I always use the money to in some way ensure I have tickets. Usually I buy a house in Pilton.
  4. Honestly people who buy these Ultimate experience packages would be better off buying a house in Pilton at least that would be an appreciating asset if you can afford £15k per person it'd be a better use of your money. That said if I had been the person who won £59 million on the lottery last night it would have been ultimate experience all round for me, my husband and friends (including my fellow re-saler's (sadly it wasn't me so this is kind of pie in the sky talk!)
  5. I remember most of it but also remember how energy sappingly hot it was so I didn't explore stuff as much as normal so it's not a surprise that you might not have noticed
  6. Yes maybe I've not listened as month but not loads jumping out so far. Still 9 days to go though so hopefully something great still to pop up.
  7. Picked this up for 99p on Sunday in Kindle daily deals so will hopefully get around to reading it soon.
  8. Interesting Midnight Library is one of those books that I have read recently as well and it was me who recommended The World As It Is. Here's my last few reads in picture form. There have been a couple of very light reads in there to keep me reading. Currently in a fair amount of neck, shoulder and back pain from sleeping on sofas with the dog who is recovering from surgery. My other highlights from what I have read recently Mayflies by Andrew O Hagan (although I wish I had known more about it as without wanting to give any spoilers it dealt with something a bit too close to home at the
  9. Yep listened to this a few times over the weekend and really enjoyed it.
  10. Aw really sad news. We had many a twitter exchange as well. From Glastonbury talk to dog talk to general music chat. I've never actually read any of the books but I may rectify that.
  11. Sounds interesting. I'll add it to my ever growing wishlist! I've read a fair few books since I last updated so will endeavour to do a short precis soon. For anyone interested in some modern classics this list might be a good one to find some new reading material as well. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/sep/21/best-books-of-the-21st-century
  12. We've taken on new staff during the pandemic and had taken on a whole new team practically in January just before the pandemic. Our team is split between Spain and the UK anyway. The UK team all work from home and all in different parts so we are never together anyway. I started just the November before the pandemic and all my training was over teams. By January I was in Barcelona training the new team. They usually worked in an office and some coped with the change and some didn't. Ironically the ones who were meant to be permanent struggled and were let go and the ones who we had only taken
  13. Yep. I'm liking that start to a Friday morning!
  14. Although there are a lot of ways for a company to appear not to make a profit while creaming a lot of money off the top for the CEO. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek (net worth $4.5 billion USD) - Doesn't look like he's struggling!! A bit like at my work where our CEO from his Monaco home tells us all how tough it is while going out and telling the media that it's a wonderful time to change the way we work.
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