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  1. Mavis Staples Lizzo Janelle Monae Kate Tempest Idles The Cure Hot Chip Christine & The Queens Chemical Brothers Loyle Carner I'm aware some of these will clash but they are probably the ones I'm most interested in.
  2. gigpusher

    "Moments" of 2019

    Lizzo doing Juice (in fact her whole set I think will become an I was there moment) Janelle Monae's whole set Johnny Marr doing Smiths songs will always set some people off. I remember so many people in tears last time Kate Tempest as always Mavis Staples set will also be emotional. She's 80 only a fortnight after Glastonbury and still so incredible and powerful.
  3. So you went when all his older brothers played but you have a massive problem with his younger sister??? As you've stated LaToya's accusation was years ago. OK I love the double standard of making women more accountable for the actions of their male relatives/partners than we even make the men themselves. I have some relatives who behave in ways that I don't find appropriate but I'm not their keeper and that's on them. I'd like to think people wouldn't judge me based on their actions.
  4. Oxford Comma is probably the first one that always comes to mind for me.
  5. If it's your first time going I'd say make sure you take a walk around the full site before you start drinking etc so that you see the scale. In my first year I made sure I went to the Theatre and Circus fields and watched a couple of acts. Participate in group activities. Take advantage of the things on offer. We always try and participate in one of the group art things or the circus skills classes. Try and watch things on different stages. Go through the green fields and look at all the crafts etc. You can take part in some of these if there's any that catch your fancy.
  6. gigpusher

    Kate Tempest

    The Rum Shack in 2014 her first performance not doing spoken word was special as well. She was so overwhelmed to see such a big crowd. I love that you know just how much it means to her.
  7. gigpusher

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    The Lounge Kittens have as good as confirmed on Twitter.
  8. Madonna and Pink I'd like to see. I appreciate Maddona isn't classed as a prominent pop girl but she is the Queen of pop.
  9. Staple acts I see what you did there!! Go Mavis!!
  10. Mavis Staples. That woman is a legend. We're not going to get many more chances to see her and she is an incredible human. Kate Tempest - Yes I know she is there every year but she is the embodiment of the festival. She lives and breathes it. She gets it. Janelle Monae - Incredible energy, incredible songs how she is not a bigger star I don't know Lizzo - Just because!! She made me do it!!
  11. I'd say I average 20ish per festival including Wednesday and Thursday. You also see bits of acts when eating etc. I will easily find 40-50 I want to see and then there'll be the agony of choice.
  12. gigpusher

    Kate Tempest

    I've seen her 5 times at Glastonbury alone and was on the front row at the 2017 West Holts set. She was amazing. She always is. I also met her by The Park Stage in 2016 and she gave me a hug as I was very down about the referendum result. If we could bottle her energy and her positivity then the world would be a better place. Her and Mavis Staples are 2 of my must see's. Bad ass women who manage to keep positive despite the relentless shit show of a world we live in. I wish I could be as positive as them.
  13. I saw Lizzo supporting Chvrches and honestly she was more memorable than them and they were very good. Janelle Monae x 1 - She was excellent Kate Tempest x 7 (I think)She is always amazing, inspiring and just an amazing human being Liam Gallagher (I've accidentally seen him twice) I won't be stupid enough to see him a third time. Hot Chip x2 They are better live than they are on record IMHO. I'll definitely go and see them barring any major clashes George Ezra - I saw him support Tom Odell many years ago. I wasn't impressed instead preferring to buy an EP from The Wildflowers who were the other support act. It may be obvious why I'm not a talent spotter in the music industry but I stand by my decision. Tame Impala - I've seen once and enjoyed although wasn't especially memorable Vampire Weekend - I've seen once or twice I'm not certain. They were at Glastonbury on the Pyramid stage. Crowd was a bit lacklustre but they performed quite well. Think they may well be better now that the singer has discovered his love of the festival Two Door Cinema Club x 1.5. I saw them at their own gig and they were very good. Saw half a Glasto set on the Other Stage but left because where we were the sound was poor. Bastille - They actually supported Two Door Cinema Club not really my kind of thing but they did a great job as a support act. Hozier x 4 I know he gets a lot of stick on here but he has a great voice and is really good live. He seems a nice guy as well. First saw him on the BBC Introducing Stage playing to less than 50 people and he still performed brilliantly. Snow Patrol x1 - They were a support act. They seemed ok it was before they were very famous and a big venue so they weren't getting a lot of attention Sheryl Crow x1 - A friend bought me a ticket because they didn't want to go alone. This was late 90's so not at all recent but I remember she made all staff take cameras off everybody taking photos even though it was Manchester Arena and all the photos would have been shit. It soured my experience of the gig and made me think she was a bit of a dick. I wasn't really a fan to begin with and I seem to recall she played and sang perfectly fine but seeing people having their camera taken off them just pissed me off. Johnny Marr x 2 - Excellent both times. Lovely guy and The Smith stuff he does usually gives me goosebumps and I'm not the hugest Smiths fan. Mavis Staples x 1 but it will definitely be x 2 after this Glastonbury. She was fantastic and since then has also released If All I Were Was Black which is a great album. Can't wait to hear some of that live. Probably the act on the line up I'm most happy to see. Don't miss the chance to see this legend and all round amazing human being. Sharon Van Etten x 1 She was great but it was at Glastonbury and had met a friend who wouldn't stop talking all te way through so looking forward to seeing her again This Is The KIt x 1 Really great live. Saw her at The Deaf Institute and was a fantastic gig. Just realised I saw Jungle as well. They were a bit underwhelming. The were the main act and I think they only played just over half an hour. The journey from my house to the venue took a lot longer. I've not really listened to them much since.
  14. gigpusher

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I'm a remain voter who wouldn't vote for him now because of his performance since the referendum. I didn't chant his name at Glastonbury or go and see him for that reason as well. At a time when the Tories are tearing themselves apart to still be 10 points behind them is unforgiveable.
  15. While waiting for the artist line up they could release the food line up. I've only seen a few self-confirmations. Going through the food line up would definitely keep me happy for a few days.
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