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  1. If anyone is too worried about going and wants to give up their ticket I'll take one for the team and go in their place.
  2. Usually the reveals have been done on 6 Music recently and as a 6 Music listener I'd like it to remain that way
  3. I usually take some graze protein bites and some snyder's pretzels as they are small portable and cover the sugar hit or salty hit if I have been dehydrated and need some salt. I do have to make sure I don't get hangry!!
  4. 12 is my conservative estimate as i know a few people have other friends that they are looking for as well. But there is the 4 in our group. 2 friends who got us tickets last year, the husband and Mum of 2 of the people in my group, the boyfriend of one of the others, my boss and my colleagues in Barcelona (5), one of my good friends and her husband, She has said her best friend and husband will try for us as well. 3 or 4 other friends have said they will help as well so I'll just need to nudge them nearer the time. We might even be able to get some colleagues in Russia and Ukraine to help as well depending on time difference although they never seem to sleep!!
  5. Wow brilliant!!! Bowel problems do seem to plague runners though. I know IBS type symptoms were what made my husband give up long distance running in the end. No amount of hospital appointments ever got to the bottom of it (pun intended!) He then started doing no more than 10km but he has a doctors appointment tomorrow as he has messed up his knee pretty badly and it's only taken about 6 months of me saying go to a doctor and a PT at the gym saying you really need to get that looked at for him to finally book it.
  6. I should have about a team of 12 helping me including some international help if that makes any difference. They will of course be given details of the spreadsheet to help others.
  7. A storm every weekend is really messing with my ability to train for a marathon walk. If all the storms can just fuck off for a few week or come at more considerate times during the week.
  8. Thanks. I'm usually a pretty positive person so it's a bit hard for me. Good luck with your stuff.
  9. The closer it gets the more difficulty I am having with that bit. Work etc is all a bit shit at the moment and not having that concrete Glastonbury to look forward to is getting me down a bit at the moment. I kind of want resale day to hurry up so I know for certain.
  10. I think criticism of L & R and TRNSMT is absolutely fair. The line up for Leeds and Reading is poor apart from about 3 or 4 acts and there are plenty of far more interesting and exciting female acts that could have been chosen (even within the narrow remit of white guitar rock!) Do you not think by tackling the diversity on their stages they are attempting to tackle it in their audiences as well? More women and POC will attend when they see their tastes reflected on the stages. They already do more than more festivals to make it accessible for disabled people. Every year the more middle aged white men who grumble that Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamar is playing they hopefully leave a space free for a more diverse range of attendees. Change is slow but I absolutely applaud Emily for the efforts she is making. Everytime someone who wants an Oasis reunion as a headliner says that Emily is ruining the festival my heart lightens a little to know what positive strides are being made.
  11. The Rum Shack one she did just before the Hell Stage one was amazing as well and the hug she gave me up by The Park Stage the following day when I was despondent about the referendum result was much appreciated too. You can find some acts that are on the ascendancy one year can be back the next but the bigger the act the less likely it is to happen.
  12. Think Kate has done almost every year in some guise. She played 2015 and 2016 as well. 2016 just Thursday shows which she admitted was to get her and her friends some tickets.
  13. Oooh is your Deezer list public. I'm another Deezer user and all playlists seem to be on Spotify
  14. My husband is like you he doesn't like to eat much when running. It was the carb loading in the days before that he changed. He always just survived on gels as well but after 20 miles (the wall hits because your glycogen supplies are gone) I suppose it depends on how much you push yourself. My husband is a competitive person and always pushes himself to his limits. I figure it can't do any harm to do the carb loading properly. You are meant to limit the other stuff so husband actually found it all a bit bland but it's only for a few days. He liked the honey on toast though a lot of carbs per mouthful and not a hardship to eat I suppose like all things it depends on the person. My husband pushes himself to his limits so probably more likely to run into problems. I just figure doing the carb loading properly only takes a little research and if it stops anyone suffering the pain of running 6 miles with calf cramp it's probably worth it.
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