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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0hq17hq It was nearer the end than the beginning so I'd probably wind on to about 20 minutes in.
  2. Not an interview it's on her podcast with Grimmy.
  3. A chunk of them will be at The National as well.
  4. gigpusher

    2024 New Music

    Lots of interesting releases today and a fair few with a Glastonbury interest Lynks, English Teacher, Nia Archives.
  5. Off to see them in Gorilla Manchester on Saturday night. They are currently touring so check your local listings. In fact let me be true to my name. Here's their dates
  6. TBF he delivered the most scathing anti-Tory speech I saw all weekend so he's alright with me!
  7. Great news! 2 slots hopefully means a main stage set as well.
  8. gigpusher

    2024 New Music

    Vampire Weekend is lovely if you like Vampire Weekend. Could do with some sunny days for it to hit right. I'm enjoying Bob Vylan as well again nothing massively different from them but a decent album nonetheless. @Avalon_FieldsHave you listened to Katherine Priddy's new one seem to recall you were a fan - been out about a month now so not exactly brand new.
  9. gigpusher


    Won't click the link but would be up for it. To Sir With Love is a great tune.
  10. Knew I'd seen it somewhere. Roll on Avalon poster up first.
  11. Yes just being cheeky to see if we can get the other names we don' know 😄 You know what they say if you don't ask you don't get.
  12. I think I'd try and do all my favourite things that I already know I love and I might try and do things that I have always promised I would do but have still never gotten around to like making something in the craft fields so I have a handmade memory to take with me. If you want to maybe try and find some of the participation things to do like that big slide by the Greenpeace stage, some of the things they do in the Theatre and Circus fields like the zorbing, light up hula hooping at night. Honestly though I'd just try and soak up every moment of it and make sure you have a lot of fun to look back on.
  13. Avalon I believe in which case yes!!!! I love the Avalon Stage announcement. It always has very random stuff things I love and hate in equal measure.
  14. And Saturday and Sunday Park is?? Pretty please!!
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