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  1. That's a very good line up.
  2. I believe the only way to know is to get an antibody test and that will test if you have active antibodies. I know a nursing student who was tested and found to have the antibodies. She never really suffered any symptoms, never self-isolated and continued working all the time she had it. She is now having repeated tests to see if the antibodies are still active. They reckon she had it April time and so far they are still active.
  3. That's interesting as i started feeling unwell after I attended a christening and 2 of the families there have houses in France and go there regularly. It's one of those things that makes me wonder how we would ever know if we achieved herd immunity because without getting the antibody test there are thousands of people who will never know for sure if they have had it.
  4. I actually think I had it last year and speaking to my hairdresser think it's possible we've had it longer than we think. I got what I thought was a mild cold in November/early December last year. I say mild cold because apart from a fever at the start and developing a very annoying dry cough that lasted for months I had no other symptoms. I worked all the way through it, went to the gym etc. There was a lady in front of me at Pilates classes who complained with exactly the same symptoms. My husband's Aunt also had it all over Christmas. We both are prone to chesty coughs and we were talking a
  5. I think we'll only be able to look back on this and make a full assessment of just how bad the government played this in about a decades time. I think there are so many things we don't know we'll only be able to compare and contrast different countries approaches with hindsight. I wish we had taken New Zealand's approach and locked down sooner and done our best to avoid all of this shitshow. Our government opted for herd immunity and every single one of us is in some way paying the price for that. I'd be interested to know if long Coivd is something that resulted from the lack of/poor tr
  6. Yes I'm not saying we shouldn't continue to be careful and obviously those in an at risk group should absolutely take care and wearing masks and washing your hands etc is just a basic decency that we can all suck up for the greater good. I just worry about the impact of the loss of jobs etc to people in the long term particularly for all arts lovers. It's completely unsustainable and depression etc could end up being a bigger killer longer term.
  7. I am. I have a friend who has never had a positive covid test but is presumed to have had it (had to go to hospital twice with it in the very early days when they were only testing key workers) who is still suffering with post viral fatigue syndrome. I'm not saying it is not right to do these things and as I have clearly stated I have been more than complying with all measures we've had to do this year at a cost to my health both physical and mental. It's just for every story I hear about covid I seem to be hearing 10 more about other issues that have been allowed to slide because of it so as
  8. Exactly I think for me whether people have it or not isn't as much of an issue as whether people are suffering really badly with it/dying from it. If 50000 people lose their sense of taste for a week or have a bit of an annoying cough I don't really think that merits any change in our behaviour whereas people in ICU and people dying clearly does. I think that's why a lot of the stats we see feel meaningless. I want to know really how many people still need hospitalisation, is the NHS overwhelmed with cases. Don't get me wrong I have complied absolutely with every measure so far and to be
  9. Exactly it seems the deaths seem to be fairly well contained albeit starting to creep up slightly. I do think we need to balance our approach to this. I know some people think caring about the economy is the worst thing in the world and that peoples lives should be prized above all else but the reality is that the economy contributes to health. Austerity has killed more people than Covid and if we end up in a major global recession there is every chance that people will effectively be dying from the effects of covid measures for decades.
  10. Aw wish that was round here. I bloody love The Bluetones and Mark Morriss is a very funny guy. Would definitely be going if I lived near it.
  11. I was going to say so in answer to the original thread question it seems the answer is never. I don't get to read this thread religiously so don't know if it has been asked and answered but it seems we are getting lots more cases but far fewer deaths. Are we getting better at treating or is the virus becoming less potent (probably not the scientific way of describing it) Just wondering if we can manage it better now are the lockdowns etc as necessary because I personally know 3 people who have had relatives die from Covid but about 15 who have died as a result of cancers tha
  12. Seems like an analogy of 2020. We all went in with high hopes and it just hasn't quite hit the mark. Admittedly 2020 has been so far off the mark that it's like another planet!! Yes I was really excited about Idles but feel they previewed the best of it. Deftones so far not really doing it for me either. Doesn't help that Friday is a busy calls day for me at work so constantly being interrupted.
  13. Ah should i take it off my list then
  14. Seems Cabbage have a new album out today. Have added it to my list.
  15. Totally deserved. Very happy with the outcome.
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