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  1. Think the tv footage is very different to the website footage. We have abandoned the tv footage in favour of just watching the individual sets.
  2. Well every time you refresh is an attempt to connect to the page so if you do it 60 times a minute vs 3 times you’ll have 20 times more chances to be successful. Depending on the auto refresh you use some are sophisticated enough to stop when the page changes!
  3. The main advantage is how often you can do it and whether you can set it up for a range of devices. Auto refresh is every 20 seconds Manually refreshing (depending on how many devices you have will be say roughly every 2-3 seconds) Autorefresh extensions you can specify how often they do it (although more than once a second will likely get you blocked) If you have 2 or 3 devices that you can monitor then auto refresh will theoretical give you most chances for least effort during the actual sale (they can be a faff to set up)
  4. There are more sophisticated ones now that will auto refresh until they detect that they have reached the page.
  5. We had a policy of absolute radio silence from 5 minutes before T day for the resale after that only message allowed were I have bought x
  6. In our house I go old school with manual auto refreshing and my husband does all the technical wizardry he can muster. I do use vpn so that what I do doesn't affect what he does and vice versa. I am also usually responsible for comms in our house to the rest of the group.
  7. Yep completely agree. I listened to the Thom Yorke/ Johnny Greenwood secret set from right behind the sound desk and couldn't see a thing in 2010 and that was my fault I didn't turn up early enough to get a better spot.
  8. This was my view for Wet Leg. I am a short woman and had infinitely more space here than I did for Phoebe Bridgers later in the day. I did choose to watch Orlando Weeks to get that spot but these are the choices you make if you want a good spot for a popular act. If I was pushier I probably could have gotten further forward as well but I had a bit of space to dance which was more important to me.
  9. Yep I think some people forget how far in advance some of the line up decisions have to be made and it's not like they can go to an Other Stage act and say to be honest you're a bit shit and won't draw as much of a crowd would you mind swapping.
  10. There's a special place in hell for people who do that. I like to think that if hell exists those people get dunked in long drops repeatedly and for eternity.
  11. I wonder if a good solution for the chair bit would be to have an actual seated area at some of the big stages with stewards etc and then say they can't be put up elsewhere. I have sympathy with both points of view on the chair thing. I am of an age where I just can't stand for 5 days straight and as someone who gets sciatica periodically I do also need the back support as well so just plonking myself on the ground isn't always an option but I like to think that I am in the category of polite chair user rather than chair w*nker. I take the opportunity to see acts that are more relaxing and don't go right to the front and find a spot to put down a chair and relax for an act or 2. If I was in a very busy crowd I would never use my chair. If I wasn't up to standing for those acts I'd go to a quieter act. You do see a huge number of people though especially in the DiRo crowd and Macca who have full picnic blankets out and lots of chairs in a group and even during the acts they don't put them away (even once they have stood up themselves) Some of the people not even watching the acts and just talking to their friends all the way through. I get being annoyed with those people. It's not like it's a surprise that those sets were busy and I do think it is rude behaviour.
  12. Sound on The Other has been notoriously hit and miss. This year it felt like there were improvements as it was definitely more hit especially for PSB. Although we did make sure we got there early enough to get a good spot.
  13. I'd probably put the money towards another holiday at another time of year and watch it at home.
  14. I have to say I don't know of any organisation that tries so hard to improve year on year as Glastonbury. Every year they will get something wrong but it's rare that they keep getting the same thing wrong. There are some things though that they can't do anything about and we as punters have to accept some accountability ourselves and that is they cannot make every stage have a huge capacity. If an act with a big following is on a smaller stage then you either have to get there early to get a good spot or accept that you should just swerve it and avoid the crowds. The same with Thursday night. Frankly if they receive too many complaints about it the easiest thing to do is just stop having anything on Thursday at all. The same with after hours stuff everyone flocks to SEC even though there is stuff all over the site. I'm not sure what they can do about it other than deliberately make SEC shit so people stop going.
  15. Arlo Parks with Phoebe Bridgers was a great one for me!
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