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  1. broken monkey


    https://www.gigsandtours.com/event/lorde-the-solar-power-tour/alexandra-palace/1983726?awc=7816_1624949461_61c057b3cfcb33d03418f41ce3c11986&AFF=aw code: strangeairlines
  2. This Lizzo gig was our favourite show of the whole year. Heartbreaking when you think of all the great artists that aren’t getting discovered or propelled to the next level without festivals and tv coverage like this.
  3. Arcade Fire from 2007!! One of my all time favourite shows!
  4. In Kent, a 24yr old friend yesterday booked her first jab for tonight, and has her 2nd in 8 weeks time.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I think we'll play it by ear and decide much closer to the time, especially when we have more of an idea with that the weather might be doing. We're based 4hrs away in Kent, so emergency collection may prove difficult. Hoping the granparents will be willing to take her for the whole 5 days to be honest.
  6. Our first born is due in August, so she'll be about 10 months old by the next festival. I know everyone's different but we're hoping to still make it to Glastonbury next year and aim to rope the grandparents into sitting for the 5 days (we have 3 sets so this could be shared).
  7. 1. Billie Marten – ‘Flora Fauna’ 2. Gruff Rhys – ‘Seeking New Gods’ 3. Weezer – ‘Van Weezer’
  8. Just has a looked up my upcoming gigs and I have one booked for the 19th June (IDLES) and another then next day (20th GN'R). Will be quite frustrating to miss the cutoff by a matter of days.
  9. ALBUMS OF THE YEAR Run The Jewels - RTJ4 Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia IDLES - Ultra Mono Beabadoobee - Fake It Flowers Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 The Lemon Twigs - Songs For The General Public Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff Grimes - Miss Anthropocene The Streets - None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive TRACKS OF THE YEAR The Avalances - Running Red Lights IDLES - Grounds Gorrilaz/Slaves/Slowthai - Momentary Bliss The Lemon Twigs - No One Holds You Beabadoobee - Worth It Childish Gambino - 35.31 Run The Jewels - Ooh la la SAULT - Wildfires IDLES - Model Village Grandaddy - RIP Coyote Condo #5
  10. I've ordered from them many times previously and never had any issues other than orders taking a while to be dispatched. Got some great deals though so can't really grumble. 10% off for first orders too.
  11. broken monkey


    Hardly, left 2 bloody tents behind! 😉
  12. Same. I think yesterday was easier as I could take my mind off of it by working (half heartedly), but the weekend just feels like a waste of time where I know we should all be somewhere better.
  13. Coldplay in 2002. I was 21 (that's no excuse), but I remember really enjoying them.
  14. @Sasperella @D-Low @Wellyboot Thanks all. Just reading the EFests forums has been a huge help, especially knowing how we're all missing the greatest place on earth and feeling a huge sense of loss in same way with not being there. My family are about 2hrs away so have been sharing memoriesand thinking of the good times virtually. Big love to all of the Efestivals community, you really are a big factor in what makes the whole Glastonbury experience what it is and why I'll always be a gold subscriber. xx
  15. Apologies in advance for a downer of a post. Really finding it hard today. Just had a reminder of a photo taken 10yrs ago today with my youngest brother and sister. My brother passed away at the end of Feb (non covid reasons) at the age of 33. Was the biggest Muse fan, and despite many mental health issues he made it to the festival and had an amazing time in 2010 (he was also there in 2004). I've not really had a chance to grieve or come to terms with what happened as lockdown occured days after his funeral and nothing has been close to 'normal' since that time. It's only just hit me that I'll never get to create any new memories with him. He adored the festival, the people and all that it stood for and I loved watching his face as he noticed something extraordinary or amusing occuring. Most of his favourite stories were from the fesitival, he had an amazing memory and could recount the tiniest details years later. Missing you so much Rob. x
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