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  1. Oh, I didn't mean anything negative by pointing this out. Just meant that the festival boundary is even bigger now, which would be even more impressive when overlaying on areas! 😎
  2. This is really cool but also a few years out of date it seems. Doesn't include much of the expanded campsites from the past 5 or so years (Rivermead, Pylon, Darble, South Park, Baileys, etc).
  3. broken monkey


    Don’t worry, TicketWeb are definitely legit - used them plenty of times before and always find them easier to get tickets through.
  4. broken monkey


    Got them for Brixton via Ticketweb. Sold out crazy quick though. Thursday date now on sale via O2 priority.
  5. broken monkey


    Just checking! I've missed out on 2 presales already, fingers crossed for Brixton tickets tomorrow. Been an expensive week ticketwise.
  6. broken monkey


    Where they even on sale today?
  7. 1. Stormzy 2. Lizzo 3. Janelle Monae
  8. If it’s either of those, I’m staying well away then. 😂
  9. Someone pretty big playing BBC intro at 1.30pm. Wouldn’t say who other than hinted at male solo who was playing a major stage later on.
  10. It’s probably 30mins tops but that’s with backpacks and dragging trolleys. With the ground conditions, it’s a breeze.
  11. Arrived in Pink 50 at 11am. Walked to gate D and was in Rivermead by 11.59am. Quickest entry yet and perfect start to festival. So sorry to hear of issues at gate A, something needs to be sorted in future to prevent a repeat of this situation. Emjiy the festival all, this is going to be a classic!!
  12. 2016 we arrived around 12pm on the Weds and walked straight in through gate D. 2017, arrived earlier at 11am Weds and was warned about gate D waiting time. Ended up at gate A and was in by 1pm. Some friends arrived at gate A around 2pm and walked straight in. 2017 was the year of extra security checks though so that may have been the cause.
  13. Sorry to hijack thread, but I also have a spare parking pass available for £35 if @stebags ticket has gone. Will send via next day recorded.
  14. But surely things could turn around again just as quickly with the next run of charts? Basically we probably won’t know for sure for a while yet. Calm down dearests. 😎
  15. broken monkey


    I’ve done that before but the other way around (in queue to see band on Weds, gives friends their tickets and realises they were for the night before). 😳
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