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  1. This reminds me of a student classic- melted cheese on noodles on toast.... Mmmmmm
  2. This is exactly my point- I think its critical this time to avoid an disastrous outcome even if you don't get your ideal one!
  3. I'd prefer if it wasn't too hot myself- ideally say 20-25C with a mix of sun and cloud. Overcast is fine- just prefer sun to pissing rain and mud!
  4. Yes of course- and in this case voting against the bullshit and fascism is vital in that case
  5. That is a valid, albeit not particularly productive, choice too.
  6. For you maybe- for anyone with any kind of mobility issues mud is a nightmare, so serious that it can completely make or ruin their festival. The entire running of site becomes near impossible beyond a certain level of mud- vehicles get stuck and everything is churned into quagmire. It also takes the site far longer to recover and the cleanup is horrendous.
  7. This is absolutely the wrong decision: non-voters and the undecided have the most power for real change. Generations fought (and sometimes died) for the right of universal suffrage- many is the world still to not have it and would give anyhting to be able to. It is our right and our privilege as citizens to exercise the right to vote- whoever you choose. No party is perfect but find the one closest to what you believe in- this time is more important than ever.
  8. Mud 1000% worse. You can't sit anywhere, you are constantly wet and cold, need so many layers, take forever to get anywhere, slips and trips and twisted ankles are a real risk. Heat you can deal with - a good hat, stay suncreamed and hydrated and all is fine!
  9. I wouldn't hold your breath- the website currently says: 'The Recycling Team (litter pickers, etc) is recruited by the Festival. For 2020, those who worked successfully in 2019 will be invited back and thereafter applications will ONLY be taken from people who have been recommended by previous recyclers who should email in January 2020' There may be some dropouts though so you never know!
  10. LeeHC

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    Both are fish. Scientific fact is what it is.
  11. LeeHC

    5G @ Glastonbury 2019

    No, no and no again. This is an issue of scientific fact, not opinion. You may think the moon is made of cheese, this does not change the physical reality that is not.
  12. So many questions... Does it taste like soda water or tonic water though? The horror of ending up with a gin and soda is too much to bear....
  13. They were in the porch not the bedroom- also I had to put pants on, even in that state they didn't deserve that fate... (I'm not claiming I was in the right- but you react how you react..)
  14. LeeHC

    Pangea.... Thoughts

    ????? missed opportunity of the festival!!
  15. We had someone get in our tent- still don't know if they were on the rob or just lost. Amazingly I woke up as soon as they tried to open the zip and screaming 'GET THE F**K OUT OF MY TENT!!' at him at the top of my voice shifted him quickly enough...
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