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  1. But it doesn't benefit the festival to do this does it? They'd rather you were spending money in the bars than bringing your own booze in anyway...
  2. I doubt they'll be allowed to undercut the bars much sadly... Will they have ice- that's the big question!!
  3. LeeHC

    2019 Map

    Even the small amount I endured passing by still causes occasional flashbacks of horror... What the F was going on with the random 'rapper' they had on stage with them I'll never know..
  4. LeeHC

    2019 Map

    If this location for the Pier is correct it looks like it could create a hellish bottleneck...
  5. Hmm, sounds like a taste test is in order pre-fest!
  6. What is the new cider then?
  7. LeeHC

    SE corner line ups...

    She'll almost certainly do NYC Downlow as she seems to be bezzie mates with Gideon & co.. Her set at Gala festival last year was awesome!
  8. Hanging out in the green fields- lizard and toad hall etc sounds closest to what you and Frostypaw were getting at I agree- had some great times hanging out by little fires on the edge chatting and 'indulging'! Still, the first proper Shangri-la with its micro venues was one of my most mind-bending glasto experiences!
  9. Because most plastic bottles are made from 'virgin' plastic and can't easily be recycled into more bottles. Cans on the other hand can be easily made into new cans again and again, no disposal needed.
  10. Pretty sure they supply bread to Goose Hall staff catering- so they'll be there for ever!!
  11. LeeHC

    The 2019 Food Thread

    This is the news I needed! Who cares who headlines- I need some Crumptious in my life!!
  12. It's a corn starch coating I think. Probably a bit more expensive so not more widely used. Something a bit like this https://www.glastonburyspringwater.co.uk/cups/biodegradable-paper-cups-12oz/
  13. All the paper cups used on site are compostable- as are the plates and wooden cutlery. I _think_ they can go into a biomass generator too..
  14. Can... of..,. milk?!?
  15. As far I can tell cans of drinks are ok, just not plastic bottles!
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