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  1. He came twice in 20 years (and the same weekend) as a guest, will probably never do it again given the slack he received afterwards, and yet this forum seems to think he’s popping up everywhere. That’s just not fair. Yes they have been hit and miss in the last ten years, and they certainly peaked at Viva, but Everyday Life alone was one of their best records.
  2. Went to see Pixies with no expectations and it was a pleasant hour. Went to see Editors with no expectations and left after 40 minutes. Don’t know if I went with a bias given they should not be headlining but that is... not good. Overall a pleasant day (and first time on the lovely PKP site), but they will need a better line up to get me back next year.
  3. Liam should have been the headliner. Tent was absolutely packed and atmosphere was top notch. Sadly the crowd was dead for Wolf Alice. Can’t wait to see them again in November though. We thought we had to leave early for this so only saw half of Parquet Courts but that was really good.
  4. Change again as Editors is now scheduled to play 5 more minutes. No shuttle buses tomorrow by the way. Great.
  5. Pretty sure there have been slight adjustments on the timetable? Liam G playing 1h and the festival now ending at 0.50.
  6. Surely Arctic Monkeys playing 1h10 cant be right?! Not going, but : God.
  7. Some reactions on this weekend. - Overall it was a pleasant experience but we did the festival after 4-5 days exploring the Basque Country and had the silly idea to do a 15 km in the mountains the day before. Had a bit of stress to get on time at the camping too, so with the crazy Thursday we were exhausted by Day 2. Still managed to see 4-5 acts a day. - Felt also different than our Belgian festivals as gigs are starting at 1-2 pm here. 5-6 pm start with nothing too interesting early on at BBK and therefore not getting on site before 7 was a bit strange to get used to. Took the time to visit San Mamés, Guggenheim and eat pintxos the afternoon but it didnt help with fatigue. - Cashless thing was on point, but... Not the biggest fan. Sometimes they forget to tell you how much you’ve paid / is left and there’s no way you can keep track by yourself. Aaand it goes fast with such crazy prices (though the 10€ beers were definitely not 50cl). - Ridiculous how this was so easy to get at the front for every single gig of the weekend (unless maybe J Balvin who felt packed, but I was at Slowthai). And I’m used to Rock Werchter! I showed up 15 minutes before LCD and was at the front. Surreal. - Overall the atmosphere was brilliant and crowds were great. Put Werchter to shame but it’s not like Werchter is known for its atmosphere... Place was packed on Friday and Saturday, not too much on Thursday. - I’m not sure one single gig I’ve attended (bar LCD and Slowthai) started on time. Is this a new thing since COVID of what? Kudos to M.I.A. who showed up late and ended playing a 50 min set. Not my thing anyway. - Sound wasn’t good for most headline sets, which is a shame. Bass were like way too loud?James Murphy vocals were almost inaudible at times. Still one of my favorite gigs ever (and unfortunately it was Day 1, so nothing could top that after). - Not the biggest fan of everything The Killers has released but I finally get the reactions seen on the forum the last few weeks, as they were bloody good. The Werchter 18 debacle is forgiven... Stromae also put on a show and I’m surprised how much he seems to be popular there. - Phoebe Bridgers was absolutely magical as expected. What a way to open a festival. And I might see her again in Amsterdam next week. - Slowthai!!! Went with no expectations at all, but ended with one of the sets of the festival despite the small crowd. Started slowly but won us over in no time. In short I would do it again, but in another setting. I feel like we didnt take enough time to wander around the site (tbf the field is not that big but the Basoa/Lasoi is great with the view on the city). 2023 tickets were at 110 which is a bargain but I’ll wait for the line up anyway. (2 minutes before Kelly Lee Owens)
  8. Phoebe B was absolutely MAGICAL. Will make a review at the end of the festival but so far : amazing location, crazy prices (10€ for a 50cl beer) and easy to get at the front of the main stages.
  9. Still hard to process. Not sure I’ve seen a better festival day this year. What a crazy run. Have fun everyone !
  10. None of the acts is playing more than 75 minutes which is a bit underwhelming to be fair (not that I was interested in a 100 min Editors headline set...). Still a decent day. Parquet Courts ending 5 minutes before Wolf Alice is unfortunate, but overall there are no major clashes.
  11. Arctic Monkeys / Nine Inch Nails Kendrick Lamar / Arcade Fire (AF could even play in the dark should Kendrick have a shorter set) Rage Against the Machine / QOTSA Taylor Swift / The National (wont change my mind on this) Boutique : Billie Eilish
  12. Phoebe now playing at 7.15 on a bigger stage. Absolutely delightful from the festival.
  13. Nice to see Carly getting the crowd she deserves in Belgium. Her indoor show in 2020 was a bit of a flop given we were barely 400 people. Anyone was there yesterday?
  14. 182 with fees actually, but yeah it’s worth it. Still no further info about the LCD / Phoebe situation 😕
  15. VCF

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Give me some A World Alone please (though unlikely).
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