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  1. I'm still hoping for The National as a sub (or even Barn headliner as they did at PKP in the Marquee). There's still a gap between their last EU date (21 June) and their first US date (15 July), but I assume the Eaux Claires festival is planned somewhere in there? It is planned but no date has been confirmed yet.
  2. The Cure, Chems, FKA Twigs and Foals on the same day. Wow. And a nice line up overall.
  3. Was planning to do this over Werchter (Wed and Thurs are spectacular) but this is getting a bit ridiculous. It makes the Friday really bland overall, but I think the price increase situation is worse than the actual announcement.
  4. Gang of Youths to open the main stage on Friday is a nice addition. Could be tempted to go if a strong sub to The Strokes is announced in the coming weeks.
  5. I'm getting a bit worried about Cage The Elephant. They only have the Saturday left on their schedule and that would imply playing for 5 straight days. One band with the C I'd love to see is Crystal Fighters, they were great in 2017. Looks like they have only announced Spanish dates for now, hoping to see more from them in the next weeks.
  6. Well, Keane have not played Werchter since 2007. So they don't really fit into that category. Saw them on Monday at the AB and even though it was a bit long for my taste, I think they have the songs to be a good 60-min-or-so act in the late afternoon. I'm not sure they will headline or even sub the Barn. Anyway, this is turning out pretty well imo.
  7. Well they played in 2002 (AB) actually, but I get your point. It's been almost 20 years. Would still be a really nice surprise though.
  8. Definitely their best work in the last ten years, but I understand why they're not touring it (it's a shame tho). I don't see a lot of songs in there that would fit the big outdoor stadiums/festivals Coldplay are drawing nowadays... So if Coldplay is still a thing for this summer, I would not expect to hear more than two or three of these new songs. On another topic, I didn't realize Arcade Fire were a rumor for APE in May/June. Would love to see them again, but will they still consider RW in the future after their performance in 2017 (and disappointing crowd)...
  9. Too much in the sense that some could expect from Werchter to put a rockier act at TW Classic to counterbalance with the pop names in their two other day events. But yeah these are separate events so my point may not be valid, I don’t know! In terms of ticket sales it would obviously be a very big move. That being said, I don’t know who else will be touring at the time and could take the TW spot.
  10. I understand your point and as you said it would probably be better for the festival anyway. What made me think there's a slight chance to see them perform at the festival (apart from Ken earlier hints - not the Pinkpop post) is that Werchter has already booked Taylor Swift and Billie for their one day events, and I don't really see them giving the TW Classic spot to another poppy name. It could happen of course, but wouldn't Coldplay/Swift/Billie be... too much? There's still the possibility of a Coldplay gig on their own but if they're back with a big tour they probably need a stad
  11. It will happen at some point, I don't have any info but there were rumours on the Coldplay fanbase about the single being postponed by one week. They've been teasing a lot these last two days. Anyway with all the rumors going on and Ken's hints, I would be quite pleased with a line-up like this (don't know if that's realistic, Dua Lipa may be too low): Dua Lipa / The National / Tame Impala Royal Blood / Coldplay Liam Gallagher / The Strokes / Lana del Rey Prophets of Rage / SOAD / Pearl Jam w/Foals, Lorde, Thom Yorke, Stormzy.. as potential tent closing act
  12. There is the spider web reference in Trouble, but I would be surprised to see a festival teasing with something related to the Parachutes era.
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