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  1. Wow. Just, …wow. I know we’ve all heard a million covid-excuses and we’re we’re all a bit cynical, but I work in the events industry and what Latitude pulled off this weekend with the current constraints was pretty fucking miraculous. Yes there were fewer food and drink concessions, so you had to wait a bit. Did that really make it a lousy festival? Rather than going back to 2019 and beyond, try comparing Latitude 2021 with Latitude 2020. See how far you get there
  2. Anyone know when the Latitude app is likely to show stage times?
  3. That Moby album is amazing. It’s a Best of… album and yet it’s all new. Sitting here in the Lisbon sunshine with a glass of wine totally overcome by this record.
  4. Santigold was going to play West Holt’s about three years ago and then pulled out suddenly. Anyone know why? And is she ever going to release anything again?
  5. Booked my tickets for this. I’m not a massive fan or anything. They’re OK. Better than OK. I quite like them. But they’re a big band to be playing a small venue like Dingwalls. 500 people. Packed together. It’s going to be fantastic…! In fact, even if I hated them I’d be counting off the days with excitement.
  6. It’s a bit like waiting to find out which countries are on the green list…
  7. Someone has just introduced me to Second Life by Dawn Richard. Am I right in saying I have until midnight to change my mind? Listening to it now. And enjoying it so far, so might change my mind.
  8. 1) Fred Again - Actual Life (April 14 - December 17 2020) 2) Lake Haze - Sun Rising on Concrete Landscapes 3) London Grammar - Californian Soil
  9. ill check that out. if you're a kora fan, also release this month is a fabulous album form Ballaké Sissoko.
  10. Ooh. I hope this is setting the scene for a new DJ Format album.
  11. The Courtyard is tiny (and a little bit shit, but I haven't really said that as we need to support our venues on the roadmap to recovery). Hasn't David Balfe been reading the efestivals album of the month thread? He's going to sell out both those nights in about five minutes.
  12. I am quite enjoying this. I am always a little unsure about such incredibly white people playing afrobeat, but I think this is Only if the mules came too!! Actually, other than Wayne Coyne's unicorn, have there been any other animal appearances at Glastonbury...?
  13. For March... ...with 39 voters, we saw the same participation as February. We cited 38 albums, two more than last month. The full scores of the top five were: For Those I Love - For Those I Love 46 points Lana Del Ray - Chemtrails over the Country Club 30 points Arab Strap - As Days get Dark 25 points Black Honey - Written & Directed 15 points Valerie June - The Moon and The Stars 11 points 21 albums had only one supporter championing their cause, but the level of passion was greater - more single vote albums had three points than ones or twos. The strength of support for For Those I Love was decisive - 18 people voted for it (compared to 15 for Lana Del Ray) but of those 18, 11 of you gave it maximum points (compared to only five people awarding three points to Lana).
  14. Stats to come. Sadly my laptop has crashed so I had to do that all on my phone. I was petrified the phone would ring and I’d lose it all.
  15. It’’s results time In fifth place Valerie June - The Moon and The Stars Fourth place Black Honey - Written & Directed Third place Arab Strap - As Days get Dark Second place Lana Del Ray - Chemtrails over the Country Club And this March’s number one album is... For Those I Love - For Those I Love
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