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  1. Woah, hold on… what poster? What have I missed. Poster for this year?
  2. I’m sure there are normally many more self-confirmed acts at this stage in the proceedings?
  3. Patrick Wolf was amazing. I went to see him a few times subsequently, hoping he'd live up to the promise of that amazing performance. Sadly he never did.
  4. "Right, whoever's got the double six can lay down the first tile..."
  5. If Glastonbury was going for a trio of women headliners, there's one female artist out there right now, who released more studio albums than any of those three, is ten times more exciting than any of those three, way more 'relevant' right now than any of those three (although I'm not 100% sure I know what that means). They should take a risk and put Little Simz in the headline slot.
  6. Also, enjoying Aurora’s new album, but did anyone else get a physical copy? The typeface chosen has to be one of the biggest design fails ever. I’ve never seen such unreadable text.
  7. Lovely new song from Moullinex, his first since Requiem for Empathy.
  8. Good content needs supporting. And good content providers need support. Thanks for all you do Neil. Just donated.
  9. I’ve always hated Wellington boots. Only ever done Glastonbury in DMs or trail running shoes. BUT - just this very evening, before I’d even seen this thread - I tried on a pair of Le Chameau boots. OMG. Game changer! I’ve never worn anything so comfortable. You totally forget you have boots on.
  10. Has anyone had any experience of Horizons Music. I was looking for a copy of the Fontaine’s DC Live at Kilmainham Gaol on vinyl. Sold out everywhere else. But not there. I was about to click on submit on my order but suddenly something made me have second thoughts. I checked online and there seems to be a shed load of negative reviews. But… they’re the only retailer stocking it. What do people think? Should I go for it?
  11. Little Simz - SIMBI Bicep - Isles For Those I Love - For Those I Love Sault - Nine Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Carnage
  12. 1) Little Simz - SIMBI 2) Easy Life - Life's a Beach 3) Moullinex - Requiem for Empathy 4) UNKLE - Ronin I 5) Bicep - Isles 6) Sault - Nine 7) Jungle - Loving in Stereo 8) Nick Cave - Carnage 9) Everyone You Know - Just for the times 10) Wax Tailor - The shadow of their suns almost making it were albums by CHVRCHES, Viagra Boys, Joel Culpepper, London Grammar and Black Country New Road
  13. Ignore this. I should have scrolled down first
  14. Is this where we post our own top ten albums of the year? Or is it a thread about other, published AOTYs
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