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  1. Worth a listen just to hear Elton doing one of the best Bowie impersonations
  2. Sensational. It’s unbelievable that Sault is not bigger. 5, 7 and now this.
  3. Oh, god, sorry. I said it had been a fairly intense day. Yes, @blutarsky your turn.
  4. Sorry - been a busy day. No, those three names are perfect. And, @paulshane for a bonus point, do you know the year?
  5. Ok. Thanks. So, three stages. What are they now, and when did they rebrand? Jazz World Stage NME Stage New Band Stage
  6. Yup. I said it was an easy one. Over to you, Barney McGrew
  7. I think this next one is really easy. But it’s a neat segway from my last half-wrong answer. I want three answers. Shirley Bassey took the legends slot in which year? Which headliner performed one of her greatest hits as a tribute? And what was the song?
  8. I know half the answer. But I think my artist is wrong. It was All in game. The writer is a Charles Dawes. My mother had two cassettes in her car. Only two and one was a Cliff Richard tape. And all our holidays involved long car journeys in the UK, so I knew those songs back to front. All in the wonderful game, that we know, as love... There is a rose in Spanish Harlem... All my love... Ah, memory lane But I can’t remember Cliff Richard playing Glastonbury. He wasn’t the original artist. So, a complete guess - Shirley Bassey.
  9. Yes - spot on. The Spike was fabulous last year. A cool and refreshing refuge from the afternoon sun.
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