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  1. FBS will do are least one secret set, surely
  2. Don’t mind where she plays. If she has her milkshakes with her, ill be there. They’re better than anyone else’s, damn right!
  3. He played West Holts in 2017. Subbed West Holts on the Friday. Absolutely fantastic. My highlight from that year. I had to look up who headlined WH that night. Dizzee Rascal.
  4. Loyle Carner - 2017 - John Peel Loyle Carner - 2019 - Other stage
  5. I think you should delete and restart every week. If that’s not too much of a pain.
  6. Friday to Sunday. You’ll still have a great time. A better time, I think than if you split it in half. And then you emerge as the hero who gave up half their Glastonbury. It’s only one year.
  7. Exactly - still nothing on any of his social channels.
  8. How many of us don’t drink but do take drugs? I’m sure I’m not the only one - but it totally screws up the assumptions on surveys like this
  9. Sam Fender has just cancelled for the third time!
  10. Ooh - just spotted - a new Everything is Recorded single out this week. Does that mean there might be more to come? With live shows?
  11. I’m not a fan, but for context - yes, they’ve had four number 1s, but they’ve been in the top 30 (the hit parade, as it would have been called 39 years ago when they started) a fairly strong 42 times. Theyve sold 50 million records. I repeat, I'm not a fan, and it’s highly unlikely I will watch them this year, but I do think they deserve a bit of respect
  12. Didn’t Sofi Tucker cancel at the last minute last year. Can anyone remember why? I vaguely remember an injury but that could have been someone else.
  13. Such is the enthusiasm for Bombay Bicycle Club that, despite being posted two hours ago, news of their self-confirmation has elicited no comments!
  14. I would love to see the Howl and the Hum play Glastonbury. I think those guys have a lot of potential.
  15. Also inducted are T-Rex - Glastonbury’s very first headliner. Ironic - surely Depeche Mode has to the biggest British how-come-they’ve-never-played band.
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