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  1. I might see you there I will be scanning and wrist banding
  2. My daughter has the cough
  3. It probably was me as I popped in for a drink and use the loos. You should have come and said hello
  4. marathonsteve

    Sound issues

    Billy Bragg had to complete with a dj set from another tent
  5. The ribbon tower is rather naked today as no ribbons yet
  6. There was a spattering of raindrops today I won’t even call it a shower
  7. I am here the ground is dryyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. They are doing short extracts from the plays but as to times I would also be interested
  9. Yes its in Theatre field on draught
  10. I still take a laminated copy sad I know
  11. marathonsteve

    Bar Crawl?

    Avalon is good enjoy
  12. For some strange inexplicable reason I am out of up votes I maybe gave out tooooo many
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