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  1. Here I am drinking in my local Wetherspoons a refreshing pint of Brewdog Punk IpA 5.4 % .I hasten to add not my normal tipple as the Real Ale was a bit astray. It was Eat out for 50% off on a Monday,. A chap on the next table was delivered two meals for himself. He eats one meal and some of the second meal and was given a doggy bag to take away for the second meal.. I was Agog
  2. A Northern Soul Fan paid £100,000 for the Motown single Do I Love you (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson. The buyer said it was like finding the "Holy Grail" Only 2 copies are known to survive 250 were pressed.
  3. Sad News Indeed
  4. I bought a double duvet and wrapped it around me on a camping bed at my first Glastonbury Bad mistake as it kept coming off. The second one I bought two sleeping bags one inside the other which was brilliant but bulky to carry. The next time I bought a duck down sleeping bag, second hand on e bay.. GAME ON
  5. Saw Michael Kiwanuka at Green Man and he was good
  6. Still watching Coldplay How were The Chemical brothers
  7. Adele was Great and there is nothing wrong with Coldplay
  8. Our Bar manager managed to slip away to watch Adele which was one of the reasons I was gutted !!!
  9. So was I till 3 am Gutted
  10. Yes he's Smashing it
  11. Sad I know but I have my Glastonbury festival map in front of me looking at the places of interest !!! and a Great Nick Cave set
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