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  1. Up to 10000 allowed at outdoor concerts from next week.Not much details yet however
  2. I have seen it several times now. Still amazing
  3. Only to be expected really
  4. Gerry Marsden has died
  5. Does it count that I am recording it !!!!
  6. I do a fair few festivals but the Girls and Guys are working up to the last minute till the Paying customers come in. Truly wondrous.
  7. Yes still not done, but as you say its incredible watching it all come together. Your thinking to your self, why have they left it so late, but off course they know the completion date don't they !!!
  8. I came on site Sunday last time. I was gob smacked by how many people were already there and I was blown away how much they still had to do building wise, even the Ribbon Tower wasn't complete. All came good in the End.
  9. I found it hard to find at first but its a lively place
  10. It has to be said that we mainly use the crew bars for the loos whilst walking to other places. Theres no requirement to drink there.
  11. It does vary from crew bar to crew bar. We turned up at the Acoustic crew bar one year before the festival got going and they were very happy to take our money. Once it started we weren't allowed in. So our cash will be going elsewhere.
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