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  1. marathonsteve

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    Belgium Beer Rules OK
  2. marathonsteve

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    Brill . Funky fairy
  3. marathonsteve

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    I am not a veteran yet but I am going to try and get there monday. Maybe
  4. marathonsteve

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    Apologies Amended
  5. marathonsteve

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    They will go live at 11 for Glastonbury and other festivals. Look at their website and facebook page well before then. The priority people could book from 5th.
  6. marathonsteve

    Rob da Bank??

    Common people in Oxford is not mentioned
  7. marathonsteve

    Which area has the most success on ticket day?

  8. marathonsteve

    Is the nightlife open to everyone?

    Its still I believe Challenge 25 at the bars
  9. marathonsteve

    Recycling and Litter Picking

    Wateraid opened up their applications on 16th if anyone is interested
  10. marathonsteve

    Fake or real ,line up poster 2019

    No Spice girls Must be Fake!!!!
  11. marathonsteve

    Rum Shack looking for acts

    Does it require Rum and what is the difference between dark / clear rum It tastes the same !!!!!!!!
  12. marathonsteve


    Saw them at EOTR Really good
  13. marathonsteve

    Want to buy a tent in the Jan sales

    People tell me that a "double skin" tent is the best to get. I however know no better and buy them from car boot sales. What ever your choice take it home with you please.
  14. marathonsteve

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Go seek the DRAGON
  15. marathonsteve

    Glastonbury Virgin

    I don't do wellies but my daughter and her friends do. DO NOT FORGET the said wellie socks