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  1. Porridge Radio and The Murder capital are up there as well.
  2. Jade Bird and Algiers are up there as well
  3. Squid I have seen and they are good
  4. I have seen Michael Kiwanuka a few times and he is good.
  5. marathonsteve


    Drip drip drip Wonder if there going to be another announcement before New year
  6. I shall take a look at this
  7. 2013 due to my daughter buying the tickets. Truly wondrous and a tingle down my spine when walking around.
  8. There surely must be a 51st one
  9. marathonsteve

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes its well early for them
  10. Beware Big Time You will only be told your shifts on the coach going down with Avalon
  11. marathonsteve

    Lewis Capaldi

    I have seen him a few times and he's good
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