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  1. clarkete


    Aye, with hindsight perhaps Janet should have spent more time working on her show then engaging in scintillating discussions with the UKs premier festival community.
  2. clarkete


    *Pages jntsrb for some scintillating Lizzo stats*
  3. clarkete


    As with @gmb1992 I went to Brixton last Wednesday. I'd seen her in West Holts last year and that was my favourite set of the weekend, her own show got an even more OTT reception. As soon as you came out of the tube there were lots of keen touts trying to buy any spares, not much sign of them selling. Once she started even the less well known songs got a crazy reception, loads of the crowd singing along and then 30 seconds to a minute of rapturous applause whilst her and the dancers smiled and waited patiently for us to finish. Once she got the flute out or started having a boogie, those young pups really lost their sh*t Not sure if I've seen many gigs like it over 35 years.
  4. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/happy-birthday-dear-nelson-and-sorry-about-the-apartheid-tour-1.1272858
  5. clarkete

    Fake Poster....

    Boy, did I ever pick the wrong internet content to masturbate to.
  6. clarkete

    Deluxe Diner

  7. 1. I think that would be counter-productive to any sympathetic response, either from the festival and see themselves or from the general public - who are far less familiar with the process than those here and would not understand the fine points of the issue or that it's a more deserving case than their own failures to purchase tickets this year. 2. Don't they explicitly say that your order isn't confirmed until you've received the confirmation email? Without the number it's a very difficult investigation.
  8. clarkete

    Diana Ross

    B*gger. Been hoping for her for a few years, now she sneaks in when I haven't yet got a ticket.
  9. I'm not sure that's the right tactic in such a scenario, for a number of reasons.
  10. Phew! That would have made for a much less traumatic book/film.
  11. Listen, if you can't make Sophie's Choice, then you clearly don't deserve the chance.
  12. Checks Thingy. I think this may be the earliest yet that we've had one of these threads created. Well done/Badly done *delete as applicable
  13. I did the same as you and didn't succeed, indeed only one of them consistently even kept the queuing page, others showed it, but then went on to error. None of them even got to enter reg details let alone payment - same experience Thursday too.
  14. I had multiple IPs and based on my failure this year and success (or not) in previous years this factor made b*gger all difference. Plenty of years I've had multiple addresses and someone else using an Ipad over 3g succeeded instead. It's nice of you to definitively eliminate it though
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