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  1. clarkete

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Stop press. Man who owns farm has supported Labour for decades, presumably still supports Labour.
  2. No wonder old people hate young people and vice versa. Class War Now!
  3. clarkete

    Refresh apps?

    But you can definitely block too many requests coming from the same IP within a specific time frame. Plenty of us have had times in the last couple of years where the results we received since these warnings were different to the results received previously, so personally I wouldn't bother as I see little practical advantage.
  4. Is this one of those threads where all the regs are much more happy to discuss than the OP, who didn't supply enough information to make an informed choice and hasn't responded since?
  5. I think you should look it up, as there are lots of contenders, plus several different criteria you could consider which mean it isn't as straightforward as you may expect. Depending where you look some sources talk about Stone Roses, Rolling Stones, Spice Girls and more besides. I couldn't be a***ed after about 5 minutes as I care not a jot.
  6. A couple of times, once when I moved in Wells and went home on a night or two and another time when I was fortunate enough to be able to use one of the tickets from a villager, parked in one of the Pilton car parks and just went back to sleep in the car at night. There were certainly folks in the first year or two I went who had neither bank card or ticket, just the set of clothes they were wearing - presumably not kip, sleep under the stars or sleep in the cinema tent during the day (which several did then)
  7. OK, @Brave Sir Robinseeing that you suggested it and that Neil bestowed an honourary insult upon me this week, I've bunged them a tenner, cheers.
  8. Hats off to anyone that can take an A level after they've double dropped. Sorry (not sorry)
  9. Cheers dear, I'll sleep more soundly in bed tonight x
  10. Curses. I've annoyed Neil tons, but never enough for him to call me a w*nker. @Phoenix GirlI hope you've got a nice frame for that apology, that's worth more than gold 🙂 (sorry Neil 😜) Hopefully now spring is here we can get back to group hugs, arguing about bands or politics and checking prices of spirits.
  11. I can't help it if you write contentious nonsense 😛
  12. Is this just going to carry on ad infinitum of people comparing a poster to full line ups? Roll on the full drop so this thread can be taken out and shot.
  13. Seen em, enjoyed them, content to never see them again.
  14. In really terrible weather when the water is too high I did spend multiple days putting my feet into DMs which were already full of wet mud, but only on one year ever.
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