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  1. It seems that many aspects of the beeb are under concerted pressure to keep costs down, including repeated threats by the current government. I suspect that this is one of the events which had to keep a stringent cap on the costs to be able to continue. As someone who was delighted to have attended the one they did in Bristol, I'd certainly favour them cutting their cloth to suit if that's what they have to do when ****s are still running the world
  2. Folks can watch it on youtube or prime for a couple of quid. The film is well worth a watch for those who want to see the way things were and has some very entertaining footage and stories of LV.
  3. Also Hunt for the Wilderpeople is bloody great and he directed one of the episodes of the Mandalorian.
  4. clarkete

    Taylor Swift

    Not quite what one expected in a pre-Christmas discussion about a pop star was it? Hopefully everyone has had a nice cup of tea and a sit down now.
  5. clarkete

    efests Exit Poll

    Whichever party I vote for and wherever I live, it's a tactical vote for whoever is most likely to keep the Tory out.
  6. Those first 3 episodes have been great I have spoken.
  7. Busier than Dolly? Have you been on the sauce?
  8. Your objections seem fairly skewed to me in a couple of respects. Clearly the hall was named after what came before in that location, which was named after him. A significant proportion of his wealth came directly or indirectly from the slave trade.
  9. Yeah their crowd and everything around it was quite something, more distinct than anything else I've ever seen tbh.
  10. Did they? Honestly never saw much indication of that in the slightest.
  11. clarkete


    Aye, with hindsight perhaps Janet should have spent more time working on her show then engaging in scintillating discussions with the UKs premier festival community.
  12. clarkete


    *Pages jntsrb for some scintillating Lizzo stats*
  13. clarkete


    As with @gmb1992 I went to Brixton last Wednesday. I'd seen her in West Holts last year and that was my favourite set of the weekend, her own show got an even more OTT reception. As soon as you came out of the tube there were lots of keen touts trying to buy any spares, not much sign of them selling. Once she started even the less well known songs got a crazy reception, loads of the crowd singing along and then 30 seconds to a minute of rapturous applause whilst her and the dancers smiled and waited patiently for us to finish. Once she got the flute out or started having a boogie, those young pups really lost their sh*t Not sure if I've seen many gigs like it over 35 years.
  14. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/happy-birthday-dear-nelson-and-sorry-about-the-apartheid-tour-1.1272858
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