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  1. Were you drunk when you wrote this? Given the extraordinary catalogue of claims of questionable accuracy or judgement which @Benja100 has made:- "Just pointing this out but you contribute almost no tax at all. I don't know if you use the NHS, local schools, roads, Police, etc. Or whether you receive one of the myriad of welfare payments available in this country or not. Worth knowing that for the average person in the UK until you earn over roughly £38k you are a net drain on public funds " "I wonder if it was the rich attendees who slash all the tents, leave 1000’s of nitrous canisters behind, and go into other people’s tents with torches and rob them at knifepoint" "And before we get the inevitable comments about tax avoidance, remember that the top 1% of earners pay 28% of the tax take in the UK." "I am simply pointing out that it is hypocritical for person A, who makes very little contribution financially to the state, or in fact is a net drain, to criticise person B for spending their own disposable income on convenience / luxuries as they see fit, when actually person B is what makes person A's existence possible" @Benja100 seemed to be quite wary of being labelled a tory, but I've met tories of all sorts of levels and never heard any of them refer so contemptuously of poor people. Perhaps if it's not too trouble you could consider them too, rather than only taking umbrage at the things people say about the rich as you have been thus far?
  2. How did those festivals compare size-wise? On Wednesday lunchtime at PGA it seemed that security checks were the bit which was the slowest and yet they were not that thorough - it's clear that their focus was on safety and glass in the first instance. In terms of within the site things are very discreet these days on the dealer front compared to how it used to be and that's the sort of issue they really get grief about.
  3. clarkete


    I did a decade or two camping, but couldn't do that again inside the fence. Too old to carry the mountain of stuff I used to, but couldn't bear the idea of scampering to a long drop for a pee (or arrangements with lenor bottles/tupperware/what have you). Also there's what you do with your stuff when it gets rained on - in my teens or twenties I had to put the same wet stuff on the next day and wait for those wet clothes/shoes to warm up. In a van there's space to hang it up so it's dry tomorrow. There's the other things such as fridge/freezer, cooker, etc but they come down the list for me. It's enabled me to attend as an old git where that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. In reference to the CV fields, E25 had clean toilets every time I went - I had a fairly relaxed pool drop every day!
  4. Truth? interesting word to use in the title for such a champion bullshitter.
  5. I also remember the year before the fence the same.
  6. I'll be frank, I wouldn't have been so bloody curteous on my previous post if I'd read this first. Surely you're a troll? If not you really should read your stuff, as you don't half come across as a piece of dirt.
  7. That's not true, but at least you've corrected that today to income tax, rather than repeating the Tory government propoganda (which you can't dispute in this case). https://fullfact.org/economy/do-top-1-earners-pay-28-tax-burden/ My guess is that you're aware that poorer people still pay VAT, duty, NI, Council Tax, therefore I don't know whether your incorrect assertions about who pays for the upkeep of the state are just you getting your wooden spoon out, as most of us here are prone to do or something else?
  8. However it's also important that they remember the continued issuing of the festival's licence is because of the fence, hence they do care about wide scale breaches these days. Thanks for sharing, so many of these questions appear before each festival, so it's interesting to know how they work out - even if as in this case it was unsuccessful. Why should you feel guilty? It sounds like it was the buyer who took on the risk and given their payment arrangement they knew there was a risk of failure.
  9. Indeed, what's this c*nt doing here at all, surely just to troll? The provocative comments about the festival, Extinction Rebellion or other posters "I am not making any truth claims regarding 5 g or even about the bona-fides of Glastonbury as a much loved institution of the Liberal elites." Shove yer TFH pal and I hope it bloody hurts
  10. "So Rich and hard working deserve scrutiny however the lazy and poor people of the world who choose not to work hard should be given the right to blame the people who carve out a career and work long hours for what they have" Plus of course your own sweeping generalisation "I wonder if it was the rich attendees who slash all the tents, leave 1000’s of nitrous canisters behind, and go into other people’s tents with torches and rob them at knifepoint" May I ask what's your source for global income data? People who have compared this to other purchases aren't comparing like with like - he bought two items as (un/officially) anyone does with those accommodation + ticket arrangements. So you capitalists (as opposed to all the Marxists here ffs) should compare it more accurately to when you buy two things and one is delayed or doesn't work out. The delayed bit was the 500 quid tickets, clearly we all believe the two only have intrinsic value together, but perhaps their terms exclude the ticket being guaranteed. I sympathise him, but I still think he's daft, as I'd expect him to think of me when I've transferred significant sums for holidays using ill advised methods. In my case I did what little checking I could to see where my money was going, I haven't noticed this organisation name on here before and am unaware if this chap made his own checks as to their validity.
  11. That seems to be a reasonable take. I guess we won't know what would have happened if he had arrived, found the ticket was not available and left without using the accommodation at all. Would they have provided a full(er) refund?
  12. Have you really? Wow, I'm both impressed, but of course disappointed at the same time, as I hadn't appreciated the endeavour you had taken on board.
  13. I hired a caravan too and I'm older and can afford it, so to be frank I couldn't give a feck what others think. I've had plenty of years in tents so have paid my dues. Do I think I'd deserve the piss take if I'd been as gullible as him? Of course, anyone who has spent two minutes on this very forum would think "this sounds like a dodgy scam and there are better and cheaper ways to do it". Indeed if he had posted someone would have pointed him at some of the better known suppliers. What's all this other sh*te in this subject about poor vs rich? Clearly people can be good or bad whichever, that's not the determining factor. It's not valid that people slate all rich folk, but equally those who think they have the high ground by defending privileged folk merely for their wealth and throwing marxism into it too? It's simply laughable.
  14. This is just you writing negative propaganda as some sort of balance then?
  15. What were you going to do with his ID number, tell yer mum?
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