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  1. Can't pretend I follow anything about him or them, but he was very much included in ones that I thought were historical (although one lawsuit was I believe end 2023 and related to one of them). I'd have been delighted for him not to play, but either way, I don't think G should be the first major UK festival that invites Win. If they did I'd be flabbergasted if it didn't prompt one of the other acts to comment.
  2. For most of the conflicts in the world during much of my life I tend to think I'd like to ask for a ceasefire. Everything else comes once folks aren't killing each other. I appreciate I'm a simplistic old hippy, although to be honest that's always been quite consistent with going to this festival.
  3. clarkete

    NFR NFC 24

    40 miles north of Pilton, we've had occasional showers in the last week or two but some lovely days. This field was waterlogged, even on slopes, last time I took the dog for a walk there...
  4. Congratulations to all those who where successful and commiserations to the many more who weren't
  5. We drove through Eastville recently on the way down to St Marks Road, past the skate place under the M32. There was a massive crowd of youngsters, a banging sound system playing and a skunk smell strong enough you could smell it in the car as we drove past 😂
  6. Oh I'd forgotten the pints. Did see that when one was approaching somehow fairly upright someone stood up and majestically plucked it from the air. Henceforth like an Arthurian tale, they became our leader.
  7. clarkete

    Taking a baby

    A few extra tips here
  8. Very interesting to see another perspective from someone there.
  9. Or Monster of Rock in the 80s, the sky was full of plastic bottles of pish
  10. Isn't that still under review? From Thursday "The tribunal will deliberate on potential sanctions for Dr Benn, which could range from no action to striking her from the medical register."
  11. A joke so good you made it twice?
  12. Yes, I believe historically in Castle Park they've not intervened. The origins... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_(cannabis_culture)
  13. This is what spotify playlist analyser concluded from the list that @gigpusher had shared with me of a sample of acts on the stages released up to and including 16th (so significantly not including the stages from the last 24 hours. Make of that what you will 😉 The detail of their genres is here https://www.chosic.com/list-of-music-genres/
  14. I've got tons of wristbands, programmes, mini guides, bags, plus many many t shirts and fleeces across the decades, but I don't think for the first decade or two. Also got all sorts of wee badges, furry hats or shades people gave me around the campfire.
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