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  1. clarkete

    Glastonbury font

    Ooh yes please, that would be really kind For anyone who was asking the ttf is like the signs... I believe the reason none of this is publicly shared is due to potential copyright concerns.
  2. clarkete

    Glastonbury font

    I've got a ttf file, but I believe that's purely alphabetical, no numbers. Is that what's being discussed?
  3. clarkete

    Glastonbury 1990

    They were absolutely cracking and suitably mental too. Notice the cars at the top of the pyramid, one either side which at the culmination of the show rolled down the side, followed by some pyrotechnics. When I searched for a picture of the car on the stage I saw this site about them which mentions a little more detail of their performances. http://archaos.info/pages/?id=14 I saw them in Bristol in a big top on their tour and one bit that sticks in my memory is a woman driving a mini that was full of water, like a giant goldfish bowl.
  4. There are some significant differences of course which have all fed into the current awful situation:- Flu tends to recede seasonally The death rate for Covid has been higher The rate of transmission for Covid has been higher There isn't currently any known immunity to it (or rather if there is nobody yet knows the patterns) Not yet any antivirals or vaccines The proportion of the population who have been tested around the world remains tiny Unfortunately it's everyone's neck on the line to some degree 😢
  5. I see your point and you make it well, however unfortunately the people who have publicly made comparisons up to now (including here) have not necessarily reflected those subtleties and they have tended to focus on mortality rates. Spotted this in the popbitch newsletter though, very daft punk... https://www.dezeen.com/2020/04/29/ppe-suit-production-club-micrashell-coronavirus-design/
  6. I'm not sure any good has come from people comparing it to flu.
  7. Too many unanswered questions regarding immunity for many of the decisions people seem to be making... https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/health-52446965
  8. Indeed it is and some events change the world forever, as this one surely will. The interesting thing will be whether any of those changes are for the positive. https://time.com/5797629/health-1918-flu-epidemic/
  9. clarkete

    Coach Sale

    Aye, those pages always play tricks on the mind and you ponder the significance or not of the information they display
  10. clarkete

    Coach Sale

    He he, I can't believe there was even a discussion about if one was taking place. Some of you have been self-isolating for too long
  11. I always thought Macy Gray was, but that may just have been her usual live voice? Tricky supporting Beyonce too, although I've seen the comments about issues with the mic which took place.
  12. Where are you getting your figures from? It doesn't tally with either cases or deaths and that's the only two figures I've seen quoted officially https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-track-coronavirus-cases As for the likely trend for those figures in the next couple of weeks "Observations by epidemiologists show that if unchecked, the number of infections doubles approximately every five days, with infected individuals capable of passing the virus to an average of about 2.5 people. “What we are seeing is not rocket science,” Balloux said. “You have two cases, then four, then eight, then 16."" https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/flatten-the-curve-coronavirus/2020/03/12/a648883c-6460-11ea-8a8e-5c5336b32760_story.html
  13. It seems that many aspects of the beeb are under concerted pressure to keep costs down, including repeated threats by the current government. I suspect that this is one of the events which had to keep a stringent cap on the costs to be able to continue. As someone who was delighted to have attended the one they did in Bristol, I'd certainly favour them cutting their cloth to suit if that's what they have to do when ****s are still running the world
  14. Folks can watch it on youtube or prime for a couple of quid. The film is well worth a watch for those who want to see the way things were and has some very entertaining footage and stories of LV.
  15. Also Hunt for the Wilderpeople is bloody great and he directed one of the episodes of the Mandalorian.
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