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  1. Just listening to the playlist and The Mysterines came on but they’re not on the poster. Really like them, hope they’re on somewhere.
  2. There does seem to be a missing space next to Blossoms on the poster though.
  3. I think there’s a slot below Ashcroft if there is one. Blossoms are a strong sub in Sheffield.
  4. Paid 50 quid for the tickets. Unreal value
  5. Very strong line up. Fridays stacked for me. Rest of the weekend decent enough.
  6. Really not bothered about Richard Ashcroft been there as a headliner.
  7. Bloc Party would be amazing for me but no chance. Don’t think they’ve got any dates yet this year.
  8. They were terrible on Ponderosa and I love The Libs. Just not right place for them. Hopefully see them at the o2 which will be miles better.
  9. An educated guess, but a guess none the less.
  10. Royal Blood Supergrass Madness Idles Blossoms The Kooks
  11. Wonder if they’re looking to reschedule to later in the year?
  12. I’d rather have Foals then Royal Blood, Supergrass be fun under the headliner. Madness don’t float my boat, they bored the life out of me when they played Ynot.
  13. No chance Courteeners. They did it the last time. I reckon it’ll be James, Foals & Madness
  14. Another vote for tramlines binnning Ian Brown off. Big Roses fan too and even had one of there songs as our first dance.
  15. Dronx

    Taylor Swift

    Anyone else get excited looking at the capital letters till they got to H
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