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  1. Any idea how much Leeds day tickets were last year please?
  2. Dronx

    2022 Headliners

    I hope so. Can’t see Swifty been there.
  3. Dronx

    2022 Headliners

    So no Kendrick in Stockholm where he was due to play in 20 & 21.
  4. Gutted, the wife’s just remembered she’s on a hen do that weekend. Wounded.
  5. And is it easy to get tickets for? And are the added extras worth paying for, such as the golden pit.
  6. Thanks for your responses. Just waiting on some friends to say if they are up for it or not. What’s the festival like? We’re all in our mid thirty’s. We like to have a few nice drinks.
  7. Just looking the cheap Ryanair flights fly into that airport. Easyjet into CDG but about £30 each per person more expensive. Which areas would you recommend to stay? Would like a day at the festival and a day or 2 doing touristy things.
  8. Just after a bit more information if possible please? how far is the site from the centre of Paris? Never been to Paris before but can get really cheap flights from Manchester.
  9. I love Noel but is he really a Glasto sub in 2022? Would it be too much of a call to think he could headline other or 3rd down pyramid? Im not convinced we’ll see Dua Lipa headline other. Could they swap?
  10. Dronx

    2022 Headliners

    Park shows summer 2023 for Arctic Monkeys.
  11. Dronx

    2022 Headliners

    Arctic Monkeys are the only ones that would make up for no Swift for me.
  12. Brilliant line up! Already dreading the Kasabian & Sigrid clash.
  13. Anyone got any pre sale links for The Enemy tickets please?
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