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  1. Any live ticket competitions? Could be tempted if any come up around 50 quid. Loads for sale on twickets etc. Dropped to around hundred quid
  2. Was thinking that myself. You think Ynot will move? Headliners i’m Going Elbow Foals Madness
  3. Also moved the date back a week or 2
  4. 1 third of tickets already sold. check statements as I and many others have got multiple orders showing,
  5. Completely agree. Just answering the question
  6. Hopefully better since we camped in the quiet area 3 years ago, but it was still really rowdy. The Thursday & Sunday were particularly noisy for a quiet camp site. Food wise plenty of half half decent food places when we’ve been, normally around £9 per meal at similar size festivals I’ve been to this year. Weather looks like will be decent, YNot will be class with the sun out, ENJOY
  7. Apparently 42000 in on Saturday. Had the most brilliant weekend spent with family & friends. Tramlines really is a credit to the City. Enjoyed loads of sets, I’m a huge Courteeners fan so was chuffed to see the reaction they got from the crows and was clear to see how much they enjoyed it. 2 Door excellent on Friday night and really enjoyed Doves yesterday evening even if the crowd was sparse. Chic was crazy busy. What i I really love about tramlines though is the crowd and the punters. Such a varied mix of people, loads of families not really overly bothered about what’s on most of the weekend and all the kids running between stages to catch as many acts as they can. No sign of any hassle, just 40000 people enjoying the best weekend of the year. Roll on Tramlines 2020.
  8. Completely disagree with you, we’ve been both days with a group including children between the ages of 3 and 13 and not had any problems. Yesterday was really busy but no problems getting food, drink etc. Yeah the music c choice was pretty poor yesterday but there were Tens of thousands of people enjoying it.
  9. Forecast looking very showery.
  10. Dronx

    The Killers

    Watched on the tv at home, incredible set.
  11. Dronx

    Gerry Cinnamon

    Watched on iPlayer. Incredible.
  12. Was way too quiet to the side of the mixing decks. Could barely hear a thing.
  13. Oh I’m really excited about today, half 8 train from Sheffield. Got the cans chilled in the fridge.
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