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  1. What a classy statement and gesture by the best festival in the world.
  2. This is a brilliant post. I’m gutted but there is a bigger picture. The positive is that I’ll have another 6-700 pound to put towards a holiday hopefully in September. My wife will be ready for one, she’s a sister in the operating theatre, so she’s going to have a rough time in the not too distant future.
  3. Will the UK stopping testing people not in hospital totally invalidate UK figures? Really find your posts informative
  4. I would definitely take a flip of a coin right now
  5. Hero. got it on for my commute this morning
  6. Dronx

    2020 Must Sees

    Must Sees Taylor Blossoms Dua Lipa Fontaines Lana Del Ray NGHFB Sam Fender Supergrass others would like to see Anna Calvi Editors Elbow Fatboy Slim Haim Waterboys
  7. Dronx

    Other Stage 2020

    Wow even for an Eavis the pyramid sized other stage headliners claim is hilarious.
  8. Dronx

    The poster 2020

    I have 9 names that I’m well up for seeing and another 10 that I would quite likes to see. Not bad this early.
  9. I bloody hope so that’d be class. Saw them live loads in my mid to late teens.
  10. Dronx

    Taylor Swift

    I’m in a similar boat to you, she’s bloody brilliant, listened to her for the first time in December.
  11. Dronx

    My first ever gig.....

    Arctic Monkeys Boardwalk Sheffield
  12. Switzerland have cancelled all events with more then a thousand in attendance
  13. Switzerland have cancelled all events with more then a thousand in attendance
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