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  1. angelin

    Resale Club 2019

    I got so lucky. I was stuck in the city so i went to Costa. Within two minutes i had the only one ticket we needed to get. I went straight for the Thursday though and i think that made a difference. That was 4G on my phone. Im happy to help come Sunday.
  2. I cant find the cider anywhere. Its all sold out in Tesco.
  3. Is there room outside all the tents? Does anyone know if theres much room in the fourman scout tents for ruck sacks?
  4. angelin

    Resale Club 2019

    Have i got less chance on the ipad? Or should i go toan internet cafe? I just need one measly ticket.
  5. Im wondering whether to just buy one way for now as thats the most important part and then the return next time i get paid. We are at WV this year I wish i knew if there was definitely transport from the coach station. Im due an op and feeling quite nervous (but not nervous enough to cancel)
  6. I cant remember paying £63 return from London before. And theyve stopped the NHS discount code. Im not sure what to do really as they are so convienient.
  7. Id like to say its been two years tgis month. I was smoking 20 a day then went to an Alan Carr seminar ans stopped there and then. Except i had three on my birthday and two at a wedding last week. Im scared quite honestly. I dont fancy vaping and im already thinking about taking a pack of twenty.
  8. I. Thought they were there a couple of years ago?they always seem to do the same stuff or else it all sounds the same.
  9. Im so eager to know who shes playing against.
  10. Elton John Prince😪 Joni Mitchell Madonna
  11. I dont know much about her really but she takes me right back to the 80’s and Prince. Has she got his team involved? Did they know each other? If im loving Dirty Computer which of her other albums should Ilisten to?
  12. I cant stop listening to Dirty Computer. I saw her on West Holts before and she was my highlight. Judging by all the lacklustre rumours going around do you think Janelle woukdve gone down well and got the crowds on the Pyramid?
  13. So i guess i will take the flight back Sunday night. I better start saving now!
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