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  1. angelin

    Diana Ross

    Elton will do the Sunday night though. I cant see him doing any other.
  2. What are the tents nearest to the entrance on the right side, are they six man?
  3. Do we have to pay in full for Worthy View at the same time or is it a deposit?
  4. I hope they make an announcement. What an amazing prize.
  5. We are in two minds about going back. The carparking is a godsend. We vary in fitness levels but we cant deny we are the wrong side of 50 . We done 18 years in the main site and know we cant go back to it, two of us have problems with joints and the hill was a killer. I wpildnt say it was WV but the hill in Strummerville. We spent alot of time wondering if it was possible to have some kind of little tilly bus we were willing to pay anything! So now our only option is Tangerine Fields? We would love a but does anyone know how the carparking works? What does one need to do to get tickets for the area behind the other stage?
  6. I feel exactly the same. I went to The Cure because of my teenager inside. Huge mistake, knew nothing until the last half hour.
  7. angelin

    Celeb spotting

    My friend said he saw Sting 🤔
  8. It must be down to timing then. Where there any side shows then. Like the caravan with the overbearing posh lady in it and her husband/brother. The lines were abit blurred 😄
  9. Usually to be found in the circus fields. We all noticed the lack of walking about actors pushing human sized babies in prams etc. The whole cabaret area seemed emptier, no tea ladies or human apes. Did anyone feel the same?
  10. angelin

    Celeb spotting

    Where was this EE VIP bar all “celebs” seem to be pictured in? Surely the ones with any sense and no care for the publicity would've been mingling in with everyone else. Like Bradley Cooper who my friend saw in a bar just having a drink and a laugh.
  11. When and where are Foals playing? Im just checking in first time ive sat down today. I need a red and to go through this.
  12. I really think he would genuinely want it for his boys to beable to watch when they are grown up. Surely the money wont be significant and i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt give it to his AIDs foundation anyway. What a legacy. The film was brilliant i thought.
  13. Just watched Rocket Man and I thought if its really going to be FM and Sir PM next year Id rather see Elton John and hes in the middle of those 300 dates next year. Do you think theres a chance he will be in the line up?
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