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  1. The Berghaus was a godsend. Worth every penny. Thanks to whoever recommended it.
  2. angelin

    Worthy (re)view

    Our sleeping bags felt wet and cold it was blinking freezing. It really let us down not having toilets at the back. Its a shame theres no other way to get down or up.
  3. Shame the didn't put them outside somewhere the field was packed
  4. angelin

    Worthy (re)view

    We were G7 all the way at the back and there was a terrible lack of toilets in the refion. This encouraged everyone to pee on the grass during the night. No chance of a hot drink there either. the hill needs some kind of rope pulley its a killer. Or some sort of shuttle bus service that you could jump on. My friend suggested a zipliner😃
  5. Elton John or Cher would be my choice I don5 think they could pay Billy Joel enough but he would be amazing
  6. This is all worth knowing. I dont think I can face that hill again. Its the Joe Strummer part that gets me. If there was a bus from the coach station I would definately go for it. Without that there would be no point for me as I could not walk all that way from the station it wouldnt be worth it.
  7. Possibly was your and your friends I’m talking about 😀 I hope the owner was reunited with them
  8. About ten minutes ago we handed them both in to the stewards by the green toilets at the junction. Opp the ice cream van. I hope the owner sees this,
  9. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Diana Ross No Scrubs TLC and I hope Jarvis pulls some Pulp out of the bag
  10. Probably it will happen when
  11. angelin

    Diana Ross

    Do you think Barry will turn up?
  12. Im surprised Elton has never done it tbh. Prince.
  13. Im just watching BBC4. Would’ve been epic. Who else would you loved to have seen?
  14. angelin

    Best Bars

    For me Rocket Lounge isn’t as good as it was at first. It’s way expensive and seems to lack atmosphere somehow.
  15. I went for the Berghaus single in the end. I hope its ok Ive never spent so much on an airbed. The Millets website says its 1cm deep. Im hoping this is a typo🤔
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