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  1. That's the interview I linked to earlier. Your phrasing "having sex with" made it seem like you were suggesting he had sexual intercourse with and I haven't seen that claimed anywhere. If you read that earlier interview it seems like he's interviewed at home and pretty open about what's happened in his life, including this and that he didn't ask questions of girls or women - as was too often the way then. indeed that was the way for many decades later as we've heard from later incidents and some of us will remember from teenage girls in our schools or towns, who saw older blokes - even teachers in some extraordinary cases with nothing done. It's a tawdry situation, complicated by no action being taken historically and the person not being in a position to answer any charges - is his openness in those interviews the distinction compared to Bowie and others who had claims against them?
  2. I felt reassured because they smelt of weed and were slightly confused and kind 😊
  3. It's a seedy thing to be pedantic about, but it wasn't sex with a 13 year old.
  4. A very good call. As it was we had a dilemma about what to do with it. Couldn't give to security, but thankfully we found some stewards who were sympathetic to the delicacy of the situation and said they were on the way to the lock up.
  5. On the Thursday we found a purse near Arcadia, which was well stocked for several days of fun from several perspectives. It made me realise there could be some benefit to having a pals phone number on a piece of paper, so we could have given it straight back
  6. But isn't that something that contributes to the annual revenue and therefore goes towards the two million quid a year which goes to charities? In that 50th documentary Michael mentioned that contribution a couple of times and it seemed clear that's one of the reasons he's happy for the festival to happen.
  7. clarkete


    Aye, who wouldn't enjoy being pegged by him? 😉
  8. I take mine everywhere, but I'm an old git and need to sit. The space I occupy is no larger than if I'm standing, I wouldn't dream of doing it near the front or in the thick of the crowd and try to ensure I'm near to other obstacles rather than thoroughfares - fixed benches, parents with wagons etc
  9. This has a link to pictures of the original interview, just in case anyone wants to see the whole thing. http://andywalmsley.blogspot.com/2014/10/peel-reveals.html
  10. Err are you referring to people responsible for the enslavement of up to 84000 and killing up to 19000?
  11. I bought one of these a few years ago from the Efests camping shop. Small and light, can be slung over shoulder or clipped to rucksack and supports my fat *rse https://www.vango.co.uk/gb/camping-equipment/303-balmoral-aluminium-stool.html
  12. Ah, cheaper and it has a nice flat base, both good features. I'm in my 50s so if I've had some fluids I wake up thinking "do I need a wee? " and if yes no way I'm doing a 5 minute walk in the cool night air. This simple purchase filled the gap for the most important feature I missed from staying in a van and indeed it was nice not having to empty a van cassette and fill the water roll, even if you only do it once it twice.
  13. clarkete


    Aye this year I was in sticklinch and there were security folks in several places - but they have a number of gates there. I've also spent about ten years in CV East so of course the vehicles are secure, but you also have watchtowers and other folks in the fields. You did used to see some security folks on patrol when I was in a tent somewhere up near Spring Ground back in the day.
  14. I had quite a different take on that to you. I arrived in Sticklinch Thursday and was intrigued why they had several security folks at the gate checking bands in and out, rather than just in. It was only when I read the fence story that it made sense that they'd beefed up the route between the two. Same perspective on pretty much everything. I didn't see wet leg as I'd already caught them on tour and they were blooming popular there. As you say Stones is still the Pyramid act where it's seemed busiest. There are certainly some stages which need well experienced and assertive stewards in case capacity is reached. When I arrived at JP whilst a lot of young pups were leaving I just stood next to the folks in tabards until the crowd was quieter. For food, after the first meal or two a key criteria for me was queue size and proximity - so if there were a dozen people waiting I'd go elsewhere. I managed to eat a couple of meals/snacks a day and all decent grub, but not the most fun things.
  15. clarkete


    But then I've never been robbed in 37 years of Glastonbury. Clearly the vast majority of us don't get anything nicked and it's certainly far less than it used to happen before the fence.
  16. My Vodafone sim was definitely not connecting to the EE cell - firstly it wouldn't let me manually do so, secondly it only showed 4G (not their extensive 5G coverage) and was poor for all 4 days I was there - yet I've read few such reports on here from pretty much anyone on EE
  17. Welcome aboard and glad you had a great time 😊
  18. The rest does sound most regrettable The recipient was definitely on EE too? I've seen so many people praising it I'd considered an ee sim if I was lucky enough next time.
  19. Yeah, they're a bargain by comparison. We paid 2 or 3 quid for cans of soft drinks from food stalls, but only cos Co op didn't have, although split a can of sprite so the mixer in your drink is a quid and it's not so bad. In relation to click and collect aren't there three issues? 1. Discussions recently about the carnage when they used to flog 2 litre bottles of cider on site and folks would get banjaxed. 2. Seems the opposite direction to their slight suggestions in the past that people should only carry and consume smaller quantities of booze 3. Spending in the bars helps the festival and thereby the charities they support
  20. Same on both counts. I took two reusable plastic bottles of poncey gin. Also took a food flask as somebody in a thread if mine recommended it for keeping ice cold (it was phenomenal - 12 to 18 hours I think). Plan fell apart quite quickly, as it turns out the range of mixers at the co op is not as great as I'd hoped - first staff member said more expected 1am, we sought out someone who seemed like the boss, they advised that they're not allowed to sell tonic so they don't compete with the bars. I suspect if I'd gone back later they at least would have had some lemonade cans, but we just wandered past some food stalls and sought out some overpriced sprite (not too sweet so a surprisingly nice and refreshing drink).
  21. Ha ha, we're not all taking a range of bloody hats and half dozen batteries 😊 I've got a coach maybe 5 or 6 times, never once had anyone bring stuff - but that's not too say I don't post here asking this time. I've also done it when I had a rented caravan and got a Tesco order including milk and 40 plus cans of g and t sent to the firm - they even put it all in the fridge bless them. Because it would be an absolute nightmare of planning and logistics - aside from the fact you actually don't solve that problem. When a proportion of tickets are returned and resold they will of course be seats on the buses you've so carefully arranged to suit the original applicants.
  22. I managed to arrive for 2 after Noel, indeed I was surprised how many of his fans were leaving, but then most of my visits to Pyramid this time involved arriving from the JP/Mandela side and being further back. For 5 it wouldn't have made much difference unless you went Wednesday, from Thursday when I arrived several items were out of stock at the two stalls I went to. At least online you're not carrying it about and it gets home pristine.
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