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  1. I moved in early 2017 and updated the delivery address when I paid my balance in the April for that years festival.
  2. Why book a flight if it was ‘never ever going to happen’ ?
  3. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/glastonbury-founder-considering-smaller-september-event-michael-eavis/
  4. Same! (I’m 40 in August this year)
  5. Looks like they won’t roll over if 2022 is to be cancelled I can’t make it in 2022, can the ticket be made valid for a different future Festival? No, if you would not be able to make the 2022 Festival the booking would not be valid for a different future Festival. You would need to cancel the ticket booking and be issued with a refund.
  6. I’d rather they did nothing, loads of old coverage will make me even more sick that’s it’s not on tbh.
  7. Do you think they’ve jumped the gun a little?
  8. Shame on those who doubted Mel B!
  9. Agreed. I luckily have a ticket so I think I may even roll over to 2022 and volunteer for Shelter on one of the bars (I did that in 2019) if an event was to run this year.
  10. gooner1990

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just listened to this at work.....was a great set to end a great Glastonbury. 🙂
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