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  1. My only big gripe is getting through to either reg/payment page only for it to crash. i agree that it would be good that if See tickets could sort it out so that once you’re through to the reg page then nothing will go wrong (Crash) from there on in. if you don’t get through at all then fair enough, but it’s like someone dangling a ticket in your face then taking it away when you get halfway through only for the system to fail.
  2. Which is usually the reasons people list to me when they say they aren’t bothering anymore! I’m still happy to do it though.
  3. Our group has been going since 2004 and like your group all now late 30s-early 40s have started to lose interest given the complete ballache around getting tickets. We’ve got 6 of us going this year on a coach, but nothing like our 2009-2013 heyday when there was around 30 of us regularly attending. Yes Glastonbury is the daddy of festivals but I also agree I think you can find a lot of what’s at Glastonbury elsewhere too which is why some of our group now just do other festivals instead.
  4. Did anyone go to this? did EE say much else apart from the headliner part?
  5. I worked on the Stonebridge bar this year and having separate queues for cash and those paying on card (when we were busy) would have helped things massively. we only had 4 PDQ machines for the entire bar and wasted a lot of time waiting around for one to be free!
  6. I think the availability of ‘creature comforts’ has added to it, things that people bring with them in standard camping, glamping, backstage trailers, offsite posh camping. it opens up the festival to people who would have previously dismissed it because they wouldn’t like to be without things they can have at home. Now they are, we are competing with a wider demographic of people for tickets.
  7. A friend of mine went to uni in Nottingham and knew someone who worked at See Tickets...she used to get four tickets every year without fail until the contact left See.
  8. I eventually got tickets online from a link on here at about 6am and I went into work off about 1 1/2 hours sleep!
  9. 2005 & 2007 both sold out in 2-3 hours. 2004 was about 12 hours and I think 2003 was 24 hours.
  10. gooner1990

    Drop the deposit.

    Why not save £22.50 a month in a separate savings account?
  11. gooner1990

    Drop the deposit.

    We always transfer the money into one account day before the on sale date and transfer back if we don’t get them.
  12. gooner1990

    Drop the deposit.

    Why would one person be paying for six tickets?!
  13. Thanks for the detailed response and one I can understand...so close yet so far. Fingers crossed in the resales!
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