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  1. Indeed. I'm starting to think this won't be r'esolved' until 2022 at least and if any sporting/music festivals are going to go ahead with spectators/punters in attendance next year then it won't as how we know it. But that's just my opinion!
  2. I work at the uni so you hear things etc....this won't be a quick 'there's the vaccine and the world goes back to normal' situation I'm afraid.
  3. Oxford moving into Tier 2 on Saturday...
  4. I went to Pilton Party on my own. 😕
  5. You must have been to the site (or close to it) a few times since the festival was last on, or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  6. Not seen this before....a look back at the festival from during the 1997 coverage.
  7. Glastonbury 2015 Friday night me and a mate got caught in an awful crush at about 1-2am down by the Shangri-La Hell stage (or whatever it was called that year). We were trying to just pass through, but something had just finished on the stage so people were trying to leave, people were trying to get in for the next act and then people were going both ways trying to pass through plus there was a bar and food stall nearby. Given the state most people were in with their eyeballs rolling all over the place it was nearly a disaster but thankfully security/stewards stepped in and got it sorted
  8. I actually went to the cinema to see this a couple of years ago!......the start of it was quite funny and a few of us were laughing at situations we'd all found ourselves in...but it got quite silly towards the end for me.
  9. As recent as 2005 cars could park in the same field at Reading as the campsite it was just cars on one side and tents on the other. In 2006 they changed it to all cars over the other side of the Thames.
  10. I usually find a more laid back approch to daytime helps me manage night time a lot better!
  11. At Glastonbury I tend to keep Weds and Sun quietish till 1am or so, Thurs and Fri 4am or so and Sat is the big one till 6-7am
  12. Not sure how old you are but I’m 39 and it’s exactly the same as our group. used to be beer and weed and bed at 2-3am - now it’s sweating our tits off till 6am and die until 4pm the following day and then do it all over again. the comedowns last a week though
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