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  1. 90s/00s anthems is right up my street 😁
  2. Yes they are sweet, but with a bit of ice I find that it dilutes it just enough to make the drink pleasurable....(I can now get ice from the onsite co-op and I've been recommended a flask container that will keep the ice good for at least 12 hours) sitting in the campsite drinking can after can of lager then the inevitable trips to the toilet every 20 mins after you've broken the seal has just got too much for me now...I have a terrible bladder as it is! If I get sick of them then I'll just take the remainder home with me! 🙂
  3. Just ordered 48 cans of MOTH cocktails (with 15% off) ..... last year I bought 24 with me and it really helped drinking these instead of lager/cider constantly....less trips to the toilet(I've got a terrible bladder) and much less money spent at bars...so gone for a heavier initial outlay to bring in with me then will take them round with me on site.
  4. Just looked at old texts....I met my mate next to Arcadia at 11.45am and it had just stopped raining around then. I got off my coach about 11am and it started raining just as I got through the wristband exchange and was walking down towards Silver Hayes.
  5. tbh as long as something is pumping out party dance tunes i'm not too fussed.......does it get overly busy?
  6. What does it tend to have? Might give it a go this year.
  7. It did, about 10 mins after I had got off my coach at around 11am! Was walking from PGA to Paines ground (met my mate at Arcadia) and had to take refuge under a tree in Silver Hayes and get my waterproofs out....wasn't a great start, however that was the last I saw of any rain all weekend! 🙂
  8. gooner1990


    Arcadia crew field. That's where I camped from 2015-2022!
  9. Last year the coach times were released on Thurs 25th May 2023. Emails were sent out to ticket holders at 1.30pm that day. (just looked mine up!)
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