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  1. I was on Stonebridge bar and it was utter mayhem. I worked 9pm-5am on the Friday night and 7pm-3am on the Sunday night and it was only on the Friday at about 3am it really died down once most people had left the area and started to head towards the SE corner and on the Sunday night about 1am we started running out of drinks and most people I think had run out of energy and money!
  2. TBH yes it was very frantic but it at least made the time go quick. couple of others i spoke to at camp said they were bored shitless on a quiet bar and it made time go very slowly....
  3. Was slightly irritating when I was off shift and going in and out a couple of times but the RFID quick scan wristbands helped.... My friends were camped near the Park and I was camped outside Ped gate C, tbh I just made arrangements to meet them when they were out and about I only went to their campsite twice in 5 days I think.
  4. it was bemusing to see the amount of people who were doing their shifts practically begging to be allowed to camp inside the main fence of the festival despite those in charge repeatedly telling them they couldn't for varying reasons. it was like it was the end of the world to some (usually younger people) that they had to camp separately to their friends who were in on general admission tickets.
  5. Yep, I think the tactic was to bring minimal stuff with them and give the main part of their luggage to someone else who's going into the festival on a general admission ticket. We set up on the Tuesday afternoon then when then the gates opened up on the Weds am, I think think they just went in and were never to be seen again. (our camp was just outside Ped gate C) When I came back from my first shift on the Weds evening we had our wristband RFID number checked as they had a list of people who had taken wristbands but had then failed to show up for their shift. Blacklisted so they won't work for the charity again and didn't get their £300 deposit back either. Guess some people see that as worth it.
  6. 2019 we had nearly 40 people run off from Shelter/Avalon events campsite before the festival had started. 10 of them were supposed to be doing the same shifts as me on the Stonebridge bar, made things quite hectic being that many people down (they eventually drafted in more servers from other bars to help)
  7. I do feel sometimes these organisations providing parking or security seem to lead in with the 'free wristband' etc to make it seem its something its not....when you look at the details then its quite a lot of work over the actual festival.
  8. In all the years I've been going I've only watched all three Pyramid headliners once and that was in 2017 (Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran)
  9. True...but why not then just take the bags in with them on the coach to start with?!
  10. That’s pretty odd behaviour! would have just thought it would be easier to meet on site and then go back home with the GA ticket holding driver on the Monday.
  11. Please can you tell me the best drugs to try this on?
  12. I don't really get why they have late coaches on the Thursday as the traffic coming into the site has already quietened down significantly. You've basically missed the first two days of the festival once you're on site at 7pm or something!
  13. I think the problem I have is when the 'dream' starts becoming a horrible nightmare when I'm coming down on a coach and I've still not slept. Always feel I need at least a couple of hours for my brain to 'reset' before doing something like travelling home after a 5 day bender.
  14. If SEE really wanted to tighten it up they could have a rep stood at the coach door with all the tickets once you arrive on site and check names off against ID but that would cause too much mayhem at a point when everyone is shuffling about with bags etc so its much easier for them to have the driver do it en route at a service station.
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