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  1. 17 days until the gates open. 🙂
  2. When do we think stage splits will be announced?
  3. Always fancied Jersey or Guernsey, but always worried about getting stuck on an island with a lack of things to do.
  4. That's Kane off to City then.
  5. Yeh, I'd agree there too.... I wasn't sure what to expect from that.....there was a slight lack of things to do tbh apart from a zip wire. Wasn't pleasant being in the domes when it was hot with a facemask on!
  6. Yeh Falmouth was decent, Swanpool was a decent beach we went to as well. Stonehenge....probably like you I've been past it a lot en route to Glastonbury, we paid to go in....luckily it was very quiet as was a Friday afternoon just after schools had gone back. Walked up to it and then got the shuttle bus back and then went round the little museum bit as well. Possibly slightly overpriced, but glad we went.
  7. I went to Cornwall (for the first time) last September....we stayed for three nights in Carbis Bay, day trips out to St Ives, Lands End, Penzance, Sennen Cove, Porthcurno and to Falmouth (with a trip on a boat to St Mawes within that), then drove up to Looe for three nights but just stayed locally as we have friends who live there so chilled out a bit, then went to the Eden Project for a day, then drove to Torquay for one night to see my girlfriends uncle before driving back to Oxford and stopped at Stonehenge on the way home. Highlights for me were the Minak Theatre in Porthcurno (Minack Theatre) and the day trip to St Mawes on a boat from Falmouth (St Mawes Ferry | Falmouth Bid )
  8. Someone paid a nice tribute to him over the weekend (link below)........He was a good guy, one of those types that went to every game home and away and you would always see him on the train, in the pub or on the concourse at half time. Danny Bailey – Legend of the Concourse | She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
  9. Someone I know from going to Arsenal games caught COVID at the final and sadly passed away on Friday night...only 39 years old. (was double jabbed too) 😞
  10. Says this on the See Tickets tracker for mine: Delivery Details Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided.
  11. I forgot to mention that in addition to not enough PDQ machines the connection kept dropping on Stonebridge bar....older people were ok to hang about for an extra minute or two, a lot of younger people started tutting and getting impaitent! I have my card linked to my phone but I have it disabled as I try not to have my phone out all the time especially at festivals....Saturday of 2019 Glastonbury my phone ran out of battery whilst I was out partying on my own late on and luckily because I had my card/cash I wasn't relying on my phone to be able buy things! Also people need cash at festivals...I mean, drug dealers don't accept bank transfer do they!!!!!
  12. My mate had his wallet stolen when he was sleeping at our first major festival (Reading 1999) and I think that's it...a few mates have dropped phones/wallets/drugs over the years but I think most have been recovered at lost property afterwards. I'm fairly solvent now, but when I went to Glastonbury 2009 and 2010 when I was on a fairly tight budget and just had the cash in my wallet for the weekend. Knowing that you can't withdraw anymore really makes you think about what you're spending each day (I was on about a £20 a day budget) Well, I'm now nearly 40 and only indulge in such things very occassionally down at festivals these days. 🙂
  13. I’ve never lost any cash in 20+ years of festivalling. and a note usually comes in handy late at night doesn’t it 🤣
  14. This is why I still take cash to festivals even though normally I use my card 95% of the time at home.
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