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  1. I always camp the otherside of the hedge to you...the part that's behind the park and next to Arcadia....there were a lot of us coming up that path just trying to get back to our tents and my friend told a few people to stop trampling through other peoples camps but got told where to go sadly. 😞
  2. On BBC2 tonight at 11.05pm. 🙂 BBC Music - Glastonbury, 2022, Highlights
  3. Yes...camplight....no idea why they got rid of it....if they offered that, with an option of a fresh and black tent i would snap that up in a heartbeat. Camplight - Pre-pitched tents at events
  4. When I started doing festivals in dying embers of the 90s there was no such thing as glamping or pre-erected camping....In fact the first time I noticed it at Reading was in 2006 and I don't think Glastonbury officially started doing it until 2013 (although there were plenty of unofficial options nearby) I think what it now does it that people who (in the main) have got to a point where they no longer feel they can either carry kit for such a long distance (especially at Glastonbury) or have the time to queue from Tuesday evening just to get a good camping spot. Possibly in the past people would have given up on festivals when they had reached that point but its giving them a chance to continue going whilst not having to put up with the negative aspects of camping. I like to think of it as 'hassle free' camping...with everything laid out for you etc. I don't do it personally (yet!) but most of my friends now go in Tipis, WV or Sticklinch and all rave about it. I do wonder how long it will be until we see some of these options move within the main fence!
  5. I wonder if they will state people need to use the disabled platforms for such an issue....
  6. Must have been tough to miss out in 2017 after such a prolonged attendance!
  7. Interestingly. I'm going to Truck festival in three weeks time and they've put a note on their website saying that camping chairs are now banned from the main arena.....
  8. I didn't realise there was a bar and food there either otherwise I would have gone over as I wasn't camped too far away.
  9. The first 3-4 years I went (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008) there was only Lost Vagueness down there, but tbh most people just went back to their camp after the headliners and had a fire till the small hours and went to bed. The last time we had a proper campfire in our group was 2008! Its a 24-hour party now and this year one night I went back to our camp at 3am to get a jumper and it was a ghost town...everyone was out and about! I didn't find it overcrowded this year tbh, I found more issues with the stages/bars/food stalls during the day.
  10. Yeh, I think there are lot of people who now just wait about all day for the SEC stuff to kick off and then go for it till 6am each night....fair play to them but if the numbers are increasing for that side of things then more options need to be considered as well.
  11. Agreed. I've been to 40+ football matches and Reading Festival for a day since covid and not once have I seen anything like I did last weekend.
  12. nice 🙂 and they are happy for you to put that over the tents at WV?
  13. Another point on this is that a lot of people are now going expecting late (all) night entertainment for everyone. At BoomTown most of the stages run until 4am (apart from the Lions Den I think) so they can handle most of the paying punters being out all night. I'm not sure how many people out of the 138,000 who pay to go to Glastonbury stay out late but its clear to me its now a lot higher than it was a few years ago and the organisers need to address this with more alternatives.
  14. A friend of mine camped in South Park 1 too and said whenever she went past it seemed quiet.
  15. Get rid of Glastonbury-on-Sea and Cinemageddon for starters. Arcadia needs a complete rework....or find something else to get the crowds in the early hours (that's not SEC)
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