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  1. gooner1990

    BBC iPlayer

    I’d like to see all the BBC Points West stuff from the 90s.
  2. One of my mates moved there a couple of years ago....I’m meant to be visiting him later this year 😊
  3. Where on earth do you live for a neighbour to pass a joint before midday?!
  4. I wonder if there will be a cut off point as to when they have to commit to booking artists for the late June weekend...if they agree to move it early enough (I.e before the resale) it perhaps gives more of a chance of it going ahead!
  5. I worked in a locally well respected pub about 10 years ago for a few months after I’d been made redundant. the head chef used to get us to put stickers on pre-prepped pies/mash/veg etc to show when it should be used by which was adhering to health guidelines/rules. however if we didn’t sell it by the day on the sticker he would get us to swap it for another day so we could continue to try and sell it. Some of the stuff was sat there for over a week and then being sold as fresh. I think if a lot of us knew what went on in restaurant kitchens we wouldn’t eat in a lot of them.
  6. This will be the first summer I won’t have gone to a festival since the year before I started going to them which was 1998!
  7. I’ve been furloughed since Monday after 6 weeks of working at home as things for me to do are starting to dry up. Work are going to review it every three weeks..but hopefully I won’t be on lockdown for all of it as I’m starting to climb the walls at home!
  8. 2004. A few of my friends had been going from 1997 onwards and I kept saying I’ll go next year etc and never made it. Finally got round to getting tickets aged 22 in 2004 and never looked back. I recall the tickets went on sale on a Thursday evening in April and I finally got through online at 6am on the Friday morning. Think it was the first year it had gone proper bonkers to get tickets. Went down on the Wednesday early evening, I recall the weather couldn’t make its mind up between sun and rain all weekend, we camped in Tops Webb Ash nr the Pyramid. (Easy to camp there even Wednesday night back then) First big memory is watching England v Portugal in Euro 2004 on the Pyramid Field screen on the Thursday night....was a complete mosh pit for Frank Lampards goal that was disallowed! Sacked Oasis off to see The Chemical Brothers, also saw Lost Prophets, James Brown, Muse, Orbital, Black Eyed Peas, Paul McCartney, Morrissey, Supergrass and others I can’t recall. Our initial group of 6 in 2004 kept going up and had swelled to 25 by 2011, and has then slowly drifted back down to around 3-4 of us who still try for tickets each year. Most people have given up going due to kids/mortgages etc but I think for now I’ll keep wanting to go each year. Even when we failed for tickets for 2019 I worked for Shelter on the Stonebridge bar and met up with friends down there during my time off. The site has got a lot bigger since that year (no SE corner, Park stage and Dance was just a singular tent) , even since 2004 it’s got a lot more mainstream I still enjoy going each year and I somewhat kick myself that I didn’t go earlier, especially in the pre-superfence wild days but i still have a lot of great memories from the ones I’ve been to.
  9. 2017 festival canvas next to a Oxfordshire map canvas both by Kate Chidley. Ive got a 2019 tea towel I can frame to go on my staircase but I’d prefer the 2017 one if anyone has one spare I would gladly take it off their hands
  10. Glastonbury Man from 2000 is now on YouTube
  11. I hope the BBC actually use their archives properly and show a lot of old stuff from the 90s/early 00s and don’t just cop out by showing Radiohead from 97 and then a load of stuff from the last 5-6 years that’s easily accessible anyway...
  12. It’s usually held in fallow years too as Liam Gallagher headlined it in 2018.
  13. gooner1990

    Worthy FM

    Think like most people, I only tend to listen to it when coming on or off site for traffic reports...
  14. Latitude Festival now cancelled...
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