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  1. Did anyone get the follow up email as promised with the more finer details?
  2. Was fine. A lot of emphasis on not serving people underage and rules and regulations and implications if you do and also checking ID etc. then some stuff about how shifts work, how the bars operate and dos and don’ts when on shift. A lot of it is common sense but good to have it drilled in. Was ran by a lady called Jean who I think glasto_worker knows. one girl asked if there would be any facilities for her hair dryer and Jean said ‘you must usually do glamping’ 😂 was 90 mins long.
  3. Got my training today in London. 😊
  4. Queuing up and setting up in the tent was grim. i recall as we set up one mate left his tent half put up as he was busting for a piss and came back and found a puddle in the middle of it 😂. A leaked tent before the festival had even started...a new low!
  5. 2016 was one of my best even though the weather was awful! I also think a lot more people are prepared to stick it out now even if the weather is crap, as its been noted the site was noticeably more empty in 1998 from the Saturday onwards. I didn't notice many people (if any) give up in 2016....although I do recall quite a few leaving Sunday lunchtime in 2007.
  6. I watched the whole lot a few months ago. Nice trip down memory lane as even though I didn't go I watched it all on TV.
  7. Good lord that sounds horrendous! So basically it rained non-stop for 36 (ish) hours with no drainage in place The BBC footage from 1998 has recently been uploaded to youtube and you can see from the odd vox pops they do in the campsites and scans of the crowd it looks horrific! I remember having enough by about 7pm on the Sunday in 2007, but the guy who'd driven was already 8 pints and two pills down and said 'we're here till tomorrow morning so I suggest you get as smashed as possible' - in the vain hope we'd forget how wet it was, I tried to watch Bill Bailey after the Chemical Brothers and my waterproof gave up and my underwear started to get soaked too
  8. I think it rained Friday AM onwards?
  9. What was the run up like to that? I know '97 it had been the wettest June for about 100 years...but did the '98 rain catch everyone off guard? Did it just lash it down the whole of Friday? Is that what happened? I know my mates who went weren't prepared for it, and iirc it wasn't a washout throughout the whole country.
  10. It only rained from the Friday onwards....there's pictures of me sunburnt from the Thursday!
  11. I still remember mates of mine coming home from Glastonbury 1998 and telling me how bad it was and until I saw it on TV I didn't quite get what they were saying. I think there were clips from a band on the Other stage (might have been Catatonia) and seeing just rivers of mud soup! From my years of going 2007 was defiantly very hard work from the Friday morning onwards....
  12. I wouldn't be releasing equity from my current home to buy another...I only was just interested in the response and not something I would probably do anyway (well in Pilton at least)
  13. Guess I’ll just wait and see what I get given on the Tuesday when we leave Bristol on the coach!
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