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  1. I’ve found myself watching excerpts from Fox everyday...it’s like a grim fascination. Also catch up with NBC nightly news, Seth Meyers and Steven Colbert. i find it less challenging than watching UK news as there is a level of detachment. I would hate to live in America right now.
  2. I agree with so much of this. The thing that KS has is electability, something that JC lacked. Unfortunately, whilst I think he will bring back many traditional Labour voters, many more will need more time to heal. I hope I’m wrong... it will also be interesting to see how the more left wing Momentum types vote as Labour moves towards the centre left.
  3. Unfortunately JC damaged the Labour vote so badly that it was always unlikely they would re-cover over the course of one term. No matter what.
  4. Congratulations, that’s really lovely news.
  5. I think I saw the Glastonbury cancellation coming for a long time and so it felt less dramatic when it happened. I tend to be a bit doomsday, so I’m already not banking 2021 happening! We are a family of four and have settled in to our new life pretty well. When you have kids your priorities are different and you can’t let yourself go down a darker route. I realise that for some people that choice isn’t possible and I am lucky not to suffer in that way. I am not a social media fan, so have no worries with the fear those sites can sometimes spread. I’ve kept my news watching to a
  6. Neil has been furloughed so I don’t think he’s able to.
  7. Absolutely! All of our lives have changed beyond recognition and will continue to do so. And the only way we can really make a change is collectively. Like it or lump it we are all in this together! We’ve all been allowed to lead pretty selfish lives and that has now got to change quite dramatically.
  8. I do live there. I go for a walk along the road instead. Asda is providing an important service and I accept it is a weak link, but a vital link in many other ways.
  9. I hope they continue to do this and good luck to them. There are too many idiots out there risking other people’s lives through their ignorance and selfishness. The beaches have been busy and the car parks indicate that a proportion of these visitors are people specifically travelling to visit.
  10. Terrence Trent D’arby at the Cornwall Coliseum. It was 1987 and part of The Hardline According To tour. It was an amazing gig. It felt stripped back and real, just the band with very little of the production we’re used to now. Fond memories and a great introduction to live music.
  11. That looks amazing! I would love this type of tent in a larger family size.
  12. I’m inclined to agree that this is exactly what will happen.
  13. So sad, but I do believe the right decision has been made and I trust them to have taken everything into consideration.
  14. That was exciting...a wonderful opportunity to take our minds of Coronavirus for a few minutes!
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