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  1. Hooray…thank you to all the people who have contributed to this thread. It’s going to be perfect.
  2. I’m in Vegas now and it is the hottest I’ve known it here for this time of the year. Scary hot.
  3. Just watched Harry on the live feed for the big weekend…absolutely brilliant and would be amazing at Glastonbury.
  4. ticketboy69

    R1 Big Weekend

    He really is…I wasn’t sure what he’d be like live but he is great. Looking forward to seeing him at Glastonbury.
  5. I can’t imagine how anxiety inducing this must be. You panicked me into checking my order. As others have said, they will have contingency plans and I’m sure See will sort it out. It appears to be their mistake, so they have a responsibility to put it right. I hope you get an answer before the weekend to put your mind at rest.
  6. Thanks HJ. I wrote a long and, quite frankly, beautiful reply to your post on the other thread and then everything got deleted. In short, those that really care about this forum are feeling like crap. It's tough, but I think i'm not alone in feeling like I need to make a decision about whether this is still a community I want to be part of. I wish you well and will miss your posts here.
  7. This is what we used for a few years...works absolutely brilliantly...we used to boil the kettle to add a bit of warmth to the water. You just pump it up and you don't need anywhere to hang it. It's a winner. Nowadays we're over at Lovefields and have a hot shower every day, its a game changer.
  8. The fish finger sandwich place is great, our kids love it. They’re also lovely people who run it. They’re in the circus field on the path that runs by the big top. There are benches and an open space there to eat. Also, hippy chippy is on the cross roads between circus, Williams green and left field. They do great chips!
  9. Thanks for that, I’ve spent more time watching that than I will at Silver Hayes.
  10. Suede, Sci-fi Lullabies and Kevin Rowland, My Beauty.
  11. This is actually becoming quite concerning now. Neil, please take some time away from this and give yourself an opportunity to get back to normal.
  12. You need a day off. I’ve seen you have these meltdowns before and repeatedly try to justify your behaviour…why not step away? It’s also fine to say ‘I’m having a crappy day, I overreacted, let’s move on’. Matt really didn’t deserve all of that and I am not a fully paid up member of his fan club…in fact, he occasionally has made me consider blocking his comments!
  13. Really? Does this feel like the time and the place to do this?
  14. A really wonderful post that made me well up. All the best to you both.
  15. Is that kind of comment really necessary? Only commenting on this because there is no down vote for your account.
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