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  1. ticketboy69

    Deluxe Diner

    The majority of seating is communal style at long tables, so perfect if you’re going solo.
  2. ticketboy69

    Deluxe Diner

    We’ve done the Sunday lunch for the last three Glastonbury’s. Great atmosphere, fun and friendly crew serving, real cutlery, entertainment and best of all a bottle of wine (not inc)! The roast is very good, but outside the context, nothing to be too excited about. Overall its a great experience and we love it. If it’s a muddy one it is an absolute pleasure and makes you feel human for an hour! I think it goes on sale around March time?
  3. ticketboy69

    2020 wishlists

    Suede Depeche Mode Adam Ant Rufus Wainwright Pulp The Libertines A-ha Kraftwerk Flaming Lips Duran Duran
  4. He’s got a point though. It would be interesting if Extinction Rebellion bit the hand that feeds them. That will never happen though.
  5. Got ours by the skin of our teeth! Kept saying there were no tickets left in our category, but i kept going back and resubmitting and eventually got in. About a minute later and it was sold out. Feeling very lucky. Well done to everyone who got tickets, i'm hoping to see some more efests regulars on this thread soon.
  6. Good luck to you, I don’t think you’ll regret it!
  7. Can’t quite believe we’re back here again! Good luck to everyone....
  8. 100% worth it. As people have already said there are places to sit on the edges of the stage areas. We love going to the back of the crowd at the pyramid stage where you can easily put a camping chair or picnic blanket down. There are also benches. If you want to be closer to the stage, enter by the disabled platform and there’s usually a space along the outside of the enclosure where you can sit on the ground next to it. I would say that there are sitting opportunities all around the site and we always find somewhere (we take our children). This year I spent most of my time sat in the shade of the oak tree in the Greenpeace area!
  9. I’ve just checked and I’ve been coming here here for over 12 years! Scary.
  10. This is all making me very nervous. I will be in the hands of HSBC and that doesn’t really fill me with confidence. I tried a test purchase with See and my transaction wasn’t referred to verified by visa. Brilliant.
  11. To be fair this statement didn’t feel like it was focussed on one individual poster.
  12. I would just say that it seems unfair to focus entirely on Bamber here. It seems to me that there are many threads that go off on a tangent...you start off talking about the weather and it ends up with a hundred pictures of dogs! I understand that it sometimes feels that her raison d’être is to post these videos on unrelated threads, but it really isn’t hurting anyone and I’m not aware of anyone finding the forum unusable as a result. Just scroll on by if it isn’t for you? I’m always aware that behind the moniker there is a real person and we should all be careful to remember that.
  13. One persons “fucking up things for other people just because you can”, is another persons “quirky person who always posts videos of Jessie J and makes up part of the rich community of posters on a chat forum”.
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