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  2. Just a thought...how about only having certain areas of the forum open to non members? Chat and Questions forums are accessible to all...whilst other forums are member only access. As a lot of people coming here are looking for tips on getting tickets, perhaps a separate forum only accessible to members might be for Tickets, including shortcuts on ticket day, tips, links, competitions etc. I think a lot of people would sign up for access to this. The fact that the site always struggles on ticket day points to this.
  3. Signed up! Should have done it before. I visit here pretty much every day and in the past the site has been crucial to getting tickets. I agree with peoples comments on membership, you could definitely up the price a little and as suggested allow an option to pay more. Good luck with everything and I hope that you achieve your target and are successful in making the site pay its way...and more importantly pay you a living wage.
  4. Check out the Hozelock PortaShower. We bought one for my daughter’s first Glastonbury and boiled a kettle to warm the water. It worked brilliantly.
  5. Or if it is and it’s to announce The Killers as a headliner.
  6. Absolutely right. I recommend the albums Analogue, Lifelines and Minor Earth, Major Sky. Doubters might be surprised. Might be...
  7. I would love this and I think they would go down really well at Glastonbury.
  8. It was Alt-J, playing to an almost empty field. We watched the Jackson for a bit then wandered up to Arcadia and back down to the Other Stage where we pretty much strolled up to the edge of the stage! We had a great night but were absolutely exhausted! Didn’t see any of the Foos, which was exactly as planned.
  9. This is the wine we have taken with us for the last 3 or 4 Glastonbury’s. Easy to drink and asyou have said light and inoffensive. We take a cooler full of ice and it stays cold for the whole festival.
  10. Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting that they were adding to the overcrowding. I was just trying to think of additional ways for GFL to increase turnover without increasing capacity.
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