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  1. Fingerbobs

    BBC Glastonbury

    I was a front couple of rows fanboy that day for the run of Placebo > Frank Black > Gene > Prodigy > Bowie. Glasto 19 levels of sun and heat. DB's Phoenix residency (played the Dance tent in 97 too) pulled me away from Glasto for a bit but dragged me back in 2000.
  2. Fingerbobs

    BBC Glastonbury

    Great to relive that set. The crowd has drifted away now so I'm off to the cabaret to see Woody Bop Muddy throw some rice around, scratch up some records on a crappy little turntable and smash most of them with his hammer.
  3. A good little Tweety thread from Mike Garson on playing with Bowie and having to head out on stage first:
  4. New Doves incoming, at loooong last, by the looks of things:
  5. Fingerbobs

    Worthy FM

    Worthy FM rule the airwaves in my campsite. An important part of the festival for me. I'd love to hear a re-run of a past festival broadcast over the 2020 dates but think it's been poo-pooed in the past through copyright issues (live sessions perhaps?).
  6. Thank you Glasto - the roll over is a great goodwill gesture; a little hug in these glum times.
  7. Richard Dawson at the Barbican in a couple of weeks. They've now closed all of their venues so that's a lot of stuff being cancelled.
  8. Might we'll work out this way bit would be a bit unfair to make Michael watch his own party through his binoculars whilst locked in his bedroom.
  9. I'd Keegan that. Quite enjoy young Phil's version, without owning any of the album's, so if they filled a set with stuff from 76 to 81 and added that football song (think it's called pigeon something) I'd be well up for it.
  10. Rumours on the footy message boards that an as yet unknown fan is thinking of visiting a pub before the match tomorrow. Hope this message cuts through to them. And if any of you lot are thinking the same between now and Glasto, there will be lots of unimpressed smiley heads filling up your socials I can tell you
  11. I went to SARSstock! Got to Downsview just before Rush came on and nearly got flattened by the crowds running from the burger stands at the back. I think there was a BSE thing happening too so there were loads of foil wrapped hamburger stalls showing it was safe to eat beef still. Great to see ACDC and the Stones for 25 bucks. Didn't get swabbed or stared at or anything on my return so must have been cleared up by then.
  12. Too much Night Nurse I reckon as she wasn't feeling well - said she had a cold and apologised to the crowd for her performance.
  13. I'm also a Thurs (anytine from mid morning departure to last train there) to Sunday evening kinda person and it's all fine with me. I miss the last few acts on the Sunday to catch that last train home to be ready for the school drop-offs the next morning and have found that I quite like leaving the place while it's still in full swing - my snowman is still smiling broadly with his hat and scarf on and not that miserable old monday melt puddle I could never deal with.
  14. So with the oft-rumoured Yorke/Sheeran Collab now on that's the Friday night surely nailed on.
  15. Another Brick On The Wall?
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