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  1. Radio 2's Proms in the Park at Glasto mashup/hybrid/live event incoming or something
  2. It sounds that way on a first flick through the opening 30 secs of each song type listen. It settles down after a few listens and is much better than White Relic and UR Fun. There's some misses in there - won't be listening to the Pinky & Perky homage of Drowner's teArs ever again for example. Overall it's exactly what you imagine the sound of Kevin's apartment in lockdown to be so for that alone it made my top 3.
  3. 1.Jane Weaver- Flock 2.Of Montreal - I Feel Safe With You, Trash 3. Clark - Playground In A Lake
  4. 1. Grasscut - Overwinter 2. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Invisible Cities 3. Mogwai - As The Love Continues
  5. Fingerbobs

    Who Am I?

    2003 eh? William of Walworth? Hash 4 Cash?
  6. Christine And The Queens is a provincial tour of a run of the mill West End show.
  7. Biffy Clyro are Scotland's go at doing Take That.
  8. A Daily Mail comment has broken free and is running naked through the internet. How lucky are we to witness such a rare event!
  9. Fingerbobs

    BBC Glastonbury

    I was a front couple of rows fanboy that day for the run of Placebo > Frank Black > Gene > Prodigy > Bowie. Glasto 19 levels of sun and heat. DB's Phoenix residency (played the Dance tent in 97 too) pulled me away from Glasto for a bit but dragged me back in 2000.
  10. Fingerbobs

    BBC Glastonbury

    Great to relive that set. The crowd has drifted away now so I'm off to the cabaret to see Woody Bop Muddy throw some rice around, scratch up some records on a crappy little turntable and smash most of them with his hammer.
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