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  1. Another Brick On The Wall?
  2. He likes to partake in the death of wild animals every once in a while. I'm not a fan.
  3. Fingerbobs

    Diana Ross

    Back of the net.
  4. Phewweeee! In on 4g phone just after 10 past. Couldn't move off the reg nos screen, then in on laptop a few mins later only to similarly get stuck on the reg nos screen. Spent next 12 mins or so gently going back and proceeding to finally get into payment screen on laptop. Still had time to muck up the visa expiry and go back to sort it. So pleased to be heading home.
  5. Fingerbobs


    I can see it in Google Podcasts! Weird. 2019 Review and Ticket Day and was released 4 hours ago.
  6. But guys where do I put it? My laptop only has the one usb C port and it won't go in no matter how hard I try. I'm doomed.
  7. Coach ticket holders will get priority booking for Worthy View this year. That's going to drum up some extra interest in those packages.
  8. I had to get a new photo for a passport renewal just before the Great Redoing of the reg photos last year so I just used my phone to take a photo of one of the photo booth photos and it sailed through.
  9. I'm another Thursday arrivalist. Thanks to the Wednesday crew for snagging the site - all the bars will be pulling perfect pints and the toilets thoroughly well oiled by the time we get there. Good work all.
  10. Life is Sweet with the Chemical Bros?
  11. Think I'll still wander up there each morning to have a squint at the blackboard too blah blah ... @Keithy had the very same thought above while I slow typed something.
  12. Every time I hear it waft across the site at night I think the very same. The field might get bent a bit out of shape from all the fun being had so that has to be the reason they're not there.
  13. Sure does. That BEAM installation is going to be awesome. The BE album, which will probs be used to part soundtrack this, is exceptional too. My fave announcement yet! Guarniad piece on a previous Kew Gardens incarnation here - https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/feb/08/bee-band-the-hive-kev-bales-martin-bencsik-wolfgang-buttress-nottingham-arts-theatre-be-one
  14. He's just trying to force Glastonbury's hand by building up the expectation that FM will be there next year. But they probs won't so nothing to see here.
  15. Looks like a live one (hot chip) when Mike Skinner has DJ set in brackets. Unless they forgot to add that in the rush to get this out.
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