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  1. BBC said it should stop by 9ish, we are aiming to get there around 2pm, hope the cv fields are not too bad.
  2. Back awake again, getting old
  3. I can't sleep so have got up to make sandwiches for the drive down in the camper tomorrow 😀
  4. psychology

    Out of office

    1 hour 15 mins until mine goes on. This is a long afternoon.
  5. The question I asked on Tuesday
  6. psychology


    They seemed to go up really quickly
  7. Serious question, what do you do if a lightning storm hits the site?
  8. Don't worry, it was always going to be upgraded as it would never have lasted until 2020 when Dee starts her new state of the ground thread!
  9. Good summary of the uncertainty.
  10. Just saying hello to big dog from two small dogs.
  11. The forecast for Pilton from this afternoon until Sunday is dry, the site will be dry. After that it's guesswork at the moment.
  12. Don't be afraid to go and have some time to yourself Don't be afraid to speak to random strangers, that's the best part of Glastonbury Don't judge anyone else, we all live our lives differently and that's ok Don't drink your Glastonbury booze before you get there 😂
  13. Hopefully all set up on CV east ready to cook Paella and down a few beers
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