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  1. Wasn’t someone offering spare seats on a minibus from Glasgow on here last week?
  2. This was not the email I wanted! 🤣
  3. I’m off out to a gig at 7.30pm at that point I’ll forget about it…that said I’m going with a mate who’s also waiting for coach email (for different departure point) so I’m sure it will get brought up at somepoint 😆
  4. I got this in 2017 last time I had tickets delivered to me:
  5. Would pretty much wipe out the entire Wednesday bar arriving to pitch up and have a couple of late night drinks. A late departure on the Thursday would be awful for me!
  6. I know what day I'm leaving ...that's it at the moment. I'm going from Oxford which sometimes has AM and PM coaches so which coach I'm on will heavily affect arrival plans, camping spots etc.
  7. A guy who was in the year below me at at school (and I'm friends with his brother) plays in Gaz Coombes' band when he tours solo....was very odd seeing him live on stage at The Park a few years ago!
  8. I'm going to see Dutty Moonshine Big Band in Oxford tonight, so I know they will send the email when I'm at that!
  9. Royal Mail Special Delivery (silver sticker) https://www.royalmail.com/sending/uk/special-delivery-guaranteed-1pm
  10. Looks to me that the internal 'door' that's next to the 'mesh' one isn't zipped up.
  11. Yes I agree, its nothing short of ridiculous, especially on this forum with people getting their knickers in a twist about when Block 9 doesn't drop a poster at 10am or whatever. We survived long enough without it, but I doubt it will go back to how it was before. The issue is now is we get 1. Headliners dripped out over winter 2. Initial line up drop 3. Various stage drops over a few weeks 4. Full line up with time splits. Its too much for me personally.
  12. I think its just to the lead booker....well that was the case last time I used the coach in 2015. Someone who used it in 2019 might know differently.
  13. Can't make any plans at the moment can we?!
  14. I said exactly that in this thread a few weeks ago and got shot down in flames!
  15. yep...I think someone on here found that they own the patent on the F&B tents.
  16. Like you say depends on the driver. Me and my mate sat at the front of the coach and chatted to him most of the way there, he was a nice bloke from Gloucester from recollection. He also kindly waited an extra 45 mins because two Spanish students (I got the coach from Oxford) forgot their tent and went home to get it, however he drew the line at the bloke a few rows behind me putting house music on through some speakers at full blast and said he couldn't hear Radio 2!
  17. From recollection I showed a printed off email to get us on the coach and had my drivers licence as ID, but can't recall if he asked for it or I had it ready just in case. I do recall both tickets being in the same envelope when it got handed to me at the service station half way to Pilton and my mate wasn't asked for any ID. I think lead booker is sufficient. I think the full T&Cs come with the email that's due this week, but bear in mind the last time I got the coach was 2015 so things may have changed since then. 🙂
  18. Yea - coach ticket is via email which you show to the driver to get on then paper ticket for the festival which gets handed to you en route.
  19. I have the 3 man Fresh and Black for myself, its enough for me (I'm 6ft 2 and 16 stone), my kit and a little bit of extra room as well..can get a couple of extra people in there to sit in there if the weather turns south or a late night smoke before bed..........a mate of mine has the two man and he found it a little cramped when we went to BoomTown in 2019. Was enough for him to lie down and put his kit on the other side but nothing else.
  20. No idea what time your ferry gets to Hull but there are plenty of options similar to this changing in Sheffield
  21. This. We've got 6 of us going on coach from two different departure points. We've got two people going by car on GA tickets and whilst it will get sorted and its just us being impatient, we've still not made any sort of plan of when we arrive or timings for others we are due to meet and camp with down there as we don't know when we'll be leaving yet!
  22. Just trawled back on here and looks like when I got the coach in 2015 I already knew by this point when it was!
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