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  1. I went to Bestival in 2012, and iirc I had shorts on during the day and then usually had to go and change at about 7pm once the sun disappeared. I felt lucky that it was the only year that was completely rain free!
  2. Given the money it pumps into the local economy I’m sure something could have been worked out.
  3. I’m still surprised Glastonbury didn’t consider a date change instead of cancellation.
  4. https://onewayroadtobeer.com
  5. I don't earn much either (£25k pa in Oxford) and it suits me better for a work/life balance. My Dad worked a high pressure job for Deloitte for 30 years, got cancer, had to retire through ill health at 63 and died within 18 months of retirement aged 65...I looked at that and thought what's the point in not enjoying 30 years to save for a retirement that you ultimately may not get to enjoy. Life is short! 🙂
  6. The builder doing work on my house had his on Thursday and then had to take Friday off as he felt so rough. He’s one of those double hard bastard builder types so he must have been really bad to take the day off.
  7. Why do people work on their way into the office when they aren’t being paid to do so at such a ghastly hour?!
  8. We tend to camp near the front of the camping area (next to the main stage) seems to be more older people around there. If you’re in the thick of it you might feel a bit old but most fellow campers are good natured as it’s a fairly chilled festival. In the arena you won’t really notice it (well I don’t anyway!)
  9. I’ve been to most of them since it started. Like many festivals it’s got a younger crowd but there is a decent mix overall of attendees and I’m 39 and I don’t feel old at all at the festival. I still come and camp even though I live 2 miles away and if you prefer glamping there are plenty of options on that too. Camping tends to be more younger people but a lot of local people of all ages come in and out each day so in the arena you won’t notice it at all. it’s a great little festival (about 18k these days) with a very friendly and relaxed vibe. 🙂
  10. I’ve been to all bar four Trucks since it started in 1998...it’s very good...the crowd is youngish/family friendly but I honestly can’t believe how many people go now. Was 400 when I first went in 1999 now it’s about 18,000 (as of 2019)
  11. Truck have just tweeted to say they are down to their final few weekend tickets.
  12. A mate of mine just messaged me saying his 15 yo daughter wants to go to a festival this summer but he’s hoping to get away with a day trip to something. Anyone got any ideas for someone of that age? They live inbetween London and Brighton
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLu0Lafj7jS/?igshid=jn9gyqztpev4
  14. Appreciate I didn’t go to the really early ones but I did 2014 & 2015 which was the 5th & 6th ones then went again in 2019 for chapter 11. the first one felt quite edgy and there was a lot of open drug use, 2019 just felt like Reading Festival!
  15. They actually give it out on buses in Oxford these days!
  16. COVID-19: Germany's top-selling newspaper admits envy for UK's vaccine rollout http://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-germanys-top-selling-newspaper-admits-envy-for-uks-vaccine-rollout-12227957
  17. Other (smaller) festivals are great to get around quickly and not too many queues!
  18. You been before? Couple of my mates have been going for years and rate it. They said an annoucment if its going ahead will be made in April, so I would expect ticket sales to commence swiftly after that if it gets the green light.
  19. Do you think Beautiful Days will go ahead? That's the one me and my mates are looking at booking up.
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