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  1. As long as its not when I'm due to be in NYC for my 40th I'm all for it...
  2. Which brings in the next question....will Glastonbury get moved to later in the summer to ensure it goes ahead? I know ME & EE previously said they wouldn't move it but that might be the only viable option....
  3. I work at Oxford Uni and the vice-chancellor has sent out a glowing email to all staff this morning.... Dear Colleagues and Students, Today is the day we – and people all over the globe – have been waiting for. The day when we would learn the results of the phase III trial of the Oxford Vaccine, ChadOx (ChAdOx1 nCoV-2019). The results to date suggest a composite efficacy rate of 70%: 90% for people who receive two doses of the vaccine; a half dose followed by a full dose. For people who receive two full doses of the vaccine the efficacy rate is 60%. None of
  4. Does anyone have inside info as to when the 'pre-order' merchandise will be sold/sent out?
  5. I wonder if there will be a situation where by you'll need to be vaccined to attend any sort of festival (or perhaps gig or sporting event) for next summer at least?
  6. Indeed. I'm starting to think this won't be r'esolved' until 2022 at least and if any sporting/music festivals are going to go ahead with spectators/punters in attendance next year then it won't as how we know it. But that's just my opinion!
  7. I work at the uni so you hear things etc....this won't be a quick 'there's the vaccine and the world goes back to normal' situation I'm afraid.
  8. Oxford moving into Tier 2 on Saturday...
  9. I went to Pilton Party on my own. 😕
  10. You must have been to the site (or close to it) a few times since the festival was last on, or is my memory playing tricks on me?
  11. Not seen this before....a look back at the festival from during the 1997 coverage.
  12. Glastonbury 2015 Friday night me and a mate got caught in an awful crush at about 1-2am down by the Shangri-La Hell stage (or whatever it was called that year). We were trying to just pass through, but something had just finished on the stage so people were trying to leave, people were trying to get in for the next act and then people were going both ways trying to pass through plus there was a bar and food stall nearby. Given the state most people were in with their eyeballs rolling all over the place it was nearly a disaster but thankfully security/stewards stepped in and got it sorted
  13. I actually went to the cinema to see this a couple of years ago!......the start of it was quite funny and a few of us were laughing at situations we'd all found ourselves in...but it got quite silly towards the end for me.
  14. As recent as 2005 cars could park in the same field at Reading as the campsite it was just cars on one side and tents on the other. In 2006 they changed it to all cars over the other side of the Thames.
  15. I usually find a more laid back approch to daytime helps me manage night time a lot better!
  16. At Glastonbury I tend to keep Weds and Sun quietish till 1am or so, Thurs and Fri 4am or so and Sat is the big one till 6-7am
  17. Not sure how old you are but I’m 39 and it’s exactly the same as our group. used to be beer and weed and bed at 2-3am - now it’s sweating our tits off till 6am and die until 4pm the following day and then do it all over again. the comedowns last a week though
  18. Yeh I used to love that it was a chance to just go camping with your mates and a lot of the early Readings were like that for me.Just sitting around a campfire with some beers, weed and a ghetto blaster...but that part has now sadly gone! But it’s inevitable that if you put stuff on late at night people will go and the campsite side of it will suffer. looks odd when I now see people having a fire when at one point pretty much every campsite had one going!
  19. I’m somewhere between working class and lower middle class I’d say...and I’ve noticed over the years more and more people being like me or more middle class than went I first started doing festivals (1999)
  20. That comment reminded me of that video of the people walking through the pyramid field in 2000 which is on youtube somewhere....hard not to notice the complete lack of camping chairs and rugs!
  21. I go to Truck Festival two miles from where I live most years and have been going since the 2nd one...albiet on a smaller scale its gone from 500 ish people then it went to 5,000 ish for a while now its about 20,000 and its completly changed in all aspects bar the name and location. I feel a lot of this is the same with Glastonbury too. Even since I've been going since 2004 Glastonbury has changed (expanded) a lot although from what my older friends say to me still the biggest change was the change in 'clientele' once the super fence arrived in 2002.
  22. I would love to have a time machine and do one of the mid-90s festivals...was just sadly way too young to go at the time! I went round Lost Vaguness a fair bit in 2007 although I can't say I recall going down that way much in my first couple of years in 2004 and 2005. I've seen the videos of Babylon on youtube - looks great. Personally, I feel that the community spirit has been lost a little as everyone is now out all night, it used to be people would filter back from various things at around midnight...have a fire...perhaps chat to whoever was camped next to you, have a smoke
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