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  1. I had exactly the same situation when I bagged coach resale tickets in 2015.
  2. Two of our group were due to do this in 2010, they got invited to a wedding in Oxford (where we live) on the Saturday and went to get the train from Castle Cary late morning and were due to return on the last train from Oxford (via Reading) that night to get back for around midnight. They got a bus to Castle Cary later than planned, which then meant when they got to the station they had missed their intended train, so they started to wait for the next one (which was another hours wait) which then got heavily delayed so they gave up and came back onto the site quite annoyed at the whole thing (they had kerbed their Friday night early to make sure they got to the wedding) and made a call to apologise to the happy couple and got back on it.
  3. I know its not quite the same but I managed (yay!) to hold a big festival style party for my 40th in August, somehow got over 100 people together for it, however a few of my friends decided not to come as they had holidays booked and didn't want to risk getting COVID and then not being able to go on holiday afterwards....
  4. Was this the one filmed at the 1993 festival?
  5. I don’t know why but I still think this competition has been a con all along.
  6. Tort's Glastonbury FAQ Part 3 - GlastoEarth
  7. That sounds ridiculous! Nearly as ridiculous as owning a SMART car in the first place. 🙂 Yes, the Sunday from my recollection was no more rain....I left the site about lunchtime on the Monday in 2016, and I can't remember any swamp like conditions to get out. Yes, Beautiful Days was more of a daytime drink thing wasn't it...I think we slightly misread that and kept trying to go heavy at night but a lot of the site was dead by 2am or so.
  8. Beautiful Days my mate was trying to get me to drink more on the last night...I was like err do you want to get home alive, as it turns out I managed 9 hours sleep on the Sunday which was great. 🙂
  9. It always bemuses me the sort of people that constantly come to festivals (and some of them are my own mates) who get to the Sunday and start getting irritable about exit strategies....its like they know what's coming, but have no better alternative to suggest so just complain so loudly as if that's going to magic whatever they're moaning about away! Lack of sleep, lots of walking, sore backs, queues, lots of other people, waiting around, either really hot weather or heavy rain...its all part of it but some people seem completely shocked when one of those happens to them!
  10. This. Notice it more and more with each passing year.
  11. I mean I don't really give a fuck as got the tickets I needed for my mother but if I was a fan of Coldplay I would be very annoyed with all these dates being drip fed out, just release the 6 in one go and it saves lots of people panicking and buying dates they don't really want then trying to swap afterwards. Same with Liam Gallagher at Knebworth/Etihad/Hampden etc etc
  12. I recall paying £80 to see The Stone Roses at Wembley in 2017, and I was that hammered I don't remember much of it. ho hum.
  13. Yep...personally I can't stand Coldplay ( 😄 ) but it was left to me to get them as a joint present from me and my gf, my brother and his fiancé. Think they were all pretty shocked when I told them after all the booking fees it was £189.50 for two standing tickets at Wembley. My mum has never seen them live and has liked them since they went big in 2000 ish so this will be a good surprise Christmas day present for her. 🙂
  14. Managed to get x2 pre-sale tickets for Coldplay at Wembley next Summer for my mother and my stepdad this morning...wow took 1 1/2 hrs just to get through!
  15. They did have the prices, I think the girl was upset because it was just a small cup (similar used for a spirit and mixer) with some ice for £2.50 rather than a big pint cup.
  16. When I worked on the Stonebridge bar in 2019 I had two people be rude/have a go at me across the entire time I was there, one girl complained that the coca-cola she was charged £2.50 for was out of a large bottle that cost a fraction of what she was being charged, and a couple started shouting at me because I wouldn't give them ice for free (we were told not to) when I tried explaining that a) the bar had bought it so it wasn't free and b) it was only to put in drinks they started shouting it was just frozen water and should have been free....sigh...the odd other person got a bit short with queues and certain drinks selling out but was mostly fine.
  17. tbh I found it ok, I went on my own and made friends, plus then met my friends who were there anyway as punters when I had time off. I just accepted I was going to miss chunks of the festival and enjoyed the time I had off when I could. The sweetener was a free ticket, free meals, free hot showers, free coach to the site, dropped off at Ped gate C, no queuing and on site Tuesday lunchtime. Half a Glastonbury was better than not going at all. 🙂
  18. Ignore me they've just sent an email!
  19. Charity Shield is the weekend before.
  20. Attempting to get tickets for my mum and stepdad for this, just pre-ordered the album for her (£10) which gives pre-sale access to the Wembley dates...however no indication on the website, Twitter or my email confirmation as to when the pre-sale takes place from and till...seems international on sale dates is Oct 22nd.
  21. Coldplay are announcing a World Tour at 1pm today....including dates at in the UK....is 6 years a big enough gap?!
  22. You can get a direct train from London Paddington to Castle Cary (2hrs approx) and a shuttle bus will take you to the festival from there.
  23. I suppose with holidays like that you can't really expect to do Glastonbury as well, when I went to Australia in January 2015 for a month I spent most of 2014 paying for it and only by a stroke of luck I did a PPI claim when I got back that meant I could afford Glastonbury 2015 as well. I know my time will come when I eventually miss one (I worked on a bar in 2019 when I failed to get one in the main sale) but it will probably be more due to me not being able to go rather than no way of getting in! (yes 2016 was very hard work nearly not as bad as 2007 though - and I wasn't of an age to go in 1997 or 1998!)
  24. Just looking at your sig, how come you missed 2015 and 2016? Must have been odd to have missed those at the time after 20 years of going!
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