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  1. Hoping for Royal Blood, London Grammar and Kooks with Blossoms on Thursday.
  2. With London grammar just being announced for all points east does that make them more of less likely to play?
  3. Blossoms would be Thursday again surely? I know it's not likely but I'm just hoping it's not the kooks.
  4. I mean, I'm happy but where's the proof?
  5. Website now saying sold out. Hoping for some line up news soon
  6. I suppose streets should be considered as well? They seem to be everywhere this summer.
  7. How about Micheal kiwanuka or vampire weekend for the final headliner?
  8. What are peoples thoughts on this with only 3 weeks to go? Are vampire weekend a likely headliner or doubtful? I could see something similar to the below Thursday The Hunna Friday Vampire weekend Saturday Supergrass Sunday Bombay bicycle club
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