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  1. London Grammar, Royal Blood, Paulo Nutini Thursday - Fontaines
  2. Friday - Kasabian Saturday - London Grammar Sunday - Pulp
  3. Just having a look at the map... when did yellow camping get eaten up by Family Camping and where are non-families expected to Camp? Cheers all have a good festival
  4. Someone went on an absolute rampage near us. We camped in the Hawkwell area. Sliced open neighbours tent (right next to the zip), Went into their neighbours tent and took a dump inside. Few more tents open but nothing stolen. Then ended up at my mates tent where his bag had been stolen, but all contents (except some pants and socks) were emptied into his tent with a new unknown rucksack laying there. Can't confirm it's the same person but that was ours and security's best guess.
  5. We're looking at camping at webbs ash but just wanted to check if it's likely to flood at the bottom near Mandela bar? May look to go more into the Hawkwell area if so. Thanks all
  6. Also ended up In E11 Longer walk than expected but now chillin in gate C
  7. Also, can I park in any car park with my parking pass? Someone mentioned you have to park in the colour pass you have?
  8. Hi all, quick question. Staying in Frome tonight and heading to site at like 2am. On the website it says to approach site via A303 and then head north on the A37, however, I was wondering if we can approach from the North on the a361 and head south down the A37? Were aiming to que at gate B for Big Ground or Webbs Ash. Any help would be greatly appreciated Buzzin to be in the Farm
  9. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been answered but looking for some advice as its my first year. Aiming to arrive to park at 3am Wednesday morning and join the que at B. We aiming for Big Ground or Webbs ash and wanted to know if we will likely get a spot or do we need to join at 9pm tonight? I have 6 x tents to pitch. Cheers
  10. In the que at B! Work this next week is going to be a struggle.
  11. Thanks mate, now ordering. Comfy glasto inbound
  12. Getting lured in by this now. Could you share the link please? Cheers
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