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  1. Wow what a difference this year. Drove straight to the site and straight on the campervan field no queue in sight. That was approximately 12.15pm. Afternoon sat in the sun having a few drinks. Bring on the action!
  2. Popsider75


    I'm going to Bearded Theory so will probably watch them there. I watched Jimmy Goodwin at the Park when his set got curtailed in the big thunderstorm and they closed all the stages.
  3. Is it too early to stress about 2020 tickets? 😀
  4. Quiet East for us too. Hoping to make a Tuesday start for the first time!
  5. Phew !! Booked in at 9.17. No less than 8 devices in the house trying. Managed to book for 6 of us and then another further 2 mates after first booking. For the most part didnt get past the first page but only needed to get lucky once. 2019 will be my 20th Glastonbury I think ! Bring it on. Well done to all who were sucesfuly and to the rest best of luck in the resale. Only had to resort to that once and I did get them so dont give up hope.
  6. No brainer for me Glastonbury! Although I'll advise you to go the wedding. One less party in the ticket scramble!! Missed weddings/Christenings/funerals as my rugby team were playing before now. No way I'd miss Glastonbury for one wedding do.
  7. Popsider75

    The Cure

    Headlined my first Glastonbury in 1995. I can't think of much that would stop me being there to see them again. That said I only stuck one hour of Radiohead in 2017 after really looking forward to them. Not because of the band but the audience. Attention span of goldfish talking, shouting and generally fucking about during the set. I literally couldn't concentrate and had to leg it to The Park to see Flaming Lips instead. The downside to the Pyramid. People want to say they were there to watch *whoever* but can't be arsed actually listening.
  8. Traffic was a pain on the Thursday this year so hats off for making changes. I had tickets by 9.02 which was pleasing. If it's the same on 07 Oct will be content!! Requests for 2019: Merry Hell John Bramwell Johnny Marr Misty in Roots
  9. I'm going. My third and final one for this year following BT and Rebellion. Hoping for a hat trick of dry festivals which would be a first. Great looking like up. in particular looking forward to Shed 7 and The Skids.
  10. Popsider75


    Great start. Was really hoping for Shed 7 and The Skids at one of my festivals this year so hit the jackpot. Eric Bibb another favourite. Plenty of other decent stuff on.
  11. Popsider75


    I hope so. Just in case he isn't I am going to Leeds and Glasgow on the March tour!
  12. 90 minutes. 5 of us trying. Couldnt even get the holding page to load. Done the last 15 Glastonbury's so looks like my luck has finally run out. Gutted.
  13. Nice info, cheers for that. Looking forward to something different and less mileage on foot !
  14. Hi Everyone . Another Glastonbury regular trying Latitude for the first time. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with significantly less walking ! Sorry to harp on about the drinks situation but used to the do as you please Glastonbury arrangements. Do they search everyone going into the arena and how particular are they ? Been to V festival in the past ( never again horrible festival.) and they are very keen. Secondly , what are the queues like Thursday afternoon to get in and get wristbanded ? Is it chaotic at opening time ? What is the best campsite to head for where it is relatively quiet on a night ? cheers for any assistance , promise to reciprocate for any Glasto virgins in 2013. Also trying Beautiful Days next mont so will be asking questions for that in due course !
  15. Popsider75


    He did This Charming Man in Dunoon tonight as the encore.
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