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  1. Totally with you, this is an interesting lineup, thankfully no “old duffers” clogging up the Pyramid headline spots and we have Justice , Janellle, Orbital, Sleaford Mods and a few other cracking acts. Best is yet to come, post midnight dance.
  2. Hold on minute, just noticed a problem, no Air
  3. Justice are playing, all is s good
  4. Skip997

    2024 Headliners

    So far so good. Static at the moment
  5. Skip997

    2024 Headliners

    Yea am good, thanks for asking. Just been “off grid” for a while, moved into my van full time
  6. Skip997

    2024 Headliners

    Not even a good joke
  7. Skip997

    2024 Headliners

    Calm down folks, the Pyramid isn’t where it’s at.
  8. Skip997

    How do you feel?

    Sorry to hear that @MrZigster, take care of yourself.
  9. Skip997

    2024 Headliners

    Absolutely 200% spot on there @Suprefan
  10. Back on the road from Sunday after far too long in a flat
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-68166298
  12. https://www.newarab.com/news/gaza-war-spain-halts-arms-export-licences-israel
  13. Far from an ideal solution, but fair play to Egypt, at least someone in the area has some humanity.
  14. This is really no surprise and was clear as day right from the start. And yes there really should be an intervention by "the west", but there won't be. Not sure surrounding countries will get involved as they know USA and the UK will attack them.
  15. So would I, but mainly because two of my friends get in by building the main structure burnt on the Wednesday
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