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  1. I guess when I say tech Savvy I basically mean more tickets in the draw so to speak. Surely if someone set up 100 computers on auto refresh with different IPs that would near guarantee a ticket. There must be ways to increase your chances?
  2. This is a great thread, after being unsuccessful with tickets in this sale I feel like I need to get more tech savvy! It's interesting to see some of the conventional wisdom questioned, such as unique IPs, multiple browsers etc. I guess the ultimate question is how can you refresh the booking page at a rate that guarantees success without them identifying the request is from an individual person?
  3. You got the link to the video? I think Ricky Gervais humanity if that's what you are referring to was brilliantly funny.
  4. As far as I can tell his political view points is 'don't be a twat'. I quite like that kind of life rule.
  5. Good point, I love the videos but I think more because there an explosion of frustration and common sense! There's certainly funny bits but mainly it is the common sense for me.
  6. He seems to bridge the political divide really well, I’m not saying it is always the case but for me he promotes the views of any logical, normal person that lives in the shitstorm of today!
  7. So nothing he said rang true with you I’m guessing?
  8. Thunderstruck

    Jonathan Pie

    Did anyone see him at Glastonbury this summer? I missed him unfortunately! This on extinction rebellion is his best work to date IMO.
  9. Based on your opening post if there ever was a scheme for 'genuine festival goers' you almost certainly wouldn't be on it.
  10. I can try for 2 people on Sunday if they return the favour for me and another? Let me know if you need sorting still.
  11. I've just checked with my office friend next to me. The last 3 numbers are different so I'm assuming I'm ok.
  12. I've never had to queue using see coaches. You more or less just walk straight in!
  13. Although sale time is supposed to be 10am I got tickets through ticketmaster before this time!
  14. Looks like Sheffield is a proper gig. 25 quid, no album included.
  15. What do you think about the other gigs? Sheffield is 900 capacity...tempted to go!
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