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  1. Oh yeh, it is poor. But I'd personally just take a different approach and not pull out.
  2. Yeh, I just don’t think it’s the way to deal with the problem. Play the gig, tell people about it on stage.
  3. Getting too big for his boots! Really poor of him to pull out of a gig that fans were waiting for.
  4. I like the Barbster 360 videos!
  5. I'm a bit torn because they are one of if not my all time favourite bands. But there is a big caveat and that is with John being in the band! No John and the magic just seems to be gone.
  6. They were booked for Glastonbury this year
  7. Yep, the muddy year 2016(?) I remember being genuinely scared bottom of pennards coming off the railway line. People started falling and it took people screaming at people to stop to avert disaster. I should have wrote to the festival highlighting this incident but never did!
  8. My first time was 2014, I didn’t have any real phone use so we had to plan meeting each other etc. I remember one drunken night meeting my gf at the right time, right place after we’d been off seeing different acts and it seemed like a drunken miracle!
  9. Probably a good thing and means I wasn’t constantly on my phone haha!
  10. EE is excellent, don't they boost the signal on site? Obviously my memory is hazy but I think we had unbroken 4G all weekend!
  11. Aghhhh they played tether?! So annoyed haha!
  12. You make it on time for LEG last night then?
  13. Oh no! Enjoy tonight, Friday night gigs are great!
  14. Saw Lets Eat Grandma support Chvrches last night in Manchester. They were EXCELLENT! The set was so much fun, one to watch for the future!
  15. I’d absolutely love to see them at Glastonbury, but headliners?
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