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  1. dirtysteve

    Paul McCartney

  2. I think I'd be happy to pay a grand for a general admission ticket, I like Glastonbury that much that £1000 still feels worth it to me. If the festival did an early-bird sale the Tuesday evening after the festival ended and sold, say, 20,000 tickets for the next year's festival at a grand, or even £1500, I'd throw my money at it.
  3. Not quite true, they're still £750, but £750 + VAT = £900. Many would claim the VAT back.
  4. dirtysteve

    Ticket queing

    Actually, there is one tweak I would make that might increase fairness; reduce the maximum number of tickets per transaction to 4. At the moment, with 6 being allowed, that's potentially only 21600 or so transactions (130K tickets / 6). Changing to 4 would increase that to 32500 or so potential transactions, giving more opportunity for people to get into a booking form and snag tickets. I don't think it'd increase the number of people trying much as I'd expect most people who want a ticket are trying and if they get through will buy for their group.
  5. dirtysteve

    Ticket queing

    There is no fairer way to do the ticket sale than the way it's currently done. Changing to any other system (especially a quasi-ballot/lottery) would be a horrible mistake imo. They solved the issue of ticket touting with pictures and names on tickets, so at least we can be sure that we're competing against real people who want to go rather than capitalist vultures who want to make a fortune out of our desperation.
  6. Anybody ever taken a kid (under 13, so no festival ticket) on the coach? I'm going to have a punt tonight, I know it's very unlikely that I'll bag a ticket and I don't really want to get the coach, but I'll be wanting to take my littl'un with me if I do get a ticket. I think I read on Glastonbury site a while ago that extra coach seats could be bought for kids, is that done at same time as booking???
  7. The first year I took my eldest, when he was 4, he was so horrified by using the long drops on the Wednesday that he didn't then have another crap until we stopped in Fleet services on the way home on Sunday evening.... lol
  8. I'm not yet convinced about this tbh. It is definitely always been much more luck than judgement (although preparedness certainly helps to increase your luck), but the last ticket day (and the few before perhaps?) there were people taking advantage of See Tickets' booking system arrangement; the hosts file/IP trick. Even a small amount of people using this to hog the booking screen and rinse out dozens of orders each would be enough to make it much more difficult for normal folk to get a look in. I do wonder if that trick has now been totally disabled/made redundant? We'll see tonight, perhaps...
  9. You know, I've often walked past these big piles of free wood days into the festival and thought that it was a miracle that some cheeky little scamp with a head full of persians hadn't simply set fire to it all for a laugh and a big impromptu bonfire on the pathway...
  10. The Vodafone app competition might be a one and done entry, I've just checked and it hasn't refreshed to allow me to enter again. A lot of their reward competitions you can enter every day that the thing is running for, isn't that how they did the Glastonbury one last year?
  11. Vodafone competition is live on the app, 100 pairs of tickets in the hat, tap the reward to enter. I didn't win 😞. No mention at a glance whether it's a one off or a daily comp. Good luck all!
  12. I vaguely remember a guy crowd surfing at Brian Wilson in 2005 on an actual surf board...
  13. Other than it being absolute murder getting onto the site on the Wednesday morning (9 hours in a traffic jam I think it was!!!) and James opening the Other Stage being delayed due to conditions, I don't remember anything else about the weather in 2016. So, on that basis, I'm concluding it wasn't that bad... 😛 I do have a jam jar filled with mud from 2016 that I scraped off my kid's buggy for a memento when we got home, though.
  14. Fair enough! It definitely rained as we were coming in, and I have always remembered it as being more or less unrelenting from then on, but maybe the first day or so was merely damp and then the rest of the festival was horrific and that has curdled in my memory. Like I said in my post upthread, I was plenty full of drugs that year... Either way, 2007 was absolutely bloody horrible.
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