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  1. Crikey! Some stories in here.... I'm currently in my 5th week of bronchitis and stinking cold on top over the last week. I am worried that none of it is shifting but will just have to take it easy if I need to... Speedy recovery everyone!!
  2. I've also currently got cartons of sangria in my freezer! Brilliant way of keeping the cool box cold 👍🏼
  3. Finishing off my packing...
  4. 🤣 oh well, try again tomorrow hey
  5. Who on earth wants to be normal...boring!!
  6. Bike_Like_A_Mum


    Why do people stay at the pyramid stage all.day.long 🤯
  7. Exactly! Surely you demand better when you're venturing all the way down! We don't have to settle folks...there's still time to raise the anti. What can we sacrifice next? I have two children...maybe I could spare one?
  8. One of my worst thyroid symptoms is feeling the cold...so this will be me this year...
  9. Who let this person in... admin!! After spending most of June at 11 degrees and under I'll be gutted but not surprised if we get 16... 16...out in the open, with it going even lower at night.... uh!! There's packing for a range of weather and then there's HAVING TO GET YOUR WHOLE BLOODY WINTER WARDROBE back out of the loft. NOPE
  10. Amazon...telescopic stools. You can fit in a rucksack
  11. But we find it fun to cry about the weather... don't rain on the weather thread
  12. Typical! I just panick bought a bog standard poncho off amazon prime to make sure it got here without checking for other stockists.... Hopefully I've done my bit just in time for the next run...
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