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  1. Yes, someone who understands 不
  2. Everyone is talking about hot weather and wet weather but no one is talking about WIND!!!! Where are the wind experts? I can handle hot, I can handle wet (I'll sit on a carrier bag). But if its windy, that's what makes it soooooo cold! And think of us long hair folk, even with best intentions of tying it all back neatly, doesn't work if it's blowing at all angles and you end up eating all your wispy hair with your food. Can keep dry under a small umbrella out of the way somewhere if it's just rain straight down. But not if it's blowing in sideways. Don't want my takeaway containers blowing in my face and smudging my glitter face paint. Wind is defo my worst case. What's the farm like for wind shelter! 不不不不 (Obviously playing up a little bit here for the drama of the weather thread, just for the people at the back)
  3. Two seats still up for grabs if anyone needs to jump in near our route on Tuesday morning 仄潑儭
  4. Bit girly but...Festival nails are ready and 'out of office' is officially ON!!!! WOOOO!
  5. Cheering after fireworks is kind of normal. 'THE' Cheer is something a bit different I think. It's unity and release. Would be epic for it to come back
  6. Perfect year to bring it back...would be soooo special!
  7. Megan Mckenna in the acoustic tent. HaHaHaHaHa Can't stop laughing at that booking, so...I don't know...'bespoke' shall we say?! Pah! Almost makes me want to go
  8. Just saw this on Facebook. The 'cheer' version of a mexican wave Lots of comments about how it doesn't really happen any more...time to bring it back??
  9. I totally do this as well! So smug when I can recommend it to the next person - "that one's ok" #goodvibes
  10. Brilliant!!!!!!! I can never get a single photo without litter at any festival I've ever been to. You've got the right camp mates around you for sure! 不
  11. I've managed to get water flowing to the taps in my caravan from the waterhog. Sounds like a no-brainer but it's a VERY old caravan! All the experts didn't have a clue what it needed and its been impossible to find parts. But I've managed to fashion a plug on the end of my pump and find a plug part to stop another section from chucking out the water and I've bloody nailed it. Will still be cold water washes but in the privacy of my caravan woohoooo haha. Proper chuffed!
  12. The tent situation is much better but you will still find litter literally EVERYWHERE during the festival. It's frustrating but at the end of the day, people are partying and under influence and just get a bit lazy with their empty food cartons etc. Even though there are bins only within a few steps wherever you are. It doesn't take much to just make sure you have an empty carrier bag in your rucksack at the beginning of the day so you can carry messy rubbish in it until you find a bin Oh well, it's a party at the end of the day. Never going to be spotless. The professional photographs defo have the litter photoshopped out though 不. Get ul to the Glasto sign early if you're like me and don't like rubbish ruining your photos haha
  13. Defo worth putting up the awning!! Its quite a few nights and and if there is any mud you can kick boots off in the awning before getting in the van! I've got an awning and a Gazebo just for two of us! 不 although my caravan and awning are very much on the smaller size so we'll still fit in the space I'm sure planning on making myself right at home!
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