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  1. Stick me down for Feb 29th.
  2. Yeah but the Kath Ryan thing is what could have finished him. And she's been even more magnanimous about it now... https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/slowthai-says-hes-not-a-hero-asks-nme-to-forward-award-to-katherine-ryan The glass thing was ugly but not career ending.
  3. I suspect he hasn't. Doing that live at something like the Brits would do but NME Award show, bits of mobile phone footage.... Katherine Ryan is not making a huge deal of it... he'll probably survive it.
  4. Coldplay surely. They've been a bit over the top with the 'promise, we're not there'. I wouldn't begrudge them doing a small set either. Love or hate them, they are the house band and it feels like a celebration they should be part of imo.
  5. Like the idea and it would be a big statement for women to carry the pyramid stage for a whole day at the biggest festival, particularly in light of the 'arguments' for male dominated bills that aren't enough female artists, they don't sell tickets, etc. There is a risk it comes across as a bit of a gimmick if the rest of the festival bill is male dominated but I don't see that panning out. Am sure they will have the other days balanced out and end the final day on the 50th anniversary with a big statement of an all female pyramid lineup
  6. I'm finding the whole 50th thing a bit odd tbh. For me, the 50th Glastonbury will be a big event, a real landmark but 2020 is just the 50th anniversary of the first one and I'm not expecting it to be much different. I know it's pedantic but quite a few people I've chatted to seem to think it's the 50th one rather than the 37th.
  7. Saw Platinum Standing/VIP Standing and assumed that's the barrier/golden circle ones. Just out of interest to those who did buy tickets, how much were the booking/Ticketmaster fees?
  8. Tbh, no matter how much I like a band, I ain't paying 82 quid to see them, especially as you'll be behind the golden circle lot. The further back you end up, you're essentially watching them on a screen. Absolutely rinsing the fans on a nostalgia trip imo. Each to their own though. If they were doing a whole day thing (like Oasis, Knebworth with first band at 2pm), I could be on aboard a bit more .... but 5:30pm doors opening.... that's 2 support bands, first at 7-7:30 Though sold out so just goes to show people will pay ridiculous prices.
  9. You pay about 10-15% more to book a room with day before cancellation. If you're a massive MCR fan, it's a sound speculation tactic. Price will rocket above the 10-15% extra if they announce those dates. It might also be the Hilton not offering the rooms rather than 'sold out'. No rooms available isn't necessarily sold out. If they are playing, it makes sense for Hilton to not offer them for sale at the moment. FWIW, Reading is a better festival fit than Download. They got bottled when they played Download and did a great Reading set.
  10. Keithy

    Billie Eilish

    Tbh, i don't have a problem with artists licensing their songs out. It's where the big bucks are and generally it's just a fraction of the song that's used. For instance, I've got a tattoo of the opening riff of 'Infinity Guitars' by Sleigh Bells....which they then licenced to Microsoft for some Win7 promo and the money they got from that far outstripped their album earnings, has made them both comfortably financially and can keep the band going. I can't begrudge them that even if it means I have a Win7 promo riff on my arm 🤦‍♂️ The Bond song just stinks of a franchise desperately trying to get some reflected 'coolness'. Though I suppose Bond isn't on the radar of her core fan base and it'll pass them by.
  11. Keithy

    Billie Eilish

    It also feels odd given Billie is quite outspoken about not wanting to be sexualised by the media, music industry, etc.... and is doing a song for a franchise that probably sexualises women more than any other. I really don't get how it benefits her. It feels like a record company decision more than her choice. Unless of course they have chucked millions her way and she's thought..."one song....why not?" In a way Bad Guy or Bury A Friend would be a great Bond song.....but a film studio would never sign off on those. They've typically always been big theatrical type songs.
  12. Ok, they're lovely....and I'm instantly sad they're not at Glastonbury. Will have to follow their socials.
  13. Icelandic glitch-folktronica act That is niche.
  14. Aye. They've got to be looking at a high slot. 2nd album due this year too.
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