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  1. Keithy

    Taylor Swift

    Boom Clap has been dropped from her touring set list now. Think Fancy has gone too.
  2. Keithy

    2020 headliners

    Wahey! the Roses and Glastonbury suggestion has arrived. I feared we'd miss this annual discussion of something that is never going to happen. Glastonbury 2020 feels that bit closer now.
  3. My bamboo cup last year held a pint and an extra 1/5th. As it look at a glance identical in size to the paper cups, quite a few bars happily poured straight in to it so I always got a bit more. It was my Alan's Big Plate moment. Shall be getting a new one for 2020 as a I broke it in the end
  4. Keithy

    2020 headliners

    That they hired the same graphic designer as Portsmouth chose for their new club crest and they spent about 5 minutes on it before heading to the pub? https://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/news/2018/march/pompey-unveil-new-crest/
  5. Keithy

    2020 headliners

    Looks like we might have finally got Gaga for Fri judging by her latest heavily Glasto related Instagram post... I mean, they're striking pyramid poses... Even the flight attendant in the back is dropping hints Gaga herself is pulling her top to highlight the G in Enigma, obvs as a nod to Glastonbury. And the clincher, is they way they are spelling out FRI... All pretty conclusive I think you'd agree.
  6. Keithy

    Drop the deposit.

    Aye. 2014 I got a ticket on a whim in the resale and a few months later a solo camping group came together and we're now on our 6th Glastonbury
  7. Keithy


    On the contrary I think it's a brilliant thing. No problem that it caters to just a few hundred people rather than the masses. Things like this is what allows people to have completely different Glastonbury experiences. Sometimes you need a place with a few hundred people to chill out.
  8. Keithy

    2020 headliners

    At least we won't have the tedious annual 'Stone Rose's might play and they are headline material' thread.
  9. Keithy

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    Mallets. Denis, Mark, Carol and Maggie were all c**ts.
  10. No issue with me if they leave. Tat like that goes against the whole reusable ethos the festival is moving towards. Does anyone ever reuse those sunglasses or hats .... or are they landfilled? I suspect the latter.
  11. Did anyone get a stick of rock or any of the merch they were promoting?
  12. That was a great set. One of my favourite Glastonbury sets if all time. Desperately hoping people have photos of it.
  13. Not sure if was just me this year but the crowd seemed to have more people in the sort of late 30's to late 40's age range than ever before. Remember noticing it first in 2017. It certainly didn't feel a young crowd.... Presumably Boomtown has dented the number of late teens/early 20's crowd at Glastonbury.
  14. 2017 for me too. I decided a few months ago that this was going to be my last Glastonbury so I wasn't clouded by post festival blues. I've not made it through a whole 5 days for several festivals now without having some serious emotional crashes and spending hours just doing nothing. Decided to give it one more go but this week confirmed my decision. Friday and Saturday days were wiped out for me this year... heat, tiredness and then the vicious circle of getting down about the set's you're missing, etc. I love the place but find myself enjoying it less each year. The SE Corner at night has become hell on earth for me now. I get that nights of hedonistic excess is exactly what people want but it's lost some of it's quirky fun now. It is just people getting off their tits and raving now, which is fine, each to their own etc, but it gets on my tits more each year. Losing places like Copperdollar and that fun, interactive, showy, cabaret side of things has changed it. IICON visually looks amazing but a 19,000 capacity field for it feels a very significant step change for the late night stuff and with the huge Common area, is committing the area to a proper late night raving festival and pushing out some of the other stuff. I don't blame the Eavii, the demand is there but it feels less like an area to explore now. I effectively spend my time at Crows Nest, Leftfield and William's Green these days... and I can see those level of acts on their normal local venue tours. It's too crowded I guess for me. Even places like the healing fields and craft fields just felt constantly busy and unable to relax. Never say never but this was the end for me. Glad I made the decision with a clear mind months ago. The build up just dominates my life in the months leading up, ticket day stress etc to the point there's an overwhelming pressure that you must have fun. Was great to see some efesters at the meet and I'll miss my camping gang who all met on here.
  15. Echoing the love for @eFestivals. The fallow years must be a bit of a shitter with the drop in traffic but this forum has given me so much. My whole camping group wouldn't exist without it.
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