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  1. Hearing this is another event with massive queues for everything. What is going on in the industry?
  2. About to watch Billie kill it on pyramid 3 rows from the front
  3. In the 5 I have attended I am the only one who has got through ever for groups of up to 14, thinking of running a T-day bootcamp for my group
  4. Dreamt I forgot about the ticket sale. Woke up in a cold sweat
  5. Silver Hayes silent disco Tbh all of silver Hayes was a bit shit. The revamp did it no favours Heavy music, would've liked a earache stage rather than a couple of dotted acts Crowd control Was there less food vendors as the queues were horrendous Still my favourite one yet
  6. a6l6e6x

    2023 Headliners

    Maybe the festival isn't for you Harry styles would kill it headlining pointo. There's nothing wrong with booking the biggest pop acts in the world to headline the most varied festival in the world
  7. Got the festival fever from glasto, how does this compare? Decent people generally? Good nightlife?
  8. Oh I thought it was 6. Looks like we're all going with no issues then he says ambitiously
  9. My group has shrunk from 14 to about 8 now. Sorry for the 2 not in the big group
  10. Have seen videos of people seemingly getting in very easily. There's definitely some security that need to lose their jobs. I personally wouldn't complain if there was a wristband check at SE corner entrance or just random areas where you have to hold your hand up with it on. Would've caught out quite a few if they did that
  11. If Cliff did it my grandmother would be so jealous of me being there
  12. Slipknot doing legends would be so funny. All the old folks at the back watching in horror during people = shit Get em headlining other though, be awesome
  13. Hope they don't announce anyone before the ticket sale
  14. Going round my group, I seem fine but have had it 3 times prior
  15. a6l6e6x

    2023 Headliners

    Would Harry and Taylor do it in the same year?
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