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  1. I wouldn't bet they will bring rammstein style pyro! Streamers, confetti, that kind of thing. Could easily bin all that off and get away with playing the hits
  2. I would actually like to see this. Loved his album Lasers. Maybe a nice fit for West Holts?
  3. Haven't stopped listening to MCR all day after locking down tickets. But saying that they've been my top played artist on spotify 8 years in a row so it's pretty much like every other day of my life
  4. Thought I heard Yungblud somewhere (please don't be Yungblud) Either way who cares, we're seeing MCR again!!!! Been waiting 9 years for this
  5. Think they've gone as well. I'm about to release 4 standing on the sunday back into the queue as having a glance at my finances I can't afford it
  6. Managed to get all 8. Absolutely relieved and so excited
  7. 2nd date is good news although I'd need to book another hotel! I've never been this nervous for a ticket sale that isn't Glastonbury
  8. Ghost of You is the worst song on three cheers imo! I'd really want them to play Boy Division but they probably won't
  9. This time tomorrow I'll know if I'm going. Absolutely bricking it
  10. Really dislike the strokes so put them on other against Taylor so I don't get other stage FOMO
  11. Deftones playing white pony in full for its 20th anniversary. Heard it here first (unless someone else already suggested this)
  12. I'm all for Avril Lavigne out of nowhere
  13. a6l6e6x

    2020 headliners

    Quite a lot could drag me away from Kendrick although the rest of my group seem quite keen on him Only night I will definitely be at pyramid is Sunday but would like to watch the other 2 if there's nothing else spectacular on
  14. Nah, KISS would charge £150 on the door and an extra £200 for a photo
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