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  1. Volunteering seems to be the cheapest way of doing it. I was thinking of volunteering for Glastonbury and Download next year. That's if I don't get a ticket. It looks a bit difficult getting to the sites before the shuttle buses are running. I've been looking through, travel, options on the Google maps app.
  2. I'd volunteered for Boomtown and Reading. Both of which I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, like all the other festivals, they cancelled. They're giving Priority status to us, anyway, though. 🙂
  3. stt11

    Glasto Vlogs

    I've found this Vlog from Foals. I thought I'd post it, because it's another band one, that shows all the backstage stuff.
  4. Apparently standard camping is a bit grubby. So our group stayed in, 'Hive'. Like everything around Rock Werchter, a long walk is involved. Same with the coaches and shuttle buses. But there are beer stalls everywhere!!! I don't drink. So I don't know the prices. Even so a, posh, Belgian Burger, cost me £10 inside the festival. Then an almost identical one cost me £5, outside.
  5. It was very hot, I remember. It was the last one I got a ticket for. But I really enjoyed it!!
  6. Here's some photos I took in 2017!!☺️
  7. Here are some photographs I took when I went to Rock-Werchter. There was a free shuttle to Leuven and back. I went there to get some shopping. The last photograph is of the square I was looking out on. I was drinking coffee in, their version of, Starbucks.
  8. No need to start swearing at women. Emily Eavis isn't at the back of the mosh pit shouting for mummy, you know.
  9. I'd like a winter festival. I think it'd feel really different to a summer one.
  10. I saved going to Rock Werchter last year. I didn't have to spend on any hotels either.
  11. Thanks for taking an interest. If the threads no good I might revive it after the resale. I thought it would be useful. I like to mull over alternatives. If there's no Priority volunteer places for 2021, all options for tickets are gone. So I thought it would be helpful to consider alternative plans.
  12. Do you mean the tag? I tagged the thread, failed in resale. I thought after the sale people might want to put up alternative holidays, to Glastonbury. For example if a trip to Florence costs £250, they could post that. Alternatively if a day trip to Paris, combined with a trip to Wychood Festival, costs £250, they could post that. But yes I have joined the resale crew, in case that's what you were asking!!!!
  13. 1/ 2000 Trees 2/ Arctangent (£277) 1/ Bearded Theory 2/ Rewind North (£300)
  14. stt11

    Good news thread..

    Here are some more!!! ☺️
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