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  1. Yeah! I feel fine. But I totally panicked for a while!!
  2. This morning I awoke to find an enormous blister on the palm of my left hand. I spent hours fretting about where it came from. I was totally convinced it was a Covid thing. I panicked!! I really hated myself for ordering a takeaway from KFC, yesterday. And I felt really stupid for catching Covid while sitting at home. I took a Covid test and shoved something into the microwave. Then I remembered I’d removed a hot bowl from it yesterday!!! I then realised this had caused the blister. I then received a negative test result! I was then left contemplating a little red mark, that was bowl shaped, on the heel of my hand. This confirmed my hypothesis. I thought I’d share this moment with you guys. I’m cutting down on KFC.
  3. I retweeted a Ticketmaster, ticket sale link, on Christmas Day. It was selling weekend tickets to Reading and Leeds Festivals. They had just become available. Previously, they had sold out completely. I’m guessing Melivin Benn’s appointment will bode well for Glastonbury tickets in the future. Imagine, Christmas Glastonbury tickets!!!
  4. stt11

    First Gig Back

    The crowds were what I found strange about Download this year. At one point. I left the second stage early, because I was about to sneeze massively and repeatedly!! And I was in a pack of people squashed up to the front mosh pit!!! I couldn’t just stand there and give them Covid!!
  5. At the time I was there, there was this Labour leader that died of a heart attack. Everyone on the news reckoned he was going to be one of the best politicians ever. They flew a flag at half mast when he died. They pulled out all the stops. That place is so left-wing!!!
  6. Leeds Uni is a big place. I reckon loads of people have done that sort of thing there. Harold Shipman got his medical degree from there.
  7. I was there from 93-96. Everyone there drank like a fish!! I’ve since been continually befuddled as to the reasoning behind alcohol consumption, at University. I don’t understand why a good education and liver failure should go hand in hand!!
  8. I went to Leeds University. The last semester of the first year and the first semester of the second year were notorious for people leaving early. If the masses didn’t turn you into a non-functioning alcoholic in the first year. They’d find you and leer at you, in the first semester lectures, of the second year. So you could think you’d made it and then that’s how they’d drive you out, on your return. But then, now I suppose, we have Glastonbury. So, maybe after, they go to Glastonbury they don’t bother going back to Uni at all!!
  9. I had a cough, type, illness after Reading, as well. I’ve spent the last two weeks doing Lateral Flow tests. But they’re all negative!! I’m very relieved about it!! I’m going to the Isle of Wight next week. I’m hoping they’ll do boosters. I’m going to take my vaccine card, just in case!!🙄
  10. I preferred the old system. Where decent, hard working individuals were given an honest wage for a hard days graft.
  11. Emily can just go to hell, where I‘m concerned. Her festival is a joke and so is she!!
  12. I don’t know. But I wouldn’t put it past her. My academic life has been quite unstable with regard to references. One lecturer, that had refused me a reference, many years ago, actually, invented wormhole theory. Emily has a whole stage devoted to the theory of wormhole time travel; at the festival.
  13. Does anyone know if Emily Eavis talks to your referees herself, if she likes them; or thinks they’ll be good for her career. I sent in an application to Oxfam a few years ago and I put a lecturer from St Andrews on it. I did this because I hadn’t had a job , since attending that University. I didn’t get the reference. I didn’t want to make a nuisance of myself so I didn’t contact the guy. But I reckon Emily saw his name on the Oxfam form somehow. Then I reckon she thought I’d given her an introduction to my lecturer. I reckon she then rang him. And then told him not to send the reference. Does anyone else suspect such foul play.
  14. Reading Festival earlybirds are on sale now. I have posted the link here. https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F005B1F7F930CC9 🙂
  15. I’m not trying for Glastonbury tickets anymore!! I’m freeing myself from the addiction!!
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