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  1. They also have the entire second weekend of acts to potentially get someone doing a second set, which must be easier than a normal festival drafting a replacement in. For instance Big Thief are on weekend 2 only and are free on weekend one (they were just the first one I looked at as they’re one of the acts I’m most miffed about missing on weekend 2 - maybe more likely to try and do it with a hip-hop act).
  2. First name I considered but he’s in Canada that day. Other ones I looked up before getting bored: - Pusha T: Only date currently is APE in August, can’t see him coming over twice for a one off - FKA Twigs: No tour dates currently - RTJ: Already playing weekend 2 and are free on the 3rd but it’s between two UK shows so unlikely - Anderson .Paak: Free but his only shows so far are supporting RHCP later in June
  3. There She Goes, My Beautiful Turd
  4. Tup Tup is shite he should’ve gone Gotham and headbanged to Muse with some goths.
  5. How can it “sound like” that when we’ve heard absolutely nothing to suggest it. It’s okay to just say that it’s what you think is going to happen, you don’t need to keep acting like we have any info to suggest it. She’s free on the Saturday. She could be headlining the Pyramid on the Saturday, she could be headlining the Other on the Saturday, she could be sat in Norway or wherever tf doing nothing on the Saturday. We haven’t heard that any of these are happening. Each possibility is just based on what we individually think may happen. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised by any of the three happening.
  6. We have not heard anything about this. You have just repeated it ad infinitum and made up your own reasoning for it.
  7. Alternatively, and way more likely if there’s a second pop act headlining, it’s Dua Lipa who was going to headline in 2021 and was already booked for the last announced edition of the festival.
  8. Gazza thought playing Lolla Chile was the biggest indicator possible that an act was playing at Reading and Leeds, several months later and on the other side of the planet.
  9. Thought as much. Always makes me wonder whether Matt purposely makes this stuff up or whether he just convinces himself made up scenarios have actually taken place.
  10. His videos have gone downhill since the one where he said Bruce Springsteen would headline the second stage at TITP.
  11. @Mouseboy11 sends me their new videos every time they release one. Weirdest blokes about.
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