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  1. Yeah fair enough I was assuming you meant like teenagers/20 year olds, the type of people you’d expect to be in the Other Stage field when acts like Major Lazer have headlined it previously.
  2. Paolo Nutini’s three albums were released 16, 13 and 8 years ago, with the most recent one being the worst selling. What youngsters are turning up to see Paolo Nutini?
  3. Still so funny he said the other day that sometimes this place is like Stan Twitter. The only time this place is like Stan Twitter is when Matt starts wanging on about some pop act all day. Don’t even dislike any of these acts but it makes me wish they’d retire today.
  4. I literally said you posted it two threads.
  5. It would have made sense as an April Fools if she’d announced that Harry Styles is playing. Certainly not the way in which she did it.
  6. Bruh you’ve already posted about it happening like 5 times in each of this thread and the Harry Styles thread since Zoe Ball mentioned it this morning. If people are going to see one of those posts they’re going to see all of them. If someone on the radio had mentioned, say, The National playing Glasto, then people who want The National to play would have probably posted it once and then continued to have a discussion about it if people replied. Not posted several times within the hour that it’s happening. That’s why you got a blatantly pointed reply from him.
  7. Making references to a slot at Glastonbury and asking Emily Eavis to make it happen would be the most pointless April Fools in history.
  8. You look like you’ve been for breakfast at the Beat Hotel, And sat in the back booth by the pamphlets and the literature, On how to dab down.
  9. Had her down for Park but guess she could easily slot in on WH below the acts we currently have.
  10. Pretty sure we don’t have Wet Leg confirmed for Friday, do we? They're busy on Saturday and in Bristol on Thursday, so they probably are Friday, but not definitely (unless I’ve missed something).
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