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  1. I love DIIV. One of the acts I’m most looking forward to outside of the obvious ones.
  2. Might have just been a bad song. Was something about letting my tyres down. Will still give them a fair chance when other songs come on the playlist.
  3. Oh top 3 each day? Thu: Sharon Van Etten, Pavement, Massive Attack Fri: The Strokes, The National, Weyes Blood Sat: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tyler the Creator, Beach House
  4. Review of my previously unheard acts from weekend 1 I’ve discovered from shuffling a playlist the last few days: Kareem Ali - Sounded okay, need to hear more. Za! - Fucking good song, hope the rest is good too. Lingua Ignota - Been interested in checking this act out as I’d seen lots of hype and knew it was some kinda heavy music. What was this? Don’t understand it. Don’t think it’s music. Felt like I was drowning and somebody was booting me in the head. Think I might die if I saw it at Primavera. Abbath - Yeah not bad. Amaia - w*nk. The Armed - Awful. Awful. Appa
  5. If you want I could put you up front and move @Mouseboy11 to the LW, think he can do a good Heung-Min Son type performance out there. @Matt42 moved to RB, think him and @The Martini Police could form a good connection, on the same wavelength. You can be our Edinson Cavani. A veteran of the forum but still got a lot to give.
  6. Out of upvotes. Take this fake one instead ⬆️🆙
  7. Stoppage time. Score is 2-2. Send our keeper up for a well worked set piece.
  8. No he was left out of the squad.
  9. Download Team: @luckysalt @ToeJaylor @justanothername @Hawky @willutalk @Andre91 @Hart Attack @jump @lharris92 @Yellow_Fellow @mrtourette
  10. If you were to make a football team of eFests players (let’s say it’s a Glastonbury vs Download Festival World Cup final) who would your team be? I’ll go first. Manager: eFestivals Starting 11 (4231, format’s a bit messy): @dentalplan @thewayiam @stuartbert two hats @Hugh Jass @Superunknown @CaledonianGonzo @crazyfool1 @The Martini Police @FloorFiller @Matt42 @Mouseboy11 Reasoning: Superunknown will be left back in the changing rooms. The Martini Police is a well renowned right winger. Mouseboy is the forum’s own Captain Tsubas
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