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  1. Have him co headline with the chats and I wouldn’t complain
  2. Oh yeah I’m aware they’re headlining, but not sure if they’re big enough personally
  3. Ummm, I would say no. But I guess it’s an exclusive booking for them and they had a big crowd before. Maybe they’ve spent all the money on the third headliner (looking at you sleep token)
  4. Don’t think it is, there’s no time against them so likely
  5. Can’t get this one to work?
  6. We’re getting 50+ according to last weeks email
  7. I don’t think we’re getting any headliners
  8. Not looked at the map so might not be exactly the same, but download festival is similar to this. Yes it’s loud when there is nothing on, but generally when a band is playing you don’t hear the planes
  9. I also don’t think we’re getting a headliner this month, mid February I think they will get their own announcement
  10. I do think SLS will play, BUT, this is basically the exact same day last year when trees done an announcement, so not reading into the timing that much
  11. He didn’t say anything, just posted an emoji
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