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  1. I had an email saying to expect my refund this week. Havent got it just yet. In regards to above point, i would have rolled over my ticket, but i was only going for the day, and very dependent on the lineup for me.
  2. but they are active, theyre touring in Europe.
  3. This, if they come back they would be a very strong sub headliner or they would headline outright
  4. Will this sell out straight away? Want to wait till autumn to arrange anything
  5. Is there camping included in the price? If so, where is it, at the arena itself or somewhere off site? I was just thinking of booking a hotel...
  6. Really tempted by this, what does the normal 4 day ticket get me, are the bands on for all four days? How many stages are there?
  7. Agreed, especially with the uk crowd.
  8. Think i had a stroke reading that last sentence.
  9. well slam dunk is still pencilled in for early september, not that it will happen...
  10. right ok, im not really sure what the point is anyway, if they were trying to wipe them from there lineup why just delete some posts?
  11. 21st February there is a post. Its right there.
  12. not that it makes any difference, but i literally just looked at it.
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