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  1. With no Rage at Reading/Leeds this year, does this open up a spot at Download for them next year?
  2. Managed to get tickets yesterday morning for £30 each for the day so decided to travel up. Was a good day, enjoyed Bull for a few songs when we got there, Zuzu were pretty fun too. Managed to catch all of Sea Power, Slow Readers Club (shall give those a listen), White Lies who are always pretty good live and then Pixies who have been on my bucket list for a while. Cant complain at only £30, would deffo go again but not sure if I would ever camp and depends on the lineup for me.
  3. Went here a few years ago when Idles and Ocean Colour Scene were playing, cracking day
  4. Someone has probably asked, but reccomendations for the rage against the machine day? Probably going to end up getting a ticket just for them, try and get there around 4/5pm time.
  5. Warm up at leadmill?
  6. No way Shikari will play the tent again, could headline second or third/fourth on main
  7. Thursday Main Metallica Ghost Disturbed Second Offspring Friday Bring Me The Horizon Architects Enter Shikari Second Scorpions Third The Used Saturday Metallica Sabaton Bullet For My Valentine Second Don Broco Third Billy Talent Sunday Slipknot Parkway Drive Cypress Hill Second Idles Third The Interrupters
  8. Idles are headlining this year, they’re not doing it again
  9. Are they though? Feel like they’ve been at the same level for a few years now, would probably be the biggest headliner slam dunk could get but I could see it happening
  10. I live about 40 mins from leeds, I have the Friday off, but I can’t face going there to see rage to be honest, the lineup for that day is just not to my taste at all
  11. I’ve always liked the idea of doing some form of MainStage with just British bands, something like Bring Me The Horizon Architects Don Broco Enter Shikari While She Sleeps Creeper Trash Boat Wargasm Loathe
  12. Static dress are teasing something for this, no idea where they would slot in though?
  13. Never been to trees before but considering it for this year, two of my favourite bands headlining (Idles and Jimmy Eat World) although I will echo some of the earlier comments on the Saturday, does look fairly weak compared to the Thursday/Friday
  14. Was at north, quality day got to the front for funeral for a friend was probably my favourite set. The tent is in such an odd place, there was quite a bit of space on one side but everyone congregates near the only side you can get in and no one moves over, they should put a walkway around the back so you can get in from the other side. Predictions for next year? Maybe Sum 41 will play, apart from them really not sure on headliners unless someone like Offspring?
  15. Don’t think they’re too big, wouldn’t surprise me
  16. McFly are playing a show in Bedford on the 4th sept, same day as Leeds. It isn’t going to be them
  17. would love it but not sure they are really a slam dunk band?
  18. Still looks a cracking lineup in my opinion, its not the same as it was and a big miss of some of the us bands, but looking at the clashfinder (obviously its up in the air) plenty to keep me occupied throughout the day. Less than an hour journey for me though.
  19. Was fairly smooth at the download pilot, very quick to check the email, check tickets, get the person to scan in. No longer than usual
  20. Probably not till a few weeks before to be honest
  21. Got the travelodge booked last week, whats the craic getting back to town centre afterwards? Looks like a good hour walk.
  22. Yes please to Thursday. My Chem Romance Thursday Creeper
  23. When do the resale tickets go on sale, thought i read it was today? Hoping to get a Fri day ticket for the Streets
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