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  1. You really saying none of Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Biffy, Enter Shikari, the Libertines and Franz Ferdinand will play again?
  2. First was a bit too indie imo, but the second was amazing. Pretty unique and surprisingly one of my fav albums last year. Disappointed with the new EP too
  3. If Rage are unlikely, who else fill that niche?
  4. Also: New Pup EP New Salem (Creeper's Will Gould's side project) EP New IDKHOW album Already listened to all three and they're all great
  5. Would love WSS (bought tix to them at Key Club today too) but can't see them supporting with their new album out
  6. Sheffield for me. Who do you see being the supports? Given Yungblud and Nova Twins are featured on the EP I'm thinking them?
  7. Saw them supporting Frank Turner and they seemed so uninspiring. Was excited to see them too
  8. I'm a big Chats fan (one of my gig highlights last year and one of the AOTY this year) and I really didn't mind it. Hate covers that are the exact same song with a different vocalist, he defo put his own spin on it. But like you said, everyone has their own taste
  9. Academy size I think, played Leeds Academy on their last tour
  10. I saw Yungblud supporting Muse at the Royal Albert Hall and wasn't quite sure what to think. But I've listened to his studio stuff quite a bit since and quite like it. Simple song writing but its very effective.
  11. Just remembered the 'fourth' headliner, someone they'd wanted to book for a long time? Will we get two headliners for Sat when its announced?
  12. Please could you make it public? Private atm
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