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  1. I'm literally at barrier in the Barn waiting for Turnstile. Now I have to choose between TS and alt-J wtf
  2. Anyone seen a festival shirt with the bands playing on the back like you get for all the UK festivals? We couldn't see any like that at merch
  3. Also sitting outside my tent enjoying the sun. Roll on the Dead South and Fontaines!
  4. I was into him from his first release (so bias towards his early stuff). Recommend the songs; Corduroy Dreams Uno Best Friend Sunflower Television Never Enough Happiness Apricot Princess is his best release by far
  5. Sam Fender has cancelled more shows than he's played in the last 2 years
  6. Coheed and Gaslight are good shouts, so my prediction is Coheed, Gaslight and Frank Carter. Imagine The Mars Volta though
  7. Can't see how they'd be okay for Friday if they're not okay for today. Who's around and could replace them? Muse are free that day
  8. They're subbing Trees - so the same size as Creeper and Turnstile. Third down MSW would be lucky
  9. Please could someone tell me what 'setlist' is in Flemish and French? Google wasn't very helpful
  10. I have read so much RHCP slander on here over the years and was expecting to be disappointed. But tonight I saw them for the first time and they blew me away. Sounded tight (even Anthony), had good energy and looked happy to be there. No reason they won't be booked again in the next few years.
  11. Basically what Andy said - saw FOB in 2018 and this was almost the same set, minus all the rubbish new stuff, and Weezer were exactly as you would expect (I still can't tell if their songs are bad or good, but I enjoyed them). My girlfriend legit jumped everytime they went off! We were basically barrier so they were bloody loud!
  12. Listen to this truly awful version by Yungblud. It makes you want to delete your entire existance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-nMvghXXd8
  13. Saw Green Day tonight and wasn't even that excited about them, but they were amazing and have so many bangers that I'd forgotten about. Any chance they'd headline again?
  14. I saw them at the Kentish Town Forum in London last week and they were excellent. Think they just need their own crowd and a dark room tbh
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