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  1. Feel like people have lost interest because he hasn't released new music or toured? If he releases a new album I'm sure he'd be about back to where he was?
  2. Definitely, they subbed Catfish at Citadel last year with their new album, I don't see them ever getting bigger now but can see them being a stalwart 'big' indie band like those you mentioned
  3. Well numerous bands on Insta have said its cancelled (Black Honey and others), and Sports Team have new dates on each day of the festival. Its definitely cancelled I don't know why people are still speculating.
  4. Sports Team just announced (postponed) gigs for 28/29/30 Aug. Assume that means R&L is cancelled? They've got an afternoon and evening show in London on the 28th so unlikely they'll be playing Leeds too
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