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  1. Nah can't be them. Not like they have a member playing in the Forest earlier in the day
  2. Could I have some song recs please?
  3. Muse have a new song coming very soon. Sounds absolutely banging too, like heavy af
  4. omg, source? Been waiting to see him for so long
  5. I think you'll be extremely lucky to get even one of those. Skindred for a Pit HL maybe?
  6. Wait does Page116 not exist in this timeline? Was it all a fever dream?
  7. Have watched videos of Halsey live and I don't get it. Is she really headliner material? Feel like Yungblud would do it better no joke
  8. I agree. Anyone got any predictions for the first announcement? I don't think Rage are touring Europe this summer
  9. Some excellent names in there: Chats, Tigercub, Kid Kipichi, Phoxjaw, Orchards, NNN, Ian Miles (from Creeper), Delaire the Liar
  10. http://www.slate.fr/story/217485/salles-concerts-public-manque-musique-artistes-tourneurs-programmateurs AM not about this year? 'AM wanted to come back in 2022, and has decided to wait until the year after, 2023, to launch an international tour, when the sanitary situation will be better for international trips' ('conseille à ses artistes d'attendre 2023 quand il n'est pas nécessaire pour eux de tourner. C'est le cas, par exemple, d'Arctic Monkeys qui devait revenir en 2022 et qui a décidé d'attendre l'année suivante pour se lancer dans une série de dates à l'internationale –à une période où, on l'espère, la situation sanitaire sera davantage propice aux mouvements frontaliers.')
  11. Spanish Love Songs are so good. Happy with TSSF too
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