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  1. Jimmy Eat World, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Lonely The Brave, Crossfaith, Royal Republic, No Devotion, Nova Twins, Black Futures, Haggard Cat, Fangclub and The Winter Passing for me, what an incredible line up for just a singular day!!! I am blown away
  2. may as well start a new thread for this one, since 2020 is no longer happening obvs we got Jimmy Eat World confirmed coming back, Crossfaith got some Europe festival dates very close so I reckon' they're likely back too hope they can keep Fangclub and Nova Twins on the line up, shouldn't be too hard to do that I reckon'
  3. so supposedly one of these headliners has toured with a previous headliners, I'm thinking Thrice who toured with Refused last year, and Refused headlined a few years back
  4. I'm 99% sure it's them, I asked them about it at the Brighton date of their current UK tour and they seemed very guilty faced and said "maybe, maybe" They also have been announcing on stage every night they're coming back in summer, and it's definitely festivals cause I asked that too
  5. I'd be inclined to say that looks more like Of Mice & Men
  6. I think Skindred would go down really well at Trees tbh, they're playing Teddy Rocks alongside The Amazons and Chapter & Verse so we have a few shared artists there? I have been told by someone that the final two headliners are Architects and Neck Deep though I'm not sure I'm quite sold on that being true
  7. I'd like to see Poppy play 2000 Trees, though I have no idea how likely that is, I feel like now would be the right time though if she were to do it
  8. yeah, I just think they're a band that would fit really well at Trees but I think IDLES have a much higher chance of being announced I'd also love to see Crossfaith, Fever 333 Stand Atlantic and Poppy play amongst a bunch of other bands, I'm always up for Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up too
  9. really itching for an announcement soon tbh. just got my annual leave approved so I can go hoping for Feeder or IDLES as one of the headliners (preferably Feeder, personally)
  10. well... that was not what I expected at all
  11. absolutely ecstatic over Jimmy Eat World as a headliner tbh, I love that band
  12. We Are The In Crowd just tweeted a random ass photo of art of them as a full band, potentially a re-union that's sure to be nailed on if they're getting back together?
  13. this year was my 8th year, my first was 2011 at age 16, I missed 2012 (didn't want to just couldn't afford it at the time), and have been every year since 2015 stands out as one of my favourite years, and any year Crossfaith has played as they're my favourite band and their set in 2013 was how I discovered them I'd like to be able to make it to ten times attending the festival but this years line up was definitely the weakest it's been for me since at least 2010 (another year I wanted to go to but couldn't) so we'll see what next year brings as to wether I'll be making it to 9 times
  14. they opened the main stage on Sunday (Reading) last year, they're a solid band I've been following them for years
  15. I can attest to this, I can't stand them and I'm gonna go see Bowling For Soup instead of them Foo Fighters is the biggest draw for me, and I have no interest in Posty or Pilots, I wish they booked Bastille/Chvrches on the Saturday at R so I had more to watch as that day is pretty barren for me
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