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  1. look I can't help myself, I like being the one to start the festival topics hahaha and since Trees is almost upon us for 2022, I thought I'd get in early and make the forum for the next year! Headliner predictions/wishes? I reckon they might try and get AFI back, personally I've always wanted Feeder to headline this one day, though how likely that is I have no idea, and as a complete wild card I'd love Weezer to come over and headline hahaha more realistically, I reckon we could get Flogging Molly back or maybe have Dropkick Murphys instead, and I'd love to see Enter Shikari on the headliners list again next year, could be possible cause new music is definitely in the pipeline
  2. so every year I see people going on about this "band" but can someone please confirm to me the band is a joke and don't really exist? OR provide me with sufficient evidence that the band does actually exist and has music? I get so confused by this each year
  3. latest rumour I'm seeing for the secret set is a HECK reunion
  4. Ooooh, BMTH did tease more Malta style curated headline events, reckon' that's a good shout! Rise Against just dropped a new song so they could very well be on the circuit next year, idk if they'd be a main headliner though? I guess if Sum 41 can headline so can Rise Against to be fair I'd love them to get Flogging Molly on the punk stage next year, and I long for the return of Zebrahead, can't believe they didn't play this year! Also, my Crossfaith boys are due back soon for sure
  5. you know the drill, the 2022 fest is done, predictions for 2023 commence I feel like ADTR owe them a show still, I reckon' they could easily be a headliner (not a fan of them anymore myself but I think they'll be in the running) Do you think Weezer would ever play Slam Dunk? I'd love to see them there one year
  6. they've been announced for a festival on the same weekend called Washed Out Festival in Brighton! gutted! I love the 'Bats, just saw them at Slam Dunk South the other day
  7. Cancer Bats touring the UK dead close to this, reckon they'll be announced for it
  8. Saturday is pretty decent for me, only major clash is The Chats / Twin Atlantic but I will probably pick The Chats bc TA is acoustic, and gotta pick between REWS and JOHN, leaning towards REWS atm
  9. that Vukovi / PUP clash is the worst, but other than that I'm pretty set for Friday, if the Secret Set is someone naff I'll just nip over to see ME REX instead and I'll miss a lil bit of Turnstile because of Strange Bones
  10. JUST ADDED: TWDY (This Will Destroy You), Godflesh, Devil Sold His Soul, Puppy, Stake, Still, Respire, Dead Bird, Ni Maitres and Peach
  11. some bands have been moved around, Royal Republic are on The Cave now and Can't Swim are on the Axiom stage
  12. absolutely devastated about Crossfaith dropping out as they're my favourite band 😞 but I guess nothing clashes w Jimmy Eat World for me now
  13. they added like 25 tiny unknown bands for the last 'band a day' no sign of The Xcerts but I have seen multiple sources cite them as playing so no idea when that'll be announced, maybe it'll be a secret set?
  14. todays addition is Defects have to admit other than Saint Agnes I don't know any of these bands
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