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  1. There's also a rainbow strap on the bass
  2. Has anyone found the Hari Krishna tent? It's normally a tradition for me to have one meal and a sit down in there each year.
  3. About Today

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm still a bit unsure about my Sunday headliner, but reading some people's excitement is swaying me towards Kendrick. I'm stuck between him, bicep and PSB. Don't know much of his stuff, but have a feeling it could be a legendary set. Do people think he will lean on a lot of his more well known material or could he just hook me in by his performance regardless of what he plays?
  4. The stage times for the Saturday are up on their Facebook page now.
  5. Was in the Revenge for Sniffany and the nits this afternoon. Sound was fine. Planning on going back there for Crows and a few more later.
  6. Future Humans Bleach Lab Fraulein Lets Swim Get Swimming Enola Gay Honeyglaze Keg Let's eat grandma Yesterday's offerings. Only one I didn't like was future Humans.
  7. My top 3 from yesterday were High School, Vlure and Joe and the Shitboys. Looking forward to Enola Gay and Let's eat grandma later tonight.
  8. Liking what I'm hearing so far
  9. I want this on the pyramid
  10. Who is playing the NME stage?
  11. Have now had an email and text message from Ticketmaster saying Idles gigs going ahead. How soon before it's cancelled do people think?
  12. About Today

    fuck yeah

    It's a Xmas miracle welcome back everyone
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