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  1. @JayPee that's really helpful, thank you. I'd already included some of your bulletpoints in my draft. I'm a team leader in local Government for work and have been involved in a mental health charity for 10 years, so skills I have associated with those roles are what I'm putting down. I've been reading some positive experiences from people volunteering on here, so going forward I would look into continuing volunteering with Water aid in the future not just for one festival.
  2. Does any that has volunteered with Water Aid in the past have any additional tips on making your application as good as possible?
  3. If anyone looking for 1 ticket for Tuesday in London I've listed it on the Ticketmaster resale section.
  4. I'm struggling to find the general t&c's for Boygenious. I might be staying with a friend the night before and want to know if I can take an overnight bag into the venue
  5. Anyone got any tips for lower down the bill on Field day? I'm excited for Bonobo, Jon Hopkins and Aphex Twin, but wouldn't mind some tips earlier on.
  6. Very happy to have Friday night in Austria sorted. Now to decide if I should try for Wembley as well if any are left in the general sales next week....
  7. Anyone attending The Great Escape this week? Always happy to have any recommendations for Friday/Saturday as I haven't gone through the whole lineup for once. Any good post punk or post rock people planning to see? Anything else people are excited about is definitely welcome too!
  8. How does it work in the resales with groups helping each other? I've seen spreadsheets on here in past years, but wasn't sure how to join them?
  9. Thought id pop in and say hi everyone. First time without tickets in the main sale, so going to be a strange few months.
  10. Heading there today and Sunday. Any good food recommendations in the arena?
  11. Might have a spare ticket for tonight at Brixton. Friend is undecided whether to come or not.
  12. There's also a rainbow strap on the bass
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