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  1. Just watched a 14 year old swimmer come 3rd in a race while my 25 year old ass is in bed on BBC Bitesize to research questions for an adult v kid quiz format for work. The Olympics is humbling, if nothing else.
  2. Hutchmaster

    Wolf Alice

    I know there was always going to be MLIC casualties with the new album, but dropping Lisbon is a bonafide tragedy to me. Up there with my favourite songs of all time.
  3. The Prodigy 420 (-5) LCD Soundsystem 210 +5
  4. Hutchmaster

    Wolf Alice

    Oh shit, I hope Lisbon isn't relegated to the odd appearance. Superb song.
  5. The Prodigy 510 LCD Soundsystem 300 (+10)
  6. Hutchmaster


    Hmm, it's decent but I'm getting a strong feeling that I'll enjoy it more with multiple album listens.
  7. The Chemical Brothers 10 (-2) The Prodigy 570 LCD Soundsystem 308 (+8)
  8. It was a sensational gig, my body was not fit for moshing; struggling to walk today! No Prufrock on the setlist though which was a bit of a disappointment and the Wall of Hugs for Photosynthesis has been killed by COVID.
  9. The Chemical Brothers 98 (-10) The Prodigy 564 LCD Soundsystem 309
  10. Heading to see Frank Turner in Clapham tonight; beyond excited for it and I feel like the opening of "I knew Prufock..." is going to be a hella emotional.
  11. Aye it's a crying shame there's seemingly no Roisin replacement lined up, only hope is they were waiting to see if they were 100% going ahead before nabbing a replacement?
  12. Also heading that and very much looking forward to it; don't forget your lottery ticket/scratch card 😉 Going to be very interesting to see what the mask wearing uptake is like, especially once Frank comes on...
  13. The Chemical Brothers 217 (-10) The Prodigy 584 LCD Soundsystem 282
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