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  1. I'm just praying in vain that they move the London departure away from the o2 for purely selfish reason.
  2. Is there no way to just delete the posts within the thread with the spammy links as opposed to removing the whole thing?
  3. Does anyone remember if all the tickets get sent to the lead booker, or is it sent to individual email addresses?
  4. Got a ticket going for Julien Baker at Electric Ballroom on Wednesday if anyone fancies it? Paid £20 for it but happy to part with it for less!
  5. I think 2022 has already eclipsed 2021 for me albums wise. May alone has been incredibly stacked with Arcade Fire, SVE, Flo & The Smile.
  6. A London ticket is now £108. Absolutely disgraceful.
  7. This takes me back to "The King of Limbs pt 2"...
  8. Crikey, standing tickets for the o2 seem to be gone as well.
  9. Finally got a chance to listen to the new Warpaint album and it did not disappoint, absolutely worth the six year wait.
  10. 1. Neon Bible 2. The Suburbs 3. Funeral 4. Reflektor 5. WE 6. Everything Now However, I can envision WE might leapfrog Reflektor in time...
  11. No harm, but it's a pretty poor correlation. Solar Power was a disappointing follow up to a strong album of the decade contender that was met with a collective shrug from both fans and critics (exceptions apply, of course). On the other hand, both critics and fans have generally seen WE as not quite a return to the form of the first three or four albums, but a clear step up from Everything Now. If anything, Solar Power was Lorde's Everything Now if we're going down that road. Not liking the album is fair enough of course, but to say this is their Solar Power is just a bit ridiculous.
  12. Feist supporting is pretty good!
  13. Definitely enjoyed it a lot more on second listen, gets a solid 7.5/10 for me!
  14. On first listen I'm enjoying it, but definitely agree that there's just something missing? The production almost feels just a bit too clean/polished and yeah, the lyrics aren't great. I think it'll grow on me with more listens and let's be honest, the songs will go up an ante live.
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