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  1. Aye, this is the AMEX presale so can only purchase using an AMEX card.
  2. Yeah bar The National day, I'm pretty whelmed by a lot of the undercards personally. Would've been interested in the Nick Cave + Gorillaz days as well but not sure I can justify the money on it.
  3. Phwoar that The National day is quality, instant buy from me.
  4. I'm guessing 6Music get an early "scoop" on one of the line ups, with the rest released at 1pm?
  5. Has there been murmurings of Klaxon's getting back together or something? I won't lie, APE or not I'd be all over a 15 year anniversary show of Myths of the Near Future...
  6. He's just getting ahead of the curve for the great CD revival of 2030.
  7. New Courtney Barnett is a lovely little listen.
  8. My dad asked me to get him a Courtney Barnett CD, ergo my dad's cooler than all of your dads.
  9. Gah, they've broken the magic rule of not releasing the closing track as a single! Very much enjoying it though, they're also doing intimate shows in London & Norwich so nabbed the vinyl pre-order and a ticket to the London show. Also seems the album is out 8th April?
  10. Not playing Take Me Out would be a sensational April Fool's prank. Yes, yes I know it technically ends at 12pm
  11. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 314 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 120 (-10) Justice 128
  12. I only get reminded of the album when Solar Power and Mood Ring pop up on shuffle on my playlist but yeah... I've had no urge to relisten to the album at all since the weekend it came out.
  13. Not strictly new, but the bonus tracks from Lorde's Solar Power (Helen of Troy & Hold No Grudge) are now on streaming. Still baffled how they didn't make the cut for the main release; add in those two and take away two of Dominoes/Big Star/The Man with the Axe and suddenly Solar Power is just a little bit less underwhelming.
  14. The new Snail Mail album is absolutely gorgeous.
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