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  1. could headline Far Out Thursday no? Her set this year was out of this world, 2 of my mates who werent familiar were welling up at the end
  2. Presale 30/11 9am until 1/12 8pm
  3. Can’t find where it mentions Saturday, can you share?
  4. Lineup 12pm Netherlands time (11pm GMT)
  5. Arrives #CalaMijas the perfect closure for your holidays, Arctic Monkeys with an exclusive date in Spain, Kraftwerk Chet Faker, and many more top the first confirmations in your must-have date of the end of summer. The pre-sale of 5,000 bonuses with an exclusive price of €80 is available, sign up today from 11am on the waiting list to access it from 29th November for 48 hours or until quota runs out. #CalaMijas will also have an exclusive camping for the attendees. available Info 🤩
  6. Jungle Woodkid FKJ Slowthai
  7. 4 of the purples are A38 so purple/greens are mixed
  8. Woodkid, Jungle, FKJ? some of these could be on follow up announcements 😉
  9. Facts @eFestivals another vouch needed pls 🙃
  10. Tourist headlining A38 one night
  11. Jungle aren’t doing this btw @eFestivals can vouch
  12. Amyl & The Sniffers, Viagra Boys and slowthai will be there ✌🏻
  13. Yeh it’ll be 5/6 bands per day announced I bet
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