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  1. Nice little fest this, did it for Jungle last year. There’s a huge hotel next door and easy enough trains to Milan and back. Venue itself is a massive exhibition centre or suchlike, very loud! Grandma and Midi will be tremendous.
  2. Aren’t they on the cusp of selling to a major though? I remember reading some bits about Tiny Rebel being next after Magic Rock the other month. Should ease the production woes but let’s hope the quality stays the same.
  3. I’ve got a cold, all the dust on Tuesday was a killer! Face mask next time
  4. anyone go to the RATM tribute? Some absolute scum in the pit whose only intent was to hurt people. Especially a fellah from Oz who was built like a fridge who just sprinted at people like he was in a rugby game. Pathetic. Vietnow was decent though.
  5. Agreed, Pretty lame at Glasto too
  6. Yeh it’s pretty mega! Snake queue to get in took a while and saw Erol Alkan said 7000 people were there? Doesn’t look that big really!
  7. That sucks that you felt that way, tbh we knew the main stage was weak but we knew that going in and wanted to explore the rest. Selfishly, we thought that we had Glasto/Bluedot and have Sziget coming up for bands so a good opportunity to do other stuff.
  8. Thanks again - managed to catch Thrill Collins and Shingai - both loads of fun! Came back last night but loved it this year, it’s probably 3/4x bigger now since we last went in 2014 but kept it’s charm and vibes. Awesome weather, food and lineup, Bombay and Robyn were immense. No queue for showers/toilets etc but could do with more water points. Also easy enough to smuggle booze into the arena saving us a fortune. as it’s grown in size, it’s now very much what Latitude was 5 years ago, with a really nice chilled vibe but with less on the bands/comedy/acts front, but makes up with more variation, audience participation and extra things to do (swimming, crafts, yoga, banquet etc). Glad someone stepped into that gap left by Latitude. highlights (other than the above): hip hop karaoke strictly come wilderness cricket (obvs) patty & bun (food and stage) george fitzgerald the spectacle will be back next year
  9. Heard that from their social?
  10. So many tickets going on FB groups but pretty sure 99% are scams. Am I right in understanding they sent wristbands out, not paper/e-tickets? wilderness also apparently taking down posts selling tickets in order to sell their own, wonder how badly this has sold? anyway, will buy 2 tickets!
  11. any tips from the lineups smaller stages? whole host of stuff and running out of time to go through it all!
  12. Is the beach worth a visit? How big? Lots of shade? Is it sand or rocks?
  13. My statement shows the wristband topups went to Viagogo too, are they behind all this?
  14. Is the city pass worth it? Going to have a day either side of 3 day Sziget in the city to explore
  15. Ouch Are they served in plastic or paper cups?
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