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  1. Sports Team in for Franc Moody
  2. Thursday night at Forum for Amstell
  3. Simon Amstell is on the latest insta post but can’t seem to find out where he is. Also Letters Live is on both Sat and Sun! App is constantly changing proving the clashfinder difficult to maintain!
  4. Self Esteem is now on instead of Holly Humberstone
  5. What are people looking forward to most? I think Bicep will be incredible, also up for Weird Milk, Katy J Pearson and Holly Humberstone. Will be checking out other stuff like Hip Hop Kareoke, Hate n Live, Disco Dodgeball, Letters Live, State of the Nation, Wilderness Proms n others too
  6. Saw Nick Robinson walking around Obelisk
  7. Were class last night weren’t they!
  8. What’s the shop like on site? Sell ice or nah?
  9. Slowly but surely completing the clashfinder, few errors on the app with acts on same times though annoyingly
  10. What’s this about gazebos? Life safer at latitude with the heat (guessing not same at GM but could help with rain!?) also how far is the walk from car park to tents in glasto terms…
  11. How bad is signal btw? Three had zero at Latitude, annoying as so many lineup changes!
  12. None of us have been asked to provide any follow up info now we’re home from a “pilot”. Melvin has friends in high places and that’s quite clearly why Latitude was given the go ahead
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