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  1. Sorry but struggling to find it, what’s the info on ruling Twenty One Pilots out?
  2. Yeh same goes for Young Fathers and All We Are over the years opening the Park
  3. We were at everything everything after Savages and that was pretty quiet
  4. confirmed no Tame or are we guessing?
  5. Thanks Ken - what time is the official announcement today?
  6. the info Neil had was Charlie headlining JP (I gave him it). Unsure on day though, guessing Friday if Scream were Sat and Sun was Taylor clash?
  7. adequate8

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Guessing Williams Green? Hopefully a Crows Nest slot too
  8. adequate8

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Orielles doing the Park 🤙 dunno what day
  9. the best Pyramid back to back in all my years of Glasto!
  10. flights and Airbnb booked (Ryanair are a joke aren't they!) - cant wait
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