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  1. Agreed, I had it for first time at Latitude (Maybe 2014?) and then saw em at Glasto but they’d changed everything, loads less toppings etc for even more £, shame.
  2. adequate8

    2019 Map

    Hope kasbah and chameleon are still there!!!
  3. adequate8

    Hot Chip

    Had a load of fun last night but preferred Liverpool. The sound was all over the place, and for the last 4/5 songs Joe’s mic was louder than Alexis’? His voice is miles better than it was but prefer Alexis’ obvs. Sound kept dipping really low too and could see Owen even laughed at his keys/synths when sommats was wrong. Had a blast none the less but wanted it to be a game changer like Foals at Gorilla was a few weeks back. Will be there for Glasto, Bluedot and Main Tour tho 👍
  4. adequate8

    Hot Chip

    Pete Fowler DJ set
  5. adequate8

    Hot Chip

    I think there were a bit of nerves but he had a good groove! Took the lead from Al Doyle most of the way so not sure how rehearsed he is. Any idea who he is?
  6. Yeh went especially for Chappaqua as saw them at Off the Record so hung around for Sports Team. Mad crowd and the band are up for it, will check em out again.
  7. adequate8

    Hot Chip

    Unreal set, new drummer is class live too. Sabotage was a load of fun and the Boy from School slow down build up is top notch. I feel better is the song of the set for me! Cant wait for Gorilla!
  8. Saw Sports Team and Chappaqua Wrestling last night. Could see former on John Peel and latter on Willian’s Green/Crows Nest
  9. adequate8

    Hot Chip

    2 standing tickets for 6Music fest on Sunday, £60 for the pair?
  10. Top place, finish our festival there every year. Hoping for Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Boy Azooga and other Heavenly/Speedy Wunderground goodness this year
  11. What’s the day split?
  12. Boy Azooga and Confidence Man pleeeease
  13. We ruled out Cyrus the Virus for Sunday sub? itll be her, Janet (and bandsintown is wrong), maybe Vamps or a TBA (Foals).
  14. LG info came from me, it’s golden. Ezra is sub Friday, 1000%.
  15. Are any subs sort of confirmed other than LG Sat? Any based on their other gigs that weekend for example?
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