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  1. What? Yungblud had a full album and a couple of loosies before any of those 3 songs you mentioned were released
  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if they just got Lionel Richie back for that
  3. I quite like QOTSA, but I'm not sure how much of a crowd they would get at IOW.
  4. Interestingly they’ve grown a bit of a younger audience in the last year or so. ‘Heat Above’ went viral on TikTok - generally appearing in videos with people fawning over the lead singer 😂
  5. I thought Easy Life were brilliant, a good way to relax this afternoon!
  6. I thought Capaldi was brilliant, but it’ll be good to see him again in a few years with more albums under his belt. The crowd didn’t seem empty in the slightest either.
  7. Headliner predictions: Friday: George Ezra Saturday: Lionel Richie / The Chemical Brothers Sunday: Florence + The Machine
  8. NBT are way too low there, they play arenas now.
  9. Two Door Cinema Club are teasing new music, so I guess they could be back next year. It might be too soon, but that didn’t stop The Wombats.
  10. The two remaining members have stayed quiet, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they return with two other new guys.
  11. Yep, I’m one of those people! Still love YB though.
  12. Panic! At the Disco have just released a new single, announced an album for August and a UK tour for Spring next year. Sounds really good on first listen, hopefully they’re headlining next year.
  13. His most recent album sold 40k in the first week, most artists would kill for that. Not a chance the label will drop him. There’s no point looking at singles chart positions for indie/rock acts. Catfish and the Bottlemen only ever had one Top 40 single. The main reason for that being is that they just don’t get pushed on the big Spotify/Apple Music playlists, being added to Hot Hits UK on Spotify can make pretty much anything chart.
  14. Panic! at the Disco are definitely releasing new music soon, so they seem like a decent bet for next year. https://www.shutupandgotobed.com/
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