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  1. Speaking of Sam Fender, ‘Seventeen Going Under’ is shaping up to be an absolutely massive hit. It’s currently #5 on Spotify, and looking likely to enter the Top 10 on the Official Charts tomorrow. He’ll certainly be headlining next time he plays
  2. Well I suppose subbing one of the smaller headliners would be the equivalent of fourth down?
  3. I've just asked the person who gave me the headliners in advance last year if he's heard anything yet. - FWIW, he told me a few months ago that Polo G would be subbing.
  4. It is bizarre that Catfish have said absolutely nothing about the splitting up rumours, or even about Bob leaving (that news came from his Instagram). Though Bob did say at the end of his post, "Good luck to the band, who I’m sure will only keep playing to more of you."
  5. Has that logo appeared in anything before? Part of me wonders if this could genuinely be real because of that lol
  6. It's unlikely. The vast majority of artists that have had hit songs thanks to TikTok popularity have failed to get any follow-ups into the charts.
  7. I'm not sure that they'd share a headliner with Isle of Wight though? (Kasabian)
  8. I've been told by someone involved the headliners are Sam Fender, Kasabian & Madness - you heard it here first 😉
  9. Sam Fender's 'Seventeen Going Under' is #18 on Spotify UK today after taking off on TikTok - looking to be his first massive chart hit.
  10. Kasabian are teasing new music on Instagram
  11. Maneskin have just released their first new music since Zitti E Buoni, Beggin' & I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE took off, it'll be interesting to see how it performs.
  12. From what I've heard from someone in the know, Lionel is also set to return next year as headliner.
  13. Lewis Capaldi is already confirmed to headline next year
  14. I'm really not sure I can see Jorja Smith headlining even with 6 headliners, her hype seems to have dissipated in the last year or so. Especially with her last few singles not massively troubling the charts. I can certainly see her second/third down-ish though.
  15. And of course the gigs have been billed as "intimate" shows
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