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  1. I know quite a few people my age (17) who listen to The Cure (or at least know the "big hits"), definitely more than Rage
  2. Nothing But Thieves have just announced a big European tour, including a date at The O2. I'd be surprised if they don't appear here somewhere! Sub for Catfish or Queens perhaps?
  3. Declan McKenna is #1 in the album chart update today, and should be able to stay there by Friday.
  4. beabadoobee's announced a UK tour today, might give an indication of how far up she'd play
  5. Perhaps it's for the best that The Stone Roses weren't announced, crikey.
  6. Van said on Radio 1 that they found out they'd be headlining at the start of lockdown, so surely that wouldn't mean they were last-minute with all that time after?
  7. Hopefully Yungblud brings out Oli Sykes, it's the least he can do now!
  8. Good to see Neck Deep and Yungblud there!
  9. Interestingly (for me anyway lol), Sofi Tukker are a duo and not a solo artist - I wonder if Biffy Clyro is their cousin?
  10. Their drummer is the fantastic Al Greenwood (not to be confused with the Foreigner keyboardist)
  11. I'm afraid I have no more information currently!
  12. I'm still not over the level of desperation he went to try and get a #1 album, alas it didn't work in the end 😂
  13. As the final piece of information I have from my insider, KSI will indeed be there somewhere
  14. Lewis Capaldi is also bigger than those though, so there is a chance she could still sub. (they seem to be avoiding pop artists like Capaldi as headliners which is fair enough)
  15. Gerry Cinnamon headlining wouldn't surprise me at all if he has a new album out by then
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