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  1. Nah man, those chords are euphoric when they finally drop. The longer they loop it the better.
  2. That reminds me, Brian Wilson disagrees me, he prefers the Dave Lee Roth version of California Girls.
  3. Probably not controversial, but there's not a single Beach Boys cover that comes close to the original. You can normally find a cover or two for great bands that are roughly equal or better than a song or two, but I can't think of anything for The Beach Boys.
  4. Slight change of subject, that's my relationship with Dancing Queen, originally one of my favourite ABBA songs because of how accessible it was, then went off it in favour of deeper cuts, because obviously something so poppy, must be lightweight. Then eventually listened to it closely and realised that it's actually a masterpiece, a Swiss watch of arrangement and composition, beautifully complex, yet ticks along in a way everyone gets immediately.
  5. What??? Further is the best album, you lunatic! Escape Velocity, Swoon, Another World, Horse Power, K+D+B - all classics. I'm particularly fond of this remix: https://youtu.be/Hp7s33vSNLI (Sorry, struggling to get it to embed) Apart from the first track, obvs, I always skip that before my tinnitus gets too bad!
  6. Right, so you're pissed off with Ozanne, but everyone else who didn't piss you off, but is struggling can also get in the sea?
  7. Even famous musicians whose livelihood depend on things opening up find it tricky:
  8. Why are you so lacking in empathy? We've all suffered from lack of social contact, especially at the start. And we all discussed how hard it was - at length. I've no idea how your brain works that being happy for the reopening doesn't leave any room for any consideration for people who are struggling with re-integration. Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle. On balance, I'm looking forward to getting back into things, but not without some apprehension about learning how to socialise again. I think I'll be fine, but I certainly feel for those who are going to find it harder, surely
  9. It didn't come across as a neutral observation.
  10. The fallow isn't in the license.
  11. Not according to IMDB, but that would be great.
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