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  1. This year's success shows that we know the answer - push a message of generally looking after the land and our planet and the tents issue will almost take care of itself. Surely it's the single use plastic ban that caused the great uptake in people clearing up their shit. Like a lot it out ecological issues, the biggest way to solve our problems is cultural, not technological. I agree 100% with you - we've had two posters turn up this week and suggest the best way to solve the problem of people leaving their tents is to encourage them to leave their tents? Nah man!
  2. Hang on, are you suggesting the tents are just left there at the end of the festival and not cleared up at all?
  3. Doh, that went right over my head!
  4. I was never quite sure about the message of that song. I'm sure everyone else gets it and I'm being stupid, but it always seemed anti-ambitious and closed minded. I strongly suspect I've totally missed the point. Good musically though. FWIW, here are the main streaming numbers. Turns out Waterfalls is nowhere near their biggest tune:
  5. Fuck. That must be the useless stuff they had in my primary school.
  6. I know this is far from comparing like with like, but compared to the hi-fi audio treat of Jon Hopkins, I was pretty unimpressed with the sound on Other for the Chemicals. It's odd how Other is the only major stage not running Martin Audio. Pyramid, W Holts and John Peel are all running various configurations of the MLA and even The Park has Martin Audio, albeit an older model. I wonder if there's something about the site that makes them unsuitable? I'd love to hear them try MLA out there too
  7. As successful as Tool's recent reemergence has been, I don't think they could ever be palatable to the mainstream crowd of the Pyramid. They would be a decent booking to headline Other, but Pyramid contender? They're not that kind of band.
  8. When I said "YOU", I was talking to whichever animal of a scruncher was reading. I wouldn't ever suspect a fellow hat wearer of such savagery. You know who you are (I don't!)
  9. Fuck, do actual grown adults actually scrunch rather than small children who can't be arsed folding and don't have to pay for toilet roll? Do these monsters actually exist?? Are they posting amongst us??? Are you (yes, YOU) a scruncher?
  10. Although to be fair, I think he was talking about the band actually turning up and playing.
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