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  1. To be clear, something like 2017 would be perfection, but a little cooler. I just miss those "bit of everything (but not too much)" years. We've had three years of extremes in a row.
  2. Legend slot? They only have 3 albums and one of those nobody knows. To be in that slot you need a body of work, not just to have been massive once and had your first hit over 20 years ago. And there's another reason I don't approve. You know the one.
  3. To clarify Sgt Pepper is great, because The Beatles were very, very good. But their other albums have some better songs on them. I'd definitely listen to them today and I do.
  4. It wasn't middling, it was wonderful! And light jacket? Really? Besides, that Wednesday...
  5. I must have been thinking about this in my sleep, because I woke up with a list of smaller bands. This lot have been on my list every year, hoping they would pop up somewhere on the bill: Sensible Soccers: Sylvan Esso: WhoMadeWho: Jo Hamilton: Múm:
  6. I'll go with that. Obviously it was a landmark album in terms of production, but the compositions weren't their strongest.
  7. Did he? I thought we really really wanted him to, but he didn't. I did a quick Google. He certainly didn't play in 14,16, 17 or 19, because I'd have been all over that upright piano shit. Any chance you're getting mixed up with Floating Points?
  8. Fair. I ended up in the medical tent twice that year. Once from the sun and once from the mud (badly fitted gaiters when I was under the influence) That's not that middling.
  9. This slightly posh, seemingly perpetually happy insanely talented young chap:
  10. I miss years with middling weather like 1999, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2014. Where (brief thunderstorm aside!), not a great deal happens. Colder the better for me, since Glastonbury is never actually that cold, at least during the day. I long for a festival where I can wear a light jacket and sit on the floor, getting only a slightly muddy arse and not have to drink my body weight in water every day. And some springy ground, so my feet don't feel like they're going to fall off during the first headliner of the festival. Oh, what I'd give for springy ground. This year was perfect weather my arse. Edit: I can't actually remember how middling 99 and 2000 were. I suspect they were actually pretty good, although I believe there was some rain.
  11. I thought Oasis were alright in 2004. No Alan bloody White adding unwanted beats to Supersonic.
  12. I've just inflicted the anecdote of this exchange on my long suffering wife!
  13. Ah you fucker. Not only did you notice me posting in the wrong thread, you stick it on here first! Currrses!!!
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