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  1. I think it's only the Oxford one that we had ready to inject as soon as the word came in that it was approved.
  2. I'm a big fan of the 2015 set with the breakdancing kid.
  3. I started a thread called "Don't go to the pub" and got a load of shit for it. But I did actually go to the pub in the end, so... I was right, but a hypocrite??
  4. That's fair. Do you think you'll be more comfortable going out than during summer?
  5. Masks can get right in the sea. Having said that, it's the only thing I can think of that seems like it could explain the relatively sharp drop off of cases in lockdown MK2. We have a much less stringent lockdown this time, but with widespread mask wearing - could that be the key? Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. I'd be shocked if there are many controls past Feburary.
  7. We'll probably agree to disagree on this, but I do want to point out, than even the Oxford vaccine, which seems to be the least effective has reported zero cases of severe disease in the vaccinated group. So we do know it prevents severe disease, and very effectively.
  8. People didn't go out because the virus was still around. It wasn't some kind of irrational fear of shadows that kept people at home. The public were ahead of the politicians on this one - staying away from people made sense even in summer, because even when case numbers are low, bringing them slightly higher takes you further along that exponential curve. Speaking for myself, I was not comfortable going out, because the pandemic wasn't over. I wasn't (am not!) immune and nor are my family. Once we're all jabbed, it changes everything. Two weeks after my second shot, I am going to th
  9. Surprisingly intelligent thread from a Tory. I thought Boris had kicked all the serious politicians out.
  10. Greater Manchester had exponential growth in every borough under tier 2.
  11. We implement society-wide, economy crushing restrictions in order to reduce the spread of respiratory diseases and he's surprised that flu numbers are down? Yeah, something clearly fishy going on there. 🙄
  12. Yeah, you'll be under 100 in two weeks, no doubt about it. And then the vaccinations are going to start.
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