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  1. Annoyingly "Glastonbury Man" from 2000 has been blocked in the UK and isn't on iPlayer. So it's totally unavailable apart from an 8 minute clip on here: http://www.agbfilms.co.uk/productions/glastonburyman.html
  2. I'm really not keen on people with coronavirus being at a fricking PRESS CONFERENCE!!
  3. Playing William's Green at noon on the Saturday.
  4. And put the announcement at the bottom in small writing underneath all the bands we're not going to see.
  5. One is potentially on the way - trials start in April. https://www.wsj.com/articles/drugmaker-moderna-delivers-first-coronavirus-vaccine-for-human-testing-11582579099
  6. It's almost like modern Weatherall remixing a younger version of himself, the original track is so Screamadelica infused.
  7. Interesting that he released a song called Confidence Man the same year the Aussie band of the same name (who are massively influenced by him) was formed.
  8. Both also missing on Spotify sadly. also found this playlist whilst looking for them: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5qiBqSYvcWcQvo6aUEc2GD?si=Vq5nKKTtTVipSry4lpaXWg
  9. Nice work! I've converted it to Spotify for us Spotites. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7B3TpPN7ICWUXuGNvgulMO?si=EZgSp45kQuq1vjsELAgZ7Q
  10. It's starting to get a little worrying. A generally sensible person I follow on Twiiter to talk about tech was calmly discussing her strategies for how to cope if her and her family were quarantined in their house for weeks on end if schools and shops all shut. I don't relish the idea of keeping a hyperactive 7 year old indoors for weeks on end 😟
  11. The headliner wait is always a bit too long for my liking.
  12. I thought they already had a setup a bit like that, but I might have imagined it. A quick google/youtube search turned nothing up.
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