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  1. In 2007 the rest of my group, including my then girlfriend (now wife) went to see The Killers play quietly because of atmospheric conditions, whilst I hot tailed it up to The Park to see Africa Express have a rotating cast of brilliance. I properly made the right choice.
  2. How long have the compost toilets been out in Oxlyers?
  3. I really hope they've done something about the Park Stage sound bleed while they're at it.
  4. It's up there, bit I'm not sure any of their other songs are as good as Moving.
  5. Is Stonebridge going to have any live sets on with the new tent? Floating Points is excellent live, hopefully not just a DJ set.
  6. And Moving. Just as good as anything on the first two records.
  7. In 2004, The Libertines cancelled at short notice probably to do with drugs. Then their replacement turned up, stopping the rain and making a rainbow appear and playing a storming set, including a very rousing acoustic version of Caught By The Fuzz. Most excellent times were had by all.
  8. Saturday is best for me. I think it might be time to drop the "every other week" for a bit?
  9. I'd already given up hope, but I still looked 😞
  10. Ever tried audiobooks? That way any noise just fades into the background.
  11. Exactly - they're not as big, but are making just as good music. Emily isn't giving female acts a leg up despite not being quite as good as the equivalent male act, the most she's doing is booking smaller acts, but where musically they're judged (by the Glasto booking team) to be every bit as good as the easy man band bookings.
  12. I'm not sure it is. Perhaps not the most popular or well known, but "objectively best"? The musical evidence doesn't seem to back that up.
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