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  1. The Prodigy 84 -10 LCD Soundsystem 86
  2. The Prodigy 160 (-6) LCD Soundsystem 150 (+4)
  3. I think everyone was done anyway.
  4. I'll pop in for the late shift tonight if anyone is still about.
  5. I did have someone come up to me at Bluedot and tell me how much they loved Pablo Honey, at which point I realised how negative our eFests in joke was!
  6. I'm going to hold out until 10. Pablo Honey. It may be a while, we'll see.
  7. In the last week, this has gone from intensely dull stalemate to a right old nailbiter!
  8. I'm sure I still did that in 2019!
  9. In Gorilla on 13th of October? Me too!
  10. Cashless! How times have changed.
  11. I presume the food stalls take cards, anyone know for sure?
  12. It had been going on for ages, with seemingly nothing happening, so I stopped voting. In the last five days, I've been back, and it looks like I'm not the only one.
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